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  1. While looking for something else, I came across the total number of machines built: 77 From this book Quoting История КБТМ (1958-2002) In the text they specify that due to production issues at Stalingrad, the Omsk factory only built 4 vehicles in 1955 and 30 in 1956, production running until 1957 (but I am not sure it wasn't produced elsewhere)
  2. Arise from the sea https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-cornwall-56286719
  3. Russian tank exports up to 2012, is this accurate? http://c2.kommersant.ru/ISSUES.PHOTO/TEMA2/2012/062/bzsruj.gif
  4. It's still a too simplistic approach that broadbrushes many of the specific characteristics of Fascism, and misses one of the obvious one: all 1930s fascists movements derived from the Italian one, adding local flavor based on their leader's likes and dislikes, so Nazism was anti-semitic but Falange wasn't (although some of its leaders were). Again, a re-reading of the first pages of this thread put things into much better context and clarify the differences between an authoritarian regime and a fascist one. re. your checklist, point 4 is incorrect, fascism wanted egalitarianism within th
  5. Let's not pass up a chance to slam the EU, but it's actually Italy, not the EU the one doing the blocking.
  6. Definitely, Slovakia was the first example that came to mind.
  7. I will note that I was referring to Seahawk comment about Jesus, but I find it amusing you thought it was aimed at you and you felt the need to answer. Why do you think us Iberians are not in agreement, exactly?
  8. Surely, you must be joking, the definition you are picking up is: "a very right-wing political system in which the government is very powerful and controls the society and the economy completely, not allowing any opposition." https://www.macmillandictionary.com/dictionary/british/fascism That can include just about any authoritarian regime, or none at all, if the don't controk society or the economy completely, which they didn't anyway. If this is what you understand for fascism, then I will go with Banshee's recommendation that you need to learn more. Re Authoritarian regi
  9. That is true, but Rick certainly didn't interpret your post like that. Forget Spain, it was never a truly fascist state depite its trappings, but an authoritarian state that adopted the forms of fascism when it was convenient and discarded them when it was not. Like I said, the fascists party was powerless after Franco decided to stop with the bickering in 1938. But there was a fascist state that had a priest as its head: Slovakia. It's motto "One God, one nation, one organisation" didn't make them any better So I quite agree with your last.
  10. Must instill confidence on the atronaut corps: "we made it, we are the first men in Mars!"... BOOOM!
  11. I suspect you missed the tone of our local troll...
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