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  1. Here are a couple higher-resolution pics of this new tank...some new details are interesting, but it's still hard to draw any real conclusions. Here's a question; why would you extend the hull but (apparently), keep a conventional 3-man turret?
  2. Just discovered a new "Combat Approved" video on the T-90..."T-90: A Bunker on Wheels."
  3. More good stuff going on at Fort Benning GA: the T-28 Super Heavy Tank being moved into its new home...
  4. They wanted to keep this new tank under wraps until it marched in the parade...
  5. That main gun still doesn't look right to me...also, the lack of IR searchlights and what could be (if they're real), hunter-killer optics could be a significant leap forward. The question comes back to, where did these technology improvements come from? Up to now, most North Korean indigenous tank technology has been pretty basic and simply constructed. If the systems shown here are real, there's a bigger story...
  6. This is so cool...I've always been interested in North Korean tanks...as some of you remember. 🙂 So, this new tank represents a new "branch" in the family tree. As far as we know (based on what is reported in the open press), there were two previous "modern" branches...the Seon'gun-915 (T-72 equivalent with 125mm main gun), and the Ch'ŏnma-ho series (T-62 equivalent, I through VI and including the most recent "214," "215," and "216" variants...all with 115mm main gun). Depending on the parade, they can also mount grenade launchers, ATGM launchers, and small MANPADS missile systems on their tu
  7. "Woah, woah...good shootin' Tex!" Iraqi T-72M1 destroyed by a great shot...
  8. Good things are happening down at Fort Benning, GA...
  9. Here's a video showing the return of Kubinka's Magach 3 to Prime Minister Netanyahu in June 2016 during a ceremony at Kubinka. As it turns out, this Magach 3 is one of the IDF tanks captured by Syrian forces at Sultan Yacoub, but it's not the exact tank Israeli officials were looking for...but reportedly, it still provided some closure for Israeli MIA organizations. In return, the IDF sent a replacement Magach 3 back to Russia and it's the Magach 3 currently on display in the museum.
  10. Forgive me if this is a repost...Russian advisors in Damascus posing in front of a captured IDF Magach...
  11. I know it's not a WWII pic (Iraq actually), but it's still pretty impressive...
  12. Guys; thanks for the clarification...I could have double-checked things before I posted the pics. 🙂
  13. A few grabs showing the 17 Pounder and ammo from 1943:
  14. Here's another video showing what is probably the actual amount of recoil force absorbed by the 2S25 when firing the main gun (go to about 3 mins in):
  15. KPVT 14.5mm HMG controls on the SU-122-54 (left loader weapon)...
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