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  1. The advantage is with the Ukrainians. Because Ukraine has citizens who are willing and able to step on the feet of the government. The Russians are shouting patriotic hurray, but they are cursing secretly. Because they are terrified as hell. The KGB FSB is everywhere. The biggest defeat for the Kremlin would be a prosperous Ukraine. Every effort will be made to prevent this.
  2. The German tankers put it this way: "Driving like the water flows."
  3. Zeman is pro Russia. That was expectable. Now there is a power struggle behind the scenes.
  4. Especially since we don't really need Sputnik V. Not to mention North Stream 2 ... BTW, hasn't Orban already bought Sputnik and he has no problems with Putin's policy?
  5. Changes have been made to the hull rear part, so a little bit bigger. However, no details are known. You also have to wait and see whether and how the project will be implemented, and in which extensive. The dear money... https://defence-ua.com/news/modernizovanij_bulat_t_64bm2_uspishno_projshov_vognevi_viprobuvannja_ekskljuzivne_video-3491.html
  6. Oh I'm sorry. I cannot give cheats for the MS War Simulator. 😇
  7. Ok what did I write: In 2014 a "thrown together cucumber troop" inflicted heavy losses on the Russians, even if she couldn't win. Today we see a well organized army. And Ukrainian society is highly motivated to defend its territory. The Russian fighting on the territory of a neighboring state. This is not the "Holy Patriotic War V.02" and the Russians know that. And the Russians won't want to pay the high price for which they won't get anything but the "colorful pennants in the wind".
  8. The Russians don't have an unlimited budget either. And such muscle games are extremely expensive. If the Kremlin believed that the West could no longer sleep because of fear, then it was a fallacy. The fact that some states have expelled Russian diplomats for various illegal activities probably surprised the Kremlin in this situation. As a result of the muscle play, the isolation has increased again. I read, that one in Russia complains about it, that the Czechs as a "country with limited foreign policy sovereignty" [sic!], had the audacity to dare to do something like that. The
  9. German politicians? These are just your comrades from the german post-communists. About 8% from the ""German politicians"". ____ In 2014 the Kremlin made a big mistake about the motivation of Ukrainian society. In 2021 the price will have increased significantly. GRUZ-200 is not welcome in Russia. That brings to mind Switzerland's cold war strategy: "You won't win, but the price of victory will be disproportionately high." That's why I am in favor of writing the price clearly legible on the label.
  10. For me, this great game of confusion has only one background. The KGB lads in the Kremlin are quite simply and honestly and wholeheartedly convinced that the Ukrainians are not a independent people and that Ukraine is an illegal construction and it is unworthy to have one's own sovereignty. Ukraine is Russian colonial area of interest! And the Russians are right with that. Anyone who acts in Russian very own colonial territory without the permission of the Kremlin is a threat to Russia. Foreign policy can be that simple. (you can only shake your head)
  11. Russo-phobia? We know from the open archives of Russia what has long been known. The "stability" that seahawk is enthusiastic about is based on the blood of millions of innocents Soviet citizens (of all nations). And the Soviet Union was united with the bloody violence of the KGB chekists and the army. And that's why the empire fell apart as soon as the power of the KGB was broken. You can close your eyes to it, but the reality remains. The same Chekists are now back in power in Russia. It is hardly surprising if all neighboring countries want to be under the umbrella of NATO.
  12. Well, that actually means the following, the idea was good, only the people were bad. (then the state probably shot too few of the bad people.) Is that meant ironically? Or the Stockholm syndrom? Ok, we'd leave the thread if we wanted to discuss that too. It would bring about peace if one did not regard one's neighboring state as an underage child, that is to be punished for insubordination.
  13. The completely irrational thing is that the Russian people for the dreams of the old men to paste the old empire back together, get zero advantages. Apart from lots of "brightly colored of pennants" in the wind, the people cannot get anything between their hands. That stunned me.
  14. Oh, thanks, that's extremely interesting. And I am always impressed by how far advanced the Soviet developers were before the war.
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