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  1. They could into Poland, but apparently cannot into Ukraine.
  2. 10-12 weeks plus incest/rape/congenital defects/threat to mother's life/health exceptions, makes sense actually. Due to obvious reasons the best thing that GOP could have done was to pretend to be against abortion but not actually doing shit about it.
  3. Yeah, same as Russia really, where the actual opposition is far more radical and anti-Western than the collective Putin. Don't think that democratic China would be happy with the US on their doorstep, allied with Japan and Korea, preventing them from taking their 'rightful' place in the 'near abroad' and the world. I expect Japan and Korea would have been scared shitless of such kind of China too.
  4. I expect that democratic China would still have been an enemy.
  5. Arestovych's take on current grain ordeal and possible geopolitical implications.
  6. What kind of ammunition? Let me guess, the 'Eastern' calibers which the US doesn't produce?
  7. They should ask Glenn who will explain to them that it's impossible for Ukraine to have advantage in artillery, because there is a gorillion of artillery pieces in Russia.
  8. There are ships that can transport submarines, I don't think it would be economical to repair Rostov on Don though, looks like a write-off.
  9. That's up to Hungary to decide, Czechs and Slovaks are apparently interested - and from there it's just a short way really, a matter of some interconnectors most likely. That'll give Budapest an option which they may or may not use, maybe now, maybe a few years down the road? The goal is obvious - less Russian resources in Europe. Few billion cubic meters here, few billion cubic meters there and suddenly we're talking about serious money.
  10. If you find a box of crayons in the cockpit, it means you found the correct F-35.
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