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  1. Even as a junior actor, he took no crap from anyone.
  2. I always liked these. Shame they dc'd them. Full size doesn't sell unless it's a 1911.
  3. It's like the pregame setup table for GMT's board game series "Next War." Sadly, no Ukrainian farmer counters were made . . . yet.
  4. He kinda has that . . . face of someone with opinions like that.
  5. There are two types of people on TankNet: 1) Those that say they want this dagger. 2) Absolute liars.
  6. No lie, she looks just like this Russian girl that I went to college with.
  7. I'll beat this dead horse until I collapse: ditching Shoot and Scoot was a mistake. It's even more important in the age of ATGM's and laser targeting.
  8. Aw man, I was hoping it would be an Asylum film. Boooo . . . So nobody is going with feathered dinosaurs? Is it too late to try to correct the inaccuracy? Will dinosaur toys take a hit if they had plumage?
  9. I'm not one of those who's above liking superhero movies. I'm stupid for all things Batman and XMen. But some of these movies are starting to become a blur. We're reaching the end of its wave of popularity.
  10. He nailed it. Btw if you want a more faithful adaptation, check out the Soviet-made "Mowgli."
  11. Netflix memo to employees: gonna be woke? Leave. https://www.dailywire.com/news/netflix-fires-major-warning-shot-at-its-woke-employees-with-new-culture-memo?%3Futm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=dwtwitter
  12. Christopher Walken has been casted as the Emperor for Dune pt 2. "Walk without rhythm..."
  13. Reading this site? Who? This is a tiny ass diner in a tiny ass town. It seems like most people avoid the ffz anyway and just want the military discussions. For reading useless arguing, they can always go to reddit.
  14. Maybe wireless energy will make us nuts, like lead pipes in Roman times. The microplastics are probably destabilizing our minds plenty.
  15. Even more serious: why does anyone even bother? You included. Do you really think you'll change his mind?
  16. 😅 Re: Handmaid's tale. I had no interest in seeing it when I heard about it. I'm not wild about heavy-handed allegories. But when Insaw the scene where the husband was wanking in front of his handmaid, I became less interested.
  17. Like Serenity/Firefly? Except a main character death wouldn't clash with the overall tone.
  18. Award-winning optics as usual.
  19. My state is dumb and lazy enough.
  20. If I were ever an actor, I'd want to be a "hey it's that guy" type like John Cazale.
  21. Or that the cars were stuck in the perpetual traffic.
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