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  1. Lol politics as online dating.
  2. But the CIA was there and cocaine was being made, so it still breaks the plane. On another note, aren't we all glad that we don't have to be friends with our favorite artists'? Case in point:
  3. That movie was so good I don't want to see it again. There was a phase where I was obsessed with it. Not good times. I think "Encanto" is the only movie set in Latin America that does not involve crime, politics or immigration. I love national anthems. Outside of my own, my fave is New Zealand's. 100% pure emotion on "Rich Men." Phenomenal voice, and nobody plays dobro half-assed. I listened to Oliver's other songs, they are solid.
  4. Fake as hell. When it's thin, it's not like that. The pic on the left looks like something from a youtube title card.
  5. Regarding his chef and his mysterious death, Tim Dillon's response said it best: "There's no good reason to go to your boss's house on your day off."
  6. Quite progressive of them, really.
  7. The shoulder is one of those joints that harbors a grudge better than others, except those in the spinal column. Here's to your health.
  8. As soon as I saw "jacobin," I knew I was in for one giant leaky dumpster of a take. Way to declare all your bugs as features. Btw would this mean they'd be down for building a wall at pur southern border?
  9. Move over Obama, the mugshot is the best campaign picture ever.
  10. Lol he mentioned that in the vid. He said when you hear that song while riding, it has a big impact.
  11. I watched this video about a guy who took the City of New Orleans all the way to Chicago. It was enough to make me want to do the same. I've heard Amtrak has come a long way.
  12. Whoever thinks land in Hawaii will ever be "cheap," should look into the luxury timeshare I have for sale in Lake Independence, LA.
  13. On a side note, I've never seen a sport so internally sabotaged like NASCAR. Even basketball's leadership doesn't screw up their league that much.
  14. I've seen the pictures. It's no less jaw-dropping than Machu Pichu IMO. I watched this documentary about the Chaco Region. Holy Crap.
  15. I've been watching the youtuber "Living Ironically in Europe," and I saw his vid about Montenegro. The countryside looks like something out of LOTR. Here's to your hacienda *cheers* I love the beach. Not sure if in my future I want to move to Texas or Florida. I heard Slovenia is underrated as a tourism spot.
  16. I've been eyeing the crap out of Paraguay for that reason, plus my recent fascination with the place. And from the capital, you can already visit like 3 other countries on the road.
  17. Has anyone been on vacation? I see some of you on TwitterBookTube have posted pics of your trips. What about those who are of the socials? Do you have any plans? So far, I went to the Alabama coast with my family, which is a few hours away. Water was beautiful, it was hot as hell. We tried charter fishing, but since it was a short excursion for newbie anglers, we only caught poverty fishes. My niece caught the biggest one, first time fishing too, but it wasn't in regulation so we had to toss it back. Her and I tried playing golf but it was so hot we made every hole a par 3. If there were no chilled water coolers, we'd have left. Still, she loved it.
  18. I'm glad to be corrected. I hate antisemitic conspiracy theories. Why weren't any party chairs Jewish? Why wasn't their love for the Israelis during the Cold War? There's a dumb one that pronography was by the Jews. I never knew Hefner and Flynt celebrated Hannukah . . .
  19. That's anybody's trick who comes face-to-face with the facts and has nothing to counter it. Es futbol, compadre. If you can't kick the ball, kick ankles. I made a good friend in tango class who is from Argentina. He doesn't miss home at all. He told me if you want appliances or furniture in your home, you have to get it all in credit. Here's to hoping Milei has better bodyguards than that poor guy in Ecuador. Word on twitterbook is that the cartels got him. Quito is a massive port for drugs.
  20. Yeah, the more I read about German technology in WW2, the more I notice they tend to over-engineer. I don't know enough in detail, but for example, many more advanced panzers seem like "garage queens." But still, there is definitely that is very impressive. I was listening to the G. Gordon Liddy show back in the 90's. He was a licensed pilot and a massive aviation buff (funny, he commanded a radar-guided flak unit in the 50's). He told a story about how the RAF had a Me109 and they needed to make repairs to the engine. They sent it to engineers in order to be sure how to fix it. The engineers told them "be careful with the camshaft, it's been machined to such tolerances that cannot be done even with today's technology."
  21. "Slightly better" is the difference between spotting that well-camouflaged antitank gun or not further away rather than closer. What professionals in any field demand in their equipment are in degrees of refinement not perceived by amateurs. Talk to professional photographers and ask what's the difference between their cameras and those of in the regular market. It's not just more features, but the degree of control. On that note, any camera worth a damn has a Zeiss lens. Ditto rifle scopes and anywhere you need a lens.
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