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  1. OK, so basically the Stuart et al response is "America does great HUMINT in spite of all actual facts to the contrary." Protip: Getting all your sources and agents rolled up because of traitors is bad... America does tactical and theater level HUMINT pretty well, I've been involved with that. It's because the people doing the work, with the skin in the game are making the decisions. And the subversive politicians/bureaucrats with their non-American and anti-American interests have little/no influence and/or awareness. I don't care what used to work before telegraph or radio, or what could work in some neo-Luddite world where instant comms don't exist back to the REMF's. None of that fantasy shit is relevant. The fundamental problem is that the political and MIC doesn't want these wars to end, they're too profitable. This works hand in glove with all the handwringing American and American resident pussies who are scared kill wogs to win. Any of these wars "could" have been won, at almost any point, with sufficient violence. But that's not possible. I get that. If you fuckers can fantasize about impossible HUMINT/IC possibilities, I can envision far more possible strategy options. S/F....Ken M
  2. I have no idea why anyone would think that we could ever become proficient at HUMINT, nor why we would ever consider it a primary focus of intelligence. HUMINT is a function of the exploitation of long term relationships and loyalties, think UK/Germany, Israeli/Arabs, etc. The US doesn't have that, can't have that really, it's more a mechanism to be used against us than to be used by us. You think we didn't do it well for the last 50+ yrs, we know this and yet we still don't do it well simply do to lack of effort? HUMINT is something that we can take based on situational conditions, like with Mexican gangs, we're not going to get shit from Pastuns 8000 miles away. Here SIGINT should have delivered 95+%. Particularly with the Paki infiltrations It emits, you kill it. Problem largely solved. S/F....Ken M
  3. Meh, you don't have to compromise ongoing operations. False choice, for the stupid. There's thousands, probably tens of thousands of dead who assisted the US in various fashions and were betrayed. You can start with the Iraqis who ran the smoothie shop at FOB Falcon or the Iraqis who ran a local shopette at FOB St Michael if you need to start somewhere. The simple fact is that the GOP is not going to do that because they are not the opponents of the DNC, they are co-conspirators in the reaping of the tax cattle. S/F....Ken M
  4. Clearly that was stupid. Morality doesn't have anything to do with reality. Reality doesn't care. The good guys always win..because they won. If you can't fucking understand that simple and yet profound statement, just stop. S/F....Ken M
  5. Crime is precisely what shitlibs want, no crisis=no pleas for more control. S/F....Ken M
  6. ^ Jesus titty fucking Christ...none of these 10lb brained morons have any actual experience dealing with the actual shithole dirt world. We tried working with shitholers for the last 20 years, and that proved exactly what we knew from the previous attempts at working with shitholers...they suck, at most everything. Tora Bora proved we were stupid and unserious, and this was all a sick joke. No foreigners should have ever been relied on, and every honest American should have resigned or simply quit after HHQ denied FASCAM and other tools. Tora Bora should have been hit with whatever nuclear weapons were suitable, and it should have been freaking live streamed. There's many other things "we" learned, but we have applied none of it. S/F....Ken M
  7. Are these not people with their own agency? If you were stupid enough to stay in Afghanistan after the Biden "election" well...we see how that has turned out. S/F....Ken M
  8. Once upon a time... I was on a mission where the savages drove a car bomb into a wedding... It's going to be like that, and worse. S/F....Ken M
  9. There's a core of high functioning Americans that prop it all up into semi-acceptable functioning. Think of it like PH buffering. But what this also means is that when it goes off the rails it's going to be bad. S/F....Ken M
  10. "I don't have the time to distinguish between the unfortunate and the incompetent." -Curtis LeMay. America's problem is that most Americans are softer than wet baby shit. S/F...Ken M
  11. Humans are rationalizing creatures, not rational ones. S/F....Ken M
  12. Keeping Creepy Joe as figurehead also is useful for continuing to direct the shame and humiliations upon straight, white, Christian men. In that facet, he's an ideal strawman, a meat puppet, a skin suit. It's part of the demoralization campaign. S/F....Ken M
  13. 2S1 from Vladmart is clunky and eats manpower. Manpower is where the money is. Towed is fine if you're building firebases to oppress the wogs, but that's on the outs. The 122mm/5inch segment seems a good place to be for performance vs size. S/F....Ken M
  14. Has there been much progress with the Serbian 122mm self propelled gun? SONA? S/F....Ken M
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