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  2. OK. But I've seen carrot and lettuce on pizza, in Belgium.
  3. The EU decided to so, so that the different countries do not outbid each other. And to be honest nobody would have found it acceptable if Germany would have used its economic might to grab 80% of the vaccines leaving the rest with nearly none.
  4. In absolute fairness there is an account called 'Iraqi perspectives' by the Joint advanced warfighting program which gives an interesting insight in the account of its the commander of the 17th Brigade in the Hamurrabi Division. He too deprecated the Kuwaiti resistance, and said that lead elements of the 35th Brigade ran into Iraqi lead elements and abandoned their tanks. OTOH, they still continued the resistance in a hit and run method for 2 days according to this account. The Division reported the loss of 99 killed and 249 wounded and 15 missing. Its not clear if those are tankers or infantr
  5. In November 1942 the Axis occupied Southern France in Operation Anton, (3 mechanized or panzer, 3 infantry divisions). During the occupation they captured and reflagged 289,210 tons of French merchant shipping. When the Allies captured North Africa, they also seized the Vichy ships in these ports. How much tonnage, I do not know, but it would certain point to the total of Vichy shipping available in 1942 in the Med being somewhere around 400,000 tons.
  6. The one genuinely good thing that the UK government did was to use their local authority to get moving on approvals rather than waiting for the EU body to do it. Given that the framework to declare an emergency and do just that is in place, it's curious that no other EU state (except possibly Hungary?) chose to do the same. The UK has administered vaccines to about 4.8 million people (with 10% of those also having a second dose). The EU as a whole has managed a bit less than 7 million doses (EU figures *do not* include the UK data).
  7. Bloomberg's tracker notes that the US managed close to 1 million vaccinations per day for the last week. Of course, that will because of Biden, right? It couldn't possibly be due to Trump's enabling the vaccine research with shed loads of cash and purchase guarantees.
  8. I always wonder how you get: From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. and 33 For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people. in logical combination.
  9. "Battle of Plevna factor" - Just because it is widely published does not make it true. I know a people who talked with Kuwaiti tankers involved (and not officers embellishing their exploits in order to advance their careers), their account was that it was a clusterfuck and that most they have managed to achieve was retreat in good order. They did destroy some Iraqi vehicles, but ratios, while unknown are not even close to 2:34. They simply had no opportunity to do so.
  10. The article mentions the T-80 as a possible acquisition by Libya, but the CIA's T-80 mey refer to the T-72B too
  11. Today
  12. I don't think there's anything else to discuss, frankly, you are proposing a theocracy, and denying history, including that of the US and more specifically, the First amendment: First Amendment Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. You are nitpicking what you want from the Bible and leaving the inconvenient out while pointing to mote's in other relgions th
  13. It means is that the US now for all practical purposes has zero control over Israeli foreign policy. They have alternative allies now. All they need the US for is spare parts and ammunition. No, the Israeli/ Arab peace feelers was purely down to the feeling that the US could not be counted on to stay the course anymore. Remember when the US had its drone shot down, and nobody acted? When Saudi Arabia was attacked by the drones? When allies shipping in the gulf was seized, with no US actions whatsoever. When the sole US action against Iran, killing solemani, was resulting in an Iranian ba
  14. Page 26. https://www.benning.army.mil/armor/eARMOR/content/issues/1995/SEP_OCT/ArmorSeptemberOctober1995web.pdf There was another account I was reading the other day, that suggested the Kuwaiti's lost about 2 Chieftain's, and the Iraqi's lost something like 34 armoured vehicles.
  15. While it'll be a very long term competition to keep up the deterrence against PRC military action on Taiwan or something with the SCS, yes, t is not about just starting a fight on China. A whole PRC campaign to invade and occupy Taiwan must surely require force build up beforehand. It can't be launched just on a whim. So force concentration just across the strait should be detectable. I think the new fleet of Type 75 LHDs have an important role in adding to airlift via helicopter of forces and supplies quickly into Taiwan. So a concentration of those big hulls, along with the Type
  16. I'm wishing to read your definition of "enlightenment" before I respond. The European religious wars were fought due to man, ie, government, ie a king's ambition for power an territory. A king used God as an excuse for his ambitions. The subjugated folks were not governed by God's will, but by a man who thought of himself as God, or as the next best thing, his messenger. So the Bible has foretold this in 1 Samuel and Matthew 22:15-22. It was not man's reasoning that lead to the "Enlightenment" but Christianity. It was and is Christianity that first state there is only one truth an
  17. India has a role for exercising its influence in the Indian Ocean. If there is a Taiwan matter within the decade (I think 2021 is still a little too soon for PRC capabilities for a successful invasion and occupation rather then just BM punishment), India could interdict PRC interest passing through the Indian Ocean for its part in responding to a Taiwan matter. Direct involvement in Taiwan itself wouldn't be necessary per se. By doing so, the India China border may have some sparks though so India would have to be ready for that. As for France, Australia could just drop that sub ho
  18. With multiple recognition treaties between Israel and Arab nations in the last year I'd say the pro-Israel thing worked a lot better. To be fair, I have long felt that the Israel/Palestinian peace problem will only resolve once the Palestinians are no longer useful to the rest of the Arab Nations as a bargaining tool and realized that the Arab world does not in fact care about them. At least as a governmental level. Since I think much of the rapprochement is due to Obama/Biden's friendliness to Iran scaring the rest of the Arab world I rather wonder if it's resumption after Trump's mu
  19. Don't know about the 90 km/hr but Cyprus has T80Us since 1996. Not that we are a threat to anyone😀
  20. Suga had wanted to meet Biden in February but its looking like it won't happen until April which might not be a good sign. Abe first met with Trump in early February. When Obama became president, then Prime Minster Aso first him in late February. For GWB, first meeting with the Japanese Prime Minster (Mori) was in March. April would indeed be relatively late.
  21. Just like with Christianity, there's quite a variation with non-believers. The atheism your talking about is state-atheism. Likely carried so as that no religion can serve as a challenge to dictatorship control. People of state-atheism have little experience with actual religion and not be their own choice but because that environment created by the state. A different form of atheism is that which exists in countries that fully permit the whole spectrum of religious freedom. So atheists in these countries arrive to their atheism o the basis of their own life experience
  22. This is going to be a very dry bone cheesy sounding answer, but it should be said. I am not an animal. Also, has consideration been put into the affect that a statement like your paragraph has? What naturally is implied is that all those that do not "open up to God" or worse "reject his spirit" are consequently inferior, as in animals, and thus the natural social governance of the society is that those that are not believers are past down to second class citizenship. A person should not have to be put into a defensive about their own personality and belief w
  23. Can you not make the same quote about any religion? Once you come into contact with something like a church (be it small or be it large) you are looking at something man made and made by man to control man.
  24. It was a curiosity question on my part and I agree with your decisions and actions on this. My reply to your two posts on this subject is based on my ignorance of German religion. Is it possible to join a different Lutheran church or a denomination? Fwiw, I disagree with a national church tax. The reason I asked about the same standards for the church and the secular is a) I don't know in Germany how much the church and politics are intertwined and b) some people do not hold the two accountable to the same standards. I fully agree the church should be held to the same standard regarding
  25. No, they also get the jet fighter earlier and use it wiser, have the StG44 early and so on. But due to the nature of the story the UK develops the counter technologies equally early, so obviously Germany never gains an advantage. In the novel Germany and the UK get visitors from the future in 1934 which try to change the outcome of WW2. This in itself is a disadvantage for the Germans, as by 1934 the UK is far ahead in technology and industrial capacity, as Germany just comes out of the restrictions placed on them after WW1. In addition the German from the future wants to avoid the Cold War t
  26. The Government first giveth, and then taketh away? First the subsidies for ecars, now cutting off the loading stations (albeit temporarily)? Bring back coal and atomic power, I say. 🤗 -- Leo
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