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  1. It is surrounded by sea, distillation, while inefficient and expensive is an option.
  2. Chances of anyone in Europe buying C2 were 0 once British have decided on the unique gun.
  3. It is not that related to a previous discussion as it was a honest question since around here it is a highly political cause and hence vast majority of people commenting it, including doctors are either "it is due the delayed healthcare" or "it is all covid", no middle ground, and my personal experience is that nothing in the life can be easily packaged in just one category. My personal opinion, with a caveat that I am not a doctor, but I did have some statistics in university and use those daily in my work, I doubt that all 30k excess deaths come from covid, or even majority of them, and think that most are just poorly documented "regular" deaths. But in those 30k, with only marginal increase in two main factors (cardio and cancer) at least some have to be due the covid. Hence none can talk about "overreporting covid deaths", at least in Serbia. Hence I find making a blanket statement "covid deaths are overreported all over the world" "hospitalization numbers are overblown all over the world" that some posters do to be... more than poor in both sources and taste.
  4. Just to put things in perspective, there was ~100k deaths per year in 2015-2019, in 2020. there was ~130k. Access to the specialists in government (free) hospitals was harder, but it was poor with a long waiting lists even before. Access to the private healthcare was limited March-June 2020. and practically normal after that. Specific number I could find, number of deaths from cancer and cardiovascular diseases did increase but nowhere near 30%, and those two were 75% of all deaths in 2015-19. ~52.6k vs ~55k for c-v and ~22k vs ~23k for cancer, which is increase but nowhere near 30% of total deaths. So what is your guess where did those deaths come from?
  5. If you have 6000 official corona deaths and 30.000 excess mortality, do you think that corona deaths were under or over reported?
  6. That one was especially interesting. What were Afghans who attend to such schools supposed to do after they finish school? Go back and grow poppy like his father/grandfather/whoever did? You win such places by making jobs for people, building infrastructure, rails, roads, mines, at least some basic industry and only then do those schools pay off. Otherwise those schools are just mills that make people even more bitter than they were previously, at best case making them economic emigrants, and at worst actually turning them to be even more "our way was right" types.
  7. Why does anyone give a flying fuck what some entertainer is saying in their own private time. Oh wait, you are still filling their pockets by granting them free advertising. Let us earn some FFS .
  8. Some enterprising Bosnians had same idea as you... no go. As long as any finished component (casing, bullet, powder, primer) are of Russian origin it is verboten. IOW, Biden might get first really successful form of gun control in US. All he has do do is ban import of ammo from certain countries due the "human rights".
  9. He also did a documentary "The Anderson platoon".
  10. In theory those could be cast from a bronze but that would be both very unreliable, inefficient and expensive. Another what if is... what if someone invented gunpowder. All chemical development was already there (Romans used K and Na nitrates as preservatives and flavors), someone just needed to mix right components. It would have been possible (well, still expensive and unreliable...) to cast small cannons from bronze. Would that be able to change warfare?
  11. There would be incredible problems in making (sort of) reliable high pressure vessels. Everything else was possible, if probably incredibly expensive to do.
  12. If you are just using it for a job it does not matter which one you use. You can do metric stuff on inch machinery and vise-versa. However if you want to understand how something came to those exact dimensions... well, you better be able to use every one there is or was.
  13. Your loss. I am well used to both systems since I have discovered early on that underneath a lot of things there is other system from the one you expect poking on, and if you do not know both you are loosing a lot of flexibility if you want to do any sort of wood or metalwork. Or typography. Or... practically anything. Plus military history is much more interesting if you know obscure measurements- do you know why bore diameter of Stokes mortar (and as a consequence all foolowing 81mm mortars) was 81.40-81.41mm? Because he has made a prototype from a French high pressure steam pipe that was 3 Paris inches, or 81.21mm, then fixed irregularities on the lathe to the final diameter by taking off 1/128" of the "imperial" inch... So a very common "metric" caliber of the weapon was decided by the two "non-standard" units of measurements, one of which was abandoned for more than 100 years at that point. That is a reason why it (and following British weapon) were called 3" mortar, and not a fairy tale that bomb was undersized to 76.2mm.
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