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  1. It wasn't a slip as you well know. Biden, his long lost veep, the Ginger Snap Spox, and the the entire propaganda arm of the Democratic Socialist Party has been regurgitating that same crap, that vaccine mandates are necessary to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. Maybe instead of defending the indefensible you might ring up your "enlightened" friends and suggest that Biden and friends apologize to the nation for their anti-vax campaign of 2020, and further publicly state that they were wrong to denigrate the initiative of then President Trump with regards to funding and fast tracking the vaccines. I think that the Biden/Harris anti-vax campaign did two things, reinforce the notion among minorities that government should never be trusted with medical experiments and two, created a passive-aggressive mood among many on the right with regards to the "Biden" vaccines. Frankly, though, I don't think it is possible to un-ring that bell.
  2. Something similar was done with the M1 when they are testing the efficacy of the turret ammunition stowage. All 44 HEAT rounds in the turret bustle were detonated, the pressure and temperature inside the turret was measured. Going off memory, pressure spikes were less than one additional bar, temperature increased by only two or three degrees F.
  3. Said by Ginger Snap with all due sincerity. She gave a "plausible" answer. But of course everyone knows that Biden is literally incapable of answering questions extemporaneously, that part of his brain is irreparably damaged by disease. So why the press corps perpetuates the charade that Biden is capable of giving meaningful answers, I don't know. It's analogous to the press corps 80 years ago asking the president if he could stand up for them, show them how spry he really was.
  4. I don't think that was what was being referred to. It was the raucous cackling from the gaggle of WH birds to drown out the response from VOTUS (Vegetable of the United States).
  5. How fast do people suppose the island is moving over the hotspot? The current eruption is only 15 or so kilometers north of the previous on land eruption in 1971. Put in perspective, the current Hawaiian hotspot is 35 kilometers south of the southern shore of Island of Hawaii. Yet Kilauea remains an active volcano some 50 kilometers north of the hotspot. Additionally the lava flow of Leilani Estates three years ago was fueled by fissure #8 some 70 kilometers from the hotspot. The point being the hotspot is a general location, the magma chamber and the fissure into the mantle likely being quite extensive. So it shouldn't come as any real surprise to the people of La Palma that the volcano is doing its thing once again.
  6. To think, people knew this guy was suffering from brain disease and still they voted for him. They could have just not voted, but no, they chose to vote for a vegetable and let the country be run by puppet masters.
  7. Texas has some 5,000, 6,000 and 7,000 foot peaks, a fair bit taller than what Georgia has to offer.
  8. If the infant boy is black does this go viral? Would the white woman be charged with a hate crime?
  9. Congressman Hank Johnson would have you know that warmer water is less dense, thus objects will have less buoyancy in the water and be prone to sinking or even flipping over. So one should not be surprised to learn La Palma has quickly sunk into the globally warmed Atlantic Ocean causing a Tsunami. Hank says, "Follow the science."
  10. Looney she may be. I don't know her, don't know of her, and only heard of her after her fellow leftists started attacking her for suggesting people should take the vaccine but be mindful that there may be some side affects.
  11. That chart is obsolete, has been obsolete for some time now. The color of the skin hardly matters. Example, Larry Elder, a black man running for Governor of California, was assaulted by a white woman wearing a gorilla mask. That wasn't racist because Larry Elder isn't down for the struggle. On the other hand, people who criticize Joe Biden are inherently white supremacists, thus their attacks on Biden are considered racist. Yes, even though Joe Biden is demonstrably racist, he's part of the revolution, thus a victim, thus a victim of racism.
  12. It is if the person being fired is "woke." For instance, and this is just a hypothetical, if President Biden were to fire General Mark "Wokeness" Milley, well, that would be racism. Not to worry, it isn't going to happen. Yes, Joe Biden is a racist, but he's a "woke" racist.
  13. That's two O-5s that have tendered their resignations in the last few weeks. A self-purge that is undoubtedly a preamble to the forced purge about to begin.
  14. Word has it that Jeff Bezos requested a seat on Inspiration. Elon Musk told him he couldn't afford it. Okay, so I hope that was a true story and not just my fantasy.
  15. So HPV passports to prove vaccination status prior to engaging in any activity that might ultimately result in sexual activity? I'm really surprised that Dr. Fauci, who was at the forefront of the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, didn't recommend mandatory abstinence of sexual activity. Or, short of that, a weekly or bi-weekly testing regime of all that were post-pubescent to prove their negative infection status.
  16. More than that happened. I know it is a tweet thus limited, but the co-conspirators at the very least include Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi; the then senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, the CIA Director Gina Haspel, and all of the military members from whom Milley demanded and, received, allegiance. However, I'm quite sure nothing will come of this. No punitive action whatsoever. If this is allowed to stand there no longer remains even the pretense of governance with the consent of the governed. Mark September 14, 2021 on your calendars, the date which this became public, as the day democracy died and the Republic usurped in the USA.
  17. I'm not saying it didn't happen. My agenda? What is my agenda? Oh, you mean about making policy decision based upon anecdotes? Yeah, I'm all for it. Perhaps people use anecdotes because they are too lazy to research the numbers to make their case?
  18. I can't believe we still don't make general pronouncements based upon anecdotes.
  19. This insubordination and treason will go unpunished. Scratch that, currently General Mark "Woke" Milley is being heralded by the LW propaganda horns. Seems they're good with a coup so long as it is their coup. 234 years, almost to the day, Benjamin Franklin's warning has come to fruition. Benjamin Franklin, September 17, 1787. "A republic, if you can keep it." If Milley and his band of co-conspirators are allowed to escape accountability and justice, then we've lost it.
  20. The 24th ID supposedly had an M1A1 take three non-penetrating 125mm hits to the turret front. The story is that the tank had become mired or thrown a track, or both and the tank and crew were left behind to be collected later. While waiting for assistance apparently a couple of T-72s happened upon them and engaged the tank hitting it at least once. The crew then exchanged shots taking two more hits while destroying the Iraqi tanks. I dunno, that's the story. I heard it first at KKMC while we were processing to return to Germany. A few months later I was stationed at Ft. Knox and heard the story again. You might look up some unit history of 24th ID, that could be a place to start.
  21. It has and does happen. Before the introduction of thermal sights, every few years a tank gunner would follow the IR searchlight beam, not to the target but to the searchlight tank and engage the searchlight tank. This usually occurred when the firing tank had IR sights, Passive IR sights were much less prone to being "spoofed." However, even with thermal sights 11th ACR was able to light up some Bradleys during a night gunnery at Graf.
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