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  1. I'm sure that they totally can't make it with a trillion dollars 'printed' every 3 months or so.
  2. Does Israel allow misgendering of prisoners as a form of torture?
  3. It depends 250 M1A2s should be delivered until 2026, original 180 K2s until 2025, M1A1s should all be here this year, K2PLs... well, that's where it depends.
  4. Hmm... hundreds of thousands of Spaniards marching to Gibraltar and demanding asylum, saying that Spain is such a mess that they fear for their lives and they absolutely refuse to be sent back...
  5. You shouldn't extract your own, it's very bad for your environment, may cause pollution of groundwater and in extreme cases your island might sink. Please buy ours mister.
  6. Autotranslated, our word "pacyfikacja" has clear connotations, it could e.g. be used for a situation where Wehrmacht or SS entered a Polish village to kill everyone. At the time, maybe, though Mussolini started implementing anti-Jewish laws in Italy even before the war, 1938 or so. Jews were also expelled from the fascist party around that time.
  7. Their production capabilities might be somewhere between Yuropian and USian in many types of weapons and ammunition and if I exaggerated, then not by much most likely. And some of their ammo stocks might be getting old, what a great opportunity to save some money on disposal. Same for some of their weapon systems.
  8. Looking like he is explaining himself to some pissants. He's a leader of a European, first world country, explaining himself to such vermin should be beneath his dignity, unless he was going to respond with a bomb on Nasrallah's head, to teach him some humility when addressing his betters.
  9. The bolded part. A leader of the EU country 'explaining' that they absolutely don't and won't do 'x' in response to threats made by some terrorist pissants, a non-state actor at that, is a fucking disgrace.
  10. You can buy our coal, not very good quality and very expensive, but we don't like the Russkies and you'll make the expansion of our military easier.
  11. Yeah, you did exactly the opposite, since the 1960s at least.
  12. Semi-authoritarian, but where our government AND a substantial number of the Juice agreed was that there were quite too many of the latter in the interwar Poland. If they wanted some military training in order to get their national homeland, why wouldn't we humor them? This plus Zionists-revisionists liked PiƂsudski, that made them good blokes, eh? Autotranslated (and VERY long): https://www.focus.pl/artykul/jak-polacy-stworzyli-izrael
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