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  1. In that case it is a perfect irony, since сука/suka = bitch in Russian. So "You bitch" or "You sucker", works both ways.
  2. KGB border troops were embassy guards and close protection details for diplomats. That was one of their regular roles actually.
  3. Whatever ammo is used rifle accuracy will be better than what 95% of recruits can do. Those 5% that can usually don't use bog standard rifle. Retaining mags is absolutely sensible thing to do, but if you have to download your mags they are crap.
  4. What is a total length when assembled? 76mm ZiS-3 had ~3m barrel length, this looks a bit short?
  5. If I make such drawing with photon torpedoes or vortex missiles would you also post it in non-FFZ topic? And that is relevant to the above discussion exactly how? Does submersible can suddenly ignore laws of physics? No, unless it is nuke powered it will be limited by amount of fuel you can carry. And if it is nuke powered why the fuck would you need to generate hydrogen for? I see you are one of those people who clicks on "one simple trick that has doctors stunned" type adds? Because they are scamming state for money. Production of hydrogen is so well established and optimized that at best you can squeeze few 10s of 1% in efficiency.
  6. Keeping tradition of battlecruisers and Hood?
  7. Ah, Amiga 500 and hours days weeks months wasted on North & South
  8. Remind me, how Montenegro joined NATO? Was there a referendum?
  9. There are ways to extract it that are efficient, at least in theory, eg, by carrying god awful amount of alkaline metals that would react with water... and making your vessel floating bomb in case you ever have a water leak.
  10. Aren't PMCs ultimate expression of free market economy? You dirty commie.
  11. Buuuuuulshiiiiit. Problem with electrolysis is that you use way more energy for electrolysis than you could get from burning hydrogen. Primary school (or maybe 1st year high school, depending how much your education system is dumbed down) chemistry says why. Hence "extracting hydrogen for power" is a bullshit of the highest order, if you can extract it from water you already have more than enough power onboard, in which case question is "why bother"?
  12. US has plenty of those "little people" laws also, like "speed traps" with abrupt drop in allowed speed that are illegal in Europe. All those laws serve a same purpose - filling a budget, not making streets safer. Re double jeopardy - locally, if fined for something missing on the vehicle (like having no functioning lights during day) and ordered out of traffic (since vehicle must have certain parts to be part of traffic) you are allowed to drive home and are exempt from being fined for same thing while doing so. But you must do so as soon as you are able. During night you would have to call tow truck for non-functioning lights. For non-critical parts that are still mandatory (yellow safety vest for example) you have IIRC 48 or 72 hours grace period after being fined to fix them before risking a fine again.
  13. New rules in previously totally unregulated eastern Europe. In his example Hungary (it has made news here), but I know few cases from Croatia also. Still has not came to Serbia, but it is a question of a day when it will.
  14. IDK stats for US, but I can tell you that in Serbia* those 65+ were ~45%. based on data until June this year. Large portion are people younger than 45 (~20%) , and 45-65 - about ~35%. No data on comorbities, but a friend who has died was 46 and reasonably healthy, if somewhat fat (not obese), but that is a single example, so nothing to build statistics on. With the latest wave it is more and more young ones with "heavy" sickness requiring hospitalization or respirator treatment (atm healthy coworker, 29y/o is at respirator with iffy chances) and those sub-65 are about 60% of patients in hospital vs about 50% previously (no data about deaths from latest wave so far) This is either due the Delta being more efficient in infecting younger people severely, or the fact that most 65+ vaccinated (through most often with Sinopharm that has very iffy efficiency with older people). *There is a question of what was counted as covid death since Serbia had 30 000 excess mortality last year, compared to 6000 "official" deaths from covid.
  15. No, missing front and back lights on the bicycle. During the day.
  16. And autonomous one, unlike current crop that are targeted and sometimes even guided by people in the loop. Very good missile, with only problem being small warhead. Fact that it was retired instead of keeping it with upgrades is mindboggling to me.
  17. Small pox vaccine produced 19 deaths per 18 million vaccinated (plus 4 additional suspected but not proven to be caused by the vaccination) during 1972. inoculation in Yugoslavia. Which is ~about same rate as AZ has. I have previously posted how many were also seriously affected with lasting consequences (IIRC few 100s). BCG vaccine had about same 1/million death rate among children, base on more than 30 years of data. Even worst vaccine ever produced, Japanese MMR had 3/100k death rate vs 41/100k death rate for unvaccinated children. It is basically same story as Introduction of helmets in WW1 which has lead to a sharp (1700% or something wild as that) increase in the number of people hospitalized for head and neck injury. Some people deduced that helmets are causing those. Other realized that those people would have most probably died w/o it.
  18. It could have been static test.
  19. Because they might not have had any APFSDS or HEAT. Or it was a round loaded at that moment. Or whatever.
  20. PPU has full schedule for next 4 or 5 years, despite expansion.
  21. If the Sea Vixen had normal cabin(s) I would strongly disagree, but alas it did not so I have no arguments.
  22. Same reason lot of them don't like IVM or HCQ or heavy use of antibiotics in fighting covid and it's co-infections. They are too narrowly focused on potential problems and not about actually fighting the disease. Which is IMO all the level of the wondering about water damage from extinguishing fires in your house by firefighters, but to each his own.
  23. They can not have Russian made ammo anymore, because... "human rights".
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