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History of Soviet tanks

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31 minutes ago, Tim Sielbeck said:

Doesn't sound as painful as the two Chieftans I saw when I was stationed in Germany.

The Chieftain, like the Bradley and MLRS, the M110 and M578, all sound as if they are woefully underpowered and need every last rev they can muster so that their vehicle can move.  Not saying they are underpowered but, they sure sound like it.

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15 hours ago, Stuart Galbraith said:

Some enthusiasts say a Chieftain engine (which is horizontally opposed like a T64 engine or so im told) sounds good, but Ive always thought they sounded like they were screaming in pain. A T64 to me sounds similarly afflicted.


I was just browsing archive.org, and found this presentation of a US Army operated T55 that had a detonation of a HEAT round in the tube, resulting in two fatalities. I know nothing more about this incident, but thought it was interesting enough to link to.


The barrel only split, the injuries were burns from hot gasses escaping from the split.

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