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  1. It's propensity to spin was caused by gyroscopic forces at low airspeeds, same problem the Sopwith Camel had with its engine at the front. It mostly involved inexperienced pilots. Once flying time went up, accident rates went down. Fokker developed his interrupter mechanism after realizing that German steel bullets would just smash the defector plates, and then the propeller. And development of the DH2 preceded the fielding Of the armed Eindeckers to the front.
  2. Biden can sign all the agreements he wants. They won't have any force until the Senate ratifies them.
  3. You need to study your early aircraft more. The Dh2 was as far advanced over a Wright Flyer as you claim the Albatross was over the DH2. The DH2 was configured as it was to give a clear frontal arc of fire because interrupter devices had yet to become widely used in the RFC when it was designed, not because they were following some design aesthetic from the past. The major advantage of the Albatross DII was that it had two interrupted, belt-fed machine guns and a slightly higher top speed. If it overmatched the DH2 as much as you implied von Richthofen would have been booming and zooming r
  4. https://www.historynet.com/heinecke-parachute-a-leap-of-faith-for-wwi-german-airmen.htm
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