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  1. Jim Warford

    The T-62

    ISIS T-62 mod...
  2. In 1983 2-66 Armor (2nd AD FWD), used M60A1 (RISE/Passive) tanks in the CAT shoot. In 1985, 2-66 used M1s...
  3. And now what I consider the jewel of the collection...
  4. Damian; it sure looks like it...Identifying this one is interesting...the info I've dug-up confirms that the A5 had a 105mm main gun; the 120mm L/44 main gun is associated with the A6 prototypes. Clearly, this is something else...maybe A5+? Does anyone know how many of these were built?
  5. Stuart; another view of the Chieftain...
  6. Found this gem hidden away in Wichita Kansas (more pics to follow)...
  7. Thanks Stuart! I guess he liked my ARMOR Magazine article...he basically read directly from it during his broadcast. I've always felt that the IS-3/IS-3M was way-underrated.
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