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  1. This account on the twitface is gold. "Criminals Losing"
  2. I've noticed it too. Since like 5-6 years ago. We sad. America sad.
  3. Anybody keeping up with the water situation in Jackson, MS?
  4. That man has gigatons of swag. I always admired his confidence. On another note.... who's watching The Sandman?
  5. Oh and they will find a reason to "liberate" a piece of the neighbor's property.
  6. Great find, @BansheeOne! Their current constitution has a clause for a market rate compensation in case property seized for eminent domain. I wish we had that in ours.
  7. I play Sky Rogue for that very reason. It's a cheap rogue-like combat flight sim, virtua-style. I can use BCM without reading a 300pg manual. Only downfall is ground attack missions with dedicated aircraft is very difficult due to difficulty with dogfighting enemy fighters.
  8. Nah, Micro Prose went bust because gaming moved on. Consoles started dominating, sims got less popular. It really is a shocker that sims didn't last through the 2000s due to the GWOT making all things military super popular. I saw so many clothes at the mall with fake military patches. One pair of shorts was covered in them, literally. Only the finest in Walt apparel.
  9. Trauma has that affect where it remains outside of consciousness, but manifests with certain triggers.
  10. The BS excuse I read on FB was "schools are getting more expensive since they need to be more competitive with amenities etc." It all comes across as bloat to me. At my school, they got a new dean and he just hired all and sundry to work at the school. If they have to be that competitive, that just means there's too many schools. And with distance learning being all the rage, why the overhead? They want others to pay for their mistake. Nobody really sat there and thought about the future.
  11. After going to one of the most expensive schools for my medical education (that's of any school), I've accrued ungodly amounts of debt that would make your hard drives combust. Yet, I don't want anyone to pay that off but me. I'm on IBR, which means it'll get forgiven at some point, but I have to pay taxes on it, which will be astronomical. I honestly don't think anything will get forgiven other than 1) jack 2) squat. I got on IBR because it was the only way to keep payments down to something I can afford. I hope to make enough where it won't even factor and I can pay it off myself. That's another thing, will the debtors pay taxes on what was forgiven? What happened was high schoolers got suckered. Everyone is screaming "college college college," but not asking what they wanted to do or why. Middle class parents turned their noses at their kids going to anything else but a university. It became such a bougie status symbol. Hell I think if they all got business degrees or STEM it wouldn't be a waste. But no, they went for social sciences, which all you can do is really teach. Somewhere along the way they needed to pivot into something else, and I don't know why they didn't. Probably felt like they deserved better. Oh and schools do charge too damn much. Just like mine. PS: why do yall bother talking to Milo? We're all Web1.0 veterans, "don't feed the trolls."
  12. Battletech for PC. I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but at $10 on a Steam sale, I couldn't pass. I've been getting into the table top game as well, painting the minis and all. The PC game is the tabletop version, turn-based and all. It maintains the hex-based maps, so fellow grognards rejoice. With it being PC, you not only get 3d graphics but a pretty nifty fog of war effect too. You can play the story mode as well as skirmishes, the former has some role-playing elements which enhances the experience. BT and I go way back but I never committed to it deeply, unfortunately. My brother bought the 2nd edition box set when we were kids and we played a little then. He also bought the novels, which I never read until a few months ago (Decision at Thunder Rift). I also have had MechWarrior Online, but I'm not too impressed with it. I hate freemium games. Also, it uses the Unreal engine, so it feels more like a twitch shooter than it does a simulator. I have it to play with friends, even though I suck.
  13. The seeds of the narrative have been implanted in the collective consciousness in the US over the past few years. I can see it in people I know, even though they are conservative. The blue pills are being Rx at wholesale levels.
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