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  1. I might give it a chance. Vangelis' music in it was awesome.
  2. No one's gonna believe that a bunch of +40 year olds were soldiers back then.
  3. I saw that one too. He's a fave. When I watched it, it further killed my enthusiasm to see it. He still needs to react to the final battle in SPR.
  4. Was that Brandon F? Not that there are a few history buff youtubers. Including one literaly called "Hostory Buffs." I might watch it just for the visuals in a big screen. Otherwise, one of my favorite reviewers, Armond White of the National Review, had few kind words for both it and Scott.
  5. I'm more excited about him than any US presidential candidate, ever.
  6. So many tbi's present with drastic personality changes, in apite of negative imaging.
  7. And the funny thing is? None of them would ever take it all back if they could.
  8. A typical NFL running back goes through the trauma of a bad car accident. So I can definitely see why. The idea of having to go play full-contact tag with Julius Peppers, Shaun Merriman or Cortez Kennedy is enough to give me arthritis.
  9. Yeah, many are "theater kids" and others are, well, theater kids (I was one, I'm one to talk). Sade and Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star. The latter is not so much a closed book but still in packaging. Then there's the opposite. Motley Crue members said they did drugs to still have the feeling of being onstage.
  10. "Is it was in the beginning, is now and forever shall be, world without end, amen."
  11. Have you ever read "House to House?" It's a memoir by a mech infantryman who fought in Fallujah. He recounted that they were constantly pulling bottles of amphetamines and opioids off of fighters. One of them was a screaming pile of hamburger, shouting Allahu akbar while being carted off by the medics.
  12. A secondary, hidden goal of the Tet Offfensive was to purge the Viet Cong. Maybe Iran wants to clean house and get leaders they find more amenable?
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