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  1. People were slagging him off for reposting it, but I'm fairness it's all over Twitter and on the BBC news and the Daily Mail websites anyway. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10427309/First-image-emerges-F35-jet-reclaimed-sea-crashing-Mediterranean.html
  2. If it doesn't happen in 4 weeks, many will be saying it never was going to happen. For all we know Vladdy has a lucky coin he flips for difficult decisions. Or Biden sells out Ukraine, which with his dismal track record is always possible.
  3. Nice find Niall. Lots of interesting responses to 'Challenger Tank'.
  4. The Twitter community claims its been in a Hangar full of Rice at RAF Marham for the past month...
  5. And for anyone under the distant illusion appeasement works, this is the madness now airing on Russian TV.
  6. In actual Ukraine would be the largest European Army in NATO in terms of manpower. With them and Poland, there would be absolutely no reason to fear a Russian attack on Europe. That is before you throw Germany and France on the top of the pile. I don't get you guys, you repeat the line Europe doesn't do enough to defend itself, then a European state that has successfully stood up to Russian pressure for 7 years asks to join NATO, and you deprecate it based on what appears little more than Russian agitprop and claim it's a drain on resources. Don't owe Ukraine? They are a Democracy. After the fucked up effort to export Democracy to the middle east for 20 years, here by contrast is one that wants to be one, and you put it in the too difficult pile. And yes, you do owe them. Do a search for The Budapest Memorandum. You have already guaranteed its borders. If you throw Ukraine under the bus, there will be others, just as this is the result from the supposedly easy option of leaving Afghanistan. Don't want a war over Taiwan? Face up to Russia. Nothing NATO has not done before.
  7. Doubt it, you got rid of all your Siebel Ferries...
  8. Let me tell you a story. My Grandfather was a POW of the Germans, held in Poland up to late 1944 doing far work. One day they were told they had to march back to Germany, like right now. Abandon all your posessions and just go. They asked the Germans why, they were told the Russians were coming. As a child I asked him, why didnt you hide? Why, when you were working on he farms, didnt you run east to the Soviets? It was fairly straightforward he said, nobody wanted to be captured by the Soviets. And with good reason. There are still RAF Radar personnel whom escaped from those camps whom are believed to have fallen into Soviet hands. Nobody ever saw them again. We can only speculate about what happened to them. We owe a debt to the Soviet Soldiers for gutting the Wehrmact, and I have utmost respect for all of them. But dont mistake the Army made up of a bunch of pretty extraordinary fellows for the regime that directed them. That was just as empty, bankrupt and murderous as the Nazi's. They proved that in Finland, Georgia, Poland and the Baltic states. Well wait around, im sure Bojo will bring them back.
  9. Nah, One that Got Away. He deserved an award for that.
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