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  1. Buy a bag of bloody STANAG springs. Heck, have everyone buy their own mags. ETA:- Not managing your mags in a conscript army with reservist commitment in a 2nd world country (yah yah) is just fail.
  2. Waste of effort. Let others build them. Work up your crews on borrowed old boats. The can do pressure hulls but they dont do nuclear reactors. Nobody in Adelaide wants to be honest. Oz could build coastal SSKs at exorbitant cost. They are just not competitive logistically.
  3. It will boil down to disputes over increasingly authorotarian federal mandates and the disregard for the Courts by the Executive with a pliant Legislature. It will all boil down to moving stuff from where it is, to where it is not, namely large urban centres with minimal production and outsized political leverage. Which is why it will look a lot like Iraq.
  4. They COULD ramp up capacity but it would not be a long term profit center. Oz needs MRO. Not construction of super specialist stuff. I would even open MRO slots to 'Allies' and cut them in on the action. Right now, it's suicide redux.
  5. Building in Oz is insane. Building infrastructure in Oz is sane. Shoot all the management in Adelaide and Canberra and you will set back PLAN ambitions by a generation. ETA:- Shooting politicians and civil servants is aas a whole a sound policy.
  6. With the USians essentially working for PRC, Oz is sorta up shit creek. Until Prime Minister Dave Andrews is sworn in.
  7. Command Authority? Whut dat? I'm just waiting for Special Weapons to get released......because.....
  8. A thread for the conspiracists, preppers and fantasists of the forthcoming pacification and vaccination operations in CONUS.
  9. I think this is getting seriously tangential to Afghanistan and deserves its own thread.
  10. PMCs get around posse comitatus but there will be heavy use of drones and intel apparatus, especially informal private monitoring. Everything they learned in the WoT and all the mistakes are baked in. IC and DOD will always fall back on Fallujah etc.
  11. My guess is that they will use deputized PMCs, with a lot of TCNs.
  12. There is no Establishment without the GOP. God forbid you get a anything more than a duopoly. Which is what is happening as the incumbents are ever crappier.
  13. The Establishment is not incumbent because they are inherently talented, they are just those who could not progress.
  14. What I really want is non corrosive Berdan primers.
  15. If they had been tasked with hunting down COVID deniers it would be VCs all round.
  16. Violent crime is exactly what progressives deserve.
  17. Russian made ammunition will be muled up from Mexico. Along with Izhevsk trunnions and magazines.
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