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  1. She is beautiful and a perfect casting for Chani. Let the forum know that Dune is my favorite book.
  2. Complete with Turkish whipping scene . . .
  3. She has flamed borders, that's for sure . . . Who, the director or the Iraqi commanders at that time?
  4. Nowadays, Lin-Manuel Miranda would write a musical about them.
  5. I know there aren't a lot of hip hop fans out here. In case there are, some may remember 1987's "Paid in Full" by Eric B and Rakim, especially it's "7 minutes of madness" remix. It has a fusion of R&B, motown, funk, Israeli (yes), and random movie quotes, making it work into a palatable tapestry of sound. Here's a remix of THAT remix, but with the sampled bits extended and elaborated. Reflecting the buzzword of "positivity" for the time, the lyrics are about Eric B reflecting on his time as a hoodlum, turning his back on that lifestyle, and making a living more legitimately as a hip hop artist:
  6. Ever see old pictures of her? She was actually normal looking and pleasant looking. Cocaine is a helluva drug . . .
  7. "Here's your target list, Vlad. Please use responsibly."
  8. Gonna give this a listen latter. Citypop is for real.
  9. Watch they go full post-modern and make it a comedy.
  10. That's pretty much the MAIZ protocol in Honduras, minus zinc.
  11. What was the deal with subsaharan Africa's low numbers? (minus South Africa)
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