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  1. Moderator, you convinced me, I'm out of here. It's been an interesting 17 years but it has gotten far too real too fast.
  2. The electoral process has been utterly and completely compromised. Apparently that wasn't enough, now individuals and groups of people will have their lives compromised for the crime of having not supported The Party.
  3. Foretold is forewarned, Comrades. Going forward, be wary of who you support, The Party will not condone dissension.
  4. From Antrim County, Michigan. Population 23,000.
  5. Not even Glenn Beck has been taken in by that one.
  6. Oh, Comrade, the entire election process is now seen as illegitimate by most everyone, a conclusion which was the goal all along. It is no coincidence that the states in which our comrades enacted last minute election process changes are also the same states that Our Leader took an overnight lead. Here's the best part about it. You know there was election fraud, I know there was rampant election fraud, but here's the thing, it won't be proved. Long live the Revolution.
  7. You're far more optimistic than I, comrade. There will be a lot of phone and pen laws being written and they'll be underscored by justices that have been leveraged much like Roberts has been leveraged. This time four years from now redistricting won't matter because elections won't matter.
  8. Within two more elections cycles there may be little to choose between them, Comrade.
  9. Also, a couple of days ago he was guaranteeing that Biden was going to win PA no matter how long it took to count the votes.
  10. Dude is not shy about advocating for voter fraud.
  11. John Roberts approved that message. Hopefully the GOP can get an injunction for those ballots until all NINE members of SCOTUS can listen to the argument. As it currently stands, truck loads of undated ballots can be dumped off and it would be incumbent upon the secretary of state to prove they were in fact late. Yay for the logic demanding proof of the negative.
  12. About the premise that it is Trump forcing the media to not cover his accomplishments and covering him in only the most negative of ways. Yeah, not buying that. Trump is the result of former GOP Presidents and presidential candidates having bowed to the media even as they were being excoriated at every turn.
  13. This whole FBI angle, I have yet to read anything sourced from the FBI that the agency is involved in an investigation. What I have heard are self-serving statements to the effect of the FBI having been notified. In any case, shouldn't it be the Secret Service investigating "threats" against presidential and vice-presidential candidates?
  14. Or put another way, this is what the voters want. The voters of Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Detroit, Chicago NYC, St. Louis et al, are all good with Leftist violence within their cities. After all, it is they that continue to put into power representatives that not only condone, but actively encourage such violence.
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