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  1. Functionally similar. Starstreak liwer ToF and uses darts. SS replaced Starburst but Igla and Anza were kept.
  2. What are you talking about? Russia is disintegrating and Ukrainians will be marching on Moscow.
  3. There is no such thing as a Canadian leftist.
  4. The Malaysian Army shot off all its remining Starburst as they ran out of life. It was quite interesting as the crews suddenly got lots and lots of live fire with their LMLs. The number of drones that were not hit was quite sobering.
  5. Good to know. Fill out your profile.
  6. Direct assessment of firings of Starburst by export customer as they neared expiry. Fired against target drones. Training demand was considered much higher than with Igla fielded alongside. No doubt you have similar experience.
  7. Sky News is not a credible source.
  8. MODERATOR.....please ask the noobs to introduce themselves as required. Even if they are just going to post on this thread.
  9. Ive shot the Javelin Simulator. You need to practice or you'll run down the seeker coolant before locking on.
  10. Ooops. There will be a new pavillion, filled with the weapons of NATO and the Azovets.
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