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  1. Oh dear. I need a cold shower, again.
  2. The problem is that the same intelligence service for over a year and a half has had a really good record at predicting the deaths of many Russian commanders, which the Russians then acknowledge. Its a little unfair not to make note of that. Ultimately the Russians have a really easy way to demonstrate the good admiral is still alive, and thats put him on TV answering questions about it. And of course being completely unharmed they will undoubtedly do this to put down this cruel and unnecessary Ukrainian hoax. Right? Right?
  3. Ultimately I dont believe they had much to cheer about however...
  4. Not saying at any point it was not. Im just saying that, badly led though the British Army was at the time, it was still streets ahead of the Russian Army. So, quite why anyone is referencing the Crimean war as a point of hope for Russia, which is the whole reason why we got onto this discussion, is quite beyond me.
  5. Perhaps because it was historic and such an obvious target, they decided to use it to confuse those FascistUkrainians.
  6. What kind of slaughter do you think would have occurred at the hands of the Japanese? You heard of the rape of nanking Im sure. More to the point, the USSR and Japan were always going to come to blows. The only question is in which contest that eventually happened. It may be a Japan that won in China would have been excellently placed to help Nazi Germany in 1941, which would have been in nobodies interest.
  7. Closer to the truth if you said they were burned out Empires, grasping at glory, run into the ground by the wholly incompetent. Claim on CNN, im in no position to verify it but I thought I would pass it along. The Ukrainians are claiming the attack was carefully timed to occur at the same time as a meeting in the Black Sea Headquarters. The implication is the death toll is considerable. I guess we will discover in due course. Im sure everyone is already writing it off 'Because the Ukrainians always lie', etc etc etc.
  8. Ever heard of the Charge of the Heavy Brigade Perun? No of course not. It got washed out by what happened the day after. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/instant-articles/battle-of-balaclava.html There was a lot Britain got wrong in that war. But along with the French we did win, largely because were the least incompetent on the battlefield. Which considering how bad Raglan and Lucan were is going some.
  9. Not on state media is strongly telling you something though, isn't it?
  10. Yeah, but the Ukrainians don't have Typhoons... This was interesting..
  11. There was no missile, the drains were backed up and there was an explosive discharge. Or something.
  12. Yep, looks like they are out of Stormshadow alright.
  13. Oh bugger, I keep doing that. Black Sea, the warm one.
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