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  1. Out of Iran? Out of 'public space'. Clearly many of you have funny ideas of everywhere being Qom in a public place. Go to any private home in Tajrish and the ladies do not wear headscarves in private. When private parties are held, the longest sleeve is a spaghetti strap. The Western media is in fact the best ally of the Ayahtollahs.
  2. Not that I am aware of. The Ivermectin Lobby is strong here.
  3. We are seeing a huge Delta tsunami in country. But mostly amongst the unvacced. Mother nature is refining her game to help us with overpopulation. Reopening is no longer if but when and we are learning to cooexist with Covid.
  4. Obviously Photoshopped from a ball thrower.
  5. Has there ever been a grenade throwing device, essentially a stick to increase the range of said grenade? Other than actual stick grenades?
  6. You have to decide whteher you want crew served or not. An individual weapon has a lot more limitations. Using mother Earth to absord recoil opens all kinds of possibilities. Especially if you are signature conscious. I think the Army has some gratuitously overpriced titanium tripods that can be liberated.
  7. It's the Army. They cant even buy camo.
  8. Taijik 'flash mobilization' shows a somewhat obsolescent force.
  9. M60 roadwheels and return rollers. I'm guessing Egyptian. Late 70s or early 80s.
  10. The new fighter revealed at MAKs is unfortunately not a Yak and not a STOVL jet. It's the continuation of the Russian alt-reality stealth cavalcade. After the return of YF-23 in the Su-57, we now have the emergence of Su-75 which resembles the X-32 with the chin air intake.
  11. British industrial revitalization.....LOL.
  12. Nobel Peace Prize indeed. The Norwegians are idiots.
  13. China is Marshall Planning all the failed wars of the US and her NATO auxilliaries.
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