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  1. We need a WestPreussen (aka Alaska) thread here...
  2. From "Changing Orders" by Peter G Tsouras, it looks mostly right, but the divisions had 3 brigades each with 3 "regiments" (ie battalions), one armored (52 tanks and 12 APCs in 4 tanks and one mech Co), 2 Mech Infantry regiments (each with 26 APCs and 26 AMX-13s, with 2 mech inf companies and 2 tank destroyer companies) and self-propelled artillery battallion of 15 15mm SP howitzers (AMX); divisional elements are the ALAT battalion (with 38 Pumas), Engineer battalion (2 companies with Gilois bridges indeed), Air defence battalion (9 30mm SP AA, 12 Roland), Signals battalion, Service (supply) battalion, Medical battalion and a Nuclear artillery battalion with 2 batteries of 4 Pluton launchers each. The tank destroyer companies had 4 gun platoons (3 AMX-13 each) and 1 SS-11 equipped AMX-13 platoon (4 tanks), while the Mech inf companies had 3 platoons and 14 APCs. Each battalion included a recon and a mortar platoon. The idea was that elements would be cross attached freely. One problem the French found was that building a strategic deterrent and a conventional force was too expensive, so new equipment entered service slowly and in limited numbers: AMX-30 in 1966 replacing M47s AMX-13 DCA in 1968 replacing towed AA Crotale in 1971 replacing towed AA Roland 1 in 1972 AMX-10P APC in 1973 replacing/suplementing AMX-VTT Berliet VBX-170 in 1973 Pluton SSM in 1974 replacing Honest John
  3. The smaller nuclear powers are not going to know this was launched at them, they lack detection satellites.
  4. Re. the underlined. It may be a nuclear attack or not, but if the number of missiles is small, then the natural reaction is not going to be to launch a massive counterattack, but to wait and see and then go for a measured response.
  5. But like 9-11, once the unthinkable happens, there's no next time, as guvmints will no longer hesitate to impose draconian measures, the price being a few more liberties lost.
  6. Problem here were the signals the UK was sending, pulling out ships, denying islanders the UK passport, contracting Argentinian scrappers and airlines to service the islands, so the Junta thought (not unreasonably) that the UK would just reach an agreement post-fact based on boots on the ground because it would be too hard and too expensive to fight that far from home. They were so wedded to this concept that the TF sailing South didn't kick them into high gear about fighting a war, particularly in the case of the Navy, who had planned and pushed for the invasion.
  7. And from minute 21, they discuss that it's either an allergic reaction or a misadministration of the vaccine.
  8. That could certainly be, and China's oscurantism seems to point that they have something to hide, but looking here, we are getting new variants exponentially as of late, when just about every country has been exposed to the virus, whereas I would expect to see new variants from the start if the virus was engineered to mutate And there's always the outlier, this virus may be the result of a Romeo & Juliet story between a bat and a pnagolin I suspect we will never know how it came to be.
  9. Actually, their thinking was pretty common through history, let's have a small, victorious war to distract the people from domestic problems. Austria-Hungary thought this way in WW1 and that dodn't end well for them either.
  10. But then India needs to raise its per capita income to China's levels to become a serious contender Year 2020 Nominal GDP capita ($) China 10,484; India 1,965 PPP GDP capita (Int. $) China 17,192; India 6,461
  11. Problem I see is a utilitarian one rather than a scientific one, the virus is mainly useful for eugenics, ie, getting rid of the old and weak, which is not something I put beyond the Chinese Communist parties, to be fair, but also extremely risky to do in case the virus jumps to the productive population.
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