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  1. The T-64 sounds like an extremely crazy vacuum cleaner. Somehow the noise doesn't harmonize with the "image of driving".
  2. My God, this music instead of the engine sound. Kurtz : I've seen heard horrors... horrors that you've seen heard...
  3. In the East German Army, the change of tracks began in the late 1970s. With the feeding of the T-55A. Already in 1980 all active tank regiments and tank battalions had the new track with closed rubber metal joints. New sprockets also had to be installed. But in the end it's a question of money. Many armies used the old tracks as long as the warehouses were filled with them. And when buying a tank got cheaper with old tracks, ok, then you looked into the money box and then made a decision.
  4. What's left after removing the cladding steel sheets?
  5. It is always admirable how loveless even the optics are sprayed with paint.
  6. Looks how the snorkel on BMP-3F. http://roe.ru/eng/catalog/land-forces/armored-combat-vehicles/bmp-3f/
  7. Ah ok. All guns have the same chamber. Then they can fire the same ammunition. Only the traveling charge on the projectile has to be the same length. How long the penetrator is, is only limited by a loading device in a tank. But I have never read anything about an active troop deployment of the 2A45.
  8. The gun for SPRUT-SD is the 2A75. With same chamber as 2A46. Manuell loading? Probably yes.
  9. I can't see any point in the SPRUT-SD. Airborne forces should not fight MBT. And SPRUT cannot duel against MBT. Against the occasional armored vehicle there is the BMD-4 or portable ATGM. There is also the BMD-4 for close artillery support. SPRUT-SD is a wet dream of gun fool's for me. Pure money burning.
  10. Hans Gruber memorial service...
  11. The Soviet Union withdrew in great numbers the older T-72 with optical RF from service. And so these tanks could probably be sold at a very attractive price.
  12. Oh, unfortunately I don't have any specific links to websites. I just asked Mister Sundar Pichai briefly. Engines are not really my passion.
  13. It is ejector cooling with the 2-stroke TDF engines. The exhaust gas flow carries away the cooling air with it. That is why the exhaust gas and cooling air run through the same very large air duct. There is no fan wheel here. When driving under water, the long vertical exhaust pipe is screwed on here. (picture: T-64 hull with t-55 turret - T-55-64)
  14. From left: Air filter ejection opening. In the middle the main exhaust grating. And an additional exhaust opening (?). If I'm correct.
  15. No communication without a headset. The shooting isn't really loud. The pressure wave only comes into the interior of the turret attenuated. But the engine immediately behind the crew room is already very loud. The most unpleasant are the noises when the track is running around. With the T-72, the track runs over support rollers and that makes the hull swing very uncomfortably loud. Something similar experienced with the M113, russian BMP or with the AFV ULAN from Austria. That hurts in the unprotected ears. The shrill tones of the weapon stabilization are only the "icing on the cake" in
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