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  1. We were selling the PRC Tigerfish apparently. So that probably slowed the buggers down...
  2. If you look 2 posts above yours, it's already hedging bets...
  3. If Australia wants to intervene, say in the middle east or off West Falkland, it could be very useful. The real advantages are time on station and stealth, particularly in an environment where it's going to be death to snort.
  4. I like the Lerclerc. Besides, we have to let the French win sometimes....
  5. Somewhere between slim and bugger all. They won't because they are arrogant enough to think they deserve it all, we won't because we have environmental targets to hit, and it's too far away to do it without regional cooperation. Not to worry, it will still be there in a hundred years or so.
  6. The problem is of course this. If one accepts surface ship and carriers are dead meat against hypersonic missiles, then why are people getting so worked up against the Chinese surface fleet, as the Americans have precisely the same thing? Indeed, if hypersonic weapons are such a threat, why are the Chinese building warships at all and not just building concrete bunkers? https://thediplomat.com/2021/06/us-navys-zumwalt-destroyers-to-carry-12-hypersonic-weapons-in-2025/#!#:~:text=The U.S. Navy’s hypersonic weapon, called the Conventional,speeds exceeding five times the speed of sound. These are exactly the same arguments people were using in 1973 based on the first tentative use of ATGM's in combat. The difference of course being nobody has yet demonstrated hypersonic weapons have the sensor capability or manoeuvrablity to be exceptionally useful as an antiship weapon at all. Yet people still keep sucking up the hype.
  7. Apparently it was all Bojo's fault they didnt have time to coach Biden on his answers. Its clearly is never a good day when Redcoats turn up at the White House. Psaki: Boris Johnson 'called on press corps without alerting us' (msn.com)
  8. Vaguely reminds me of a YF23 without rudders.
  9. Yes my bad, I should have remembered those. Presumably we will retain the Challenger 2 driver training tanks. Ive seen no further discussion on a contract for those.
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