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  1. In my case, no I'm not. Mourdock and the Indiana TP trashed a good man, a man who actually voted with his party 91% of the time. That 9% difference garnered Richard Lugar the "RINO" name and out of state PAC money kept drilling the term "Obama's Favorite Senator" over the airways. Given that Mourdock's rape statement helped energize the left and was used by the Obama campaign I have to wonder tonight just who is Obama's favorite now?
  2. The same in Indiana. Romney won with 55% here. Mourdock only got 43% and dragged or nearly dragged many GOP candidates with him.
  3. Please. Compared to this President, Lenin is conservative. The fact is the Republican Party, conservative or not, has lost the young, the latino, the female and the non-white blocs of the United States.
  4. Wasn't just the rape/abortion thing. The Donnelly campaign used clips of Mourdock talking about various things like Social Security, Medicare, and how bipartisanship was having the other party bend to his will and the voters rejected Mourdock. Mourdock, whose sole campaign strategy was trying to tie everyone to Obama/Pelosi/Reid, trashed a good man in the primaries and got his comeuppance tonight.
  5. Yep, the Tea Party thing didn't work out so well in the Indiana Senate race.
  6. I actually have downloaded a few of those as pdf.files. They make for interesting reading. I've never seen a hard copy of any of them. I may make a road trip to the US Army Heritage Museum in Carlisle,Pa. They may have some hard copies for sale in the gift shop, I saw some interesting books there this past summer. Well worth another trip even if I can't find any useful reference material. Not to worry. CD-ROM sets of European and Pacific "Green Books" are available for less than $50.00 http://bookstore.gpo.gov/subjects/sb-070.jsp
  7. As bad as it is, it's better than Kelly's Heroes.
  8. When I joined in 1977, recruits were "paided" a $2500 bonus if they enlisted into CMF-19 for a active duty period of four years. That bonus was paid at the completion of OSUT.
  9. Me too
  10. The correct way was to put the butt of the gun on the hip and pull the barrel back- which can be done with the Auto-5 and various clones. However with a stout recoil spring many found it easier to put the butt on the ground and push the barrel down... with occasional bad results. JMB patented the cocking handle as part of the Auto-5 design, which Winchester tried to work around.
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