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  1. ATT service in my AO is down, but our home wifi still works. When I changed careers to the aviation field I bought a couple of satellite messengers to talk with family if one or both of us are in an area without cell coverage. Good time to dust them off and make sure they're still working! Speaking of, I've created a family email account that everyone knows the password to in order to use as a bulletin board -- anyone who finds themselves with internet access can log in and see if a message was left in the draft folder (either a check-in, news, or otherwise).
  2. Just watched this incredibly well done overview video on calculating generalized solutions regarding how to get from A to B in space (either optimizing for time, fuel, or combination of them), which offers advantages such as unexpected or unintuitive solution sets, as well as how they work around the computer processing limitations with the various approaches. After my initial takeaway that confirms that as a C+ physics minor, I'm not soon going to be making any groundbreaking progress in astrodynamics (though I'm incredibly grateful such minds exist), my second takeaway is that it's incredible what scientists did in the 50s and 60s with the technology they had at the time. Finally, I believe if we had the educational resources we have today, from khan academy and well produced videos like this (other content creators do similar work, like 3Blue1Brown) back when I was a kid, it almost certainly would have sparked a much deeper interest in mathematics, science and engineering in me personally (less daunting than simple text based explanations along with luck of the draw with regards to teachers), and therefore would probably have a similar effect on kids today. It's an interesting feeling butting up against the limits of my own comprehension...
  3. A little bump with some advances in this technology, the latter half of the video goes into some examples regarding multiple virtual screens for tasking. Not suggesting an apple product, but it's an example of what's possible with regards to system comfort and performance. Might be useful to reduce system volume and weight for airborne applications too (ie, bizjet based AEW)
  4. What was the supreme court's rationale for their decision? Not finding primary sources on their opinions / statements, just finding media interpretations of "they're on our side this time so they're good!" or vice versa.
  5. Biden could federalize the Texas national guard, but he cannot federalize the Texas state guard. One workaround is to draft members of the Texas state guard instead. They might counter this by identifying as female and thereby being exempt from the draft. What a strange world.
  6. Why play fair? 🤪 https://botach.com/battlesteel-level-3a-20x36-ballistic-shields-w-viewport-13-lbs/
  7. If he really wanted to disrupt things, he'd try and convince tucker to run with him
  8. It's a step in the right direction, the problem is that it takes time for the market to adapt under the best of circumstances, much less when collapse was imminent going into the radical reforms. That means two things are stacked against him: first, it may be too late no matter what anyone tries to do, even actions that would have corrected the downfall had they been done earlier, in which case proponents of opposing economic theories will tout it as evidence that these policies do not work, and it will be the freshest taste in anyone's mouth the next time anyone proposes them. Second, even if it can result in recovery if given a sufficient run, it may take so long that the people will not suffer the meanwhile (especially given his antics giving adversarial media fuel to manipulate sentiment against him) and he will not last long enough for it to work. It would have almost been better to let it collapse and poise himself to pick up the pieces, so the blame will remain squarely on the old system. Appoint a more reasonable face to put in front of the camera but give direction in the background. The result will be more suffering short term, but less prolonged suffering and more stability with public opinion.
  9. Although that is the traditional place for the American people to get fucked, the official Democrat position reiterates that this behavior belongs in school libraries and not the senate floor 😅
  10. One big surprise to me is how big a problem IDF still is this deep into the conflict. I understand shoot and scoot, but I would have thought CBR would have been more effective
  11. Are hamas fighters considered civilians for the purposes of death counts? Or how do you tell?
  12. To be fair, I can photoshop a real image into an "AI fake" detector as if I took a screenshot, and people will accept that too rather than try and replicate it. Especially if it confirms whatever they want to believe. These are people who read the headlines and not the articles.
  13. Out of curiosity was the launch site struck? Obviously the launch site is unmanned and Hamas long gone, but does Israel use 155 for counter battery on the strip, or exclusively on station air?
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