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  1. I am not sure what you mean. Someone commented that ERA layout in the turret is improved by using more bricks.
  2. Another batch of T-80BVMs handed to Russian Army by Omsktransmash. Note modified Sosna-U sight for gunner, where thermal camera is mounted. https://rostec.ru/news/omsktransmash-nachal-postavku-tankov-t-80bvm-v-voyska/
  3. France and Spain are going to apply a MLU that will replace those thermal sights, Germany does not seem to be keen. I have seen a wide range of images from Russian combat helicopters with varying quality. I wonder if in some cases the image is degraded before being released to public (same with UAVs).
  4. I had no idea Bosnia produced hand guns. Any idea on performance/quality?
  5. The opinion of former Spanish tankers about the thermal sight of M60A3TTS is also very good, better than that of Leopard 2A4. One of them stated that at 400 meters he could see people inside tents. On another occasion his gunner told him that he thought the camera was broken because he could a darker layer in the upper part of the sight. It turns out it was pollution.
  6. According to a doctor that was interviewed in Lost Armour 95% of the injuries are due to fragmentation (shrapnel I guess) and mines. in 70% it is combined (*). Limb injuries are the most common, followed by chest; head and neck injuries represent 10%. (*) it sounds very high, probably includes injuries caused by IEDs, explosives and so on.
  7. T-72B variant, captured in Kharkov. Note combination of ERA bricks. Crew wrote on gun "Work brothers", an expression fairly used in military circles and coined by a police officer who was executed by terrorist in Dagestan.
  8. Why is this? Is it not enough for Slovenian hilly terrain? Conscription in Russia has been all over the news, but Ukraine is also going to mobilize students, which were exempt from the general mobilization ordered in February. https://zn.ua/ukr/UKRAINE/mobilizatsija-v-ukrajini-koho-zi-studentiv-mozhut-prizvati-do-armiji.html
  9. Nice guide to UVZ museum in Niznhy Novgorod. https://saidpvo.livejournal.com/1114870.html
  10. That is why I think this is a great site (one of the many reasons).
  11. T-80BVs of 25th Airborne Brigade
  12. I have seen those statistics somewhere else. The cause of those 23 Israeli tankers was 18 by ATGM fire and 5 by IEDs). Other data: • 370 tanks were deployed (Merkavas Mk II, Mk III and Mk IV) • 52 tanks were hit by enemy fire (enemy fire encompassing anything from ATGMs, RPGs, IEDs, etc) • 21 of those tanks hit received enough damage to be pulled out of combat (19 resulting from an ATGM hit and 2 from IEDs) • 5 of those tanks were deemed irrecoverable losses (2 Merkavas MkII, 1 Merkava MkIII, 2 Merkavas MkIV). • One of the destroyed Mk II and one of the destroyed Mk IV were hit by IEDs, the rest were lost due to ATGM fire.
  13. Thanks! When I looked in the Ukrainian wikipedia page it had a different coat of arms. The one in the tank can be found in the Facebook page of the unit though.
  14. T-64BM Bulat was found to be overweight, so it was sent to reserve units.
  15. As I understand it is the metric most commonly used. You look at a tank that has been knocked out and analyse casualties/cause. Example from WW2: There are quite a few statistics like these in tankarchives.blogspot.com. The data are for WW2 mainly. Rule of thumb is 1 dead and 1 injured when a tank is knocked out. http://www.tankarchives.ca/2016/03/tank-crew-losses.html
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