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  1. And I repeat to you that if you actually listen to what Russians are saying they would go to Ukraine sooner or later no matter about its relation to NATO as long as it is not part of NATO. Currently only membership in NATO can prevent large scale european war (and that is based primarily on image of NATO from the past). Everybody outside of NATO is free game. I see no gain in locking NATO in another conflict in the Middle East especially when West does not posses institutional ability to actually defeat its enemies here and at the same time its enemies' goals are way smaller than Russian ambitions. I think the only reason for wanting for Americans to loose another generation in mindless war in some as.stan is for other predators to have open field.
  2. It is interesting that after Iraq somebody still proposes another such intervention. I am sure that pro-russians cannot gave better wish than another western grinding there.
  3. I do not remember advocating furter NATO expansion here but I was not against it so I grant you this one. But problem is that russian stated reasoning for Ukraine has nothing with NATO - just listen what Putin said starting with Rurik in 9th century.
  4. So under right circumstances another 5 countries can be free game just west of Russia not counting Ukraine.
  5. You have somehow reversed order of events. At first there was russian declaration of hostility towards CZ and than follows Belgorod attacks using czech weapons (cz doesn't have limitation for Ukraine regarding use of delivered weapons). Just who could have expected that if one declares hostility towards other it can have consequences? Definitely in russki mir it is completely unknown concept.
  6. But that would be further NATO escalation towards Russia! Or something like that I was told.
  7. If I follow your reasoning where exactly should be western border of Russia?
  8. Thing is that Russian stated demands goes far more than Ukraine. See how many times I have already written here that Russia declared the Czech Republic its No. 2 enemy in the world. Ink thought that I am crazy when I wrote it here for the first time. But the problem is that current russian leadership is crazy with its demands. See Zakharova statement about borsch soup as one of the reason for war - she is their foreign ministry speaker - her statement was done as official. Another thing is your argument about NATO expansion as trigger for Russia. In a way it could have been true - except that Russians themselves repeatedly deny this - not only Roman here bur Mr. Putin himself and directly in that infamous interview with Carlson. I am amused that pro-russian Americans were so eager about that interview but now they are the last ones to actually listen what was said here.
  9. Ukraine doesn't have territorial claims on its neighbors. But Russia has and is very vocal about it. I don't really care about anything else - certainly not for that democracy spreading missions in some as.-stans which are result of these "democracy" oriented evaluations.
  10. Battalion itself can have up to 12 launchers - Slovak S-300 had 12. Technicaly there are multiple batteries in battalion but just one of them is the primary S-300 firing one. There can be close protection battery, acqusition battery (Slovak had 36D6 and 76N6) and technical/support units. PVOS battalions (S-75, S-125 and S-300) operated with enough people and means to sustain them to be combat capable 24/7.
  11. S-300 battalion organization has single firing battery with single 5N63 or 30N6. When it is hit whole battalion combat capability is disabled.
  12. Why bother with investigation which could uncover another terrorists? Maybe such investigation is the last thing russians actually want. Though I am sceptical about russian false flag operation the way how russian security service handle this ...
  13. So if I understand it correctly. Russia was warned in advance about possible threat. Dismissed it completely and even angrily blamed West for stirring problems. Than boasted how they eliminated some terrorist cell - naturally only due to their utmost heroism without any help from West. But to complete surprise the attack happened anyway. And russian FSB now immediatelly knows it was done by Ukraine somehow.
  14. On the contrary it was Saddam who was stirring round two and that already in 1994 and to horror and desperation of his own military. But he was talked out of it and we know about it from documents seized in Baghdad. Really Saddam was anything but military strategist.
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