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  1. T-72M and M-84 in Army museum in Pivka, Slovenia, photo by Marko Nikolic
  2. An Ukrainian study pointed this out. Comparison is pointless because they both have advantages and disadvantages.
  3. An Ukrainian citizen has been arrested in Spain being accused of firing at policemen during Maidan demonstrations in 2013. https://www.policia.es/_es/comunicacion_prensa_detalle.php?ID=8802# https://diana-mihailova.livejournal.com/6447749.html
  4. A T-64BM2 Bulat modernised by Kharkiv Armored Plant has completed the firing tests. The main improvement is the installation of a 6TD engine instead of the 5TDFM, which made this variant a bit underpowered. https://defence-ua.com/news/modernizovanij_bulat_t_64bm2_uspishno_projshov_vognevi_viprobuvannja_ekskljuzivne_video-3491.html During Soviet era another T-64 variant was developed with 6TD engine, but it seems it never got into production. No details are given on the modifications performed to integrate this larger engine.
  5. AMRAAM version used for this test was D, which has a higher range amongst other improvements. The news does not state actual distance so is hard to tell. Last known record is the one established by soviet/Russian R-37, ~300 km in 1994.
  6. The website lonesentry.com contains some reports on Japanese infantry in WW2. The one below based on the experience in Burma: http://www.lonesentry.com/articles/intelligence-report/burma-campaign.html
  7. I don't recall a comparison of man hours, but cost of each Panzer model has been posted before. Tiger II is cheaper than I but not quite as Panther. https://panzerworld.com/product-prices
  8. The turret ring diameter in Tiger I became a bit of a saga, with accusation being made by different departments and companies. Tiger I was ordered to have a turret ring diameter of 2,000 mm, but ended up having a slightly smaller one (1,900 mm), which did not allow Flak 41 installation. Tiger II volume by Osprey provides an overview of the subject. You can read original letters in the link below, together with the original documents in German. Use google translate. http://www.panzer-elmito.org/tanques/tiger_i/informes/tiger_i_23_09_1941_E.html
  9. Turret could not accommodate 88L71 as turret ring was too small. On the other hand you could argue that more Tiger II translate into more support vehicles, thus more resources needed to operate them. Tiger I had definitely an easier life as most tank guns could barely cope with side armour. By the time Tiger II was introduced in good numbers Allied forces (especially Soviets) had a large number of IS-2, ISU-122/152 and others which represented a serious threat.
  10. In my opinion some of the design choices were not optimal, like the interleaved roadwheels. It also kept a 5 men crew when other designs were moving to 4 men crew. T-54 had a similar turret ring diameter and its weight was noticeably lower. I guess you could argue that designers did not have time to try new concepts
  11. Thanks. Not really, but Azerbaijan stated that its Air Force carried out 600 sorties during the war (44 days). It is a considerable number if you take into account that the weather was bad during many days.
  12. Looks like all the C-130's are going away. IMO this is a mistake. Those J Hercules should have plenty of life left. Now the A400M will be the "smallest" transport aircraft left, in a time when European countries are considering a potential A200M because A400M is too big for many missions. Also, many countries have found their Air Force transport aircraft very handy during this pandemic and are going to invest in it. I guess you can apply to joint programs like NATO lift or ATARES, but not the same as having your own aircraft. https://eatc-mil.com/en/what-we-do/atares
  13. I have interviewed a journalist who covered the conflict in the field, and asked him about the use of drones, artillery, roles of Russia/Turkey... link can be read in English with google translate. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=alejandro-8.blogspot.com He thinks that UAVs are overrated, videos are very visual but achievement were less, especially in northern and central fronts. He also points out that the collapse of N-K lines was caused by Armenia failing to send proper reinforcements. Volunteers were sent without proper support or heavy weapons.
  14. Initially helicopter refuelling was also an issue, but is being solved now.
  15. Thanks, very interesting. There are also "foreign" options in the market. Renk offers ESM 350 powerpack with automatic transmission. It has 3 reverse gears and allows for 23 km/h reverse speed, thus it is an improvement over Russian ones. https://www.slideshare.net/RimskyCheng/esm350-2015-t72-tank-transmission-upgrade-brochure A while ago I spoke to a T-72 driver from Czech Army and he said that in some conditions he did not like the automatic transmission. When you go from road to hard terrain it takes some time to move gears down and is uncomfortable because you are going too
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