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  1. Couldn't have put it better myself. Nevertheless, the T-80 really is one fine looking tank. I think Oddball would agree, "its a mother beautiful tank!"
  2. Didn't the 1980's T-62M modernisation scheme change the track type of the T-62 (and the T-55M most likely)? I have to say the T-62 video has been one of the best ones for me so far as its one of my favourite AFV's! Some good video footage of the T-62 as well; very impressive.
  3. Wow that site really is a work of art (in more ways than one). Such an incredible resource! I can only hope that somewhere, hiding away in some dark space, is a similar site devoted to the KV series! Thank you. 🙂
  4. I've started to become a bit more of a bookworm as of late but this chance find on Amazon has me intrigued. I'm semi-familiar with the author, Wolfgang Fleischer having done a few books for the Schiffer Publishing company (mostly concerning Axis WW2 AFV's I do believe). T-34: An Illustrated History of Stalins Greatest Tank However, has anyone picked up this seemingly new book already? If so, how do you rate it? Typically I'm hoping to find a book dealing with the history of the T-34 (from prototypes to late models, variants, etc) and coverage of the different tank guns used. Any c
  5. Thank you Bojan. I have a terrible time telling one T-72 variant from another! How the Brixmis people did it, I'll never know!
  6. Found this rather interesting video clip on youtube. a brief history and overview of the KV-series of heavy tanks. Some nice footage on there. One serious interesting note is a picture of a T-28 being used as a testbed for torsion bar suspension? Not something I've heard of before. A brief history of the KV heavy tank
  7. I wonder what will happen to the D-30 and the munitions now?
  8. This video popped up on my "suggested for you" list and seems to be a small collection (platoon?) of Azerbaijani-owned T-72 tanks. You get a typical walk-around type of look at them before the crews mount their vehicles and move out of their resting positions. Azerbaijani T-72's What model of T-72's are these then? T-72B perhaps?
  9. I wonder if there are rules about firing over the hull sides... As bumpy a ride that must be when firing, I doubt its as bad as being a member of an M551 Sheridan's crew when doing the same. I've seen videos of those firing and pretty sure all but 2 of the roadwheels actually lift off the ground during the recoil? Scary. 😲 Then again, I suppose any light-weight chassis with a decent sized gun would be more or less the same. SK105 Kurassier, Chinese Type 15, etc.
  10. Could be a snorkel I suppose. I've had a look through some pictures which clearly show the rear hull of the 2S25 and it does appear that not all vehicles have it fitted. Thanks.
  11. Since there's been such alot of interest in the Sprut-SD vehicle (both for and against its existence), I thought I'd add this video clip of it and add a quickfire question as well. 2S25 Sprut-SD on the firing range My question is; there's a tubular feature on the rear of the vehicle just above the two BMD-style waterjets. The stub casing of the 125mm round is actually sitting on top of it at one point. What is this feature? Obviously not an unditching beam! I don't think I've yet seen a Sprut with one of those.
  12. The games of claim and counter-claim have begun...
  13. Bit of a tight squeeze there with the 4x4 fast attack vehicle (or whatever the Russian military refers to them as) loading into the Mi-8.
  14. That was my first impression on the first couple of videos. I couldn't be sure but it looked like a T-72-based ARV was attempting to clear the road?
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