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  1. It was of course more advanced, but it was still a pusher, just as the Wright Flyer was. It was also called the spinning incinerator, which says something about its propensity to spin, possibly due to the engine being at the rear. The French had uninterrupted fire in 1915 using armoured reflectors on the blades. The Focker Eindecker, developed from said French deflectors, had an interupter gear. Both of those predated the DH2 by some months.
  2. I don't personally care of they like us or not. Our shipping must be protected. If they won't do it, NATO should.
  3. Yep. In that the DH2 was a throwback to a previous generation of aircraft (The Wright Flyer actually) and the Albatross heralded a generation of aircraft that continued up to the brink of WW2. Or you can compare the Mig21 to the F16, it's much the same kind of advance.
  4. Just the cycle of life. speaking of which....
  5. Tell that to the crew of the Stena Impero. Or indeed, the half dozen other ships the Iranians have helped themselves to without much response.
  6. I think the British Army was still using Signal Flags for tactical operations at least up to the mid 30's. Ive got a nagging feeling there was even a signal flag bin on the side of the Matilda II, but I wont swear to that.
  7. There is 27 members, not all admittedly with a Navy, but most do. And those that do not can always contribute to a NATO force of frigates to contribute that way. After all if we can do it with E3 Sentry's, why not a T26 (other Frigates are available). A standing naval group is a combination of different national assets. I find it hard to believe among all that many members they cant bump up for 8-10 more ships. Particularly if the Aussies contribute for the Far Eastern one. (Tell a lie, its 30 members now. Well thats inflation for you).
  8. You can have QC and still have poor quality. I once worked on a Vacuum cleaner assembly line, and the line bosses were at the end of the line checking vacuums at random, and we were still getting lots of machines going out poorly asssembled (or not assembled completely at all) because all they were more worried about were the scoreboards at the end of the line than they were quality output. Human psychology, in a high stress environment, output is more important that quality output. Which where Germany was, I dont suppose they really had the luxury of choice.
  9. Possibly. 😄 It probably more likely came from the common Judeo-Christian ethic that was a foundation stone of both institutions.
  10. My point about West Germany is not that it should not have joined, we of course needed it to for the reasons you describe. It just points to the absurdity of post cold war rigidity on this point. I think possibly in 1948, the only country in NATO that didnt have a territorial dispute with anyone was the US.😄 Here is the thing. As we have already said, there is already a trinational agreement between Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland (shades of the old Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth I guess). If anyone has got outstanding disputes, its those guys. But if they can train and if necessary fight t
  11. That is true, but equally, neither was it the case in Ukraine, until they were invaded. The point about East Germany/Poland is that it could be a faultline if it had not been negotiated. I dont think anyone seriously envisaged the DDR or Poland going to war over it however, then or immediately after the cold war. The IGB of course was a somewhat different matter. In fact, Russia was paying rent on Sevastapol, which strongly suggests they accepted the territorial arrangement. We know they did, they agreed it 3 times, twice on the treaty of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and once in t
  12. I would not be surprised in the current context to see a request to stand up at least one, possibly two NATO standing maritime groups to cover the near and far east. It would seem a logical thing to do with relations with Iran (which has its own attempts to send maritime forces across the Atlantic) and China continuing to go down the toilet.
  13. Im not sure that one stands up. West Germany, its been pointed out, had significant territorial disputes with East Germany and Poland that were not entirely resolved till the end of the Cold War. And Spain, according to its own account, has a territorial dispute with the UK over Gibraltar, yet the US pushed for their admission to join. Greece and Turkey are both NATO members, despite having a not insignificant territorial dispute with each other over Cyprus. So Ukraine doesnt really have much to constrain it, held against past practice. The only fly in the ointment is the US is not as inf
  14. They showed someone hauling it out later, there was apparently nobody in it. I guess the poor guy parked, the ground started cracking and he got the hell out. So I guess it could have been worse. Supposedly it was an old well that people had just built over. Such is the wonders of India, where the past is never really past at all.
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