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  1. Gasp, assault on the Royal Person! Guards, guards!
  2. Yeah it's like a freak show but incels confuse it for a nature documentary. One guest I like on their is a certain "hoe_math." In spite of the name, he is one of the more respectful in the manosphere, ie, teaches to not do cold approach with women.
  3. What a political arc that man had.
  4. You, sir, are an outlier. Most Wire fand aren't wild about it, but they miss the point. I do like season 2, it's fascinating and it shows a different side of the American city.
  5. Some thoughts from a professional. The comments are a goldmine. https://youtu.be/gPnSkKSogsE?si=Q2KTT3WwpYelHknr
  6. What's funny about that race selektion stuff is that they get even pickier within groups. Before I applied to get in med school, everyone told me to mention that I was Hispanic in the application. However, for the Hispanic selections it was: Chicano or Mexican Cuban or Puerto Rican Other (me) To me, it seems they are more worried about the first 2 than the last.
  7. Looks like they want a lot of people to see them.
  8. The horny got to them. It tricked them. It clouded their perceptions with illusions that no, that is totally not a rightwinger media personality incognito and yes, they are totally going to smash tonight.
  9. Apply this to anyone in government or the military with top secret knowledge in a technical field. Chances are, they are socially clueless autists who couldn't get laid in a 2-bit cathouse with 5. America is one episode of fellatio away from having aallof her national security compromised. See: Snowden
  10. "Juke the stats" a la The Wire
  11. Is the Grate Site updated on the Cerveza Cristal meme? https://twitter.com/search?q=Cerveza Cristal &src=typed_query
  12. I need to watch CoD. I even bought it, but gave it and a ton of my stuff away during a move. At least the mini series had the banquet scene and soemthing like Feyd's bday, even if they took liberties. I reread those scenes in the book a lot btw.
  13. If you love watching a tennis match between complete idiocy and better sense, watch @whatever podcasts
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