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  1. Should have made him an Admiral really.
  2. Latvia bought a considerable number of our scimitars and spartans.
  3. Yeah, im the one being lectured on comparative analysis by a guy who gives responses 180 degrees removed from that being discussed. Have you ever considered a career in politics Ryan?
  4. Frank Nitti cant wait for you to drop in.
  5. Glenn, Germany is never going to have its own nuclear deterrent. Leaving out the technical difficulty of doing it without any nuclear power stations, there is the political reality that Germany with atomic weaopns is going to piss off Russia to a quite profound degree, not to mention the Poles. That is if right wing Tories didnt press the button first. Whether its right or wrong, its the political reality, and its unlikely to change in my lifetime. We all really missed the boat on doing a common European nuclear deterrence. Though looking back, even when the UK was in the EU, I dont real
  6. If Hippos are unavailable, I believe a couple of Giraffes may prove sufficient......
  7. The lockdown is causing chaos with some live apart couples love life. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/brits-vow-go-dogging-after-22858784 "Hang on, it's only sex indoors that's banned so doing it in pub gardens is definitely ok," one said. "Are we allowed to have sex in a pub, before/after having a 'substantial meal'?" another asked. Some people have suggested that randy couples living apart simply meet in a Tier 1 area for their romantic trysts, but the Prime Minister's spokesman has already shot down that possibility. "As has been the case throughout thi
  8. Oh ok, fair enough then. Second: Let me address the major topic of China. As a leading export nation, we Germans are greatly concerned about how China has positioned itself in international trade matters. Our concerns include currency manipulations that have been going on for a long time; aggressive appropriation of intellectual property; unequal investment conditions; state-subsidized distortion of competition. Our partners in the European Union and many other nations share these concerns, including the United States. But we do not support
  9. This is starting to look really nice. And the dev wants to do Centurion! I could giggle like a schoolgirl.🥰
  10. Goddamn Kindle. It keeps thinking it knows better what I want to say than I do. 😝
  11. Oh no. Still the definative Bond,and Soviet Submarine captains have never been the same since.
  12. Sounds pretty good to me. But its still avoiding the elephant in the room, what do we do about China? That isnt just a Pacific problem, its increasingly a European one too, not just militarily, but economically and politically also. Its easy to fixate on Russia,but we need an out of area response on how to deal with terrorism and other issues outside of the historical NATO area. Its clear Germany wants to do more, its not particularly clear from that they want to do out of area operations. Which means investment in things not immediately useful against Russia, such as a larger navy, or s
  13. Personally I dont see any of the examples you illustrate as examples of leadership to make the country better. I see much of the things he has said and done as blatent opportunism to try and make himself more electable. For example, the taped interview with Woodward, on the one hand, to his credit, he seemed to get the idea of how dangerous this crisis is for the country. OTOH, he doesnt want to tell anyone because he is afraid they might panic. That is a leadership failure, and i think when people look back on it in the future, they will see that as the worst one. In common with most over na
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