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  1. The United States are not remotely united, not that they're going to be states for much longer either. You put a bunch of incompatible people in close proximity, you pretend that people are rational and objective instead of rationalizing and self-deluding and now there's stress, what do you think it going to happen? I think I'm going to miss functional interior plumbing the most...S/F....Ken M
  2. Or the fucking firefight in Milwaukee the other day. Its all who-whom, every time. So, back to something interesting: what's the soup de jour? S/F..Ken M
  3. Only CZ pistol I've owned is a 75 Compact. Was actually a nice gun, but plastic guns are lighter and more "disposable.". S/F...Ken M
  4. I'm not certain it would be worth the full charge, like the USN L54/62, but using the 155mm MACS, as they did with the LEO-105mm would standardize on propellants, maybe chamber volume to throw the 70lb 127mm HE shell at 2500fps or so, for circa 20-22km range. You could use Volcano or similar for extended range, which is a low % employment anyways. S/F....Ken M
  5. Mine are sealed by a taper, I haven't had any significant issues with 556 or 300 blk. Being a taper, you don't want to snug it down while hot, that's the wrong decision. S/F...Ken M
  6. Seems a 127mm tube circa L35-40 using 155mm modular charges would be the best option. Heavier throw weight, commonality with existing shells, to include ER and guided types. There was the V2C2 105mm project, seemed to have a lot of potential but never fielded anything, as per typical US projects. Maybe not enough politicians got greased, or it offered too much utility to actual Americans. S/F...Ken M
  7. https://www.griffinarmament.com/sportsman-ultra-light-300-silencer/ Assuming a 30 caliber rifle envelope. They make a titanium taper mount but that's like an ounce saved. I like their basic brake/ taper mount, since that effectively becomes the first baffle of the can. S/F...Ken M
  8. YHM makes inexpensive, robust gear. I have friends with the YMH cans and they are happy with them. Not going to be light or "elegant" but they will last a long time. Most issues with cans are due to improperly mounted interfaces; brakes, tapermount, whatever. I generally suggest picking one brand with consistent mounting arrangements, since every company tries to tie you into their mounting arrangement. I like Griffin stuff. S/F....Ken M
  9. You have the 21cm Morser 16 on 100yr old tech, firing a 250+lb shell to 12km or so, for approx. the same weight as M198 firing 95lb shell to 18km (M107 POS) Given the increasing commonality of PGK and other guidance systems, as well as rapid decrease in results after 1rd splash, going to larger calibers is the only sensible thing. The US 8inch shell is too light, a proper HE-FB type should be more like 250lb or so. S/F....Ken M
  10. The shit eaters have been doing essentially the same fuckery in the intelligence sphere with 5 eyes for decades. "We have laws against spying on AMCIT's, let's get the limeys/canucks/some other wogs to do it for us! It's totally legit that way!" S/F....Ken M
  11. Should have murdered some minority in the ghetto. For even less punishment, should have killed a straight white conservative taxpayer. The Mad Max movies are looking like wholesome, feel-good family cinema. S/F....Ken M
  12. Now pregnant? The war hasn't been on long enough for that to manifest yet... At least make up some believable lies. S/F....Ken M
  13. Yeah, about that "letting women vote" nonsense.... S/F....Ken M
  14. The various Open Tip Match (OTM) bullets typically yaw and then fragment if the velocity is high enough, the open tip is a function of the manufacturing process. You can search and read the relevant legal paper, I believe it was Col Hayes Parks to wrote the opinion. S/F....Ken M
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