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  1. Ah tanknet, where assertions made on the basis of evidence can be easily batted away by 'I know better than you do, so shut up.'
  2. Could be. Supposedly he is 6th Armored Division which was never there, but I think whilst he was in Britain there was an excellent chance he was transferred from the 2nd Armored Division, which had been in Morroco in November 1942. Perhaps they were levying out battle experience men to leaven the green 6th Armored. Which would explain why he was distinctly war weary, and holding himself back in reserve whilst everyone else was knocking themselves out to win the war. Basically, the poor sod earned it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2nd_Armored_Division_(United_States) There is probably some good fan fiction to be written here....
  3. Because they have a direct experience of war with Russia, and Sweden doesnt. Well, considerably longer ago anyway. There are still people alive in Finland that remember what it was like to be invaded.
  4. Incidentally, I was just doing a search to see what Sutherland thought of the Oddball character, and apparently he was delighted he was such a hit with generations of people. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2020/07/20/the-tao-of-oddball-donald-sutherland-on-his-iconic-kellys-heroes-role-at-its-50th-anniversary/
  5. Yes, there are great tonal similarities with Catch 22. Interestingly enough, the book is if anything even more bitter, and Heller wrote that in 1953. Which illustrates not all perceptions of the war were the same. Evelyn Waugh did much the same thing with his 'Sword of Honour' series I gather (I really must get around to reading that).
  6. I love the guy in th Fez. Clearly the crew spent some time in the middle east (presumably where Oddballs head was turned by sampling the local produce). I dont think he is meant to British, or at least he isnt mentioned as such in the book (There was a British Airman that ended up on the cutting room floor). I think most likely he was meant to have acquired the gear from someone else. One British tank crewman said in his book he managed to get a Tommy Gun off an American tank crew, just by swapping rations, so it did happen. And of course, they had wild parties... He certainly did his research. Troy Kennedy Martin was a scriptwriter whom worked on a LOT of projects, from the Italian Job (which which Kellys Heros has a lot of similarity in some ways) and the recent film 'Ferrari. His best known work was Edge of Darkness, which he seems to have even named the American CIA man 'Jedburgh' after the Anglo/American teams that dropped into France with SOE. Which was a pretty deep dive, considering the areas the series went into. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troy_Kennedy_Martin The plot, there have been long standing allegations that at the end of the war, certain members of the US Army walked off with a large chunk of the 3rd Reichs Gold reserve (I think it was in Bavaria, but I would have to look it up). None of them were ever caught, the gold was never recovered, and even 40 years later, the US Army was distinctly unwilling to try and find whom was behind it. I dont believe they actually deserted however. It seems to have been a lot more creative than that.
  7. Absolutely. Kellys Heros was looking at WW2 through Vietnam era eyes (MASH was exactly the same). But in a strange way, they seemed to drill down on something more accurate (alright not hippies but still) of a servicemans outlook in WW2 than say, the heroic films of John Wayne just a decade before. Perhaps im over analysing it. But that so many ex tankers seem to 'get it' seems to suggest Troy Kennedy Martin knew how to create a plausible character, albeit a distinctly improbable one. Incidentally, if anyone wants to read the novel, its on Archive.org. Its got quite a bit from the script that didnt make it into the final cut of the film. Some of it you will probably be glad they didnt include. Some of it you wish they had a bigger budget. https://archive.org/details/kellysheroes00hirs
  8. And then they say 'Are you willing to pay more taxes to make it happen', and they get the answer 'hell no!' Though I suppose they could get official sponsorship. They could get funding from Disney, and get everyone to dress up in mickey mouse ears, and have the guards dressed as Imperial Stormtroopers.
  9. I was thinking why this was earlier. I would guess it that he has this entire pretence of being utterly indifferent, workshy, cowardly, a drunk, more interested in the women and the partying than the war. And yet, when it comes down to it, and the shit hits the fan, he is actually a ruthlessly efficient tank commander that could kill 2 German Tigers, and still look cool whilst doing it. I find him a much more memorable portrayal of an American Tank Commander than Brad Pitts Wardaddy. Even if he was a strange sandwich, a hero by any other name is still the same....
  10. It did, though Bladerunner arguably got there first. Deckard lives alone and has a frugal reality as far as gadgets are concerned, and has a really nice gaff and a flying car. JF Sebastian has mechanical dolls and toys coming out of his ears, goes to work in a converted milkfloat,, and lives in the deserted and wrecked Bradbury building where the roof leaks.
  11. And whats more, poverty changes overnight. I remember seeing a programme where a lot of people lost their jobs, but they all had brand spanking new cars. Now you would think by owning a brand new car, they were well off. The reality was they bought it when they were well off and they could pay off the HP. So someone owns a mobile phone. its become increasingly apparent to me that my job requires a decent phone, not the 10 year old Nokia I was using. So i will have to buy an expensive phone, because most phones these days if they are smart phones are expensive. It doesnt follow I have money to burn to go and buy one.
  12. This is literally all over Reddit and Twitter at the moment. The guy was seemingly the patron saint of Armour enthusiasts.
  13. I was just thinking of a movie about this problem. Not that im advocating the solution (because in the movie it doesnt work anyway), but its interesting to see how many concerns it predicted.
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