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  1. just saw The Social Network at the noon matinee. Interesting film about a very young curmudgeon, now the youngest billionaire, apparently. Clearly, he swiped the idea from the guys that asked him to join the project, and condemned them for not having his technical expertise - which is why they wanted to make him a partner to begin with. He contends that his version is so above and beyond their concept, but it's six and a half dozen when you see that they could've expanded down the road as partners over time. I do give him credit for seeing the ultimate potential. His sidekick and CFO seemed a ball & chain given his inability to get anything done, so I had no problem with his ultimate exit. It was interesting to see Jesse Eisenberg playing such an angry scumbag given his usual good guy roles. He's another young actor whose career is taking off.
  2. I saw two DVDs this morning, Splice and How to Train Your Dragon. I think Splice was a good horror film well-acted by the main thespians. I don't know how Adrian Brody gets so many lead roles in a looks conscious Hollywood, but he's become one of my favorite actors. I wasn't pleased with the showdown near the end, the creature should've been used better, what with so many abilities, but I think it was a fine film. The dragon film was also entertaining, albeit geared for kids, being pretty original, if predictable. I feel the hero and his girlfriend should've been voiced by other actors, but the whole Viking community speaking with Scottish accents was somehow appropriate. There were a number of subtle one-liners and a kid mumbling D&D statistics that was amusing. The movie was also beautiful and detailed, particularly during the flight scenes.
  3. Just saw Robin Hood for the first time. It was the Director's Cut, with thirty additional minutes. I must say, I enjoyed the film and would like to see the sequel, but it's lack of appeal will put the kabosh on that possibility. Perhaps the editing gutted the epic nature of the film? In any case, if you haven't already, see this version. And yes, there was stupidness and too many Lord of the Rings, Monty Python & the Holy Grail inside jokes, but it is a descent bit of escapism.
  4. Too true. Eight years in office and not once did he ask Japan to curb shark fin soup consumption - which can only have increased the likelihood that Somali youth would turn to piracy, of course. The knowledge that drowning would most certainly have preceeded being eaten alive by sharks, would certainly bestow a catalyst for recruitment. Have his crimes no limit?
  5. I think, in their world, successful captures mean lifelong wealth, death means waking in paradise, and capture means eating better. Their mindset is one that "I can't lose, so what the fook." I vote we give them paradise. One of these days, the civilized world's leaders had better realize that ROEs only worsen the situation when the enemy doesn't give a crap. Execute all these bastards every single time. Period.
  6. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I read the book and felt it could've been edited by at least fifty pages, and the film did that rather handsomely. It is also like 90% from the original text - which would've been mangled and re-written in Hollywood's hands. If you don't mind subtitles, it's a good film.
  7. I watched Signs this morning, and while I think The Sixth Sense was Shyamalan's best, I enjoyed this one as well. I was disappointed with pretty much everything else he did, but maybe down the road, his imagination will reward us. I'm watching the director's cut of Aliens, one of my all time favorite films. I just enjoyed the scene with the automated guns running down the ammo counts. The hopelessness of everyone's expressions is clear, but they resolve to fight on. Great stuff!
  8. Wow! Cooties at Columbus Circle. There's a lot of high-end boutiques on the lower floors, as well as one of the better Borders book stores in NYC.
  9. The Honorable German by Charles McCain. A good first novel about a Kriegsmarine officer in WW2. There's a romantic side to the story, but the author's focus is on his obvious interest in things naval, with a great sense of detail. The protagonist participates in each phase of the German maritime dilemma, on various platforms.
  10. Wow. They actually have an Area 51 doll that looks like one of those big-eyed aliens. I guess they must have an audience out there. I saw an episode of Real Sex on HBO several years ago, where they showed some 'starlets' being fitted into tubs of gooey rubber to make the molds. It seamed kinda dehumanizing, but if they gave them a bag of money, it's no worse than the rest of their profession, I guess.
  11. I didn't know who Kera Patrick was, so I googled and got her site. She is very pretty indeed, but the accompanying video of her talking leads me to understand the brain transplant. It's kind of a shame that someone so sexy isn't also interesting. I can't imagine the kind of life she led that got her to this point, but what else would she do, work in a salon doing fingernails? Luke, in addition to the rubber butt, did they mention a full size and lifelike doll?
  12. I always figured she was from LA wealth by her general demeanor. I had no idea she was Blythe Danner's kid. Her father is also a producer, so no surprises on her shoehorn to stardom. Hopefully the nanny beat her vigorously.
  13. I was watching Universe last week, and they've been tracking the big red storm on Jupiter - and it's shrinking. I wonder if traffic has been a factor.
  14. I abhor Paltrow these days thanx to her political leftiness, tho I did think she looked sweet in Shakespeare in Love. I prefer larger boobs on my cinematic babes in general. She is like flat. Scarlett is mesmerizing. She didn't have to speak since I honestly wasn't listening. I'm not a chauvinist, that woman is just wonderful to watch. I just watched Brooklyn's Finest, most of which wasn't shot in Brooklyn. There were many places in Queens and The Bronx filling in. Kinda funny being from there. If you like cop movies where black & white is very grey, it isn't bad. The body count is very high tho, for you girly squeamish types.
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