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  1. Oddball took that gold and parlayed it into a medical degree. Five years later he found himself in another war up to his elbows in human bowels at a MASH unit.
  2. Fair? Fair has nothing to do with a free market. If Country A decides to hobble itself for virtue signalling reasons and Country B does not, that's just something Country B has to deal with. It certainly is not fair to consumers of Country B to pay government mandated higher costs for products that people in Countries A, C, and D enjoy at lower prices.
  3. Tariffs are always bad, they are always anti-free market. In this particular case it is even more onerous as the fascistic US government is so intent on mandating that US automakers produce, and sell, electric vehicles (that the consumer market does not want) it has decided to make the importation of EVs even more expensive through tariffs. The net result is to make EVs even more expensive and less desirable for the average car owner. Moreover, as automakers are forced to produce more and more unwanted EVs, IC vehicles will become scarcer and their prices will rise even faster than they are currently. Hot damn, don't you just love it when governments get involved in the market place? I look forward to hearing about the imposition of five year plans, they're just right around the corner.
  4. 1AD (that's how Armored Division is abbreviated) started transitioning to M1A1s in January 1987. 3ID started drawing theirs in 1987 as well. For sure all of 1AD and 3ID were equipped with M1A1s by the end of 1987.
  5. After about the age of 25 everyone is going through a mental decline relative to what they were at a younger age. BTW, do you think after Biden loses in November he will use executive fiat to declare a national day of celebration for the night of 9-10 November? Also known as Kristallnacht.
  6. Duty, Honor, Country, will no longer be values as part of the West Point mission statement. Instead, according to West Point Superintendent, LTG Steve Gilland, the amorphous "Army Values" would replace those words in the statement.
  7. One doesn't have to be a dictatorship to ban or demand the changing of how a foreign company operates. The EU famously told Microsoft to disclose portions of their operating system and remove Windows Media player from the MS operating system or else the company would not be allowed to sell their products in the EU. When the EU was successful that they went after Microsoft and Internet Explorer. That's just one example, I'm sure there are many many others across the world, across all manner of products and industries.
  8. In case you missed it, Trump lost in 2020. I don't recall a call to arms. Why do you suppose he would do so in 2024?
  9. Geebus. Robert Hur wanted to talk about classified documents, Joe wanted to talk about Jill in a bikini. When Hur wanted to talk about how those classified documents ended up in so many variable and unsecure locations, Joe started rambling about a guy who burned off half his Johnson.
  10. Being Epsteined didn't start with Jeffery, his death merely opened the shades to let the sun in.
  11. Who exactly is worshiping Putin? Hillary and her "reset" button with Russia. Obama assuring Putin's stooge, Medvedev, that he would have greater flexibility to negotiate with Russia after the 2012 election. Hillary campaign team, CIA, and FBI colluded with the Russians in 2016 to sabotage Trump's campaign and then his administration. December 2021 Biden green lighted a Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  12. On the contrary, if European countries, read NATO, truly believe Russia is an extant existential threat, then let's get Ukraine into NATO immediately so that Article five and can invoked. I mean if we're serious about winning this war instead of just pumping money into the military industrial complex to last Ukrainian standing.
  13. For starters European nations, that claim this is a fight for democracy, need to demand Ukraine not suspend their democracy by suspending elections. Next, the chickenhawks need to send some fresh young cannon fodder to Ukraine. As it stands now the average age of Ukrainian soldiers is almost 45 years. Time for chickenhawks to get some actual stake in the war, the easiest wars to fight forever are the ones you get some other poor suckers to fight for you.
  14. How noble of the chickenhawks, fight the bear to the last Ukrainian.
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