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  2. There was the big rubber band attached to the back of a Land Rover for throwing smoke grenades. Someone posted a picture, I think. The main problem is how to control the firing pin release such that the operator has time to set himself up for the throw. Pulling the pin as part of the throw seems complex, pulling it before he's set up to throw seems like an invitation to a disaster. As for accuracy, just how accurately d0 people throw grenades over maximum distances in reality anyway?
  3. If the u-boats couldn't do it, surely IJN sub force wouldn't be able to. Too close making to heavy of a home field advantage for a US that pumped out endless destroyers and transports. There was a thinking to cut off logistics which was by cutting off Australia from US lines of communication. "Not that it would matter" in 3, 2, 1. Speaking of subs, a Japanese sub is joining JS Kaga and two other destroyers on a training mission into the Indo-Pacific from August.
  4. Confusion with Saudi Arabia? The Saudis were the main actors in the early 80s.
  5. Cavite was also a much older base with buildings dating back to the Spanish days and everything in closer proximity.
  6. One vote, one man! https://www.dw.com/en/nicaragua-another-presidential-contender-arrested-ahead-of-election/a-58628994
  7. From that 2019 list, the Type 23s which would have been in normal rotations were all pulled in so that they could get their Sea Ceptor upgrades as soon as possible, so availability went down. This was critical because all the Sea Wolf missiles were getting a bit old, and you only have to look at the last firings of Sea Dart to see how well that works. The Type 45 main power plant is the WR-21, which has turned out to be far from optimal. The intentions were good, but the intercooler design is troublesome. The fuel burn was supposed to be 30% better compared to existing marine GTs, which presumably use the LM2500. With the development of the MT30, it's dead and buried.
  8. Part of the Pearl Harbor attack plan was a large deployment of 6th Fleet assets in the Hawaiian Islands, to the tune of 21 submarines prowling the waters around Oahu. The results of this offensive were paltry and highly disappointing to Combined Fleet - one fleet oiler sunk, one aircraft carrier damaged. They were paying attention to US logistics and they were heavily deployed in waters well trafficked by US warships and supply vessels. But the results were not good. The US submarine fleet in 1942 also made a poor return on investment. The response was in part to purge pre-war officers of command and hand boats to aggressive officers. Did the IJN have the same problem with pre-war submarine officers and tactics? Had the German U-boat arm somehow managed to deploy 21 boats to Oahu in December 1941, I would bet from the results of Drumbeat that the results would have been a far higher return on investment.
  9. An AMR(Barret) is a 2 man deal, so that seems to be a fair concept. S/F....Ken M
  10. At any rate there was less than a year between the Iranian Revolution at the start and Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan at the end of 1979, and the mullahs had to consolidate their power at home for a couple years before they could think of supporting attacks abroad. Essentially until 1983, in Lebanon, against a backdrop of real and perceived attacks against the Shi'a by Iraq, Israel and the West. Before that, Islamism of either the Sunnite or Shi'ite kind wasn't much of a factor in international (as opposed to domestic) terrorism at all.
  11. I recall seeing something along these lines for WW1 Western Front, also I recall projecting devices, to include steel crossbow's for use along the Rhine and other rivers in WW2. S/F....Ken M
  12. Did Retac or Sunday say something about the guys in spain who built he first hulls are well reknowned at turning out rubbish? Im sure somebody here pointed it out.
  13. Its still remarkably good value. I think the efforts to reduce the size of the crew through automation might be paying off.
  14. With a full crew and air wing on board, much more than half of that will be wages.
  15. Funnily enough, not everywhere in the world really depends on the internecine warfare that happens in the Washington Beltway.
  16. DB

    Ajax Issues

    The idea was to take a proven underlying design and tailor it. I suggest that vibration and noise issues have very little to do with the equipment fit, they're fundamental to the vehicle and engine combination. As has been noted, it's quite likely that the ASCOD2 platform was selected due to the "Anybody but BAE" mindset in place at the time.
  17. Those locations don't figure into the DNC talking points.
  18. Agreeing with Bojan here - average age of death is just another misleading statistic. If you made it through the infant mortality phase, you would live substantially longer. Nowadays, of course, you don't die of toothache or a burst appendix, or being gored by your dinner, so perhaps some of it balances out.
  19. One wonders what state secrets were involved here. Not that a jury trial would have found a different verdict. As a juror one wouldn't want to foolishly degrade your social credit score.
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  21. If only my eye muscles made a significant contribution to my fitness. The eyerolling I'm having to do should really burn more calories.
  22. Bojan is right. Pre 1979 Iran supported Israel with oil in return Imperial Iranian Airforce pilots received combat training in Iran from Israeli pilots. It's one of the reasons why Iran dominated Iraq in the air for the first two years of the Iran - Iraq war.
  23. As noted back during the Rotherham scandal, ingrained societal prejudice that vulnerable minors are trash anyway tends to make authorities turn a blind eye to systematic abuse even before the perpetrators get around to claim special protection because of their faith etc.
  24. Ordinarily, this sort of thing provides a badly needed geography refresher to Americans, via the nightly boob tube. AFAICT, the Haiti thing fizzled in terms of news coverage, and not much mention of Tunisia. Perhaps there is a 48 hour gestation period while journos practice pronouncing the names of the luminaries.
  25. SWEET!!!!😎 Juntatime!!!!!💪
  26. Again, as this topic deserves to be broader than just dumping on the RC church, we have this. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57984924 Another example where the reputation of the corrupted organisation is apparently more important than fixing the damned problem.
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