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  1. The All Veterans Memorial - Emporia Kansas (Mar 2021):
  2. The armor school down at Fort Benning has accepted and christened their newly arrived M1A2 SEPv3 tanks. They're beauties!
  3. Here's another reference from the Omsk factory history...
  4. I agree completely...my platoon never had maintenance problems with the coincidence rangefinders (M60A1 RISE/Passive and M60A1 AOS). They were easy to use, mechanically reliable and accurate...
  5. And, this poor quality copy of the first identification of the T-64A in the GSFG (Sep 14, 1976)...
  6. That tour and photo op for the French was in October 1977...a month prior to the T-72 being paraded for the first time in Red Square.
  7. Looks like one of the "T-80UDs" (actually T-84s or something very close to it), that were provided to the US...first seen at Aberdeen in Dec 2003.
  8. That old pic of the Leo I/T-72 hybrid reminded me of an old legend from years ago... Like the French Panthers in Indochina (confirmed untrue), and the T-64s in Angola (confirmed true), the still un-resolved legend of an Italian-built Leo I being used in combat during the fighting in the Ogaden War (1977-1978), between Somalia and Ethiopia, comes to mind. It was reported by a few reliable sources back in the day including the old and excellent magazine, Armies & Weapons. Reportedly, this action had a key role in the decision in Italy to develop their own special version of the Leo I known a
  9. I'm also pretty convinced that Romania had a secret tank technology arrangement with the North Koreans as well...
  10. I bought a DVD from Artline Films a few years ago called "Keep the Cold War Cold;" the link below will show the trailer on You Tube. Like this BRIXMIS film, the one from Artline is a great resource for those who might be interested. Very cool stuff... KEEP THE COLD WAR COLD - Trailer - YouTube
  11. Here are a couple higher-resolution pics of this new tank...some new details are interesting, but it's still hard to draw any real conclusions. Here's a question; why would you extend the hull but (apparently), keep a conventional 3-man turret?
  12. Just discovered a new "Combat Approved" video on the T-90..."T-90: A Bunker on Wheels."
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