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  1. All vehicles can be airdropped once.
  2. No, unless it was operational, these pictures were taken over a Soviet barracks area that was below or close to the flight corridor into Berlin, which housed a 2nd Guards Tank Army division (IIRC) so it was easy to look down while they were doing routine tasks. A possible source could be a mention on some discarded paper as one of the golden sources for the Military missions were the Soviet trash dumps and "other" dumps.
  3. https://media.defense.gov/2020/Sep/01/2002488689/-1/-1/1/2020-DOD-CHINA-MILITARY-POWER-REPORT-FINAL.PDF
  4. For some it was clear from the start: https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/commons/1939/sep/27/british-war-aims
  5. Hardly. UN Resolution 82 called for: Calls for the immediate cessation of hostilities; Calls upon the authorities in North Korea to withdraw forthwith their armed forces to the 38th parallel; Big Mac tried to achieve more when the wind was blowing his way with the acquiescence of his masters? sure. But it was foolish to change the aims when the Chinese were already making noises and giving warnings.
  6. I would say it depends on what the users do with them. Centauro and Rooikat are cavalry vehicles, used for reconnaissance. The AGS is a kind of a tank stand-in, but it's not a tank, nor an indirect fire platform, and it's big. Mebbe the new USMC will be interested in them.
  7. What Josh says, if the NKs hadn't collapsed, the UN forces wouldn't have advanced in the North and the Chinese wouldn't have intervened. In the event, the UN achieved what it set out to do, restore the border to the 38th parallel. In contrast,
  8. But that as niche a role as can be devised. In open terrain this thing is toast, unless there's little to no opposition, which then makes it redundant.
  9. off the top of my head, 3 examples at random, the Austro-Prussian war of 1866, WW2 for the US or the Korean War. Sure, things may change on the fly, but not knowing the goals or changing them midway is a recipe for disaster. If you take the Vietnam war from the perspective of the North you have a clear example, they wanted reunification, no matter what the cost. They tried switching gears twice before it worked.
  10. Looks like a solution in search of a problem, lightly armored to take on tanks and IFVs, and with no range advantage vs ATGMs
  11. Wut? like Syria, Iraq or Saudi Arabia? Syria invaded Jordan back in 1970, as surely you know...
  12. The failures described are of strategy, No conceivable AI will be able to defeat an enemy if the strategy is poorly formulated. You can destroy all the enemy's means to fight and still lose the war as the enmy makes a comeback if you lack a proper strategy, this is what happened in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Even Glenn's typical black/white scenario wouldn't be solved as the next man in the chain steps up to take the place of the one slain. The first thing that needs to be assessed is what's the desired end state post-war and only then see what means are required to achieve it.
  13. They weren't, and they didn't want the "Arabs" attack israel, as that would push Israel solidly into US arms, but Nasser pretty much blackmailed them into rearming him twice as he carried a lot of weight with the Arab street and that could topple (and did topple) governments that were aligned with the US. Panarabism of the Baath variety wasn't keen on Communism and they topped them with gusto as soon as they got to power, so as clients they were rather problematical. The Six Day War came about as the Soviets tried to gain cookie points with the Syrians creating a fake Israeli menace, which cau
  14. I fully agree and these last few post have diagnosed the problem quite well, but the solution is going to be difficult to implement, who do you choose that is recognised by that broad majority as unbiased?
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