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  1. Na. Just stand off. If you must have an AVRE, build an AVRE.
  2. Do they do Direct Fire? Not self observed indirect.
  3. The very silliness of it all is that Australian interests do not lie in the South China Sea. Without trade with China, it is really only necessary to go as far as Singapore.
  4. Meddle? The Russians are why the Balkans arent Albania.
  5. Everyone that isn't on page with Right Sector is Left.
  6. Historically Poland is gobbled up by Germans. Even Germans exported.
  7. They are not Nazis, they are Galician volunteers.
  8. Couldnt happen to nicer people.
  9. Mainly because the Pentagon is the sum of Russia, Chynah and Best Korea x2.
  10. In small arms sustainment, think US Navy San Diego and the former Bon Homme Richard. A one day basic course would save so much grief. A three day armorer course for company level would make depots nigh unnecessary.
  11. But it's only a cameraperson. If she was a trans person of color it might matter but white on white manslaughter is OK.
  12. Wrong, you have to inspect and reinspect anything you are given becuase you are always responsible as the shooter. So it's Manslaughter.
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