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  1. Yes, and it's disappointing they never introduced a heavier shell, even into WW2. S/F....Ken M
  2. Another interesting thing is the post WW1 generation of UK 16" guns were junk, while the US guns were generally quite good. The UK 15/L42 would have remained the core the UK fleet's firepower. S/F....Ken M
  3. 1970's America was still American, in a bipolar world of limited mass invasion, errr immigration. That inherently limits the potential fuckery to be inflicted upon the American people. S/F....Ken M
  4. The US was already laying down materials and had the cannons done for the SoDaks and Lexis, the Brits were not nearly as progressed and that was the entire reason for the lawfare; the Wash Treaty was an attempt to maintain their status when it was clear the US could, and would build them into the ground. S/F....Ken M
  5. For actual first world nations, the diversification of the sourcing is deliberate and quite easily rectified by simply ordering the builders to source domestically, even if that includes rebuilding some industry. It's not actually a big deal, it's just made to be one for political reasons. S/F....Ken M
  6. Starbucks coffee is burned shit, and the people there are human wreckage, so giving them my money is literal self-hatred. So I don't do it, I'd rather drink warm ditch water. S/F....Ken M
  7. People work for their own interests. If you don't understand why they do what they do, perhaps begin with an assessment of what their interests really are, as determined by their actions, not their lies. S/F....Ken M
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/virginia-city-fires-police-officer-over-rittenhouse-donation/ar-BB1fTTPh?ocid=msedgntp One side, and one side only, is being aggressively purged from the "legitimate" face of power. Pull your head out and act accordingly. S/F....Ken M
  9. Yes, but this is the cycle of civilization, which many people simply refuse to see. Fighting, in all aspects, is what men do, for all their life. Hard times make hard men, hard men make good times, good times make weak men, weak men make hard times, repeat. Women are just along for the ride, the outcome doesn't matter to them as their fundamental role doesn't change. Professional policing inherently creates the classes of ruler, enforcer and ruled. It's contrary to the concept of America, and a direct mandatory result of the allowance of anonymous urban shitholes full of foreign "ch
  10. I think there's a fair chance this is correct. The shitlibs/activists/SJW's have worn down the pinnings of society enough to where the juice isn't worth the squeeze. It's what they do. S/F....Ken M
  11. Why are you supporting facehugger in the 1st place? Gab is where you should go. Parler is a gatekeeping attempt. No idea WRT MeWe. S/F....Ken M
  12. Bipartisanship should properly be referred to as what it is: conspiracy against the America taxpaying citizen. S/F....Ken M
  13. You ignorant innocents. You children need to learn some statistics and some pitiless objectivity. People vote their identity(ethnicity and religion). Period. End of fucking discussion. IKAGO doesn't mean shit. This is about generalities and averages. Of course there's corruption and fraud, that's what they tolerate, because they always have. If you have Africans, you have Africa. If you have Mexicans, you have Mexico. If you don't have Americans, you don't have America. S/F....Ken M Addendum: But yeah, the extortion certainly is part of it too: https:
  14. Don't let the perfect become the enemy of the good. It's a drone, not a chukar. S/F....Ken M
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