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  1. 1945. Reconnaissance Platoon, Light Regiment or Brigade Same structure as Reconnaissance Platoon/Rifle regiment, but Recce sections are smaller with 8 men instead of 10. Command Section - 5 men - 5 x SMG - Plt Cmd - SMG - Plt 2inC - SMG - Runner x 2 - SMG - Radioman - SMG Reconnaissance section x 2 - 8 men - 1 x LMG, 7 x SMG, 1 x P - Section leader - SMG - LMG gunner - LMG, P - Assistant - SMG - Runner x 2 - SMG - SMG gunner x 3 - SMG - SMG gunner 1 is section 2inC Total - 21 ( 5 + 2 x 8 ) men - 2 x LMG, 20 x
  2. There are things where it is better than competitors, there are things where it is worse. As always it is "pick a set of compromises that most suit you".
  3. Imo that is a mistake, since guided missiles can not do suppression. And even today you are not guaranteed to be able to spot things on the battleground. OFC, that is if you are "west" with it's hatred toward MRLs, lot of armies will use cheap MRLs to cover that gap. And nothing suppresses like 240 x 122mm in 20 seconds... Most probably, except maybe in specialized units (paras and various "really light" infantry where things like 105mm or light 155mm might survive. It is a combination of the "colonial warfare" mentality and dick measuring contest. Then you get into fie
  4. Child of DANA is no-go, US required that system should be in at least limited service, reason why MGS-25 was not sent and something else (forgot which one) was dismissed. NORA's somewhat "hodgepodge" appearance is a consequence of making it modular, and not specific truck based. It is adoptable for any truck with enough performances (Started on FAP/Mercedes, adopted to Kamaz and MAN, sales brochures list another 3-4 trucks suitable for it, including Oshkosh models). Arty part is what is "standard" - 23l chamber, L/52, modular fully combustible charges loaded automatically, sliding br
  5. 1.5t truck is depending on time period either Dodge WC-62/63 series ('50s and '60s), or local TAM 110 ('70/80/90s).
  6. Same type of horse, different "load bearing equipment". Somewhere I have manual how different weapons were loaded on the horses, but can not find it... There were 3 types of horses - riding, load bearing (where pack and ammo belong) and towing. Each type had size nomenclature (small, medium, large). If size is not noted, it is assumed to be "medium". That is pretty much all I know about horses.
  7. They were seen as a "learning curve", keeping and developing a skill within limits that were needed for a navy. Funny you noted Sweden, since there was a definite cooperation with them in the submarine program. I am not aware of export proposals, since they were all built for a Adriatic, which is a pretty specific environment. There is a rumor that a lot of tech ended with North Korea, but problem is that there was never officially a military cooperation with them, so if it happened it had to be very "hush-hush".
  8. Better to stay silent than pour another gallon of crap. Less is more sometimes.
  9. Well, it was cooperative in the end, everyone cooperated in adopting 7.62x51. US government and US Army brass should not be let within miles of any small arms research...
  10. "Vietnam" is a buzzword for a hellish war that is going badly and w/o much point. That soldiers are writing those things tells a lot about their moral.
  11. My guess is that it is happening with every one, as blood clot issues are one of the well known minor issues with any vaccine. My mother is regular reminded when getting annual flu shot that she should contact doctor if any sign of unusual pain shows up, as she had a problem with thrombosis previously. Regarding the dangers of the vaccines, during 1972. smallpox outbreak 18 million of people in Yugoslavia were (re)vaccinated. There was about 2000 adverse reactions, about 300 of those severe ones (requiring medical attention). There were 19 deaths directly attributed to a vaccine. So
  12. No, front sloped armor can be as affective with internal space as is vertical, but vehicle has to be planned with it from the onset, not to be a conversion of vertical armor existing one. It was side hull sloped armor that limited internal volume seriously, and for that reason it was also mostly ditched post-WW2.
  13. 14.5mm armor on early Pz III/IV - vs small arms with AP bullets, 30mm armor - vs 20mm guns. Yes. Sloped armor has same weight for a same equivalent thickness as vertical one (basic trigonometry), but vertical one also needs horizontal plates which add more weight and also contribute to the vulnerability vs HE. You can not save weight by using vertical armor, which is why it generally* went the way of dodo. *Modern "slab sided" tanks like Leo 2 before A5 upgrades and such still have internal structure of the composite armor that heavily uses sloping, through with different idea tha
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