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  1. Good article on corruption and kleptocracy in Kazakhstan under Nursultan Nazarbayev ‘His family robbed the country’: personality cult of ex-Kazakh leader crumbles Anger over corruption and economic inequality is largely directed at Nursultan Nazarbayev and family https://www-theguardian-com.translate.goog/world/2022/jan/20/nursultan-nazarbayev-family-robbed-country-personality-cult-of-ex-kazakh-leader-crumbles?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=es&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp Observers have pointed to Kazakhstan’s rampant inequality as the main reason behind the unrest. The average monthly salary in Kazakhstan is less than £450, while according to a 2019 report by KPMG, 162 people in the country own more than 50% of its wealth. Much of the elite property is in the hands of Nazarbayev’s extended family, and they are estimated to own at least £530m of luxury property in the UK, according to a report by Chatham House.
  2. Interview with a former Centurion tanker in the Army of Denmark http://alejandro-8en.blogspot.com/2022/01/interview-with-aformer-centurion-tanker.html
  3. Thanks Stefan. By the way, Bojan mentioned a case of a M-84 hitting a target at about 5.5 km range in 1991 with the first round. So yes, possible but not common.
  4. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. One question, the ballistic computer calculates a maximum firing range of up to 6000 meters, but is this direct all the time? From previous data published here I got that with for a M86 HE round it calculates up to 9,400 meters, but above 5,500 is indirect.
  5. As I understand Merkava Mk1 (which lacked a thermal sight) had flare ammunition for internal mortar so it could be used for battlefield illumination, even if commander had an IR sight.
  6. 1) Vs Leclerc, Merkava and Leopard 2 2) Vs Type-99, Oplot and Abrams
  7. A bit off topic, but something like that happened in Germany. A F-104 pilot died when ejecting from a F-104. Apparently he was accepted despite being too tall because he was the son of the President of the Bundestag.
  8. What weapon is this Armenian soldier? It looks like an upgraded RPK-74... Also some AK-12s have been seen. Russia: Armenia:
  9. As I understand there was not a height limitation for commander and gunner in Soviet Army, only for driver (<175 cm). Back in 2018 the average height in Spain for a male was 178 cm, so no big dramas in finding people below that threshold. In other countries it is different, this Czech T-72 driver is 180 cm and he wasn't the tallest, another guy being 195 cm. He stated that in his unit there is a gunner who is 203 cm. One of the most debated issues of T-72 are the ergonomics. How did you find them as a driver? Ergonomics in this tank are horrible but you can acclimate on it. You have to accept small space, big noise and sometimes you sweat very much. But for us like tankers or soldiers is normal job (For civilian it couldn’t be acceptable). http://alejandro-8en.blogspot.com/2020/11/interview-with-t-72-driver-from-czech.html
  10. I would not agree so easily, especially during the Cold War. I think it was during Brezhnev's time that it was said that when it came to defence, cost was not an issue. Soviet Army fielded 3 main battle tanks, including T-64B with AT missiles and T-80 with turbine. Definitely not cheap when compared to T-55/62.
  11. I have interviewed/asked a few Chieftain tankers and none of them used the multifuel capacity. Also, it is like it was not taught or explained, as nobody knew of any procedure that you need to apply if you use different fuels (do you have to clean filters or purge the engine at some point for example)
  12. Interesting read: Putin taking a risk in Kazakhstan and may hope for reward https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/07/putin-taking-a-risk-in-kazakhstan-and-may-hope-for-reward
  13. First T-80s were fielded somewhat before M1 Abrams, with deliveries starting in 1976. As other have mentioned it did not represent a massive jump in capabilities because it used a T-64A turret with a rather simple FCS. When first Abrams were delivered T-80B was already in production with a much more advanced 1A33 FCS, which included the possibility of firing AT missiles. T-80B should have better armour and firepower. FCS are similar except for thermal sight in Abrams. Commander cupola in T-80B offers some advantages. Abrams has way better post-penetration protection and a bit higher power to weight ratio. It's reverse speed is much higher, a fact that tends to be overlooked. Perhaps someone could add which was the first unit to receive Abrams. In Europe it was 3ID in 1982-83. According to Zaloga (maybe there is a typo?): Chrysler Defense was sold to General Dynamics in March 1982, becoming the General Dynamics Land Systems division (GDLS). The LRIP tanks were issued to the 2‑5th Cavalry at Fort Hood, Texas, for the third and final set of operational trials, and they were also used for a variety of extreme weather tests. The first tanks from the Detroit plant were delivered in March 1982. By the summer of 1982, 585 tanks had been delivered, all trials had been completed, and five battalions of M1 tanks were deployed, three in Europe and two in the US. The last basic M1 was completed in January 1985.
  14. That article was discussed in this topic. It is worth reading it as there is some really good information about how T-34 compared with other tanks.
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