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  1. The undercarriage looks similar to a Steyr 4K 7FA APC to me. Not 100% sure but at least the top rollers are in the same place.
  2. Very interesting question. Have there been any recorded incidents of infantry injuries from friendly vehicles fitted with APS systems? I recall in the past similar questions have also been asked about vehicles fitted with ERA and infantry are nearby when the ERA box is detonated.
  3. Would it fit into a C-130 Hercules though? ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคฃ
  4. The replies certainly make it quite clear why not just higher-end military AFV's but pretty much everything from cars to mobile phones and TV's are made from parts sourced from different countries and why you get a "made in" and "assembled by" title if you look into things deep enough. Thank you everyone for the replies.
  5. Production under license, well I suppose if its local production then it'd probably count under the 100% rule. Why reinvent the wheel? Well that's true enough.
  6. Certainly food for thought already. The brake pads comment was certainly a good example of why a complex design (a current top of the line MBT for example) would be a multi-country/international effort). The specialist armours and other materials essential for the production of armoured vehicles is also another requirement. No doubt there is alot of specialist knowledge and equipment needed in such a field (unlike what the A-Team series implies!).
  7. This was a question that I thought of a while back, but thought I would run it by people here to see what answers and inevitable discussion comes up with. And by 100% I mean the whole AFV from design to manufacture, parts and supply logistics is done within that country - electrics, powerplant, tracks, ammunition, FCS, etc. The whole lot. From what I have learned from reading posts on this site over the years the main problems caused by a country building its own AFV would be mainly cost (low number production means higher unit price) and having to compete with a saturated market
  8. The article says they recovered a tank. So where is the tank then? Must be well camouflaged, I see an LVT-4 Water Buffalo... ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ™„ Nice to see the vehicle (and potential subsequent ones) recovered. I just hope it ends up somewhere that can/will look after it rather than allow it to rust away which happens pretty quickly if left exposed to the elements.
  9. Just seen this footage on youtube... Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan armies exchange fire on disputed border
  10. Speaking of T-64 versions, there was a much-hyped T-64U talked about years ago (probably talking early 2000's here) which never seemed to come to anything. What happened to that one? Were some features used on what we would eventually come to know as the T-64 upgrade "Bulat" program?
  11. I have been told on this very site that 1/3 of the tanks would be fitted with the gun-launched ATGM system within a unit (platoon/regiment) with the other 2/3 having all the upgrades without the missile guidance capability. This was mostly due to cost reasons? However that being said, that would be older pre-T-80 tanks then? Would it also include the modernised T-55 and T-62; T-55M and T-62 respectively? As noted above however, there were plenty of versions of those which had the additional BDD armour, external LRF, upgraded engine but no missile capability.
  12. I may have to get that book then. I do have quite a collection of Osprey books and I recently heard of another one published concerning the T-62 in the General Military series. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ Regarding Combat Approved, agreed. I usually turn the subtitles off and watch the videos just to see what the interiors of the AFV's and aircraft look like. Since I've never seen the interior of any armoured vehicle, its pretty much all new to me anyway. All due credit to them, they have great access and excellent footage of things like that. But all of the comments like "has no equal anywhere in the world"
  13. Doesn't surprise me at all. Certainly the Mr Robot voice over clips on youtube do little to show any true account of what's going on. Of course misinformation was a key tool used by both East and West during the Cold War...but I have my doubts that this is the same as it was back then. More likely I reckon these reports are put together for clickbait use rather than for any meaningful and factual content. Meanwhile...I'll go back to looking at videos of flying saucers landing in Antarctica in the 1940's. ๐Ÿคช
  14. That's quite a modernisation of the ol' Su-25. Not alot of information on it really but that's a new variant on me.
  15. That's an interesting point I hadn't thought of. Would a NATO satellite passing over Russia (if an exclusion zone was already in place) prompt the Russians to deploy some kind of ASAT munition. Supposing this did happen, how would NATO respond to that? I used to use Youtube for reliable news reports (since I have no TV and don't watch live iPlayer etc) but have pretty much given up with them now. TankNet seems to be a far better resource for understanding who is standing where and in what strength!
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