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  1. Strf 90C, might be recoverable
  2. You are saying like that was a good thing.
  3. Again you open mouth about things you have no clue. It is ballet about WW2, done since 1942, based on siege of Leningrad (originated there, first time performed in 1943).
  4. That is for weak, real man use rasol (sauerkraut juice), watered down for women and children, straight from a barrel of sauerkraut for real men...
  5. IIRC artillery, mines, ATGMs, tank/ATG fire, portable AT weapons, in order of most common to least common. If there is a penetration of armor it mostly does not really matter which particular model of ATGM it was. In tests, Sagger and other non-precision HEAT jets collapse easier than more modern ones, leading to a higher spread of jet particles post penetration, so Sagger, provided it can penetrate will potentially lead to more damage inside than modern ATGM like Javelin. But differences are not that large and it is questionable if that matters in grand scheme of things. Yes, and so what? Artillery was no.1 cause of tank loses in Yugoslav wars (except Kosovo, but my data is for Croatia in 1991) also. I get the reason Poland is buying it, it's cost, if rumors are true is only ~50-60% of new Leopard 2 or M1, and it is available right now. What I don't get is internet hype about it as "great tank". It is OKish, but compromises a lot of aspects heavily, and is not even that light (unlike Type 10). Also, unlike Leo and M1 it does not have decades of service that have ironed out (inevitable for any new AFV) bugs.
  6. Do you really believe in the crap written there? If not, why post it?
  7. About 40% of KOd tanks in that war were TWO, and another 20% not economical to repair. But 40% repairable of ~3000 KOd tanks is still plenty of tanks.
  8. NATO could not permanently KO airfields in Yugoslavia in 1999., so I think that "knocking out airfields" in Ukraine would be a fool's errand - there are too many of them, they are super hard to really KO and too easy to repair.
  9. Also, I really don't get K2 hype. It has pathetic side armor (50mm plain steel on turret, ~40mm on hull), making it extremely vulnerable to just about anything hitting it from the side, including 25-30mm automatic cannons. It's front armor protection is full of weakened zones, front armor protection is smaller (at least in size, and that is somewhat indicative) than protection of Leo 2 and M1, ammo is not fully separated from crew etc, etc. Type 10 is same, but it is at least it is ~10t lighter than K2, so it has at least some excuse for that.
  10. Must be earlier since base R-27R was exported to Yugoslavia 1989. Russian sources say R-27R and R-27T were produced in series since 1984 and that in 1987 R-27ER and R-27ET models with extended range were accepted for service.
  11. I have posted it before, loses of crewmen per tank KOd in Yugoslav wars, for T-72/M-84 was 1 KIA per tank KOd, which is comparable to Russian reports from Chechen wars (IIRC slightly higher, 1.1), and to Israeli ones from 1973, again IIRC, 1.2 KIA per tank KOd. We can reasonably assume that those numbers would be ~ballpark estimate for T-64/72/80/90 in Ukraine. What we need is reliable stats for Leo 2.
  12. One of major complaints heard from Russians and Ukrainians in Serbia is "nothing works on holydays and most stores don't work on Sunday". Well, yes, it is a holyday and Sunday for everyone, including store owners and workers. Alas, as in Finland, it is getting ruined by commercialization.
  13. Some don't, most do. Guy I was in the army with could drink out whole plt. Yes, after '60s, in order to try to please radical ones* which called for "Bosnian nation", but problem was that they wanted to exclude Serbs and Croats. So "Muslim" nation was created as a compromise. *Historically, they considered themseves either as Turks (minority, mostly richer town folks), Croats or Serbs*. Prominent examples of last ones were Muhamed Mehmedbasic and Mustafa Golubic. Offshoot of that is that there is current issue in Sanjak with strong divide among Muslim population between those that consider themselves Serbs and those that consider themselves "Bosniaks" (despite the fact they don't really have connection with Bosnia...).
  14. Yeah, that is commonly propagated myth that has very little connection with truth. Most Bogumils died off (good parts of Bosnia were devastated more than once in that period) and DNA research show that current Bosnia Muslim population is far more closely related to Serbs or Croats (depending on location) than to medieval population of Bosnia, as most are descendants of peasants that Turks moved to a devastated lands that later converted to Islam. Re Muslims in Serbia - according to same research Muslim population of Sanjak in Serbia is way closer to "medieval Serbs" than anyone else living in Serbia.
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