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  1. Last night Tucker Carlson showed part of an interview ACB gave. During it she talked about one of their adoptions following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. She was pregnant with their fifth child when her husband, Jessie, called and said their was a baby available for adoption. ACB said she had to think about it and took a stroll through a park on a bitter cold South Bend afternoon. She sat on a bench to think and finally said to herself, "Life is hard, but it's short, and what's more important than raising children?" This is the woman the Left is hell bent on destroying.
  2. Kennedy was always a loose cannon, it was this ruling that solidified David Souter as an out of the closet socialist.
  3. Because Anonymous said.... so it must be true and scandalous.
  4. Tax evasion is a criminal act, tax avoidance is what Donald Trump and DKTanker practice.
  5. AFAIK, Ginsburg never gave an official concurrence for finding with the majority. Not that I'm surprised that she voted with government over a private citizen.
  6. Nothing. Will. Come. Of. This. I believe the last Leftist, member of congress or political appointee, to be found guilt of any crime is former Clinton National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger. His crime, stealing classified documents. He was found guilt of a misdemeanor.
  7. Just two? Couldn't I conclude that Anonymous is, again, a fraud? Couldn't I conclude that everything is within the legal scope of IRS tax law? To coin a phrase, it seems to me the TDS lives loudly within you.
  8. I don't think the speed or materials make much difference when the mechanics are essentially the same. I think the two are quite comparable in as much as a moving object will always seek the path of least resistance, even if that means completing a U-turn.
  9. Not progressives, judges. and both the executive and legislative have allowed it. This goes all the way back to the 1803 Marbury v Madison decision. John Marshall, a federalist (forerunner of the GOP), agreed with Marbury, another Federalist, and would have found for him except he didn't like the way congress wrote a law. So, John Marshall (like John Roberts some 210 years later) decided to legislate from the bench by striking down part of a law and thus finding against Marbury. What Marshall should have done, as Chief Justice, is refuse to hear the case because, as he found, SCOTUS didn't
  10. Earlier in the week, like Monday, Ben Shapiro pointed out that since Ginsberg died on the Sabbath the 24 hour rule doesn't apply. Something about dying on Shabbat elevates the status of the deceased.
  11. What possible personal gain could Trump possibly have received? Advice, check your TDS at the door before making such comments.
  12. Or as Dan Rather said in 2004 about his fake letters. While they may not have been real they accurately portray the truth. Speaking of which, today Dan Rather would get away with proffering that fake letter because his friends in the media and social media would ensure the truth of its forgery would never be allowed to see the light of day.
  13. I'm waiting for one of the Notre Dame priests from her law school days to make rape allegations against her.
  14. LW sources, CNN and Drudge, are claiming that Anonymous has said that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is to be the nominee.
  15. Are you being purposely obtuse? Maybe just being a troll? Lincoln and FDR got away with trampling on the constitution because congress was generally with him. FDR marched tens of thousands of Americans into concentration camps because of their ancestry, do you really believe an Republican president could get away with that today? Your leftist brethren tried to run him out of office over a phone call that was well within his purview as president. He was excoriated by your BFFs, the media, and every other manner of people suffering TDS for having the gall to halt flights from China
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