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  1. The price is runaway crime and inflation. Totally worth it.
  2. This is very much in keeping with UK policy on open doors to dodgy wealth.
  3. I love the idea of nuking London.
  4. It's much better to have oligarchs loot the monies and send them to London.
  5. You have it wrong. The US is essentially looking for a foreign entanglement to distract from the domestic troubles. Worse than the Russians, Eyeraynians and Chicoms are the dirty populists threatening the Established Order. A European War is pretty good for this. Freedom loving Ukrainians are like slavic South Vietnamese.
  6. Britain would like nothing more than for the EU and Russia to have a great big war. Ditto the US. As long as it doesnt go strategic. Plenty of Germans agree and would fight to the last Pole. The Poles would also fight to the last Pole and make the Germans giddy with delight. It would make for terrific Live Events.
  7. Russia is evil. It can afford to subsidize Moldavian gas.
  8. It is in Brussels and they are the nomenklatura.
  9. Successful like LCS. You must be jonesing for a consulting role. You have govspeak down like a GS14.
  10. Only the US and its minions are allowed to effect regime change for the Greater Good. Like in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The absence of success is not an indication of a incorrect assumption.
  11. West is not fascist, just human. Greedy and kinda incompetent.
  12. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen suggest otherwise.
  13. Armenian has RPK-74 with unknown handguard and Zenitco B-13 rail with unidentified LPVO. CAA AKTS stock extension with GLR-16 stock. Russian and second Armenian have AK-12
  14. It has to do with an Oligarch class that benefits from a poorly administered country. Something the US is now working towards.
  15. Meh. That is so the old. .30 Super aka .30 Karabin Kurz is the new hotness.
  16. The US must tear down the Russians faster than they tear themselves apart. It is too funny.
  17. Lack of TI would be brutal in CW1. Im not convinced Soviet SOPs would allow them to bridge the shortcoming. The problem is that recon elements would die before localizing the enemy.
  18. Drink these wines and be happy. Vermouth is my new muse. These are Carpano Rosso and Bianco.
  19. Kazakh income distribution is opaque. A lot of it is off books and transacted offshore. This is something encountered by multiple acquaintances working in Kazakhstan.
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