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  1. There seems to be alot more than just 40-odd parts to this series but this is part 1. The War in Ukraine (part 1) - Annexation Thanks.
  2. I've just found a 47-part documentary (in 15-20min episdes) covering the conflict in the Ukraine. It covers alot of different aspects from the initial build-up of forces, the downing of flight MH-17, the political side, civilians delivering food and warm clothing to the troops, media hysteria and false reports, etc. And of course, since its the Ukrainian armed forces...the T-64. There's a fair bit of footage of one of my favourite tanks (with the fantastic engine sound of course), but also alot of scenes where the AAMG appears to be manned by a crew member using it from the turret h
  3. If there was ever a Tank-Net competition for the best quotes award, that would certainly be a contender. 😁 Not just for this particular discussion but many others besides! I my have to steal it for my own use too...
  4. Thanks for that information! I bet how the T-64's were acquired would be a very interesting discussion thread all by itself; if the full story is actually known and documented that is.
  5. Does any Western museum actually have a T-64? That would indeed be quite a prized item in any collection (public or otherwise)! I will visit Bovington one day. Getting a close look at a T-62 is certainly something I've wanted to do for a long time. Obvously seeing the interior won't happen though... 😒
  6. Its sad to see the tanks like that really, or at least I think so. I assume they've been stripped of spares and await scrapping?
  7. Great interview that is. David Fletcher is one of my favourite authors and its very interesting to learn a bit more about his history, interests and so on. He also seems to have a really good sense of humour as well. Brilliant stuff. 😁
  8. I'm sure there's a well known picture kicking around of an allied soldier with a captured Sturmtiger. Now a 380mm rocket mortar isn't a small weapon by any means but this guy only has his head protruding from the barrel. I'm not exactly well built myself but the idea of squeezing into a tube that's 38cm wide makes me cringe!
  9. That's interesting. Its not so common to find books coming from the "other side". I'd certainly be interested in any books which include a perspective from a soldier/tanker/infantry/pilot point of view.
  10. Very interesting! Begs the question though, why not just leave the turret on the hull and use it like that? Logistics and ammunition supply reasons maybe? Thank you.
  11. Yet another interesting find on youtube. I'd always been told before this (and believed it) that the Objekt 220 (KV-3 prototype?) only ever got as far as a single hull being produced and that being fitted with a standard KV-1 turret. Well...have a look at the following video, at 8:30 onwards. Russian heavy tank development, T-150, KV-220 & KV-3 Although the turret is covered by tarp and looks like its on a test range, could this be evidence that at least one complete KV-3 was actually produced or is this another KV variant? I've always been a fan of the KV series in g
  12. I was thinking the same myself really. However would Iran's facilities be capable of producing new-build BTR-50's to that standard from scratch without any outside assistance?
  13. I haven't seen this youtube video posted here yet (apologies if it has), but this is quite an interesting video. I don't think I've ever seen ERA bricks on a BTR-60 before...😲 Iranian military modernisations of BTR-50, BTR-60, T-72M and some history too Pretty interesting stuff there I think. I do believe there is a quick view of an M47 Patton II tank turret on a pallet on the factory floor as well. Oh...and the music isn't bad either...
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