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  1. And if it does not happen in 4 weeks? This is seriously starting to remind me of "just two weeks to flatten the curve".
  2. Russian "Дивизион"/French "Divizion" =/= English "Division". "Battalion" would be more correct translation, through it is not perfect.
  3. Sums both the topic and conflict perfectly: - Russian vs Ukrainian language is used - Language used is horribly broken But there is "Army strong, strong Europe" parole, suitable for the soldiers with two moms I guess.
  4. On the summer day, I like cold cup of coffee (cold brew or instant...) in the morning. So cocoa or sugar were no go. In the end I have found out that it is better to bring your own coffee, no matter what. One thing about US MRE - it was most practical ration of all, due it being single meal, as I usually started early morning after breakfast and went to a civilization for a dinner. Which was probably a reason I was initially so happy to get it. Alas...
  5. When I was in the mountain hiking/climbing craze in late '90s/early 2000s I would buy surplus army rations* on a local market, you had plenty of them available, usually brought from Bosnia or Kosovo. They were cheapest "instant food" you could get for hiking, which for me, student at that time was pretty important thing. So a first time I have seen US MRE I got it. Mistake. I remember that main was something with eggs, but other than yellow color there was no other connection to the eggs. Sweets were OK, but forgettable. Coffee - horror. Plastic spoon was great, but I already had full local mess kit with metal knife, fork and spoon. *Best one you could get was German, worst one (oh the sweet irony...) - Hungarian. Russian (from the '90s...) and Czech were upper half of of the quality, and that says all you can say about quality of the military "food". Oh, French one was good, but portions were pathetically small and price always higher than other.
  6. OTOH, battery acid would also be a nice change from the US MRE coffee (at least late 1990s one). First time I have tried it I have actually thought it has gone bad, alas no, that was it's "flavor".
  7. Problem with that narrative is that Soviet period manuals actually say that TC should have hatch open and observing on march until enemy forces are spotted. Only then he should switch to buttoned. So, story about ambushing buttoned up column on march is just that - a story. I have said it before, 95% of the eastern front tank combat literature written in the west can be safely forgotten (and about 90% written in Russia). 99% of the both sides if written before 1990s, "memoirs" included.
  8. Not even that. iirc one Bn had something like 6 IR binos and whole brigade less than 30.
  9. It was because there were no Turks coming to invade France or England.
  10. And then there is an even better looking Chaffee, Norvergian NM-116 modernization
  11. Antibiotics are for potential secondary infections that start due the immune system being weakened by covid.
  12. But a lot of Merk's frontal projection would be "empty", like 1/4 of the left and right profie. With M1 and T-72 than ain't so.
  13. Except vaccines are far from useless in preventing deaths and heavier cases of covid, which is all that pharma* claimed they would do. *vs governments that have claimed that they are basically spring of youth and cure for cancer.
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