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  1. These were "auxiliary" oilers, in reality ships built for civilian companies and used as tankers in peacetime but intended as fast oilers in wartime. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kawasaki-type_oiler
  2. training, training and training. Many years ago I remember a former submariner remembering his time on a carrier. There was a small fire and he run to put it out while the rest of the people unassed as fast as possible. He got a chewing out for his troubles. In subs, every man is a firefighter, in carriers, only the trained firefighters are allowed to put out fires.
  3. And here comes our daily dose of non-sense from Barcelona. What you call sheep-like (like you got your vaccine right?) I call rather responsible despite an incompetent central government more intent on propaganda and enjoying the perks of being in power like official cars and free plane rides. Regional governments have been somewhat useless initially (some more than others, in Madrid, after the initial out of control spike, political appointees were kicked out and replaced by medical professionals), but most have managed to recover with the vaccination, reaching 78% (plus 5-10% that got the infection and made it through). Guess what? incidence and deaths keep going down and restrictions are being removed across the board, yet the mountains of bodies from the "experimental" vaccines are nowhere to be seen. Since you have become so deranged that anything coming from the Central government would be "leftist propaganda", just check the data for Madrid: https://www.comunidad.madrid/sites/default/files/doc/sanidad/211019_cam_covid19.pdf So for example: 19th October 2020: 2339 cases, 29 deaths, 2675 hospitalised, 474 in ICU 18th October 2021: 286 cases, 3 deaths, 314 patients in hospital, 88 in ICU https://www.comunidad.madrid/sites/default/files/doc/sanidad/201019_cam_covid19.pdf https://www.comunidad.madrid/sites/default/files/doc/sanidad/211019_cam_covid19.pdf Did you forgot to mention that vaccines are not mandated here? well, of course, it wouldn't fit you "narrative" But don't worry, you won the Internet, it just cost you your credibility...
  4. Glenn is not one to fret about details, if inconvenient... Toei Maru offers an alternative explanation that would make more sense IMO, the fuel was "for", but not carried "in" Akagi et al, but in the oilers (November 1st entry) , so if they couldn't refuel, half the force needed to go home (the 26th November entry)
  5. Murrica is remarkably adamant about repaying money spent on programs in which they embargo the goods.
  6. I don't usually quote myself, but mebbe Glenn, the UFO believer, can go over it as it seems that this below is actually NOT THE CASE:
  7. Territorial expansion pivots on the Louisiana and the Florida purchases. If the US doesn't become independent because it is defeated these do not happen, as hey were the coin to be exchanged between the 3 empires in the area (Spain, France and Britain). Texas and the Southern territories acquired in 1847 go to Mexico, as Britain doesn't have any interest on them, so the 13 colonies eventually become Canada of the South. Industry would develop at a slower rythm as England wouldn't be happy to have competitiors within the Empire, while India may not be occupied at all after the Napoleonic wars, as it would remain a private property of the EIC
  8. No, it's not, but it can grow from there, see Mexico or Brazil, because it means corruption is normalised.
  9. It is, but is not impossible to change, which is why rule of the law needs to be prevalent
  10. The alternative being a dictator elected by whom? in a Democracy you may not like the government you get but it's the least bad alternative elected by the majority. Checks and balances are needed to avoid corruption, and the more officials elected, the better, it raises the cost of corrupting the whole establishment.
  11. A few % is not much of an issue, 30% is not an small percentage. https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/fandd/2019/09/the-true-cost-of-global-corruption-mauro.htm For example: "Reducing corruption is a challenge, but it can bring substantial benefits. Countries that reduce corruption significantly are rewarded with surges in tax revenue. This was the case in Georgia, where in 2003 a new government launched an aggressive campaign to reduce corruption from very high levels. The result: tax revenue jumped from 12 percent to 25 percent of GDP in five years, even as tax rates were lowered."
  12. Sometimes it starts small and then grows: "China Since 2014, China improved steadily on the CPI, increasing six points from a score of 36 in 2014 to 42 in 2020. Additionally, in the most recent Global Corruption Barometer for Asia, 64 per cent of citizens in China believed that corruption decreased in the 12 months prior to the survey. However, 62 per cent still think that government corruption is a big problem, highlighting that there is more work to be done. To that end, 28 per cent of citizens pay bribes for public services and 32 per cent use their personal connections to receive public services. This translates to hundreds of millions of people, and China still has a long way to go in curbing corruption. China needs to urgently and immediately put into place systems to reduce bribery within the public service sector." https://www.transparency.org/en/news/cpi-2020-asia-pacific
  13. For the hard of hearing: He advises that AKAGI should be loaded under 600 tons; SORYU and HIRYU under 400 tons, and that an equivalent weight should be removed. The AKAGI and HIRYU should be loaded amidships and the bow and stern areas avoided. The SORYU should be loaded evenly over length of ship."
  14. Wife and I got J&J, couple of days of slight fever, no workdays lost. Kid got Pfizer and one of them had a slight fever one day. From the family and friends group (20 people or so) that got the Pfizer/Moderna a couple complained of sore arms, and maybe 5 reported a bit of fever after the second shot, done within 2 days.
  15. No, he looks at symptoms and extrapolates from there. Using that methodology, the Soviet Union was a healthy and robust society, so why did it fail?. The Societal contract is based on simple pillars: security, justice, equality. All societies from the time of the cavemen started by guaranteeing security against foreing threats and crime. Justice is required to punish those willing to step outside of the norms and ensure compliance. Equality (not freedom) is needed to keep the masses content based on the possibility of improving their current lot by playing within the norms. Corruption undercuts all of that, as justice can be bought and destroys equality (opening the ground for exploitation by populist politicians) and eventually destroys security as armies and police forces are devoted to the protection of the rich. A democracy is better protected than a dictatorship because the cost of buying out the politicians, judges, etc, is higher than buying a single hegemon, provided checks and balances are properly designed. Capitalism, by playing out to human motivations, if unregulated, ensures corruption since, as business grow, cartelisation is inevitable, generating economies of scale in which it's cheaper to "buy" political power than to invest in innovation (ie get friends in high places and business with thrive). In a Democracy, crass inequality is addressed through elections, but these can be bought too. As inequality grows, the social contract is more likely to be broken by extremes (call them nazis or communists) which tend towards a totalitarian state in which power is even more easily bought. See how China periodically has this anti-corruption campaigns which are so useful at rooting out enemies.
  16. Actually, re-reading the Toei Maru TROM, I suspect we are jumping to conclusions. First of all, there's this 1st of November entry: 1 November 1941: Yokosuka. The CINC 1st Air Fleet, Vice Admiral (Admiral, posthumously) Nagumo Chuichi's (former CO of KIRISHIMA) signals TOEI MARU that after completing battle preparations, TOEI MARU will obtain about 750 drums of fuel oil (for use by AKAGI) and 12,000 kerosene tins of fuel oil (for use by HIRYU) from Yokosuka and rendezvous at Sasebo on 10 November. This is the only mention to drums or tins on any of the 7 oilers TROMs, and all mention that conversion and training for at sea refueling was completed in November 1941. Why? well, I suspect the November 5 entry: "The Chief, Bureau Military Affairs Section signals the Chief of Staff, 1st Air Fleet that loading of drums of fuel oil on the 1st Air Fleet's ships will affect the strength of the hull and the ship's performance. He advises that AKAGI should be loaded under 600 tons; SORYU and HIRYU under 400 tons, and that an equivalent weight should be removed. The AKAGI and HIRYU should be loaded amidships and the bow and stern areas avoided. The SORYU should be loaded evenly over length of ship." In reality means the carriers didn't carry drums or tins, due to the impact on the strength (and stability) and performance, which would give sense to this entry on the 26th: "Nagumo's orders from Admiral (Fleet Admiral, posthumously) Yamamoto Isoroku (32), CINC, Combined Fleet, are that if refueling proves impossible in the stormy winter waters of the Northern Pacific, Nagumo is to detach AGAKI, SORYU and HIRYU and his destroyers and make the attack with only KAGA, SHOKAKU and ZUIKAKU that need no refueling." The shorter legged carriers would have to turn back if refueling was impossible, but this wouldn't be so if they carried additional oil on board, as then they would have been able to make it to the attack point and refuel when returning. An alternative interpretation is that barreled oil was carried, but on the oilers, not the carriers, to be transferred by conventional means.
  17. That is true, but they outnumber USians across all age groups https://statisticstimes.com/demographics/china-vs-us-population.php A very quick Google look up gives retirement age in China as 60 vs 66 in the US, so assuming they don't change that, they will lose 200 Million workers in the next 10 years as 165 million adolescents joint the work force for a net loss of 40 million give or take, for a population of working age of 630 miliion, ie, twice the US total population. Lower life expectancy also means older Chinese will "burden" the state for less time than older USians.
  18. is there a shortage of Chinese? they already outnumber the USians 4 to 1. GDP per capita favors the US 3 to 1, but that can change.
  19. And here, the ugly face of capitalism rises again, because when unfettered capitalism as "enjoyed" by China needs to be brought under control wihout the limits imposed by democracy, the end results is the killing of the golden goose, unless the ensuing corruption can be controlled first of all.
  20. Yep, agreed, I suspect the range figures are a mix of specifications, calculations and guesswork, and whatever goes to Jane's ends up being treated as gospel. I checked a couple of additional sources: this credits Soryu (as commissioned) with 3400 tons of fuel for 7680 nm at 18 knots and Hiryu (same) with 3700 (or 3750) tons for 7670 nm at 18 knots. Improved machinery was expected to give Hiryu better range than Soryu (+200 nm although the specification was 8000 nm at 18 knots), but this wasn't realised. Of note, the G8 revised project for the ships was of a larger hull for 10.000 nm at 18 knots, but the Tomozuru & 4th fleet incidents led to a reappraisal of the strength and stability and the hull was shortened and strengthened, reducing fuel and increasing displacement, so it seems the 10.000 figures comes from the project, not the ships as built. Going back to 1975, this gives Soryu 3670 tons for 7750 nm at 18 knots, and Hiryu 4400 tons (approx) for 10330 nm at 18 knots, so this last figure seems to be in error, as it's not even a linear extrapolation from Soryu's For the Shokaku class, Warship 2015's article sez 5000 tonnes of heavy oil to attain 9700 nm at 18 knots I haven't found any referrence to the barreled/canned oil, though...
  21. That depends on what the US does. Josh is absolutely right that it would be a lithmus test for alliances. If the Communist Chinese manage to make it an "internal" matter like Tibet, confidence on US support goes down the drain and the locals that have enough force to deter outright invasion (Japan, Korea) will look to a new sharing of the power spheres, but those that don't (Philippines) would have little choice but to roll over. In the ends it all hinges on the credibility of the US will to act as a deterrent (and I would point to the Falklands as an example of what mixed signals can do)
  22. Note this source, Rich: http://www.combinedfleet.com/kojinshavolume6.pdf page 49 MAIN DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SORYU AND HIRYU. By Haruo Takahashi The first Japanese medium carriers SORYU and HIRYU were authorized under the Second Replenishment Program. Originally they were designed as identical twins. However after the Fourth Fleet incident and similar accidents, the Bureau of Naval Aviation ordered changes to the second unit. Here follows a short description of differences between the two SORYU class carriers. In terms of specifications, HIRYU was somewhat larger than her near sister. In comparison with SORYU, HIRYU's displacement was 1,000 tons larger (i.e. 19,000ts), beam (wl) 0.7m wider (22.0m), mean draft 0.1m deeper (7.5m) and the flight deck maximally 1m wider (27m). Although SORYU was 0.2 knots faster (34.5 knots), HIRYU had a 200nm longer range (8,000 nautical miles at 16 knots) while carrying 230 tons of additional fuel oil (a total of 3,630 tons).
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