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  1. That's not uncommon even in Brussels.
  2. They still get cold cat shots with steam.And as for EMALS, it still can't launch an F35C. Besides, If we had gone for a CATOBAR, we wouldn't have one carrier let alone two.
  3. If its a failed state, doomed to collapse, then there needs to be some explanation why it hasnt done so over the past 7 years, when the international community has giving it so all other than bullshit and promises. And Obama's army blankets, dont forget those.
  4. Well it basically comes down to, do you build a next gen tank, or just avoid it and adopt newly emerging technology to fulfill the firepower role. There is no doubt that using PGM's to replicate a tanks firepower comes with a lot of risk. But its more mobile, possibly more effective and probably a lot cheaper. The negatives are you just know they would skimp on the number of rounds, and its far from certain the technology is developed enough to provide a reliable tank killer, particular with ever more elaborate APS's being developed. Then there is stealth technology, whcih has barely been exploited in the tank. Is it viable to lower a tanks signature to the point where a PGM becomes an unreliable killer? Im a cynic when it comes to new tech. You only have to look at technology examples in WW1 and WW2, rarely did they deliver what their plaudits originally said it would in a timely manner, and were only usually emerging into useful technology right at the end of the war. Ive no doubt PGMs and drones will at some point replace tanks. My only question is whether it will do it in the next war, or the one after that. And even if they do, does it allow the Tank to linger on in support roles, rather like the WW2 Battleships did, after losing their primary role to carriers? I would think it possible, at least in the short term. Its why I like using the tanks we have until we can identify whether it makes sense to continue with tanks, go with a new technology solution. I think Challenger 3 has a lot of upgrade capability in it, and I can see why we are sticking with it. Id like it even more if were buying more than an afternoons worth of tanks.
  5. They say its increasing demand, really they intend to drop it on Ukraine in the event of a Third World War. No way is 1st Guards Tank Army going to make it thorugh 22000 tons of maple syrup without coming to a sticky end.
  6. Im not saying thats what I believe, im just saying, thats what he said. Ill be honest, I dont think the EU knows what it is. It was a means to defend European trade from harmful competition, then a bunch of politicians turned it into a job creation scheme, and then it turned into a planned superstate, which nobody has the political authority, intelligence or leadership to turn it into. We see the same thing with Nichola Sturgeon in Scotland, plenty of ambition, but thankfully little of the talent to carry it to term. Its kind of rather like one Derek Robinson novels, where Wing Commander 'Baggy' Bletchley gets his testicles caught under the toilet seat in the middle of an air raid. Stand up and its agony, sitting down is even worse.
  7. I subsequently got both in the sale, though the middair refuelling in the Fear the Bones Campaign fills me with trepidation. Its one area ive never quite got right consistently. I dont mind the Cat III landing so much, its just a standard ILS approach, very scary though it is. The thing that gives me brown trousers is the Cat1. Unlike the Cat III, you have very little time to get stabilised. Whilst the fixed autopilot helps, you still arguably need the autothrottle to keep it on approach. I can just about do it on the Nimitz's, though I make no apologies for technique. The Forrestal probably really needs the deck mod to see centreline. I usually put up the ILS to help, but is still a bitch perfecting centreline. And my goodness, isnt CV59 small! The Tomcat is a truly wonderful DLC, but dear God, parts of it really scare the crap out of me. Ive just been watching Tactical Pascales tutorials. These look really quite worthwhile.
  8. Meanwhile it seems Russia throws its toys out the pram at a single British Armoured Brigade moving back to Germany..... This world is mad. Can I get off please? Arthur Dent had the right idea.
  9. Just ignore him dude. There is more important things happening right now.
  10. This I thought was interesting reasoning. These two posters suggest that the trains suggest a previously undiscovered concentration of troops, between Voronezh and Kursk. Basically it's 20 CAA, supplemented by elements of 41 CAA. If that's true, then that's the better part of 3 Armies arrayed against Ukraine we know of. And there is still stuff coming in.
  11. No, somewhere with significantly less sun. You know, this is nicer than the FFZ. We can all take the piss out of each other but its never personal. Well, maybe it is im too slow on the uptake. Its always possible.
  12. There is a campaign DLC by Bunyip based on the Constant Peg Operations. Im tempted to give it a punt, though the reviews are somewhat mixed. I bought the Fear the Bones campaign on Steam, which is on sale at the moment.
  13. Its not a great comparison, because technology was much simpler then. I remember reading a British Civil Servant talking in the 1980's, whom said submarines in the second world war had a design life of 15 years. Yes, they were often extended, but it got ever more costly. He said at the time submarines had a design life of 30 years, maybe 35 if you look after them. Ditto aircraft. There are still A10's flying from when I was kid in the 1980's. Thats 35 years, and they still have life in them. So that tanks have increased longevity, particularly in fiscally strapped times is no surprise. The only question in my mind is why we now need 130 tanks in a very dangerous era, when we bought 385 in 1996 when there were no threats on the horizon.
  14. I seem to recall there was a debate about the future identity of one of Frances border regions. Alsace I think? They put it up to a vote. Nobody had to invade anyone first to insure that they got the right result though. Im less interested in what the region wants, than that people came in an enforced it. Bojan keeps busting my balls over Kosovo, and he has a point, it did suck if you were a Serb. But I learned long ago in the playground that two wrongs dont make a right. If Kosovo is wrong, then Crimea is no compensation. Yes, financial compensation is the only way out of this mess (assuming either side actually want a way out, which I doubt). At the very least Russia should still be paying rent on Sevastopol. Just because you are squatter doesnt mean you dont owe rent.
  15. Well yes. Kleptocracy is as Kleptocracy does.
  16. Well, possibly not. The cost of EMP hardening is fairly high. I seem to recall they were envisaging at least some of the B21 series as not being hardened at all for that reason. Sometimes capabilities lapse if people arent willing to pay for them. The middair refueling on the new Air Force one (once a prime survival of Government feature) being a prime example of that. Yes, I would imagine that the Presidents Helicopter would be the one area they ringfenced. But you dont know what kind of strange decisions they might have made under previous administrations.
  17. You are basically saying 'its invalid, but its still valid'. If Russia wants Crimea so bad, it should make a cash offer for the territory, with water access rights from Ukraine. Ukraine gets the money it wants to modernize, Russia gets a place for its filthy oligarchs to sun their toes. Everyone is happy. But that cant happen, because Putin denies that it was ever really a Ukrainian territory (when it was) and is as tight as a ducks ass. Donbass Is Ukrainian. If they really want Ukrainian coal that much they should pay for it, rather than steal it like a gang of thugs. Imagine if China ever did that to Russia's siberian oilfields, do you really think they would ever give it up?
  18. Hans Boersma, whom used to drop in on this site quite regularly, has this superb site up on the Army of the Netherlands. i found this one incredibly useful. https://www.orbat85.nl/
  19. Much of their best kit is hand me downs from the Russians. For example their main air defence missile was the S300, which they got from Russia which was displacing it for the S400. They do in fairness have Su30 which is a nice aircraft, but not really a significant advance on the Su27's they allowed to self compost. Its not a complete joke. They have a Spetsnaz Brigade which is regarded to be very good, and was experimenting with different delivery techniques including hang gliders when Belarus grabbed it in 1992. The Russian Army was hopping mad about that. I suspect they probably are as good as they were then. There isnt much else of note, other than some mechanized Brigades which include some T80's and T72's. If Ukraine as regarded as badly off, Belarus are even worse than that.
  20. No, that isnt what you said. You said something like 'The EU is a means of enforcing Socialism on Europe'. Which to be honest, probably explains why my father was an enthusiast of it. Im not criticising btw, Im just struggling to understand, like any post Brexiter.
  21. Without being partisan, Trump said it would be all over by now. Politicians eh, what you gonna do? There are reports out of South Africa its really not as bad as its been made out. The problem of course being, if South Africa didnt want to be locked down, that is precisely what they would be saying. Reports out of the UK say its been infecting people whom have been double jabbed. The best guess is it evolved in someone whom was immune compromised, possibly someone with AIDS perhaps? Which points again to the experts saying that Africa must be vaccinated to stop this kind of thing happening, once again seemingly to turn up on target.
  22. No. I flag up possiblities of what might happen, usually very unpopular ones. I dont KNOW that Russia is going to invade Ukraine (though in fact it already has, twice). Im just saying if something looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and shits like a duck, it just might be a duck. Or at the very least, duck aligned. As far as Putin, yes, ive the impression of the kind of man he is. And yes, that why im distinctly concerned. Not worried, I leave that for continentals to throw their toys out the pram. Concerned. I have to say, I find the inability of many on here to believe he could do it somewhat disconcerting. He used WMD in a sleepy Wiltshire city. He used radioactive material in central London. He had someone publically executed in a Berlin Park. He blew up a Czech ammunition facility FFS. The Green Men, Crimea, MH17. The Navalny poisoning. The herculean kill list of Russian Journalists. Has anyone actually had their eyes open for the past 15 years here?
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