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  1. If you're dealing with the Soviets, the ShVAK 20mm seems to have excellent performance for it's weight. S/F....Ken M
  2. It's not the union, it's that schmuck CEO they had, some cocksucker who went to SIG and fucked that all up. S/F....Ken M
  3. Yes, if we had closed the borders airlock tight in 2016, we'd be far better off today. In fact, better late than never. Might as well repatriate a couple tens of millions of foreigners too, just in case.... S/F....Ken M
  4. Of course it is, as it allows greater time for machinations and fuckery. Of course, the first thing to do after the coming Purge cleanses the US is to invade the North and continue the Great Crusade. S/F...Ken M
  5. Needs more flamethrower!! S/F...Ken M
  6. Great, so they can be "lost" or "misplaced?" GTFO. S/F....Ken M
  7. You ruthlessly protect your industry from foreigners, because commerce is war, but you mercilessly enforce competition among internal business. This is the complete inversion of the fuckery inflicted on Americans. What we have is the oligarchs getting obscenely rich from foreign treachery and protected monopolistic business, the perpetual bottom class of foreign parasites and surly freeloaders get bread and circuses while actual Americans get pitiless Oliver Twist "capitalism." S/F....Ken M
  8. Never, ever talk to the media. S/F....Ken M
  9. The shitlibs have to cover for the Biden crime family, they're all in, if he goes down, that's one more branch tied to them. Just like Epstein, and Weiner, and Podesta and so on and so on. Just remember proles, it's all conspiracy craziness, just make-believe. Just like most other forms of degeneracy, they don't actually enjoy the act itself nearly as much as the transgression and even better if they force you to be involved with it somehow. You could make it legal everywhere but on the moon, and the freaks would be clamoring for taxpayer funded space travel. S/F....Ken M
  10. Don't use the enemies tech, don't give them money or views or anything. Use Gab or something if you must. Parler I'm not aware of. The enemy is always looking to isolate and coral "conservatives" into ghettos via Judas goats and false flags. S/F....Ken M
  11. Less jaw-jaw, more smashing them in the face. None of these tech whores should have Section 230 protection as "providers", they're indisputably editors and should be sued for various slanders because of their whoredom. S/F...Ken M
  12. USA has almost 200 60pdr's and ammunition that they simply "disposed of", mostly as memorials, in 1931. S/F....Ken M
  13. The ballistics on those 7cm Skoda would make them a nice antitank gun, even through the end of WW2. S/F....Ken M
  14. That would be more suitable for coastal defense, and completely sufficient. Not even Goeben or a Gangut are going to ignore 22cm shells. S/F....Ken M
  15. Aspiring more towards this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BL_12-inch_railway_howitzer#/media/File%3A12inchRailwayHowitzersMkVCatterick12December1940.jpg Railroad size justifies decent sized equipment. 8inch is the smallest worth considering. S/F...Ken M
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