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  1. Glory to heroes... err... Russian PVO 🤡
  2. FWIW I don't think China would start distributing DF-26s - too hard to hide, too expensive to loose. It would amass them around it's coast to insure a 3,000km exclusion zone for US surface naval assets that want to remain ... err on the surface.
  3. How many thousands of Tibetans did Chinese kill recently?
  4. Yes, of course. The point is China usually doesn't speak so forcefully on the issues that don't seriously affect them.
  5. Interesting - China quite bluntly supported Palestinians and characterized Israel as a colonizer and that the Palestinians have a right to resistance under international law, "including armed struggle", which he "in this context, is distinguished from acts of terrorism".
  6. We can continue: how about deciding Hawayans to run an independence referendum considering how Hawaii was "acquired"?
  7. A white South African is "being ashamed to be called a westerner" (he is not, but he is hiding this fact by calling himself British and now he is ashamed of this identity as well)
  8. Yep and this also could be the motivation, when the shit hits the fan, to exchange their sats for the US ones. Because they'll have two orders of magnitude more drones than US could field.
  9. According to Josh Chinese shores tend to sneak up on US carriers
  10. That's rich with all the pronouncements about Taiwan, containment and five carriers in your hood.
  11. Yeah, well the size and timeline are different. But it's all the moot point now anyway, I just got fed up with @urbanoid's bovine righteous excrement argumentation.
  12. Russia is doing exactly what NATO did. Addl step: Unification of the separatist parts with Russia is only natural since it was a gift to admin parts of it's own previous republic. No impropriety here too Anyway this is all offtop here and the point was Russia is not even doing to Ukraine what NATO did to Serbia, but could do much more. And back on the topic: Space assets intact while doing full blockade + destroying harbors? Unreal.
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