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  1. Kub/SA-6 could launch w/o lock, but if the lock was not established in 3 seconds after launch missile would "lock" itself, fly straight (more-less) and self destruct at the motor burn-out point. Base SA-2 could not. IDK which S-300 versions Syrians have and what modes it has, as those have vastly different capabilities depending on the version.
  2. Part of USMC squad development org was dictated by the heavy terrain that they operated on. So 3 identical teams, each with BAR was good both as semi-separated elements in rough terrain and together when Japanese attack had to be repulsed. They also did not have to bother with fitting in APCs, since their amphibious carriers had more than plenty space to fit 13 men squad.
  3. Nobody sane is gonna change T-72 for Leo 1.
  4. No, their targets are such that can be serviced by AK or the truck. If they have access to MANPADS, you can bet your ass that some plane is going to be hit, or at least such attack attempted.
  5. Yep. And while it sucked for most of the Eastern Europe, to a various degree of "suckiness"*, we all were able to survive that as nations, something that would have been impossible to do under 3rd Reich. Hence it is not really comparable, and attempts of such comparing to the 3rd Reich actually "dilutes" terror of communism, as compared to Nazis even commies looked rational and well intentioned.
  6. Problem is that US was not thinking about LMG centric squad but about riflemen dominated one. IOW, main firepower comes from riflemen, SAW is there to supplement it at the critical moment. When they introduced Garand they have removed BARs from the squads altogether and had 3 x pure "rifle" squad + "automatic rifle" squad with 2 x BAR. Ofc, reality soon hit and every squad got BAR, but nothing was done about riflemen dominated doctrine.
  7. No paper trail would be worse alarm bell than fake one.
  8. Not even close. No plan to exterminate part and naturalize leftover Polish population by Soviets.
  9. Sorry, but it is not even remotely comparable.
  10. Ramjet w/o guidance is... not optimal, as dispersion will be additionally increased.
  11. I think it might be older, but destroyed T-72AV with T-54/55 roadwheels:
  12. With the Karl Rove weather machine OFC.
  13. Irony is that it has gone less batshit insane in the places where women got those right earlier and where there was no significant job discrimination toward women.
  14. Sagnificant number of people also believe 9/11 conspiracy theories. So what?
  15. IIRC Israelis had whole series of saboted artillery rounds, as there was sort of range duel going with Syria. 155, 175 and 203mm versions were produced, but I have no idea how much of each was used, except that but 175 and 203mm versions did see some service in 1982.
  16. If you wanted to fake something like that it had to go over 3rd country or have false destination. To whom did Czechoslovakia sell T-72M1 in 1987 would be a starting point.
  17. bojan

    Low Passing Zone

    So it does not get lost in the "Kiev..." thread:
  18. If Roman gets mobilizes... based in which branch he served we are all fucked up. Also zero proof of that claim.
  19. Tank seems to be light shade, possibly sand paint. That indicates Iraq if I had to make a wild ass guess. If I wanted to be extra conspiracy minded, I would say as a part of some kind of deal after hitting USS Stark.
  20. I find that unlikely with amount of guided arty ammo they are using, which wll cost way more than a prox fuses.
  21. Just before WW1 Serbia bought artillery fuse factory from Ehrhardt (German artillery manufacturer). Specialists from the company stayed in Serbia until October 1914., finishing installation of the machinery in the factory. "War is good for business"
  22. Smoke is often used* as substitute incendiary, since it is not illegal, as it is not classified as "incendiary" ammo, as those often have strong incendiary effect also. *Israelis and WP in the west bank, US use of the same in Fallujah, Russian use of the smoke ammo in second Grozny campaign etc.
  23. Composite rocket propelant explosion I think. Too little smoke for a designated smoke ammo*, it looks like it comes from something that has exploded on the vehicle. *Soviets/Russians use mostly perchlorate based smoke mixtures, as performance of WP is erratic at low temperatures.
  24. Careful with that theory. KNO3 and NaNO3 were used as food preservatives and spices (at least in the Roman, if not classical Greek period) long before they have found use in gunpowder. Both will have some amount of other nitrates, especially Mg, Ca, Cu. Sulphur was used for sterilizing of the wine barrels since at least Greek period.
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