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  1. Is this 3UBM10 or something else ?
  2. It seems there are the T tail and V tail versions.
  3. Various 100 mm ammunition in Syrian service:
  4. Was a better 100mm APFSDS round ever developed by USSR/Russia ? For comparison, China did develop the improved type 86 in 1987.
  5. So SP version of 2A29R more or less ?
  6. Any information on the gun ? It looks to be about or even slightly above 60 calibres long.
  7. Yes but I am asking a different question about the towed AT gun 2A45 and 'self moving' (самодвижущиеся) AT gun 2A45M. But as Bojan points out it seems that it was considered too bulky and never built in numbers. But other (unreliable) sources say it is in service and was even exported to Mexico and Singapore.
  8. Can 2A45 use the newer longer 125mm ammunition ? I cannot see why not as it loaded by hand.
  9. By some strange coincidence this same video popped up last night on youtube after watching something vaguely related.
  10. If you can use a tank you use a tank. If you want a proper airborne force it arguably needs organic firepower. On this note, note the continued development of airmobile SPA (2S42 Lotos), and of course the predecessor 2S9 was built in large numbers. I accept of course that there is some argument for a different mix of light vehicles, though it cannot be based on the disadvantages of a light vehicle in general.
  11. Correct there is no real difference vs helicopters. But penetration is appreciably less than 152 mm ATGM. About all we can say is that heavy ATGM have a notable advantage over a 125mm tank gun vs armor at ~ 3000-5500 metres. But this is a not very common scenario. And even if it were common, a good solution is to just give more ATGM to the supporting infantry. In this respect there is an asymmetry - infantry can carry ATGM but not anything equivalent to a tank gun.
  12. It is in basically in all aspects superior to SP-ATGM: more rounds stowable improved AT performance against targets with active and passive protection better close support capacity, and cheaper and more plentiful HE rounds (9M123F etc. are not a very good substitute) and a wider variety of ammunition. The only arguable downside is poorer long range firepower (e.g. 125mm HEAT < 152 mm HEAT), and the lack of the (marginal) secondary capacity of ATGM to engage slow moving helicopters.
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