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  1. not Chieftain but... a 5:31, isn't it IFCS ?
  2. not sure about advanced, and how much all of those was really soviet, but... i read about some IR binoculars used in 1943 on black sea fleet, something called Gamma-VEI(Гамма-ВЭИ), but no any pics https://astrohn.ru/2017/09/15/anniversary-2017/ https://mirtr.elpub.ru/jour/article/viewFile/239/431
  3. @Stefan Kotsch http://www.kotsch88.de/al_neue-entwicklungen.htm maybe interesting for you, about history of night vision devices vision devices was tested in 1942 near Stalingrad and there was night sight for gunner tested in 1943
  4. it's not actual glass from TPD-K1 but similar real will be something like this
  5. even this not used on army serial vehicles TPD-K1/1A40 LRF Neodymium phosphate glass (Nd-P2O5) GLS32P(not on photo)
  6. sure, army serial tanks at the moment doesn't have any new gearbox
  7. maybe i was wrong seem that it may have APS, pic from otvaga
  8. object 219M with Burlak turret, APS removed
  9. kinda comparsion of 3 photogrammetry scans... size can be a little off, but not much
  10. possible, but without measuring can't tell for sure
  11. 100mm MT12 BM1 APFSDS have 3 "rings" at sabot thread area, 115mm BM3 usually drawed at schemes with 4
  12. both rounds are 3BM3 but they looks different
  13. "real" T-72B2 in soviet era was IIRC plan to make T-72B with "Kobra" ATGM, which never go any serial as for automatic gearbox, russian army T-72B3 not use it, as for reverse speed, doubt that MoD ever bothered by that fact
  14. few questions about L28 APDS family 1) Die patronen 105mm x 617 L28A1(UK) DM13 and DM13B1, durfen nicht aus der Kampfpanzer-Bordkanone M68(US) verschossen werden why L28/DM13 can't be used from M68 ? L28A1B1 uses molybdenum disulfide grease on sabot ring, and some "additional cuff" , what is "additional cuff" ?
  15. 100mm 3BM20 APFSDS, not sure real core(dimensions) or mockup
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