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  1. Listen to the Briton. Not very Great anymore. Learn to be quite..... prosaic.
  2. I think 3 5 buck gas is a good thing. It will force more people to buy small EVs and work close to home. Let's try it out in California.
  3. .357 mag K-frame 4 inch. Built in ammo catcher.
  4. Novichok didn't work....unleash the Covid.
  5. The assumption of course is that the intelligence services are under control......which is not necessarily true as we have come to learn.
  6. What peace between the Pals and Israelis? Israel may well become the proverbial whipping boy. It's not like they have anywhere else to turn. The Jewish lobby in the DNC is nothing now. It's going to be popcorn for the Ayahtollahs for at least 4 years as the Biden admin rushes to pass JCPOA2.
  7. The correct solution is to Blame Cucks and invade north for Lebensraum.
  8. Dump the carbine length. Forget mid. Go full bore rifle on a 16. Use can for dwell.
  9. If you thought you were in dystopia, you ain't seen nuttin!
  10. No, the Tankovian Air Force does not want any. Thank you.
  11. Cyberpunk 2077 is so milquetoast dystopia
  12. Turret defense! Mobile game!
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