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  1. Degrees, like money, suffer from being printed too much.
  2. Biden's campaign manager fired the statistician that pointed out that the GOP wins after rioting.
  3. The former didn't grade his own tests, that's for sure.
  4. I was talking to one chick that lived in a barbershop. She denied that she did.
  5. I lived near Frederick in Martinsburg during my 3rd year of med school. I had friends that did their 3rd year there.
  6. From what she tells me, a protectorate of Cuba nowadays.
  7. I've got a friend out in Venezuela who lives near the border. Good thing she's a city girl.
  8. More diversity = more DNC voters? Nope. https://www.city-journal.org/cracks-in-the-rainbow-coalition
  9. Even with the 40mm AGL? Sure, it's no Abrams, but I took one scenario just hosing a town with that and .30cal alone.
  10. A comedian once said everyone had so much sex during the 70's because they wanted an excuse to get out of all that awful clothes.
  11. Yes, it's actually happening:
  12. This is long overdue. Especially since they had all the equipment models they needed from Shock Force and Black Sea. Plus, those two were pretty imbalanced, especially the former. Here's my money.
  13. It's never too late for an Exzibit meme: Yo dog, I heard you like civil war. So we put a civil war in your civil war so you can let violent conflict spin out of control while you tweet.
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