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  1. Idea that US style would work elsewhere is just that, idea. It would get perverted into an abomination of itself sooner then you can say "founding fathers". Question why would require long winded reply that i am simply too tired to type.
  2. "LMG" looks like gas-firing imitator.
  3. I would rather watch movie by Uwe Boll than by Michael Bay. At least first one is honest in the trashness and does not pretend he is doing masterworks.
  4. Yes, some of the US made one made to list. IIRC list goes like - 5 - China, 4 - Iraq, 3 - US, 2 - Ethiopia, 1 - Pakistan (Dara) Reason for good reputation in US was that they had better QC for those exported to US. Chinese can make good things if they care. They don't care about quality of AKs they export to Africa.
  5. IIRC 50k per round for smaller one, ~75k per larger.
  6. Because they fundamentally don't understand science and are expecting medical TV show level of "problem solving". It is almost like a cargo-cult of science that is being presented in the media. I cringe every time when media notes "Scientists discovered....". It is so far out of the touch with the reality that it would be laughable if the situation was in any way less serious. ATM it is just sad.
  7. This. All other measures assume that vaccine will be available soon or that virus would disappear soon. Who will be proven right is a thing to be seen, but it is utterly foolish not to be prepared for a "long run" version. But that is no-go in the current narrative, due the media hysteria labeling anyone who notes such option as "cold hearted bastard who would let people die".
  8. It is a value of the target for that drone that counts. You really need proxy fused since it allows for a larger error than with AHEAD. Combination of prox fused 40mm and missile for a longer ranges would work well, major problems with drones is detecting them, not engaging them.
  9. Again, fully missing a point. "Social" (actually physical, "social distancing" is one of those 1984. like newspeak that creeps me up) distancing is OK if it is gonna end in 2-3 years tops. Someone has to "prepare" people for an inconvenient truth that it might not end in the reasonable amount of time and that lockdowns and distancing can not last forever. IOW it will be accepted after some amount of time (2 years top...) more-less normal life will have to continue, since cumulative effect of the lockdowns and "social distancing" will be worse than X people dying per year of another diseas
  10. Chinese average salary is kept down by the rural masses who earn pittance. They are source of the manpower for a second tier industry, whose quality sucks. Qualified industrial workers OTOH can earn reasonably well and generally work for "first tier" companies.
  11. Pot, cattle, black. It is not only thing he does, just as posting jihadist propaganda in Syrian thread is not only thing you did. Both of you are however firmly welded into the same mindset. As for Sallishurry, point the post where I denied "official truth" please.
  12. Still no prox fused ammo for that one.
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