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  1. Is it really? So when Tim Scott, senator (R-SC) offered a police reform bill July 2020, and the Democrats Filibustered it to death...was that the Democrats or Republicans practicing Jim Crow? President Trump signed an executive order establishing a database as a clearinghouse for new police officer hires. The EO was panned by Democrats who were insisting Trump act like a dictator and create new fiat laws to prohibit certain types of restraints and holds. Perhaps the Mayor of Brooklyn Center, MN has the right idea, police officers should not be armed when making traffic stops. Even if the
  2. As my wife has said, when Fauci et al admitted to lying to us for our own good, how can we ever know when they are telling us the real truth? We'll always wonder if what we're hearing is for "our own good."
  3. Being pre-diabetic, with controlled hypertension, and a previous heart attack, I've had both Pfizer jabs. Still, with the US Government telling people that the lives they put on hold a year ago will never be seen again, regardless of vaccinations, I can understand the reluctance by many.
  4. Doctor Fraudci says it's all a waste of time. We could all be vaccinated, and says the Fraudster, we must not return to life as it was in 2019.
  5. What does this mean, out left the left? Competing Santas? That simply is not going to happen. Something like the special farm subsidies to POC who can "prove" they've been in the agricultural industry for the last 180 days that the Left gifted them just two months ago?
  6. As I understand it nobody in the congregation and nobody in the town have had covid. But yeah, off to the ovens with them.
  7. Wait for it, it won't be long before some Leftist or RINO Leftist will tell us Ken Blackwell is a white supremist.
  8. Proving they're the Fascists they were accused of being. Good for them. Let the Fascist States of America unite.
  9. Should relinquish? There is no prohibition for private businesses to perform such service and they do. This really is a poor example on your part as the USPS is self-sufficient. Granted, USPS has been running in the red because of a congressional mandate to pre-pay pensions to a 75 year horizon. Said mandate conjured up by the private businesses to ostensibly make the playing field level. Interestingly, those same businesses (FedEx, UPS, et al) don't have the same fiscal obligations.
  10. States don't have 2A rights. The 2A is a prohibition on government denying individuals of their right to bear arms. The 10th amendment grants to the states powers not reserved to the federal government nor prohibited to them by the constitution. Couple that with the 2A affirming the individuals right to bear arms, without infringement, and you get the states raising their militias, National Guard units.
  11. Look, I'm good with your Dementia Leader saying he can alter the Constitution on a whim because, who doesn't want to be a dictator? I'm just asking if that also includes the 13th amendment. You see, your Dementia Leader wasn't talking about a legislative process for altering the Constitution, or one of its amendments therein, he was talking about doing it by executive decree. I don't think Justice Scalia would have agreed with that.
  12. Joe says no Constitutional amendment is absolute and that he can alter each one by fiat. Two thoughts, does that put slavery back on the table? Two, since all of the amendments are to be thought of as part of the original document, it follows that Joe is saying the Constitution itself is not absolute and therefore open to be altered by his presidential fiat.
  13. Doctor Fraudci's narrative last March, along with Doctor Birx and SG Doctor Jerome Adams was straight out of a study conducted by the CDC circa 2017. The conclusion being that face masks for the general public offered no additional protection, that they in fact might make users over confident and actually increase the rate of transmission because of people putting their hands to their face and fiddling with the masks. Then inexplicably they changed their tune and said it was all a big lie. Admitting to "The big lie" was the big lie.
  14. Erectile dysfunction Doctorate?
  15. $200 is fair*, so there is no need for an additional tax, certainly not by using Big Brother surveillance techniques to create a taxable number. *Ohio currently charges $0.385/gal gas tax. If the average vehicle travels 12,000 miles/ annum, and does so at 25mpg, that works out to about $185.00 annually.
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