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  1. Know what is really fucking depressing, 80 million of my countrymen purposely and knowingly voted for this skull full of mush.
  2. Oh, I misunderstood. I thought they were referring to the Russian/Soviet invas...errr, protection of eastern Poland.
  3. Meanwhile Dr. John Campbell has this bit of information recently released through a freedom of information request.
  4. It looks like Omicron has peaked in the US, these tests may be just what is needed to push the scare as long as possible. On the other hand, and we can be ever hopeful, they serve to return us to sanity. That said, I'm afraid there are a great number that have been permanently mind altered and will refuse to accept the new reality that Covid has become as endemic as the common cold.
  5. Castle Bravo was a surface burst, you can Google it. In any case, during the CW surface or subsurface bursts would have been required to take out opposition missile silos. Airbursts wouldn't have done it. The Castle Bravo crater has a 2000m diameter, about the same as Tonga but, the depth of the CB crater is only 75 meters.
  6. Nukes can be airburst, they can also be surface and sub-surface bursts.
  7. And now you know....the rest of the story. Which does raise a question, what compelled the FBI to invade the synagogue in a hail of bullets if all the hostages were already safe? To eliminate the need for an investigation and trial?
  8. According to your strict standards of only doing exactly as told, I agree.
  9. Perhaps the treatment kept the asymptomatic from becoming symptomatic? I know, a mind blowing concept to think about. Give it a try. I don't care if it is "approved" it still amounts to experimentation. Example. I have hypertension, my doctor prescribes an "approved" medication and says, come back in three months so we can see how well the medication is working. If not well, we'll try something else. That, happened. That's called an experiment. Definition of experiment 1a: TEST, TRIAL make another experiment of his suspicion— William Shakespeare b: a tentative procedure or policy c: an operation or procedure carried out under controlled conditions in order to discover an unknown effect or law, to test or establish a hypothesis, or to illustrate a known law
  10. Indeed. Why the need for years and years of medical school and internship to read a manual and follow explicit instructions? Seems like a waste of time and money if all one should do is Google the symptoms and lab results and then proceed with the state approved and proscribed treatment plan. Anybody that can read and use a computer should be able to do that.
  11. Or maybe he saved the lives of every one of his patients since his care prevented them from developing into severe cases? Fairly non-sensical, wouldn't you say? Can't give credit for saving lives because nobody lost their life. As for your assertion that doctors are not allowed to experiment on their patients, every single time a doctor prescribes a course of treatment or medication, that is by definition an experiment. There are risks for every course of treatment and every medication. Granted some risks are miniscule, some procedures are accepted best practice, but no responsible doctor will ever suggest a procedure or medication is 100% safe and 100% effective. Therefore, because there is less than 100% assurance it is by definition an experiment. It is why, at least in the USA, that the patient is supposed to have informed consent before being administered any medication or undergoing any medical procedure.
  12. Let's start with "the latest and greatest." The latest and greatest in the early 1970s was nothing to write home about. It was better than nothing but not by a lot. The IDF did have M60A1s in the Sinai and every contemporary picture of an M60A1 I've seen has them equipped with IR headlights. So they did have at least IR drive available to them. Why they didn't have IR on the Golan, I don't know, perhaps the IDF didn't find the utility of IR worth the cost and projected that mindset on the Syrians. I can tell you from first hand experience that driving with IR isn't worth a plug nickel. Okay, if you're being fired upon and have your hatches closed, IR sure beats looking through the prism blocks while driving. As for gunnery, give me indirect mortar or artillery illumination over IR every night of the week, it is far superior. As I understand it the IDF was counting on indirect illumination and used it extensively when and where available. That said, I also understand that illumination was in shortage on the Golan during the early days and nights. Again, perhaps the IDF was projecting their own ideas about IR gunnery upon the Syrians. Addendum: I don't recall seeing many pictures of IDF tanks from 1973 sporting a searchlight. At the time searchlight illumination was required for IR, either self illuminating the targets, or another searchlight illuminating the target. Even if they didn't have IR sights for gunnery, western, that is to say US, searchlights of the time were dual purpose (IR and white light). So the IDF wasn't counting on using direct illumination with searchlights whether IR or white light.
  13. I wasn't talking about treatment after contracting covid, but as a preventative for serious disease prior to contracting covid. In other words, did being on blood thinners help prevent severe symptoms of covid? As it turns out, with the new omicron variant, that is more of an historic question rather than something to be addressed going forward.
  14. It would be interesting to see what correlation there is between Covid severity and those taking blood thinners or even just on an aspirin regime. One might think the CDC would have been all over this from the beginning. I've been on a daily 82 mg dose of aspirin for the last five years, I can assure you that it is a pretty good blood thinner. The bruising on my hands, arms, and legs attest to it. Interestingly, I was talking to my cardiologist after my heart attack and I mentioned that perhaps my having taken aspirin at the onset of symptoms helped mitigate the event. He said that taking aspirin at the onset of an attack won't hurt, it just won't help in the least. Says he, you need a daily dose for about a week before your blood chemistry is altered enough to suppress clotting.
  15. Obviously we need Scott Manley to further investigate this.
  16. The gas 48s had one, the M60s didn't.
  17. Likely little different than it was following the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens.
  18. Know who was the one time president of the Arizona chapter of the Oath Keepers? Ray Epps. And by the way, is it mere coincidence that these people were arrested and charged with sedition just 48 hours after the FBI was asked if anybody had been charged with crimes of greater magnitude than trespassing?
  19. Way back in time...waaay back, when I was a young tanker trainee at Ft. Knox my parents came by for a family day event. Part of the activities was an armor display of past and present tanks from the various collections on Ft. Knox. Pzkw III, IV, and Panther, and Tiger 2, a T-34, T-55, and T-62 as well as many US tanks. My mother remarked that the German tanks from WW2 were the most "tank" like tanks followed by the the three generations of Soviet tanks. In the case of the Soviet tanks she thought they were starkly utilitarian and beastly. Her take on the US tanks over the years was that they gave an aurora of softness.
  20. The Garden Gnome, Herr Doctor Fauci, stated yesterday 98% of the population, vaccinated and unvaccinated, were going to contract the omicron variant of Covid-19. The pandemic is over, it is now endemic, and national leaders need to start acting as such.
  21. My first wife, German, remarked about my affinity for oatmeal. We don't eat that here, we don't eat horse feed.
  22. None of them? Considering the Covid vaccines went to distribution with little human testing, and no long term testing, how can you possibly make that statement with a straight face?
  23. Kind of a made up term, though, isn't it? I'm reminded of the time I was working on a budget projection for the next fiscal year and my district manager asked why I didn't include a projection to match the unexpected $75,000 additional repair we had just made. I argued that it was a one time event. His reply, one time events tend to pop up at the most inconvenient times, best to plan for them every year even if they don't happen. There is the additional argument that there can be no excessive deaths since death is a 100% certainty for every one of us.
  24. Less and less all the time. The scientific community, and most especially the medical community, has created some serious credibility issues for themselves.
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