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  2. The Soviets also got one that was stolen in W. Germany and driven across the border in a VW...
  3. Great video, Bitchin' Betty and all...
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  5. I wonder if the possibility exists that deep, down, inside they want to witness a complete and total meltdown. if (when?) it happens it will certainly be a (the?) top news story.
  6. This is the America answer to "The Madness of King George III".
  7. But is suspension of disbelief.
  8. Said by Ginger Snap with all due sincerity. She gave a "plausible" answer. But of course everyone knows that Biden is literally incapable of answering questions extemporaneously, that part of his brain is irreparably damaged by disease. So why the press corps perpetuates the charade that Biden is capable of giving meaningful answers, I don't know. It's analogous to the press corps 80 years ago asking the president if he could stand up for them, show them how spry he really was.
  9. Concise precis video This video by German guy is interesting as it shows the usual life in a village near the volcano.
  10. We were selling the PRC Tigerfish apparently. So that probably slowed the buggers down...
  11. Redress of historical wrongs and longstanding cultural antipathy exacerbated by the history of Korea-Japan relations in the 20th Century, but clearly not confined to the 20th Century. It takes two parties to make peace. It only takes one to make war. I am not going to put all of the blame on Korea and Koreans here. Japan's handling of the comfort women issue has been a mess.
  12. This is an interesting example of question and answer posts. Question: Answer:
  13. The Israeli's sold Python 3 AAM's - which is equivalent to the AIM9 Lima - to China in the mid 1980's including manufacturing rights.
  14. In a wartime situation against a capable nuke boat operator, the distance to Op area is going to be a lot shorter. Killing an SSK in international waters is as possible 201 nautical miles off its home shore as it is a thousand.
  15. Seems trivial to grab a couple of examples, install pressure sensors and a gopro inside, and give them the works. Then you can dispel rumors amongst crews (recall some in Restrepo doc believed a near miss with a .50 BMG would sear flesh. There is no reason for this sort of mentality to persist, particularly if incorrect assumptions has the potential to affect morale and behavior under fire)
  16. Why? are you assuming SSK run submerged only in batteries? in terms of transiting to the Op area, submarines will snorkel and run on diesels and only in the Op area will they use the AIP/batteries and lose that rate of advance, going down to 6-8 knots (which is the same SSNs do BTW, if you doubt it, check the Hampton steamed days vs distance). A nuclear submarine has numerous advantages when confronted with an enemy as it can choose when to engage and evade a torpedo, unless caught in shallow water, with no maneuvering room.
  17. Maybe you should go back and re-read the original post you answered to. I already acknowledged that from the start.
  18. If you look 2 posts above yours, it's already hedging bets...
  19. Large advantages. I'd still rather have them crewed by the first team, though. 15kt for any serious length of time would be unsustainable for the Soryu class. I'd consider it the benchmark for modern SSK capability.
  20. If Australia wants to intervene, say in the middle east or off West Falkland, it could be very useful. The real advantages are time on station and stealth, particularly in an environment where it's going to be death to snort.
  21. I don't see the reason for Washington to be this unequivocal about potential AUKUS membership for Japan.
  22. I like the Lerclerc. Besides, we have to let the French win sometimes....
  23. Don’t know but all 3 of them sat together, not at separate tables. I also need help with understanding how my neighboring state of New Jersey justified a mandate that restaurants had to close at 10 PM to comply with COVID restrictions.
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