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  2. Masters of Air used loads of CGI and it looks very good. I don't think how making things look better and such would take anything from the movie.
  3. Start of construction for FFG-62 was 31 August 2022. Laying the keel means placement of the first hull modules so the rest of the ship can be erected. The time between start of construction and keel laying is the lead time to start cutting the piece parts, fabricating frames & foundations & pipes. Before the official start of construction, all the materials need to be ordered. Subcontracts need to be let. If the second ship (FFG-63) hasn't started construction already, it will be soon--using all of the engineering products carried over from the lead ship. Changing now, means going back and redoing things like CNC programs, subcontract drawings & purchase orders, etc. There is definitely NOT time to change the follow-on hulls. Unless you want to drive the costs through the roof. This lead time is why that 2% cost delta to add VLS cells is no longer realistic or applicable. Doug
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  5. The kill chain should be a bit faster today, but not enough to make a difference unless there's a direct link between the reconnaissance asset and the shooter. A submarine launching UAVs is going to give itself away, a ASBM unit linked to a UAV could work, but only if the carrier allows itself to be detected by the UAV and be tracked (which could happen through incompetence or bad luck), but the overall problem hasn't changed since Midway, just the means, and they are subject to the same limitations as in 1942 regarding targeting.
  6. But not necessarily aimed at it, plus it's a narrow, so it's quite easy to find a ship there. There was speculation that information was provided by an Iranian ship that was loitering around doing... not much. There were also plenty of fishing boats and dhows that could do that. None of that should be available in the open ocean if people are on their toes.
  7. Thanks ink Lancet attack on Ukrainian T-64BV, in this case no chance of being staged because there is a person running away as hits takes place. According to source number of Lancets used so far and documented is 1,400.
  8. Any idea why Newsome counted the KV-1 and IS-2 as different models of the same tank? Do you think they're similar enough? Also, any idea why the first KV-1 model was so expensive?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsP4U09XClg This traveler has many good videos of the U.S.
  10. Yes, Ive just discovered that one myself, good isnt it? And all good training for the DCS one that will be out shortly, hopefully.
  11. I keep telling him this, but he never seems to understand it. I created a scenario based on the October 1973 standoff with the USSR in the Med. It showed me that in waters that are congested, its very difficult to tell the difference between an aircraft carrier, a large container ship, and an underway replen ship. The you have to pass the intelligence that you get onto the submarine in a timely manner. Then the missiles have to arrive. And between the times where you thought you knew where the carrier was, and by the time the missiles arrive where it was, can mean the difference between a miss and a hit. The only time a nuclear submarine sank a surface ship, it shaowed it underneath for several hours, then shot it in the ass with a torpedo. Even allowing for the advance of technology in the last 40 years, I think that tells us something.
  12. I read on this grate sight that A US warship had to use it's CIWS phalanx system to stop an anti-ship missile so it is possible to target a warship from Yemen. PS Thanks for the spelling I couldn't remember it
  13. Number 1 has to be Kursk.
  14. Yemen you mean? Quite close, and they are targeting through AIS, which warships typically don't use.
  15. Yemman seems to be able to direct an anti-ship ballistic missile at targets in the red sea. I don't know how far away the Yemman coast is from the ships however.
  16. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandown-class_minehunter
  17. Interesting that compared to the other document you posted, there are quite a few changes in values. I assume the one posted here is older than this one, @Harkonnen? M735 went from 410/380/345 to 380/350/320 while the prototype L64 went from just 420/390/350 to 445/420/383. Guess that shows that one should not rely on a single "snapshot" in time when looking at historical data of non-fielded ammunition. Also note that for the Leopard 2, the footnote (3) says (at least in the other table) "Results from Dec 76 firings at Meppen, but does not apply to Serial 1a." I don't think that they are not lowballing APDS, performance is in line with data from other countries.
  18. You first didnt made any arguments that would made me change my opinion
  19. Yeah, I bet you like to evade uncomfortable arguments that undermine your world view.
  20. What percentage of aircraft "deployed in the region", have the Russians lost? Semantic are highl;y abused and used throughout the world so distinctiond are relevant.
  21. You're on! Bojan knows more about this than I do and I don't want to say something incorrect from memory so better to wait for his reply.
  22. But it needs to detect the carrier or be provided with a position accurate enough to shoot those missiles. If an hour goes from initial detection to firing the weapons the carrier would have moved 20 kilometers on average and it could have gone in any direction, so those missiles are going to miss.
  23. I friendly recomend to ignore certain trol, he is not worth of your time. I doo it all the time and it is much better place 🙂
  24. From memory, max dimensions for the Iron Gates locks are something like Length: 290 m Width: 30 m Draft: 9 m So if they fit through there, they're good to go.
  25. Possibly the last post-war Ha-Go turned dozer.
  26. How many US Presidents have you seen walking the streets of Jerusalem, glad handing everyone? French Presidents? Chinese? Now stop for a moment, and think, why is that? I think even Jesus would ber reluctant to walk through Jerusalem these days without an armed escort and a Messiahmobile based on a Merkava 4. You know what, I can confess Im getting a little bored with the Balfour Declaration being shoved down our throat as if it explains everything. Does that excuse every act of terrorism since by saying 'Because Balfour'. Of course not. Its lazy, and robs the locals of their inate ablity to fuck things up comprehensively without any able assistance by HM Government. Although as always, they remain willing to help.
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