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  1. Jail is for the redeemable. This is the demonic sadistic mutilation of children. These creatures have no potential value, saw maybe as biodiesel or fertilizer. This is just elimination. Lots and lots of elimination. S/F....Ken M
  2. Seems as if the watch standing on the Russian ships is inadequate. Those 57mm's should be quite good at tearing up small boats. S/F....Ken M
  3. I'm sure DHS has tens of millions of bullets in inventory, and biodiesel plants need feedstock. Solve multiple problems at once. S/F....Ken M
  4. Reagan was busy fucking about with Europe's bullshit, near completely irrelevant to Americans, while the treasonous shitlibs were forcibly buttfucking America with amnesty for millions of foreigners. Surrendering California to an eternity of shitliberalism. Great Job, Ronnie! S/F....Ken M
  5. I doubt I could care less, but wouldn't a change in play style resulting in a loss "they clearly threw away" be considered "a fix?" S/F....Ken M
  6. Deportation allows the vermin to re-enter. Any non American committing a felony in the US should be executed. Frankly, I don't GAS if you bother with a trial. "Oh no, the foreigners won't come here!" I already support it, you can stop selling me. S/F....Ken M
  7. No, it's really not. It's OK for VBSS or something similar where you don't want to punch holes in a steam line or something, but other than that, it's heavier than an AR and performs like a handgun. S/F....Ken M
  8. It takes him much closer to how American traditionally worked, instead of this loathsome unaccountable mandarin class of bureaucrats. The spoils system worked, because elected politicians could get things done. Of course there was corruption, there's always corruption, but now you have corruption you can't address. The civil service system must die. S/F....Ken M
  9. And who was punished? No one? It wasn't done by "the post office" it was done by a person, or people. They should be punished. You can only punish people. Everything else is an inanimate object. Pretending otherwise is insanity and deception. S/F....Ken M
  10. I doubt the Bidenists will go anywhere near any mental issues in campaigning. Sure, they're completely devoid of shame or self awareness WRT hypocrisy, but they should know their candidate is a walking vegetable, with all the self-own potential that brings. S/F....Ken M
  11. Several people I know use 9mm PCC's for their less able family members. A Ruger PCC or Henry Homesteader with Glock mags, even if you don't do the 33rd happy sticks is basically an acceptable performance, 22LR recoil level subgun. Shotguns are the tools of both tails of the bell curve. They're popular with the toothless, multiple pitbull owning, trailer dwelling subhuman as well as the weekly training, family react plan rehearsing, former CAG guy. I find shotguns are nice for breaching doors, and other esoteric uses, but I'm not interested in that shit anymore. S/F....Ken M
  12. Shotguns are fine, Beretta 1301 is leading edge premium at this time. 870 or 590 is perfectly acceptable. I use a 10 inch 300 BLK, but I have always preferred rifles to shotguns. S/F...Ken M
  13. He was white and a Christian. That is his crime. Don't think they'll stop, they will just find another pretext, maybe they won't even bother, if they think they have enough power to overcome the resistance to their tyranny without needed excuses. S/F.....Ken M
  14. The 900lb gorilla in the room is that you can't compare what they have in mono-ethnic nations to what we have in diversity shithole clown world empire. America's problem is overwhelming parasite load. Anything you give away from free will instantly attract subhuman parasites. To the point of motherfuckers coming into a business demanding their "free wee fee." S/F....Ken M
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