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  1. Yes. For drivers periscopes and for gunners sight. Also for commanders TKN-4 and gunners periscopes (T-80U).
  2. Ah, also yes. APU's? The question is incorrect.
  3. When North Koreans leave their country and see what the world is really like, they fall away from the faith. And mutiny.
  4. T-64B - 4,20 km\h All diesels about the same. Confirmed data are missing for the T-90M and T-14.
  5. Reverse speed: T-72A - 4,28 km/h T-80B - 11 km/h
  6. According to my information, the cupola is not rotatable. The cupola has the same sight as the gunner. Both are mechanically connected to each other. So the tc can double the gunner completely. However, this excludes the ability to rotate the cupola.
  7. Cause twisted. China is becoming increasingly aggressive. The US continued to behave quietly. But Xi provokes open solidarity with Taiwan
  8. Extras play a part in every bad movie. 🤗
  9. Do you think we're stupid? Or for forgetful? Your political elite only started the war against Ukraine in 2014. With your applause.
  10. But not because it was so effective. That was pure poverty and born out of necessity.
  11. Yes, this is a multifaceted problem. Nevertheless, the Poles are a bit grumpy about it. It remains to be seen whether they will be happy with the Korean tank
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