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  1. Considering his proven antipathy for the USSS, I think a far more likely candidate is Major.
  2. I think you are right, but it doesn't look like she has a step in her hull which likely contributes more.
  3. Well, bear in mind those canals were still in use to the late 1950s, early 60s before they fell out of use. The lack of tonnage they could carry clearly did result in a lack of competitiveness compared to central European nations. It's indicative of being the first industrial nation, and being handicapped by many of the choices ever since. BTW, found this.
  4. Bear in mind, UK canals were remarkably narrow by European standards. My nearest one was built to take Thames barges over half it's length. That's just 20 feet beam, 80 to 90 feet long. Ship canals, particularly those built on the continent, are much larger.
  5. I'm told that the British economy hit peak in 1860. Economic decline, relative to Germany, began as early as 1900. It was only 2 world wars that screwed up the German economy long enough that it didn't matter anymore.
  6. Its the same why we go down at the crack of dawn at holiday resorts, to beat the Germans to the the deckchairs. Its not that we WANT them. Its a point of principle to beat Germans to them. Ill keep an eye on this because its an interesting story (I too am a Dog Person). But I cant see it getting far. Its a country of dog lovers so, good luck with that Jihadi's.
  7. As far as im concerned, Ripley and Newt killed the last Alien, and went home to Jones the Cat and lived happily ever after. I need no follow ups. It would be nice if Hollywood would develop some new ideas and scripts, rather than reguritate ideas 40 or 50 years old. I swear they will be digging up Bing and Bob and making some more on the road films soon.
  8. Maybe it will be worth watching, but like the Ghostbusters remake, it isnt going to be a patch on the original.
  9. London isnt England. Still less is it Britain. You know, it really irritates me, people go to that godforsaken place and assume that is the country. There are plenty of other cities in the country of far more relevance than that financiers masturbatory fantasy. I say that as someone who liked the 'old' London. The decline didnt start with the immigrants. The decline started with the intent to turn it into the fiscal capital of Europe, which has been a disaster in all sorts of ways for the city. Yeah, and you Hungarians are the bulwark against a tidalwave of moorism. Sure. Get back to me in 50 years time and tell me if Orban saved you from the European apocalypes. Of course it bloody isnt. Becauase I and host of other Britons would be sure to go and walk our dogs there, and shit where it its calculated to cause maximum irritation. I thought everyone knew, the one way you can be sure a Briton will do something, is telling them they cant do it. Why do you think so many of us tried to climb Everest or be the first men at the poles? A london park by comparison is literally a walk in the park (you can applaud now).
  10. President Biden is senile. Vladimir Putin apparently isnt. Discuss.
  11. Artificial Ukrainian nationalism that's held the line for 2 and a half years, compared to the manly stronk Novorussian nationalism that's now into 2 and a half years of the successful 3 day operation to take Ukraine, you mean?
  12. Anyone with any familiarity with the British isles over the past 2000 years will recognise, there is no great replacement, anymore than there is in an airport traffic lounge. Indeed, people were worrying about precisely this same thing 200 years ago, and the sky didnt fall in then either.
  13. Yes, almost as bad as cedeing South Vietnam to the communists, or granting the chicoms favoured trading status.
  14. Yes, but who was going to invest to revive victorian infrastructure and factories, when they could get a far higher rate of return investing in China? When we knocked your infrastructure flat, we replaced it for you. The infrastructure that survived the war here was never replaced. Some of it is still in use. It's a millstone we still carry. Here is a story I know to be true. In 1973, Britain was suffering from open cutting oil supply. So PM Heath got the head of BP and another company, forget who, and asked them to do their country a favour by supplying it with cut price fuel to keep the economy going. And they laughed at him. If you are looking for businessmen and bankers to be patriots, you are looking in the wrong place.
  15. Roman, who owns your tv news media? So this is a Government statement, whether you like it or not.
  16. It was a decision made by the same people that withdrew all the harriers, just as we were getting 2 carriers, withdrawing from Germany, at just the moment we needed to be there for the first time in 3 decades, and binned our emergency planning system, just in time for Covid. Basically, it made no sense to bin 21 year old aircraft, so they got rid of them. If it sounds dumb, there is a very good reason for that. It's interesting our defence and security review has been taken out the hands of the mod and home office, w of them being former nato head George Robertson, and Fiona Hill, late advisor to Donald Trump. You can probably see why.
  17. Because they have onl got enough Leclercs for their own use, and there wont be any more built, because they knocked the factory down. If I was them, Id go and have a look among private owners and see if they could find any AMX30's. I think they would do fine for infantry support.
  18. TBH, nothing we didnt see 40 years ago with the Brixton riots. The idea this is new or truly exceptional isnt correct. In 1980s Brixton, the police stopped behaving like clods, and they started spending money on the local area. The same will work here. The thing I notice about the Uk is how everyone is astonished by riots, because they are still remarkably rare. The last series was 14 years ago.
  19. Im not sure the UK would be unduly crippled by the loss of Chatham tbh.
  20. I mean, it closed in 1984! 40 years ago, and they still havent noticed that that its been a naval museum ever since! There is Glenn and Seahawk prophesyzing our doom, and the silly fuckers dont even know what to shoot at. I wouldnt even been surprised if they still have Greenham Common on their target list.
  21. It was declining as a result of the end of Empire, from the late 50's on. I dont think Globalization was really a thing till the mid to late 1980's, so yes, you are quite right.
  22. I was assured that was Socialism. Or at least that was the standard argument on this site since I joined back in '98. I guess since the last 14 years of stagnation, ineptitude and decline, there needs to be another explanation, ie, global elites. That is the mantra Liz Truss is putting around to explain her dismal failure as a prime minister. Few here as you see have accepted it, largely because we know her better. In truth, its purely what happens when banks have someone else to invest other than their own country, and politicians take their hands off the controls and pledge the 'The Market' will make all the wise decisions and lead to economic progress. The UK was the petri dish for this experiment, from 1979 on. I dont feel im overstating things by calling it a dismal failure. It looked good when we were rolling in north sea oil, its true. When they tried over the last 14 years with mos of the oil gone, it proved less than impressive. I have no idea what precisely one does about it, but I do know pledging more tax breaks for the super rich wont work, or it would have worked the last 6 or so times we tried it. Money has no patriotism.
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