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  1. Do you have any sauce for that?
  2. 1. Lift the cat 2. Say 'I'm sorry kitty' 3. Put in on the floor 4. Sit on the chair. 5. Play vidya
  3. Pyongyang didn't and still doesn't give a flying fuck about the suffering of their citizens. The government will feed itself, after all. The Taiwanese were sold once already.
  4. Not that well, but there was no good option really and we were fucked either way. Nobody had a 20/20 hindsight, you know. Sure, we could have allied ourselves with the Austrian Painter, but that had the potential of being even more problematic in case of the war ultimately lost and ... the war ultimately won. And it was the British who came up with the idea of Operation Unthinkable in 1945 and it was the Americans that weren't really interested. First of the many postwar mistakes, abovementioned Suez Crisis is another example. Between that Mac wanted to nuke chicoms, he was right. Having
  5. Sunday, my grandfather spent 5 years in a pow camp in a war trying to prevent fascists occupying Poland. By way of contrast, what did YOUR country do for them? So, your grandfather spent 5 years in a pow camp, and the Communists took half Europe. If that is a desired outcome... MY country defeated the Communists, with some, little help from the Western democracies, and, of course, did not enjoy the Marshall Plan postwar because... Fascism! Yet another mistake, but it wasn't because of the British.
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