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  1. [sigh] pipeline got hit by ransomware. Most of the sophisticated ransomware programs are run by Russians, as is most sophisticated malware in general. That's a whole 'nother topic, but this was a crime thing. Colonial pipeline paid it, which IMHO was a bad call. This was not some nation-state thing, it was a criminal gang that bit off a bit more than they expected to (and still made out great!) https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/05/13/business/colonial-pipeline-paid-hackers-nearly-5-million-ransom/
  2. “Insubordination” = refuting the idea that Trump lost the election because it was stolen, which is totally false. The Republican (if you can even call it that anymore) rank and file largely believe this, which is why it’s over for her, and also is why the next few years are going to be terrible for the US politically.
  3. Russian cyber crime and nation state activity blurs a bit. there are a lot of open-source examples where Russian malware developers get the option of either being conscripted to Siberia or getting a cushy job making Trojans for Putin. I still completely believe that this was a case of Russian cyber criminals getting in over their heads though, and that’s the opinion of basically everybody who seriously studies this stuff.
  4. Big Question for me is whether average Republican voters actually think Donald Trump is a God-King or just like him because he's owning the libs. It's tough for me to parse because I don't see anything in Donald Trump that's worthy of admiration.
  5. It wasn't nation-state stuff, it was a ransomware affiliate program that [insert metaphor] bit off more than they meant to and are kind of freaked out about it now. (This is all open sources). The ransomware team is Russian-language, but that's pretty typical. Good read here https://krebsonsecurity.com/2021/05/a-closer-look-at-the-darkside-ransomware-gang/
  6. Got Pfizer #2 shot almost two weeks ago (woo hoo!) Basically a minor-flu feeling set in after about 24 hours, lasting for about 24 hours; most people I know who've gotten it have reported the same feeling. Interestingly it doesn't seem to affect the seniors I know nearly as much. Would slightly recommend planning to take the next day off work after the shot, but it's not really a big deal.
  7. Haha having flashbacks to the WW2 Combat Mission and how Manic consistently massacred me. I did have one victory against a mid-ranked player where I managed to trap his Germans in a forest and light the forest on fire with flamethrowers...
  8. Major decision makers have no idea how “cyber” (stupid term) actually works. Still far too much focus on systems vs boots on the ground and their beliefs etc.
  9. Could do a spin-off about whether ww2 aircraft tech in the 70s/80 was survivable… imagine Spits/Mustangs/fw-190s slowly dissecting Pucaras while drinking beer and laughing.
  10. I think the UK was 100% in the right re the Falklands and am not shedding any tears over that.
  11. people should get vaccinated because getting Covid is a giant pain in the ass even if you’re low risk of dying, and getting vaccinated is much better than getting Covid. Seriously wtf man.
  12. You might want to read some of the earlier comments here. But actually in my experience, most anti-vaxxers in general tend to skew left. However a lot of the Covid vaccine pushback seems to be basically "liberals want me to do this so it's bad."
  13. Seemed totally acceptable (although I kinda wonder if it had any advantages over a ww2 era plane - shorter runways I guess?) They got slaughtered in the Falklands but wasn’t really their fault IMHO.
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