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  1. alejandro_

    The T-62

    I was looking at an upgrade proposed to Peru and suspension was reinforced, but in this case weight went to 45 tons. No, and this is why I ask. I am trying to understand the reason for moving from T-62M to MV. The M version offers extra protection against APFSDS while the MV should be more effective vs single HEAT warhead. Perhaps by the late 80s more emphasis was placed on HEAT protection as T-62 was largely replaced by other models.
  2. alejandro_

    The T-62

    But then T-62MV is developed with a substantial reduction in weight.
  3. alejandro_

    The T-62

    It probably means that MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) is below agreed value. Why would they raise the issue if the vehicle is reliable?
  4. That made sense after the chaos in the 1990s, when the same system was being offered by different entities. Capture is now confirmed by UVZ. https://iz.ru/1354337/2022-06-23/uralvagonzavod-poblagodaril-makrona-za-postavlennuiu-ukraine-tekhniku?utm_source=yxnews&utm_medium=desktop
  5. A French source informed that Russia has captured 2 CAESAR artillery systems, which have been taken to Uralvagonzavod in Niznhy Novgorod for study and reverse engineering. https://eadaily.com/ru/news/2022/06/23/rossiyskie-trofei-broshennye-vsu-francuzskie-cezari-izuchayut-na-uralvagonzavode?utm_source=smi2&utm_term=20626b9624a73d583e2c6c6866780d41&utm_content=89445 IMO it is fishy because no claim has been published by Russian/Donbass Republics. Also, UVZ plant at Nizhny Tagil deals with tanks. Artillery design takes place in Nizhny Novgorod. In any case, what is the most useful thing that could be found from studying this system? France is already designing a replacement.
  6. It is in tons, I forgot to mention that in Spanish decimals are marked with , and thousands with . ie the opposite. C-130: 74.393 tons (long tons). It should be L x W x H except for KC-390, where it is in L x H x W.
  7. Upgraded T-72 for Bulgaria https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/landwarfareintl/bulgarian-t-72m-upgrade-makes-progress/?fbclid=IwAR0vtjIsuT88HLozRIpZyWiAcnrOB1oBUPtyFK4OoEpB7k_0Fiz0wizRFXw
  8. Quick comparison all medium transport aircraft available in the market (current and future). From top to bottom length, wingspan, height, weight, cargo weight and size of cargo bay.
  9. alejandro_

    The T-62

    Well, the running gear is falling before warranty expires, so that is fairly accurate... Regular running gear units do not work reliably enough and fail before reaching the warranty operating time: increased wear of track roller tires due to high contact stresses in the area of interaction between the tire and the treadmill; rapid wear of the shanks of the balancers due to the high load of the suspensions and road wheels; low power consumption of regular hydraulic shock absorbers; low reliability of the bolting of the rims of the drive wheels due to high traction forces caused by an increase in the mass of the tank. The shortcomings noted above, consisting in a decrease in the performance of road wheels, suspension units, including the balancer support, drive wheels and shock absorber, reduce the reliability of the chassis of the upgraded T-62 tank. To improve ride smoothness, the dynamic travel of the road wheels has been increased from 135… 149 mm to 162…. 182 mm due to the use of torsion shafts made of steel of electroslag remelting and having passed a double cycle of captivity.
  10. alejandro_

    The T-62

  11. alejandro_

    The T-62

    I am looking at the T-62M and MV characteristics, as there were recently deployed in Ukraine. A table can be found in the link below. http://armor.kiev.ua/Tanks/Modern/T62/mk201705/ T-62M weight reaches 41.55-42 tons, which according to Soviet sources affected reliability. Could this be the reason for T-62MV development? Kontakt-1 ERA might be more effective than the BDD modules against HEAT but it does not provide any protection against KE ammo. As a comparison, T-62MV weight is 38.4 tons, just 1 more than base model. Were there other reasons? Perhaps industrial, Kontakt-1 was being manufactured in large numbers and was simple to apply.
  12. Interview with a former Type-59 tanker in the Army of Albania, with some excellent anecdotes. http://alejandro-8en.blogspot.com/2022/06/interview-with-former-type-59-tanker-in.html
  13. Spanish operators have stated that range is 1,900 meters, ~12-13 seconds flight, which ties up well with what that comment. Firing one against a static objective should be pretty easy.
  14. The estimated weight for Challenger 1 turret was 7.5 tons. I am somewhat surprised about Challenger 2 being even heavier, as I would expect more emphasis on the armour module rather than the shell. As I understand those two postings are not related, as they come from different authors. The one about the overweight caused by extra equipment is indeed from coronel Candil Muñóz, who as RETAC21 stated was the program manager. He wrote a very long series of articles about the Leopard 2E acquisition, being very critical of SBS. The one about the titanium being replaced by steel is from Roberto Gutierrez, author and editor of Revista Ejércitos, the same where Candil Muñóz published his articles.
  15. First destroyed Oplot?
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