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  1. Massad Ayoub said to never speak to 'The Law' unless you got a lawyer with you.
  2. Good! As I recall, zillions of years ago a U Mass professor/Chancelor/President had 60 Minutes interview him (presumably to do a hit piece to enable Howie Zinn); when THEY were setting up so were some UMass Audio/Visual people, and of course the 60 Minutes people objected by saying 'HE" Couldn't do that" to which He replied This is MY university and the day y YOU can tell me what I can do on MY university ain't happening today or any other day--so the interview was unsullied. Howie Zinn was very pissed off.
  3. Ayer's son?! Izzat who the DA is?
  4. Why with that pedigree, Glastris is almost as big a public policy 'giant' as the gang from "The View" (And his name sounds Greek to boot! 😞
  5. Yup I do recall...but most of the lunatics were always on 60 minutes.
  6. Heck, My wife recorded something where they were watching Savannah Guthrie 'interviewing' The God-Emperor in front of some 'audience' The wide eyed look coupled with the rictus 'smile' makes me wonder as to her actual sanity or her credibility=much of what she tried to says seemed like a weak attempt at 'Gotcha'. Ah well...she does work for NBC doesn't she? I guess the MSNBC 'disease' has infected her too.
  7. OK; So, it appears the one that did answer must be a 'furrin dawg troll' IE: knows neither US Tax law or accounting practices--and as such, their opinions are worth naught.
  8. Hmmm...seems like nobody in the know has answered my question yet.
  9. I had heard from some source (sorry, it might even be apocryphal) that the ANC already owns huge amounts of land in the RSA; however, instead of doling out to their supporters they sell it to the Chinese for 'boocoo rand', and continue to squeal about 'The Boers' to their underlings.
  10. HAH! It's the 'Howie Klein' defense; Klein, is/was a SF Bay Area music critic/promoter/commentator/columnist on the Bay Area music scene and frequent radio talk show guest. One of his main shticks was how the 'Right/Republicans' were 'responsible' for all of his problems. He used to 'blow rope' even after 'Eeeevul Rightwingers' told him it was 'bad'--so when he was offered heroin, he heard 'The right wingers' said it was bad so that meant in his mind 'junk' must really be GREAT so he shot up! Therefore right wing Republicans were to blame for his addiction.
  11. "People Magazine"? That's almost as 'up there' as the public policy 'giants' who are on The View, wouldn't you say?
  12. Speaking of the movie again, there was a scene where Richard Best's wife and kid are at their house and they are literally eye level with 'Battleship Row', watching from their front lawn as it's getting pounded. I was just wondering for those folks who know Pearl's layout. Was there personnel housing that close or is it merely a bit of 'dramatic license'?
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