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  1. Homosexuals are inherently self destructive; normal people just need to prevent them from wrecking society along with themselves. S/F....Ken M
  2. Good, now the guy has a real commitment to systemic change. No half measures. S/F....Ken M
  3. Might be sniper rifles. No Garand m1c yet. Grenade launcher would have the spigot mounted. S/F...Ken M
  4. Trying to placate actual Americans is wise policy, since a nontrivial portion of American residents, the actual American part, would like to give most Federal and much of local LE the Iraqi police treatment. And that would take about a month or two, mostly the delay as word spreads and the preference cascade begins. Revolutionaries generally try to generate a regime crackdown, as that is what stimulates the revolution. As I repeatedly say, and no one seems to accept or understand, Trump is a symptom, not a cause. He's a focal point to rally around, if he's martyred, the next one will be amped up more. Congratulations shitlibs, you're making WH40K real. S/F....Ken M
  5. They probably realized it's about to start fielding actual useful systems, so it's time to cut it off. S/F....Ken M
  6. The "news media" exists to lie to you. S/F....Ken M
  7. What a stereotypical load of shameless, bald faced shitlib lies. A Greyhound ticket from shit Louis to shitcago is forty bucks. I'd bet there's no shortage of satanic shitlib oligarchs that would fly their private jet for that girl just so they could watch a baby get murdered. S/F...Ken M
  8. Meh, fuck the police! Public resources handing a private property problem. All sides of this are vermin, aside from shipping all of them somewhere else(outside the border), how is taxpayer money doing fuck-all good here? S/F....Ken M
  9. My local dealer has a early Speed Triple that's beautiful, with 131k miles on it. People just need to take care of them. https://www.triumphwaukesha.com/used-inventory/-1997-triumph-speed-triple S/F....Ken M
  10. Regular APCs ie M113 perform like shit vs anti tank mines. They're self tamping. I'm uncertain as to mass, but the mid sized MRAPs ie MAXXPro don't seem any larger than the Russian trucks pictured. Properly designed mine resistance tracked vehicles are doubtlessly a good idea. S/F....Ken M
  11. 2016 Ram 1500 4x4 1968 Dodge Charger RT 2006 Triumph Tiger 955i 2007 Triumph Speed Triple 1050 2009 Triumph Sprint 1050 ST Audi...German frustrated cuckoo clock makers. S/F...Ken M
  12. Who were the leading advocates for "hate crime" and "civil rights" legislation? Feel no pity. Reap as they sew. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-13327237/Joey-Barton-reveals-visited-police-four-times-three-days-controversial-tweets-one-visit-coming-9-30pm-night-ex-footballer-suggests-UK-turning-North-Korea.html S/F...Ken M
  13. Burn ethanol. Use aftermarket heads with proper exhaust seats. Run 13.8:1 compression, make moar powah! S/F....Ken M
  14. If you're generating targets, DF the jammers and feed that into your target matrix, seems pretty straight forward. Lack of DF assets? S/F.....Ken M
  15. At least Violence is honest. You can't fake it, or cheat it. These people fucking suck at it, like they suck at everything else. These freaks are anti civilizational. They can't be allowed freedom because they just destroy everything. Everyone needs to embrace reality, and get used to beating the savages and barbarians back into their cages or the wilderness. No, everyone isn't equal and no, everyone can't get along. S/F....Ken M
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