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  1. Well, not to defend PiS morons, as I loathe them (mostly for different reasons than 'authoritarianism'), but one could point out that it MIGHT be a problem when the rules are not the same for everyone. And not just for different states, but even in the same state, depending on which political party you represent. There's no uproar when the country of the 'old EU' declares the primacy of their law over EU law in some cases, several countries already did that. There is one when the 'new' country does that, especially one with government not really appreciative of 'progressive' 'values'. There was no uproar when the previous ruling party packed the constitutional court before the expected electoral loss, there is one when the current government does similar things. Either both things are wrong and unconstitutional or none of them is.
  2. Oh, there is one, 1800 pages long. More realistic though.
  3. Books should be interesting. Sooo, North America remains largely British, what's so fascinating about it?
  4. I don't think I've ever read AH scenario where American Revolution fails. But I did read one where New England seceded over Embargo Act in 1811 and the British helped them succeed. Without much of a liberal influence the US expands and there's slavery, slavery and even more slavery. More slaves, more categories of slaves, more conquests.
  5. At some point it may no longer be about winning.
  6. Retaliatory strike capability would be much cheaper than "shooting down technology". Just bend the Article 9 a bit more, nothing new. 😉
  7. I think it was the same in France, at that time Stalin did what he could to remove obstacles from Painter's way. Komintern was managed directly from Moscow.
  8. Well, I am for sure not going to consoom new 'wokeified' remakes/adaptations of... pretty much anything. I just hope at least some of the hobbyist communities will be successful in gatekeeping, I'd rather avoid 'equality', 'openness', 'diversity' and other dirty words in 'my backyard'.
  9. No idea if for example Forrestal would have been substantially cheaper than CVA01, but that's not my point. Both of the US vessels were rather old at the time and in fact the Americans decomissioned them just a few years after RN considered buying them. That would be pretty much replacing one worn out carrier with another worn out carrier.
  10. People are still commemorating Daphne, some week+ ago I saw her photo with flowers and candles in Valletta. I even took the picture, but it's apparently too big for TN and I'm apparently too lazy to resize it.
  11. Would such a move make sense? Both ships were decommissioned a few years after the RN supposedly 'nearly bought' them.
  12. Mostly shia, but they aren't really a religious society. Just like Albania is pretty much nominally muslim.
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