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  1. Who is happy? And who is going reeeeeeeee.........
  2. If you like the Bidens, you'll love the Obamas.
  3. I'm hopeful that Sultan will declare holy war on France.
  4. Yiddistan will be under pressure to cut supplies to Azerbaijan.
  5. It's relatively small as tsunamis go.
  6. We are currently using the Hawker Hind with the Avia 12Y engine as our 'bomber'. It is a open cockpit biplane, even more archaic than our biplane fighter! We have been looking for a contemporary stressed metal monoplane, twin or triple engined bomber and settled on the Avia B-71(licensed SB). It beat out the Blenheim and Do17. We have 2 B-71s delivered for training and maintenance preparation before Czechoslovakia was annexed. So we are now stuck without any contemporary bomber. With recent events, a decent bomber in hand is worth a dozen on order. Martin and Douglas both have very
  7. Never happen. Civil Servants are stronger than the finest fortifications.
  8. Ryan...you are not allowed to do underhanded things like that. You must respect the goldfish.
  9. I didn't say that. I do like the idea of an international route to the Black Sea though. Because...Tankovia.
  10. The Soviets are offering us Katiuskas (Tupolev SB bombers) to replace the B-71s we ordered from Avia. This brings us into the modern monoplane bomber era. The TankAvia is reponsible for fitting them out to our standards, namely American radios and 8mm Browning MGs. Our air force attache in Belgrade tells of horror stories with the Yugoslav Do17 contract. So for out SBs, the Soviets are delivering complete aircraft. Arsenal is executing the domestic production license for Browning type MGs. Although Belgium is neutral, history tells us the Germans will probably ignore that now that t
  11. Wait...isnt this postal fraud? A felony?
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