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  1. Heh, which would probably make this the first successful combat kill of the system that isn't friendly fire or misidentification.
  2. Well, maybe we'll finally settle the Phalanx vs. RAM CIWS debate.
  3. Question is, what's the true maximum aerodynamic range for a Patriot if you completely ignore its ground based radar and assume it's guided in by some other means.
  4. Sudden death syndrome or suicide, that's the question.
  5. What? Food labels, more regulations? Are you turning into a Democrat now? 😅
  6. @Roman Alymov Let's save us all some time. Just mark in this map what parts you think are Russian.
  7. Your thought experiment was about Warsaw being "Russia again".
  8. You had no problem coming up with a value that Kyiv has for Russia, so why should anyone believe you won't find one in other countries or cities?
  9. It's not even a joke, it's just what people like @sunday believe.
  10. I don't see how you'd have a proper election process under Russian bombing, and with substantial parts of your population either fighting for their lives on the frontlines, under Russian occupation or spread around Europe as refugees. If they had an election, the same people criticising them now for not having an election would then immediately claim it's a fraudulent one designed to keep Zelensky in power by keeping his opponents from voting against him.
  11. No, Putin is a decent christian family man, unlike the satanist trans pedo clique that runs the West.
  12. Sure, that's why the MAGA morons here have suddenly stopped after screeching about Hunter Biden for the last five years.
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