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  1. I agree but the "political problem" side of it is basically impossible to solve, or at least the US/West hasn't figured out how to do it. It's hard-to-impossible for outsiders to establish a new government in a country and also make it legitimate for the populace, that's some next-level social engineering stuff. Most effective options are to either go Nazi and start massacring people who protest, or go Victorian England and accept that the country's always going to be f*cked up and just play off opposing factions against each other, but neither of those are acceptable for Western countries nowadays (nor should they be).
  2. That’s the paradox of counter insurgency - you can’t win without a legitimate government, but in most cases the fact that a significant counter insurgency exists means that the government is not sufficiently legitimate.
  3. I'll try to find some sources, but I've been pretty interested in this for like 20 years and the best answer is that it was a colossal screwup. Occam's Razor and all that... there was a lot of talk about how Special Forces are trained to help the locals stand up on their own two legs and this was the time!, etc. which is totally stupid when OBL was why we were fighting the war in the first place.
  4. Ukr without no Western support definitely equals Ukr losing in 3 months (or not fighting that long). IMHO the Pakistan nexus was always just a lame excuse (consider Pakistan vs the support the West gave).
  5. That's a definite theme among most pro-Ukr things I've read; junior officers are quite good and senior guys are stuck in weird Soviet stuff. This might match most conceptions of soldiers in conventional wars and it's not like Ukr generals are 70 years old or something, so might be bullshit.
  6. Yeah but applying for Ru citizenship seems pretty sketchy.
  7. There wasn't a military solution to Afghanistan, we lost it because the Taliban did an excellent buying-the-opposing-forces-off offensive that we willfully failed to recognize and completely failed at countering. This is not exonerating the generals at all, they spent 20 years lying to us.
  8. "Hey guys, our grandfathers fought a war against Russia in which they inflicted vastly disproportionate casualties and still lost, and then we became Hitler's bottom bitches, and nobody in our army has fired a shot in anger in 80 years, let us tell you how to do this!" In all seriousness I love Finland to death and welcome to NATO.
  9. Western military training/theory is basically useless with counter-insurgency (despite the endless amount of intellectual effort they've expended on it) but extremely good when it comes to conventional war. I'd hope that anybody training the Ukies are getting as much lessons from them as we are giving to them. Edit to add -- I really hope that Finland is getting over their Winter War we're special stuff and is realizing that this is going to get serious. You lost.
  10. So current wisdom is that anybody who replaces Putin is going to be worse than Putin, but is that something that people have actually thought about, or just conventional wisdom going in spirals? Like, is there any evidence for that?
  11. I'm obviously biased but IMHO the best people doing cyber defense nowadays are the private companies, because they're fully open to the necessary combination of ex-military guys and weirdo punk rockers (I'm like sort of in the middle). Lots of jobs there though! What pissed me off about the whole process is that they never considered stuff like "would you rather die than betray your country", etc.
  12. I would have had a lot more respect for Snowden if he hadn’t moved to Russia. Couldn’t he have worked out Costa Rica or something?
  13. Snowden, Manning, Reality Winner etc weren’t what I would call intelligence agents. But I would add that my limited experience with hiring in the US intel world indicates that it’s a pretty bizarre process. I went to a top-ranked grad school known for being an Intel feeder program and graduated with honors; I couldn’t get a call back from any agencies, which people in the know told me was 1) at 30, I was a little old and 2) I had previously worked as a journalist (strictly “top ten laptops for college students” variety). A friend who had the best grades in our program couldn’t get hired because of too much foreign contact (he spent a summer doing a non partisan voter registration mission in Afghanistan). Another friend who had spent their early 20s doing lots of acid got hired immediately because they also had an advanced technology degree (actually they’re a great person and is probably doing quite well). Overall most of the hires were straight laced women in their early 20s because they were easier to clear, or ex military folks. I have a great private sector job so I’m not bitter, but it did seem messed up.
  14. I am very happy reading this thread because this is stuff I didn't know sh*t about previously! I guess the knowledge gap is how the German Army went from just kind of fumbling around to having a fair shot at winning a world war. There's not a lot of info on reorgs/rearmament from 1939-41, and the usual trope that the German military sprang fully forth in 1939 has been proven wrong, so there must have been a lot of stuff that happened in the interim.
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