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  1. S-200 probably still would have had to be fairly close to the frontline, which is risky as it's not a mobile system.
  2. Btw. I was referring to American woketards who forgot that Spain exists or never knew about it in the first place.
  3. And there are claims that the Ukrainians shot down a Su-34 as well, after the A-50.
  4. I don't want to shoot you, you're quite entertaining. I might want to shoot the thirdwordlers if they resist deportation or try to cross the border despite being told not to, pour encourager les autres.
  5. They can always order the new ones if they feel like it.
  6. If I had to choose between various brands of assholes enabling a thirdworlder infestation of my country and a fascist, I'd choose the latter every time. I hoped for Meloni to be as 'fascist' on migrants as the media said she would be and I'm disappointed.
  7. Whoa, a fascist appropriating a culture (and language!) of Mexicans! Off to the gulag!
  8. Yeah, I know, those that you claim are 'speaking for Russia' are much worse, as their imperial delusions are stronger.
  9. You better not, you're too white to get away with that.
  10. Well, Tommy Robinson is right on immigration at least, I don't really know anything else about him.
  11. Thanks, nice to see that not only someone thought of acquiring such capabilities, but also that it happened so quickly.
  12. Let's not pretend that countries with immigration problems would have done more for Ukraine if it wasn't for them. Very little was being done to address those problems even before the war, very little is done now. States can handle more than one issue at a time, the problem is when they choose not to or, in worse cases, actively enable the crisis (like Merkel did back in 2015). Now, if those states decided to address the problem I'd gladly have our guys assist your guys in defending your border and organising deportations. Not only that, I'd be absolutely delighted if such a call came.
  13. From 2019 but damn...
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