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  1. Almost sounds like a bigger brother to FV102 Striker (which could fire from defilade using a dis-mountable targeting system), but able to lob guided demolition rockets instead of ATGMs. Since we're discussing military industrial complex resources rather than DIY, fiber optic guidance like spike seems like the logical follow-on to this, especially if you add augmented reality to the gunner display that shows a pipper on the target's GPS location to help the gunner orient. In principle, the core features of Spike (be it the fiber optic or NLOS version) should work fine regardless of warhea
  2. If you're flexible in the approach (so acceleration isn't crazy) an improvised cruise missile would be scary easy to make in today's world with COTS consumer level components (betaflight, arduino/raspberry pi, smartphone, etc). An undergrad or even just a motivated teenager should be able to sort the code out pretty quickly, once that part is done it's just copy paste, the rest scales fast, something like a V1 would be a DIY project in the garage over a weekend. If you want easily man portable it's a little more complicated, probably a drone based approach is easiest (either quad, fixed wing
  3. If they want to bring new life to tanks that can't carry anything beyond the 50L60, IMO they'd be better off developing a large bore, low pressure gun (like the DEFA 90mm) with low intrusion into the turret that can fit into existing turret rings, and opt for HEAT. Might struggle with graze or anything beyond ~60 degrees without the advantage of piezo fusing, but penetration would be better. 8.8cm HEAT ended up doing 90mm penetration IIRC, but that was without rotation compensation and un-optimized hemispherical liner, I'm confident with messing around with flash radiography (developed in 19
  4. Just have it reload like the Johnson rifle? Can use stripper clips from the side, or even single load easy enough to top off.
  5. 30x113 HEDP, 40x53 M430A1, and 40x53 NM264 have filleted shaped charge liners to help compensate for the rotation of the round, allowing for spin stabilization while still yielding acceptable penetration with these smaller caliber rounds. Curiously, some 40mm like M433 HEDP do not, and have a plain liner, and this approach seems absent on any larger caliber rounds that I'm aware of, which opt for sliprings + fin stabilization, or other approaches like OBUS-G type shells, if used in rifled cannon. I'm curious as to why this approach is used in some applications, but not others, and if the
  6. Both have their place, and others have already said it: it depends on what the job is (domestic or expeditionary, conventional war or COIN), and where you plan to fight. If I could only choose one, I'd prefer tracked, as they can go where a wheeled vehicle can go (assuming same weight category), but the reverse is not necessarily true. Wheeled is more complex but nothing that cannot be managed, and has undeniable advantages for rapid reaction forces who may be called to respond quickly over long distances, as well as for long term occupation / peacekeeping where threat of anything beyond
  7. Thanks for the info, that sounds absolutely miserable!
  8. I often like focusing on the bottom up when it comes to organization, but when looking at the sheer number of forces involved top down like in these videos, it's a whole different ballgame equipping the armies and allocating resources. Obviously they cannot all be mechanized or even motorized, but regular infantry divisions seem to play an important role securing the flanks and shoring up the salients to protect against counter-attacks. As the battle lines shift forward and back, do these guys end up moving around via marching predominantly, or does the limited organic transport assets shutt
  9. I seem to recall an asset that the USMC had that would have made a pretty good quick react, line of sight, land-based weapon system to protect against direct attack of that nature. It weighed about 70 tons.
  10. These sorts of things should be silly cheap to make, given how far cost of individual components have dropped. As far as how cheap they are for the taxpayer, that's up to the contractors and Government. Back in 2012 designing it to fire from a 40mm grenade launcher may have made sense but today I think it's a bit unnecessary to constrain yourself like that, you can have UAV munitions that fit in a 40mm grenade pouch that can scout and loiter too.
  11. Just remember, society forces violent felons to commit their violent acts, it's like they don't even have any control over their bodies. And we all know society is "white supremacy", ergo, QED. https://policetribune.com/dallas-chief-says-criminals-are-forced-to-commit-violent-acts-blames-society/
  12. They'll riot regardless of what happens with Chauvin, they didn't come all that way not to. Any death from a cop at this point is fuel for the fire, it doesn't matter what the circumstances are, because people have been primed by over a decade of media and demagogues stoking the embers and radically exaggerating both the frequency in which unjustified shoots happen, and the intent (assumption driven mostly on color of skin). People influenced by this rhetoric and anecdotal experiences carry the sum of that baggage with them going into these incidents, and look through the lens of that in
  13. Aside from not hiring the obvious tools, you need three things to minimize these incidents: training, experience, and burnout mitigation. Those directly stem from a certain degree of funding, job security, and manpower. You cannot eliminate those three things and expect anything to improve, all you will discover is a sense of perspective when things get worse. That doesn't mean protect bad cops, that doesn't mean look the other way at manslaughter, but it also doesn't mean throwing any cop under the bus as fast as humanly possible as a sacrifice to appease the mob either. They're human
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