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  1. I'm pretty sure I do understand your point, and in a way, I also agree with it. But like I said before, I just don't think there's anything to be done about it. When a critical mass of people in a discussion no longer agree about certain epistemological standards, there really isn't any way to turn this ship around.
  2. It has already been explained several times on the COVID thread that BNT162b2 isn't the "Pfizer vaccine". The vaccine candidate was done long before Pfizer even joined the project. More detail here: https://biontech.de/covid-19
  3. Thank you for explaining these points, I will not pursue the arguments concerning Staff roles and responsibilities further. I will, however, continue calling out Jeff and Murph for their normal non-staff posting behavior, which I often find especially detrimental to the spirit of discussion on this site. One additional thing, if I may: The ROEs and Good Citizenship Rules of the site are often reffered to, even if they haven't been accessible for quite some time now (see dead links on this post): Maybe you guys could update these so people again have some guidelines for a
  4. Not pointing fingers is part of the problem. If you don't call out people for spreading bullshit, it tends to flood every thread and discussion becomes a pointless exercise of fighting the windmills. I mean, I'm not complaining. I still find the forum supremely interesting and entertaining. Not as a venue of real discussion, but more as a front row seat of experiencing the descend into madness of US political culture.
  5. The issue isn't about the "level of moderation", it's that members of the staff themselves, specifically Murph and Jeff, have simply left the area of rational discourse and mostly flood the FFZ with insane, barely coherent conspiracy bullshit (in the case of Murph) or malignant gaslighting or hyperpartisan nonsense (in the case of Jeff). One can simply go through the posting history, especially in the COVID thread to see a perfectly fine thread starting with interesting information and exchange of ideas and information descend into disinfo central.
  6. Oh, hey look, they found some actual voter fraud in Georgia.
  7. Oh, so you mean they will only conduct "_mock_ executions" of the traitors, then? 😅
  8. Actually, for a time you could do that after the switch to the new forum. I had Murph and Jeff on ignore for a while. I guess they noticed that after some time and changed it again.
  9. You know what else adds fuel to the flames? Declaring martial law.
  10. To be fair, the EU approval process seems a bit slow to me as well. In many cities here in Germany, the infrastructure for the vaccination centers is already set up and ready to go. They're just waiting for the vaccines to arrive.
  11. Also, if you look at mortality statistics in the US, it's pretty obvious that if anything, COVID deaths have been underreported there.
  12. They should probably begin by fixing the spelling errors, starting right in the title, OMG. 🙄 "Only the best people." Where do they even find all of these incompetent cranks?
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