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  1. Aside from not hiring the obvious tools, you need three things to minimize these incidents: training, experience, and burnout mitigation. Those directly stem from a certain degree of funding, job security, and manpower. You cannot eliminate those three things and expect anything to improve, all you will discover is a sense of perspective when things get worse. That doesn't mean protect bad cops, that doesn't mean look the other way at manslaughter, but it also doesn't mean throwing any cop under the bus as fast as humanly possible as a sacrifice to appease the mob either. They're human
  2. The masks apparently mitigate their risk to an acceptable level in the eyes of the state.
  3. If masks permit the police to gather within six feet of each other, what's the problem with the people doing the same? This nonsense happens in the US too with jews attending funerals "superspreader events" yet this is not, medical experts agree, because it's for a good cause. So people are rightly pissed. It's the very definition of gaslighting.
  4. Good time to point out the cops weren't six feet apart? This isn't about covid, it's about defiance, and they have to squash that toot sweet. I wonder just where their threshold of self reflection is...
  5. Banning braces is just more security theater. A criminal intent on committing murder is not going to lose any sleep over committing the lesser crime of unscrewing a pistol buffer tube and screwing on a rifle buffer tube with stock if they so desire.
  6. Well that's the point. They're the problem, and they're not supposed to get help, they're supposed to suffer. It's the only path to redemption. Also, there's no redemption.
  7. State guards, instead of national guards, would be a closer approximation to the militia since the federal government cannot federalize state guards. The Federal Gov could always just draft the individual members, though. Even if all guns ceased to exist, the number of criminals in a society who are willing to commit violence upon others remains the same. I'd like to at least have a say in the outcome. They also serve as a canary in the coalmine for tyranny. Yes, it rarely comes overtly in an armed society, and in this case correlation is causation. A state must be reminded that they se
  8. Biden is pushing for some course changing policies that don't bode well, including installing a staunch gun control advocate as the head of the ATF. Looks like we are about to find out just how serious 2A advocates are about drawing a unified line in the sand when it comes to civil disobedience, lest the disarray allows their rights to be defeated in detail "then they came for me..." style.
  9. Agreed, it was more of a general aside.
  10. I wonder who makes the final decision on the designation and name. I know some people don't like the idea, but I'm not really mad about it. It might even come in on time and on budget which would be a pleasant surprise. We do need a conventional high performance twin to complement the F-35, but they should have been a design incorporating F-119 engines and carrier capable so it and the F-35 could consolidate as the standard across both services. These contracts are all doled out based on who needs them to stay afloat to maintain jobs and skill surety rather than wha
  11. It's all too easy for people to take intangibles like that for granted since they don't show up on spec sheets of all the cool equipment, but the degradation of them serves as a canary in the coalmine. Rust starts on the inside, where it isn't noticed by most of the public, so the pressure to decisively intervene and be vigilant to ensure they remain on top of things is absent, or plays second fiddle to maintaining institutional opulence within the ranks, and platitudes from the oblivious civilian representatives featuring nonsense like "we need a 325 ship navy, no we need a 357 ship navy" as
  12. To be fair it wouldn't surprise me at this point
  13. It takes someone with both the knowledge of how it all works on the military side and on the contracting / corporate side, combined with a single integrated vision of how things should be, and how to get there. By the time presidents reach their post, even those with military experience, they seem disinterested in major reformation, and of course the joint chiefs enjoy the status quo, it's what got them there. There has to be a congress that's willing to be on the same page (to reform Title 10), understand that these will benefit the nation as a whole long term even if it means short term cu
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