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  1. Oh I don't think the economic issues would affect the EU forpol wrt Russia in the short term - it would have to be more dramatic akin to US/China war and the associated economic blowout to cause a rupture between US and Germany for examplle. Still it may put constraints on the speed of the European rearmament.
  2. Meanwhile things are peachy in Europe: corporate bankruptcies are approaching 2008 levels
  3. Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham in Kiev wonders why not all the young people are at the front yet (it sure takes a special quality being him): “I would hope that those eligible to serve in the Ukrainian military would join. I can’t believe it’s at 27” https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2024/03/18/lindsey-graham-visiting-kyiv-urges-ukraine-pass-mobilization-law/
  4. Thx, I am well aware Roman was making it more readable for the new Lebanon resident hunter
  5. Re: AK, Lebanon, etc. Would you like keys to an apartment and some money too? Nvm, I am sure this joke is wasted on you as you were ethnically self-cleanced from Ukraine before you were able to read Soviet classics.
  6. As I am sure a lot of other folks would donate to relocate you. Permanently.
  7. This explains constant moaning of libdem media and pundits a la Krugman about stlilly unwashed masses seeing inflation when there is none - just because you cooked the books it doesn't make the issues go away - if US had kept calculating CPI in the same way as in the 1970s, inflation last year reached 18%...
  8. Also their prime conscription age bracket 20-24 population is the lowest demographic at 1.3% - see the whole tree: https://www.populationpyramid.net/ukraine/2023/
  9. From the same article: Greece might supply Ukraine with its S-300PMU-1 system if it could secure the more advanced American MIM-104 Patriot system in exchange.
  10. Odessa strike: As of 15.00: the official data of the mercenaries killed in Odessa is 21 people. About the same number likely will not survive. About 60 more people were injured to varying degrees. 11 people were immediately taken to Romania by NATO helicopters... Mostly French, Poles and Georgians. Shortly before this, Americans and Germans lived there. Operators and maintenance of air defense systems. More than 120 people lived in the destroyed buildings (sanatorium Mriya) t.me/condottieros/2…
  11. The whole useless discussion was redeemed by this joke 🤣
  12. Libya 12 years later showed us how core NATO (sans US) had a very shallow supply stores of PGMs. I doubt they ramped up production before nowadays.
  13. Likely this is the original source: https://sputnikglobe.com/20240314/yemens-houthis-test-fired-hypersonic-missile---military-source-1117315182.html Not sure what to make of it: trolling or an indication of things to come. Since launching an aeroballistic missile requires a jet platform that Houthis do not possess (although there are indications they have a single F-5), if the strike will comes into reality if will be a "regular" surface-to-surface missile.
  14. Poor dude became enlightened: "I came to the conclusion that Western diplomacy is not much different from Russian. Just as irresponsible. It’s just that ours work in one direction, these ones work in the other; We also have a war, but by and large neither one nor the other thinks about the consequences of their statements."
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