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  2. Russian sources have confirmed the loss. Seems like pilot managed to eject?
  3. Giffords, Kelly's wife, is Jewish as well. Considering Jews in the US have voted overwhelmingly for Ds for several decades... I don't think this will be an issue.
  4. How to tell someone hasn't watched the vid without them saying they haven't watched the vid...
  5. Hang on. She was holding the boiling water was she not? Is that unarmed? She expressed an intent to throw it on the officers did she not? Can a pot of boiling water thrown on a person cause significant bodily injury? Egregious would be an unarmed person standing in their window with no weapon. This was not that. She was not simply standing there.
  6. VP talk for Harris seems to indicate the finalists are Sen Kelly from AZ and PA gov Shapiro. Kelly is just... a solid candidate all around but PA means a lot more with the 19 electoral votes at stake. Harris seemed to shore up support from the D party relatively quickly. I had seen some stories in the last week that her people were already at work in case Biden stepped down and the last 36h seems to have shown that was accurate. In basically a single day she had a majority of all major D pols supporting her (including several potential 'rivals' if the convention was contested). Reports last night were saying she's already shored up enough delegates for it to be official.
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  8. I was just going to post this but glad to see it's been taken care of. That footage from the other officer has been released... and this may be up there as the most egregious shooting by an LEO that I've ever seen. https://www.nbcnews.com/video/bodycam-shows-moment-police-fatally-shot-illinois-woman-sonya-massey-215428165541 The LEO who fired the shots had apparently worked for six different agencies in just under four years. Supposedly one of those stints he was fired from for DUI and then another nearby agency picked him up immediately. If I were a betting man, and seeing how he turned on a fucking dime for no reason in the footage, probably a safe bet there were issues everywhere and yet he kept finding work. FFS...
  9. Concerns over this is why the Ds were going to do that virtual roll-call before the actual convention. Now that Harris has apparently tallied enough delegates to get the nomination it sounds like they'll stick with this plan so she'll officially be the nominee before the convention. That's supposed to take place in... just a week or so.
  10. With laser range finder, stabilized platform, and a ballistic computer it's easy-peasy - as close to a sniper weapon as you'll get with an MG that wasn't designed for sniper action, operated by gunners who weren't trained as snipers and who might not be very remarkable shooters at all. Without stabilization, from a stationary vehicle, it depends on training level and prep time. How good are the crews estimating ranges, how quickly will they develop their range cards? So the MMG with a scope (not the norm at all in WW2) can be very deadly out to 600...800m on the first burst, or only on the second and third. It also depends on exposure time. If the infantry manages to stay in cover for most of the time and expose themselves routinely only for less than ten seconds, the MG crews' ability to engage accurately will suffer. Experienced crews might guess where the dismounts might appear on the next opportunity and have their sights trained on that location - inexperienced MMG crews might not.
  11. That reminds me of a particularly dark and low time of the Roman Catholic Church When Harlots Ruled the Church Sadly, all that evil led to the separation of the Eastern Church in 1054.
  12. Wow, convicting an innocent man, she is certainly a Democrat:
  13. Megyn bring the fire on the High Priced Call Girl:
  14. Note the use of a Weed Barrier, apparently optional, but you may ask Bernie Sanders about how the DNC considers that optional.
  15. Are there even unarmed Palestinian "medics" at this point?
  16. Party Time for the side piece!
  17. Shocking, suddenly the man exits the race and these documents are now "found" Why does any Judge believe ANYTHING DOJ/FBI says anymore? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/07/developing-justice-department-discovers-hur-transcripts-it-previously/ And now the Justice Department is admitting it ‘discovered’ Hur transcripts it previously claimed it did not have of Joe Biden’s conversation with his ghostwriter Mark Zwonitzer. Joe Biden asserted executive privilege over the audio recordings. Republicans have argued that Joe Biden cannot assert executive privilege over the audio since the transcript has already been released. US Attorney General Merrick Garland classified the audio tapes of Biden’s interview with Hur as “Top Secret” and locked it way in a SCIF. The DOJ is now claiming it discovered Hur transcripts in response to a flurry of FOIA lawsuits – shortly after Biden announced he is dropping out of the 2024 race. “The Justice Department told a federal judge late Monday that it has located transcripts it previously denied having of President Joe Biden’s talks with a biographer that played a role in the recently completed criminal investigation into Biden’s handling of classified material before he became president.” – Politico reported.
  18. If the democrats are stupid enough to schedule their convention for after state deadlines, then they get what they deserve. AFAIK only Ohio has a deadline that predates the convention, and this was the reasoning for the Dem delegates to have a virtual vote before the convention proper: to meet that deadline ahead of time. In 2020 the Ohio legislature passed a waiver for the year I believe. The Ohio deadline has not yet passed to the best of my knowledge, though it does predate the convention. Note that this would still be an issue even if Biden was still running. I am unaware of any past deadlines in any other states; please provide links if this is the case.
  19. I believe the deadlines in NC, NV, and OH have already passed unless the candidate was to have died. Two have exceptions for medical reasons and the Democrats in the OH Legislature are begging their GOP counterparts to change the law. Every state has laws regarding who is to be included on ballots, who isn't, and the removal / replacement of names. In the name of democracy you would want the states to follow the rule of law, wouldn't you?
  20. Eight minutes into the clip it's getting interesting and historic.
  21. There has been probably forever.
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