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  1. Came out last month and I’m halfway through it. I’m a giant Pedestal nerd so am quite enjoying it, especially the first hand accounts from Italian pilots etc. Hastings is definitely starting to slip a bit though (Helldivers won the battle of Midway!) and has started doing that thing where historians try to juice sales by including as many proper names as possible in the hopes their descendants will buy the book.
  2. I just got to the part where robdab admits to getting the value of Pi wrong! This is kitsap gold
  3. I know I'm the token TankNet Liberal but seriously, if you do sh*t like this you're just asking for it. https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/the-98-rock-united-states-minor-outlying-islands
  4. Shattered Sword’s point was that Midway resulted in surprisingly few IJN aviators dying compared to Guad (which was an even trade as far as ships go, but Japanese pilots got massacred).
  5. Guadalcanal was actually much more of a turning point for the war than Midway. Guad was where most of the highly trained IJN pilots got killed.
  6. Pay Trump $20 million to do a PSA on Fox News about how the vaccines are all due to his tireless efforts in 2020 and everybody should get the Trump Vaccine. Problem solved, tens of thousands of lives saved.
  7. Best part is that Glenn was getting warnings back in 2008!
  8. Yeah I think it was basically just another example of Yamamoto being kind of a weird guy, and also being anti-war.
  9. Going back to actual reality stuff, Toll claims that Yamamoto was insisting on a declaration of war before attacking Pearl and the fact that it didn’t happen was mostly bureaucratic snafus. Wouldn’t have made much difference though I guess?
  10. Second Pfizer shot made me feel like I had a minor flu for 48 hours — nothing huge, more like “consider maybe taking the day off work if nothing big is going on.” Annoying part was that I felt fine for the first 24 hours and thought I had dodged the bullet…
  11. Would be interesting to see how much British SOE-type info sharing had to do with sabotage vs local initiative. Some of the actions seem like the saboteurs had a little insight, while others are pretty basic (shove some random crap into the engine). Hope at least a few of those saboteurs survived the war.
  12. That’s pretty much how I feel about him; he sort of benefitted from a lot of upward trends that were going on in NYC anyway immediately before and during his tenure. He definitely went on a downward spiral over the last 20 odd years though.
  13. Oh I’d put Aztecs above (below?) Nazis or Mongols if you want to do Evil Ratings, but that’s just a whole new can of worms.
  14. One thing that I'm sure has been taught by nobody in US High School in forever is the War of 1812, or if they do it's probably just the Battle of New Orleans. IMHO it's a really important conflict that could have totally wrecked the US experiment if we hadn't gotten lucky a few times.
  15. "Which regime is eviller" tends to be an unproductive thing to fight about that kind of spirals, when you're dealing with super-evil regimes (Nazis vs Stalin vs Japanese etc). Aztecs were definitely Satanic-level evil and that's been even more borne out by recent scholarship (I recently read some stuff about their mass child torture/sacrifice stuff that I'm not gonna repost). The other Central/South American nation-cultures weren't nearly as bad as far as I can tell. The Spanish also didn't practice modern (or Mongol)-level genocide or anything, most Central/South American countries are still largely of Native descent.
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