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  1. Romania IIRC has some "export" but not sure that they have T-72M1
  2. is there any real documents on that or photos ? because it's hard to believe that M833 or M774 couldn't penetrate T-72M/M1 UFP
  3. but a lot of units still used 105mm M60 and M1's ? so to speed up the process
  4. more likely someone just wanted 120mm ASAP, so made some fake test to prove that 105mm is "bad"
  5. maybe there was some similar problems with fuel system quality ?
  6. some ukrainian T-80B with ERA
  7. rear fuel ammo cell rip off part of bottom video just tank firing at other tank, need to wait to get full vid
  8. https://t.me/romanov_92/13946 So it seems that it was killed by tank behind it(video description about CG looks strange, you can see dust from tank shot), maybe to prevent capturing
  9. very interesting late T-64B UFP(60/30/45) with thick addon , don't know is this soviet addition or later ukrainian. also plate itself is not single RHA plate, but some thin outer plate and thicker under it one of T-64 destroyed during fighting in Dmirtrovka
  10. haven't seen anything, there is tow eyes on tow hooks on LFP, maybe tank was damaged and tried to tow it it, and maybe crew burned it preventing capturing, maybe artillery, tbh too little info on it, and no any good photos
  11. interesting damage on this T-72B3 maybe 2 hits in UFP and one in idler housing + one in area of shock damper, or maybe 1 powerfull enough ATGM hit idler disabling it and then hit UFP, and some HE to the side which disable damper and roadwheel. p.s looked on pic one more, maybe upper "hole" is not a hole, but part of side plate of K5 section
  12. first loss of T-90M seems to
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