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  1. When is the Donbass Hardbass DLC due?
  2. Don't worry. War with Russia will result in a new round of redevelopment opportunities!
  3. Every poligon in Russia is showcasing their artillery. Lots of it, tubes and MRLS. Artillery is best when you have a lot of different stuff for different tasks.
  4. It is over. The Russians aren't even bothering to have a summit with Biden because they just showed what mobilization looks like to a generation of NATO generals who have never seen anything like it. It caught them off guard and they had nothing to counter. Land War, Eurasia with Russia and China. I really think this would be popcorn and be the fin de siecle event we have been waiting for. But it will not be, alas. No warning sirens, no imminent nuclear annihilation, no great reset. Shame.
  5. If you were Zelensky you would fight to the last Ukrainian.
  6. When everyone goes to college/university, it is meaningless.
  7. I like that thinking. It is very German.
  8. Your imagination is painfully brittle. The US currently occupies Cuban territory, against the wishes of the Cuban government. You are LARPing NATO again.
  9. September 11 is jsut such a bad date to complete withdrawl. But I guess you might as well admit you got whupped.
  10. Truly, the Slav Whisperer is on overdrive.
  11. The media ensures ratings by maximizing the chances of a poor outcome in every law enforcement engagement. Black people just get played.
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