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  2. Alright, lets look at it another way. What use is yet more light infantry, without more supporting arms? Very little. They cant advance, and are still soft and squidgy when it comes to cluster rounds. If they had any smarts, they would employ the extra guys on logistic work, and impress civilian lorries. But of course, they wont. Because that would mean its going to start impacting the rest of the country, which endangers the regime. But some poor working class plebs dying in trenches? Ah, who really gaf?
  3. Re: Foam pads on side skirts. I now believe this theory to be correct: This is a Hamas document that I forgot to share on this forum: In it we see where Hamassies are instructed to aim for, for either disabling shots or full destruction of the vehicle. This is based on knowledge that was already available to us, for example the placement of ammo in the rear. Although now we see tanks with foam pads covering the entire sides, early in the war we've seen them only covering the rear parts. The bombs Hamassies use on AFVs, for example when they run up to a tank and place them between the hull and turret, have a magnetic attachment mechanism. Maintenance units:
  4. Well, France did, and look where that got them... Im not sure its right to discuss morality in what is in many way immoral actions. But consider this basic point. Lets say Israel goes in and bombs the living shite of Gaza, at the cost of say, 25000 civilian deaths, and suceed in removing Hamas. Then either the Palestinian authority, or some other similar authority Governs it, and the peace between the Arabs and Israel in future moderates Israels actions. Yes, you take thousands of women and childrens lives now. How many lives down the line do you save who wont become Hamas terrorists, or Israelis that dont become terrorist victims? Its an unknowable number, but basic reasoning says the number will be a lot more over the next 70 years, if the boil remains unlanced. Of course the problem is, we cant know if Israel succeeds. It may well be you kill thousands of Palestinians, and still end up with Hamas with a large recruiting pool because the Americans bail on them. Im not sure its actually making things worse, because things will get worse anyway, but you still havent solved the hostage problem. It strikes me though, we wring our hands about this many thousand deaths, and this many thousand people without water or food. And its horrific, I dont disagree. But we saw much the same thing in Ethiopia or other parts of Africa and we did pretty much sod all to help them. I suspect thousands have died in Venezula, or the long trek north to get away from the regime. We tolerated the Argentine and Chilean fascist regimes that murdered thousands more. We sat on our hands whilst Rwanda butchered a million people, large because they were Africans I suppose, and it was africans doing it. We happily endure hundreds of Africans drowning in the Mediterranean or the Channel as long as they dont come here, without much in he way of a passing regret. We abandoned millions of Afghans to torture and murder and starvation, without really much ithe way of self reflection. I guess the point im making is, isnt it curious how we suddenly find actions against innocent people, or at the very least, not defending them, wholy abhorrent and unacceptable and worthy of UN censure,when its Jews that are doing it? As a nation that bombed the crud out of Germany for much the same reasons, yes, Ill be honest, I still feel unease about it. Im not sure its going to work, which is probably even worse. At the same time Im not going to judge them, because I remain shocked by 7th of October. That cant happen again, and for all the censure of Israel, ive not heard one intelligent argument how it can be stopped from happening again without removing the Hamas death grip on Gaza. The only question remains, how realistic is that aim?
  5. Or maybe just people actually decide their own values and it matters very little what dominant religion existed when pedophilia was justified for the bajillionth time. If you're already worshipping a god, might as well be a cool one. My religion of choice is God of War, because all the gods are dead and I'd be free to roam this earth and do as I please.
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  7. Yeah, Im not sure it can either. Of course one might say that it doesnt matter, because its stealth and its speed is going to make it difficult to find. But 2 missiles for a SEAD asset, isnt a hell of a lot really. You would probably want some bombs to go and destroy the launchers after you take down the radar.
  8. Tracks and iron rollers without rubber rust very quickly. On Reddit they write that the photo was taken near the coast and that it shows how aggressively the salty sea air affects steel.
  9. Which is it you desire? Rules based international order or not?
  10. ...rust-colored dust, maybe? Otherwise I agree, that'd be terrible.
  11. Rule of law is not a thing between countries, maybe one should simply drop the act. China and North Korea will like this.
  12. Oryx and standards is.......well.......😉 There was a new picture of the same vehicle being towed which propably confirms it:
  13. I doubt that US and Brasil would intervene directly
  14. The DoD is like an abusive ex who kicked you out. But says you can come back if you ask nicely. ‘Please come back, but you still have to ask.’
  15. Well they’ve had more than a decade to build up Gaza and peacefully co-exist. Instead we’ve seen a generation of kids taught the best they can do in life is kill jews and near constant rocket attacks. What other nation would suffer a neighbor who constantly bombards them with high explosives by mortar or rocket?
  16. I await the international action to block Venezuela’s annexation of part of Guyana under this idealistic mindset. what rules allowed Turkey to seize half of Cyprus?
  17. And the school systems that KNOW they are bad don’t give a fetid pair of dingo’s kidneys that they are. I submit Baltimore city schools as an example. Or Atlanta Public Schools by way of the cheating scandal. we have entire school systems staffed and/or run by people who commit fraud on reporting that would land anyone in the business sector in prison for white collar crime. The US DOE has long running stats that show that at least 10 percent of high school graduates are functionally illiterate.
  18. As Captain Aubrey said, it always comes down to the lesser of two weevels.
  19. I think there could be a discussion on how much "Judeo" is in the so-called "Judeo-Christian values". For instance, perhaps "Greek-Roman-Christian values" would be more proper.
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  21. Leo 2A4 + lot of ERA:
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