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  1. More photos from Zapaz-2021 exercise, T-80U with Drozd APS. It is an upgraded version (night sight is not TPN-4 with a Buran IR camera). Tanks belongs to 4 Guards Tank Division "Kantemirovskaya", the only unit that uses T-80U. A bit of a waste because the turret could be used to upgrade T-80BVs (T-80UE-1).
  2. No contract has been signed yet, funding has been allocated. There have been similar news in the past (Kfir for expample). I would wait until I see them landing in Argentina. An analysis of the announcement (in spanish, usee google translate) https://www.zona-militar.com/2021/09/17/el-jf-17-thunder-en-el-proyecto-de-ley-de-presupuesto-2022-mas-dudas-que-certezas/
  3. alejandro_

    The T-62

    Great find interlinked, many thanks!
  4. Were the French in a position to offer nuclear subs? Someone asked this question in my blog and I thought it was interesting.
  5. alejandro_

    The T-62

    Upgrade proposal presented by 103 Armored Repair Plant. The TPN-1-41-11 night sight is replaced by the 1PN-96MT-02, which has a thermal channel. Kontakt-1 ERA is installed in the sides, together with a more powerful engine. Another sensor is installed on an extendable mast. http://gurkhan.blogspot.com/2021/08/blog-post_93.html
  6. That is my impression. In the short term they could even lease boats instead of buying them.
  7. Photos and additional comments... http://gurkhan.blogspot.com/2021/09/leopard-2a7v.html
  8. Something similar happened to aircraft carrier USS Enterprise...
  9. Very interesting Damian, is it ok to use your photos?
  10. Russian Army is going to test a T-90M equipped with an over-the-horizon sight. It can be deployed at a height of 3 meters and has a TV/thermal channl and LRF. Crew will be able to share data through a BMS (Battlefield Management System). Any opinion on this concept? I saw it in an early proposal of M-84 upgrade. It could be very useful when tank is deployed in a static position. https://tass.ru/armiya-i-opk/12324969
  11. alejandro_

    The T-62

    You don't think extra armour in turret is worth it (242mm vs 200)? The extra cost was also for Warsaw Pact countries. In the table below you can see T-62 yearly production. On the left is the total number and on the right the amount supplied to Soviet Army, which had absolute priority. I guess Soviet MoD wanted them to face M60 and other NATO tanks being fielded.
  12. alejandro_

    The T-62

    This is an interesting question because other sources state that Soviet Union charged far more for T-62s than for T-55 (*), this being one of the reason why not many countries adopted it and sticked with T-55s. Yugoslavia's evaluation concluded that T-55 with advanced HEAT ammunition was broadly comparable. Having said that, you would expect cost to be pretty similar if manufacturing hours are almost the same. Thanks, I had not seen these data before. Do you know where you got it? I wonder if drop after 1985 is due to political changes or simply that dara is not available. Yes. (*) Up to 40% IIRC
  13. alejandro_

    The T-62

    Sixty years since T-62 was accepted into service. The link has some interesting data on the production. It was considered 15% superior to T-62 but only required 2% more manufacturing hours, 5855 vs 5723. https://vestnik-rm.ru/articles/blog-tankoveda-1945-stranicy-voennoj-istorii/legendarnomu-sovetskomu-tanku-soldatu-t-62-60-let
  14. Chieftains photographed in Aden as part of a Middle East sales tour.
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