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  2. You are not making sense. Why would the Russians attack the Nato's main point of ineptitude?
  3. When is the Donbass Hardbass DLC due?
  4. Don't worry. War with Russia will result in a new round of redevelopment opportunities!
  5. Today
  6. Every poligon in Russia is showcasing their artillery. Lots of it, tubes and MRLS. Artillery is best when you have a lot of different stuff for different tasks.
  7. Nope... but then again, only one in 1,000 Covid infections seem to occur outdoors. Would be nice though if there was consistency, like opening outdoor dining rather than curfews.
  8. I am actually astonished by this. Folks I know who work in the substance abuse field indicate that stressors for folks are off the scale. The fact that violent crime is prob ably as high if not higher than it was in the 70s is also a significant factor. J Looking around we see a spike in the US Military. https://www.ngaus.org/about-ngaus/newsroom/guard-saw-spike-suicides-late-2020 https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/09/29/mili-s29.html Surges early in the year. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/11/23/covid-pandemic-rise-suicides/ I'd like to see the C
  9. It is over. The Russians aren't even bothering to have a summit with Biden because they just showed what mobilization looks like to a generation of NATO generals who have never seen anything like it. It caught them off guard and they had nothing to counter. Land War, Eurasia with Russia and China. I really think this would be popcorn and be the fin de siecle event we have been waiting for. But it will not be, alas. No warning sirens, no imminent nuclear annihilation, no great reset. Shame.
  10. What are the social distancing requirements in metric? Does this look like the requisite distances?
  11. I definitely expect a spike in Midsomer homicides during the spring season.
  12. Wasn't "packing the court" the codeword for adding more seats, rather than assigning judges the Dems didn't like to vacant seats? Another classic redefinition of language to dominate the discussion it seems.
  13. If you were Zelensky you would fight to the last Ukrainian.
  14. They can't actually do the buyouts for a lack of money. The city is broke after all.
  15. Trust me, my motto for 2021 is "Good and Hard." As I've posted before, the best thing would be for Minneapolis and Portland to go full WROL for a year or two. Or Grant, if you prefer; " I know no method to secure the repeal of bad or obnoxious laws so effective as their stringent execution." Recalling the rise in violent crime in the 1960s and 1970s, mostly due to replacing punishment with rehabilitation, the backlash in the 1980s resulted in permanent reduction in violent crime. I hope in this decade, the pendulum will swing much faster.
  16. Who has the Littlefield Jumbo??
  17. Yesterday
  18. The British took the same measures in Indonesia, taking Japanese troops, rearmed, into suppression of the anti-Dutch independence movement when India requested the return of their troops. One Japanese tank regiment commander was so effective that he was nominated for a UK Military Cross, which was quietly ignored. At the same time, JA and IJN troops had been assisting the rebels with training, arms and so forth. Talk about strange bedfellows!
  19. Going to agree with you on this, as special emphasis devoted to freedom of religion can devolve into the extension of special treatment to those who would abuse it. November 2020, in one of America's COVID epicenters. Estimated attendance this masks-optional event: 7000.
  20. Pretty much, although I don't think NYC has gone so far as forcibly buyout companies who own too many apartments.
  21. Well yeah, if mentioning Spain, there's Guam and the Philippines as well. In basic form the US competed similarly to how the other major powers competed as well. So I don't want to take it too far with this. But if the point about the US is going to always smash an empire to bits sooner or later, then that sort of lends better reasoning to Japan to not "comply" in 1941. The whole "Japan couldn't win so shouldn't have tried" argument that seems to persist and but seems designed for a argument that is not being made here but more of generic MSN created conclusions which would probably be somethi
  22. If you mean offices, photo ops, press conferences, legislatures, and city councils, then yes they have. Even political conventions have been mostly on line.
  23. The US was notably anti colonial until the choice was old colonial power or pro Soviet communism. Even then, MDAP aid was not always permitted to be used in colonial wars.
  24. War of "aggression" is propaganda. It was certainly expansion but the use of the word aggression is to psycologically put feeling into it as somehow unreasonable and aggressive. US terms was diplomatic aggressive. And colonial possessions by the others, particularly in South East Asia make "war of aggression" hypocritical.
  25. The UK didn't pay off it's four billion dollar post war loan until 2006 because it had an extremely long term, extended several times, at very low interest rates (2%) not because it was extraordinarily high.
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