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  1. Thanks Damian for the update, those Abrams in Cold War style cammo look great.
  2. Interview with a Ukrainian tank company commander. https://www.pravda.com.ua/rus/articles/2024/02/18/7442363/ Some excerpts: - He served in the Russian Army before moving to Ukraine, participating in the wars in Georgia and Chechnya and annexation of Crimea. - Ammunition is available, but he wishes whe would have more. He considers Soviet one better than other supplied (American, Pakistani, Slovak, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech) - Western equipment should be delivered to existing units that are already familiar with this equipment – T-84 "Oplot" "is an incredible tank, but it has too much electronics. Electronics is generally a good thing, but it has the ability to fail at the right moment. Therefore, everything should be as simple as possible, everything should be parallel and perpendicular. Everything happens quickly there. If our aerial reconnaissance detects a target, and we, for example, work from a closed position, then two minutes - and we open fire. If the tank is in an ambush and receives the appropriate command, the gunner finds the target and immediately opens fire - it takes about a minute. - The T-90 "Protiv" "is a good machine, and they made good sights and monitors. I really wanted such a trophy to appear in my unit. Everything is great, everything is there. I have a question for our manufacturers, the Malyshev plant: why can't we make such machines? But still: it's not the equipment that wins, it's the crew that wins." "Leopard is an incredible car, but it is a little better suited to other tasks. This is a nocturnal cat, with its optics and cannon it makes such a noise at night!" - He states that one of his tanks was a T-80UD, but was knocked out. I don't think it has been photographed or accounted for.
  3. I did come across articles about the "attack" in the Ukrainian press, but no articles in the Russian press clarifying that it was a neighbor and that pilot no longer actively served.
  4. Any link where I can read more? PS Thanks for the video with the song and the information on the cossack.
  5. At the moment Police have not made any official statements. The victim was working as a handy man/constructor and was shot at least 6 times. The people that did it burned the car to erase traces, so it does look as if it was planned. There are several versions: killed by the mafia, or by Ukrainian intelligence for talking too much. Según nuestras fuentes en la Guardia Civil de España, últimamente Kuzminov tenía problemas con las bebidas y drogas. Los vecinos de Kuzminov dijeron a los agentes policiales que “el extranjero se comportaba de un modo inadecuado, gritaba a menudo, buscaba charlas borrachas y contaba muchas historias sobre su vida pasada y presente”. Por los mencionados hechos la policía también tiene la versión según la cual los servicios secretos de Ucrania eliminaron a su testigo tan incómodo. According to our sources in the Spanish Civil Guard, Kuzminov had lately had problems with drinks and drugs. Kuzminov's neighbors told police officers that “the foreigner behaved inappropriately, shouted often, engaged in drunken chats and told many stories about his past and present life.” Due to the aforementioned events, the police also have the version according to which the Ukrainian secret services eliminated the witness who made him so uncomfortable. https://www.tercerainformacion.es/opinion/19/02/2024/sobre-el-asesinato-cruel-de-un-ucraniano-en-espana/
  6. Just in the news and needs confirmation, but Russian pilot who deserted to Ukraine was murdered in Spain. https://www.tercerainformacion.es/opinion/19/02/2024/sobre-el-asesinato-cruel-de-un-ucraniano-en-espana/
  7. In tankarchives you can find a report of a brigade equipped with M3 Stuart. Lack of range is not mentioned as an issue. https://www.tankarchives.ca/2022/03/american-experience.html
  8. Do you know the video's soundtrack? Is the priest dressed up as a Cossack?
  9. Stefan, how often did you adjust it with the tanks you used? Was there a specific number of shots or simply a daily task?
  10. It seems UVZ is not installing the automatic MRS in the T-90M, it should not make much difference because there are not many tank vs tanks combats at long distances anyway.
  11. Going back to topic, what alternatives are in the market? Does the US still have thousands of MRAP? After pulling out of Iraq some countries bought these vehicles in large numbers. UAE was approved to buy +4,000: https://www.dsca.mil/press-media/major-arms-sales/united-arab-emirates-uae-mine-resistant-ambush-protected-mrap-vehicles Poland got 300 Cougar https://defence24.pl/sily-zbrojne/uzywane-cougary-dla-wojska-polskiego
  12. One of the key advantages of drones is that they are very cheap, but they also seemed very vulnerable to EW equipment. According to RUSI Ukraine loses 10,000 UAV a month. Would it be possible for one of the opponents to create corridors where UAV are not able to operate due to countermeasures?
  13. A few years ago Bangladesh ordered a large batch for similar purpose https://bmpd.livejournal.com/2112628.html
  14. Those BTRs probably cost a fraction of a similar Lazar batch, and can be used in many missions. It will be interesting to follow the contract.
  15. Russian tank firing missile at an objective. Distance is 4,815 meters.
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