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  1. "Battle of Plevna factor" - Just because it is widely published does not make it true. I know a people who talked with Kuwaiti tankers involved (and not officers embellishing their exploits in order to advance their careers), their account was that it was a clusterfuck and that most they have managed to achieve was retreat in good order. They did destroy some Iraqi vehicles, but ratios, while unknown are not even close to 2:34. They simply had no opportunity to do so.
  2. That is a narrative that has a little to do with what happened.
  3. None gets involved and world profits as two extremists and terrorist exporters destroy each other.
  4. And there was a Hurricane with DB601A engine: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=52684.0
  5. Yet they don't have functioning AD network, far lesser problem in 21st century. Color me skeptical.
  6. Would anyone recognize a god for a god, or even be aware of his existence if he is really a god?
  7. Confederate flag... wait, I know, it must be evil:
  8. If a launcher is well "computerized" it should not take longer than 10 minutes. If they do it "old school", about 30 (IIRC that was a normative for a Scud). They are going to have prepared positions, or at least appropriate sections of the roads and other "improvised" positions will be known well in advance. Agree. Information distribution is what I suspect they are awfully thin with, given how Tor vs airliner thing played out. If they have no truly integrated AD network (which is mid-70s thing)... how do they expect to distribute targeting data in the real time?
  9. Yes, says a guy who posted Atlantic Council videos that complained that people in Serbia like Russia more than NATO. I have to correct myself - it might not be need for warship, your kind might be out of touch with reality that badly also.
  10. Every missile launcher needs at least somewhat prepared position as it needs to be leveled and there is only so much hydraulic jacks can compensate for. They also have to be properly oriented, so not every level piece of ground will work.
  11. Thing with "Stuart's" kind is that they want you to like, no actually warship them no matter what they did to you. And anyone disagreeing with that is either extremist or on the Russian payroll. Or preferably both.
  12. And we got a first one. "Found dead in the mountains".
  13. bojan

    Chieftain Questions

    Bus or truck are going to disappear after few hits by HE or HEAT.
  14. Familiarity breeds lack of respect for a problem. IDK what study it was, but for some high risk things well trained rookies had less problems than experienced teams, since they followed SOP to a fault. Experienced teams were better at handling unexpected problems, but rookies were actually less likely to cause problems.
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