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  1. Kerch strait has also reportedly been closed to traffic, ostensibly due to an 'exercise'.
  2. I'm not so sure. There was the war scare in the 30s when it looked possible the US would go to war with the British Empire, apparently to get US access to dominion markets to help the US recover from the great recession. That they were working on War Plan Red as early as 1927, the year after the Wall Street Crash, tells it's own story. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Plan_Red So you are left with a possible war for economic advantage, probably defended in the language of an anti imperial struggle.Ok, so it never happened, but there was a clear intent to break the status quo. As B
  3. Well here comes the pipeline equipment.
  4. I think what finished us off was the idea (real or otherwise) the US would call in the wartime debt. Which was substantive, I don't think we finished it all off till the 1990s. We would have been bankrupt overnight. It cost the Americans in the end though. Through not keeping Egypt under control, they as good as invited the Soviets in, and destabilised Israeli security for the next 2 decades. It also I think paved the way for the US and NATO being booted out of France. There is also the case that not propping up the old Empires a little longer, cost the US a lot more ultimately in Yemen a
  5. Figures. Biden is proving as ineffectual as Trump and Obama.
  6. They cant, they will presumably using the Taman Guards for the parade. I would not be surprised to see them deploy after that. At this rate, if they go in, I'm expecting any time after mid may. But that's a pure guess.
  7. And here is the second. 150 Motor Rifle is the Division that took the Reichstag iirc.
  8. First Division, other than Airborne, reported moving up.
  9. First good news I've heard so far. I don't think they will even consider going till May day is over.
  10. This was interesting, the E4B is the 'Doomsday' plane. Presumably over here to support the US Secretary of Defense as he visits NATO. I guess somebody is taking it seriously.
  11. I cant believe the yanks have actually been bullied into staying out the Black Sea. Thats completely contrary to what freedom of navigation patrols are all about.
  12. Yeah, those pesky Cossacks might take Moscow this time.
  13. Russians reportedly painting invasion stripes on their vehicles. Russia's tanks painted with 'invasion stripes' as 100,000 soldiers mass at European border (msn.com)
  14. We have discussed this in a few threads before, and this chap seems to have a new book out based on the British Archives on how to do it. http://ww2podcast.com/ww2-podcast/140-how-to-kill-a-panther-tank/
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