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  1. They get to pocket the campaign money. It's glorified money laundering. S/F...Ken M
  2. In other words, the "Insurrection" was lead and organized by the Feds. In fact, it was an indirect coup. A passive aggressive coup, how appropriate. S/F....Ken M
  3. Not hardly, they should face the people, actual Americans. No government employees absolving each other. S/F....Ken M
  4. Obtain your own justice. No one is coming to help, no one will give you permission. S/F....Ken M
  5. The problem is that the system is fucked, and that same system is the mechanism to change the fucked system. Because the people were ruined. Therefore the only meaningful change is possible outside the system. You can say "pass laws this, amendment that" etc but how is it actionable? It's like the intelligence system, you can "know" everything, but if there's no way to act on it, it's worse than useless, it's frustrating and maddening. S/F....Ken M
  6. If she was a Milwaukee resident, she voted for Biden a couple times, whether she knew it or not. S/F....Ken M
  7. ^ This is why women should stay at home and keep house. Subhumans are gonna subhuman. And this is a parable of America. She continued to do something proven to be absolutely worthless, blathering on the phone, instead of DOING something. Yeah, chicks generally don't do stuff, they get men to do stuff....that time has passed. S/F...Ken M
  8. The problem is the population group that resides in the US borders. How do you propose to fix that? Fusion weaponry? Gas? S/F....Ken M
  9. Desantis is bought and paid for. He's been busy signing away the 1st amendment while in a foreign country. Ron DeSantis signs bill to combat hate crimes while in Israel (nbcnews.com) All these fuckers just talk. Show me scalps, show me the New Appian Way, the path from DC to Baltimore lined with traitors, then maybe they might be serious. S/F....Ken M
  10. "We" built the Chinese problem. At least our money did. We stopped building shit, we sold them everything they're using to defeat us. They don't address this issue because these globalist cunts all got rich off selling us out and now they want to transition to the next money grab. S/F...Ken M
  11. I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase "the process is the punishment." Actual American removes vermin from society, there's no need for any trial or process, beyond confirming the deceased is actually a piece of shit. S/F....Ken M
  12. The Marine fucked up, he should have dealt with that subhuman in far less time. Clearly a training or conditioning issue. As well as poor judgement, going to a steaming shithole like NYC. In the absence of information, people side with the homeless street vermin criminal over the Marine. All anyone needs to know. S/F...Ken M
  13. McCarthy was a limited hangout, providing an opportunity for the subversives to "Reee" and attack. The reason there are always inquisitions and purges and massacres is because nothing less works. You do what works, or you die. It's just that simple. S/F....Ken M
  14. Almost everyone who's been on a real rez like Rosebud SD would see very little benefit to falsely claiming to be an Indian. Aside from those insane people who fetishize the victim status. S/F....Ken M
  15. Demonic. Munchausen's by Proxy. Where are the "medical" and other "leaders" going after these fucked up bitches who are torturing and mutilating their children? S/F....Ken M
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