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  1. The chains our unit had for the gun came equipped with a rubber shroud through which the chain passed, so as to protect the thermal shroud. I can only wonder how long it took for that institutional knowledge to be lost. So it probably happened at an earlier time as well, but we did have a tank returning from Graf that had its turret swing free causing considerable damage to some structures along the rail line. It was then that gun tube tie downs magically appeared. That would have been 1987 or 88.
  2. Perhaps, but as, or more, importantly, if there was a hole it would help seal off the shroud so it could continue doing its job.
  3. Two possibilities. 1.)The tank had recently been rail loaded. As part of tying down the tank to the rail car, to prevent unintended turret movement, the main gun is often chained down as well. The cardboard could have been placed to protect the thermal shroud from the chains. 2.)There is a crack or hole in the thermal shroud and the cardboard is a temporary fix. 3.) A third possibility is a combination of 1 and 2. The cardboard did not adequately protect the shroud and has been left in place until a permanent fix can be achieved.
  4. DKTanker

    Escape hatches

    I'm only conversant on US tanks that had escape hatches, they are extremely easy to open. One simply pulled the locking lever and gravity did the rest.
  5. DKTanker

    Escape hatches

    Such was one of the rationalizations for not incorporating an escape hatch in the M1. Argument completely obliterated given the fairly thin belly armor of the M1. Thin enough that additional belly armor has been been part of the rebuild program since the early 2000s.
  6. DKTanker

    Escape hatches

    Torsion bars don't prevent the use of hull bottom escape hatches. Tank models with torsion bar suspensions, too numerous to list, have escape hatches in the floor of the hull. For instance the entire M26-M60A3 lineage of tanks. The M1 family does not. Not because of the torsion bar suspension, but because the driver seat layout made it very difficult to incorporate. In any case an absolute ceiling price of $1m per unit was established by congress so funds for further engineering weren't available. Arguably the most survivable tank on the modern battlefield uses hydraulic turret drive and gun elevation. The M1 family of vehicles.
  7. Slowed down the playback speed. The missile detonated on the side of the vehicle, the explosive fire above the vehicle likely erupting from an open hatch or a roof that was blown out.
  8. Damn sight easier than shipping them across the Atlantic so they can foment even greater unchecked Jew hatred in our cities and universities.
  9. So much main gun ammo expenditure when a bit of coaxial work was all that was needed.
  10. After pausing the money flow to the Palestinian Authorities on 9OCT23, the EU has said, "It's all good." And turned the money spigot back on.
  11. Perhaps you mean a modern version of the Maginot Line? As I'm sure you understand, the intra-German border, as well as its extension between FRG and Czechoslovakia, were prison walls intended to keep populations imprisoned by their own governments. The analogy would be if Hamas built border fortifications with mines and machineguns pointed inward toward Gaza to imprison its own people.
  12. If the death cult was created by journalism it could be eliminated by journalism. No, the death cult within Islam existed long before international journalism of the 20th century. Like hundreds of years before. Journalism, generally sympathetic to this particular death cult has, however, exacerbated and prolonged its existence.
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