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  1. He had a number of serious papers which he pulled very creditably indeed.
  2. There have been plenty of studies, both with zinc and without it, randomised trials and trials brought on by desperation in multiple places (not just the US) and if it's not being used it's because it didn't work. I doubt the Indians would have suffered from TDS recently when the number of cases went through the roof, they being the largest producer of HCQ, you know...
  3. Read carefully because what Trump was saying is not what the article claims HCQ is doing: - As president, Trump touted hydroxychloroquine as a preventative treatment - The authors found it was only helpful in severe cases of COVID-19 - Patients given the drug as part of the trial were on ventilators Also, if you go to the non-reviewed study and read the comments, it seems the study sample is small and not representative.
  4. I don't think these are strictly the useful idiots, but the deceived by those useful idiots, and the victims of Stalin paranoia post WW2. There are reports of Korean war PoWs being sent to the USSR and then disappearing.
  5. a bit meh, but don't take it to be anything close to real life, as not only is arcadish but also "forgets" incovenient truths such as power plant reliability
  6. Can't have that, it may lower the popularity of the class! all hail The Spreadsheet! Real ships also are built against real world menaces like aircraft, so RL Tiger compares unfavorably to the Stalin cruiser fetish that in RL would be Buccaneer fodder.
  7. Grave robbing, indonesia style
  8. Not the first time, but usually overlooked is that HMG got cold feet early on about pressing it to its obvious conclusion, the Egypt would have to be reoccupied to remove Nasser. It was a typical half baked plan that relied on wishful thinking.
  9. Who else would they identify with? Spain? then why be independent? The tribes allies to Spain which were collaborators? Even funnier is that the current indigenous people wouldn't be in position to cry about the conquista if left under the Aztec foot.
  10. Just heard in the news that another factor seems to be that they used the Chinese vaccine which is less useful. Thanks!
  11. I have seen that one already! Pearl Rim Pacific Harbor
  12. But something is wrong there now, as South America is currently overwhelmed by the pandemic, Peru has all the ICU beds occupied for example.
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