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  2. Not that they could have taken Alexandria, but the eastern Med falls, and then what? An advance through the desert across Saudi Arabia and Jordan to Iraq and Iran? As for raiding the IO from Egypt, the RN still has bases in the area rom which it could easily block and exit from the Red Sea, and the Axis Navies do not have an overabundance of fuel oil even without BARBAROSSA.
  3. So it was your Twitter account that shared CIT's tweet? Yes, abandoned hospitals, as is written above. I find it interesting that the common wisdom is that mines are designed to injure, not to kill but an army would deliberately aims at hospitals, where said injured bogs down human resources. From another angle, I am sure the Russians did everything to spare water, food, medical material for prolonged Daesh resistance by killing the incapacitated.
  4. I do sometimes wonder how these wheeled skyscrapers will perform on a european battlefield against an equal tech-level opponent, with gear such as BMPs and T-wagons.
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  6. Understandable! On the subject of arms plotting, I don't think it was inefficient in terms of combat effectiveness. It is harder to maintain a high level of proficiency than it is to attain it in the first place. Therefore as long as you don't move a unit to something else too soon, there is no real efficiency penalty. If I recall correctly, armoured/armoured recce regts used to spend 9 years in role, armoured infantry bns 7 years and mechanized infantry bns 5. It stopped units stagnating in the same place (something I personally observed), and ensured variety for soldiers (with profe
  7. The stuttering and stammer continues......
  8. I don't see the point of invading either Spain or Turkey in this setup. As has been noted, those are not the easiest countries to invade. Yes they did not have similar capability to resist militarily as Soviet Union and undoubtely could have been conquered. But they would not have been easy campaigns. Whole point of not invading USSR in this scenario is to avoid quagmires, not create new ones. Thing with 'neutral' contries in WW2 was that they became less neutral when the outcome began to look clearer and they began to be geographically surrounded by winning side. Turkey - generally a fri
  9. Thanks, very interesting. Have not heard of the Talisman pod before, that placement seems innovative: saves you a hardpoint basically. Has there been any official confirmation or claim about Armenian Su-25 shot down early in the war, which was claimed to be attacked by Turkish F-16?
  10. Well it was either that or Siebel ferries, and I find iskander easier to spell.
  11. You have to accept that lost the war. Like when Trump sent an envoy to the Taliban. There is a difference between a Russian journalist and a Saudi journalist Deep state met deeper state?
  12. Colin


    Us Canadians miss people who speak real French! I fired 105mm Howitzer HE set to delay at the side of a old US army APC (M57?) on the range it penetrated and tore the vehicle apart.
  13. Lithuania and Poland had no diplomatic relations due to some land grabbing by the Poles. They were basically at verge of war whole '20s and '30s. And all the Baltics really hated the Germans. Any constructive policy there would have been faced by rather massive obstacles. It was basically like post-Yugoslavia breakup Balkans.
  14. The 12.7 mm on the T-64 can only be useful operated electrically. In any case, there are no cranks, grips or the like for manual operation
  15. SSNs would cost much more than Canada is willing to pay, not just for the ships, but for the infrastructure to operate them as well. Every time the idea comes up for serious discussion, it ends up badly. The last time, it meant we delayed buying new subs for a decade and then ended up with used boats that hadn't been as well preserved as we would have liked. Even new conventional subs are likely to be more than any Canadian government would pay in the near future.
  16. Z-plan was derived because Empires needed a strong Navy and Third Reich wanted an Empire, including colonies. Pre-Z-plan building was, as glenn noted, directed against France, not because it was a likely scenario but because there the surface fleet would not be so ridiculously overmatched so it would seem irrelevant and thus could justify itself. In actual war, Germans were (until Norway) actually astonished that their losses had been so low against combined might of Anglo-French navies. Another factor often forgotten is Soviet naval ambitions, which Germany could not completely ignore. I
  17. It isn't screwed up. It's deliberate. The main purposes of Canadian naval construction are jobs for areas that need them and profits for people who donate to political parties. Buying off the shelf overseas does not meet either of those goals. If we had chosen FREMM or any of the other proposals, we would be looking at similar cost overruns and late delivery issues.
  18. The T26 program isn't without it delays in the UK either.
  19. It's more likely they'd beg for terms and send planeloads of cash. 😕
  20. No screaming eagle shit dude. Go back to playing your guitar, its a more useful waste of time. Nothing like confusing prewar with wartime events in an effort to make a point that was already made.
  21. At the moment, first strike by the US seems unlikely. I wouldn't bet on that being an absolute even now and certainly not forever.
  22. Navies do not have the option to sit out wars that their leaders start though. The German navy's pre-war mission was focused on the Baltic Sea, North Sea, and a dabble of commerce raiding or perhaps if the British somehow remained out of it, sparring with the French. In this period the German navy hit above its weight, in particular by capturing Norway. As it became clear in the summer of 1940 that Great Britain was not going to throw in the towel, the role of the German fleet suddenly expanded into more of a WW1 style total war scenario. This was something beyond the pre-war force str
  23. Shockingly the Al Sharptons of the world and the NAACP don''t seem to be bothered in the slightest.
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