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  1. Don't those meat headed mooks have anything better to concern themselves with?
  2. not to mention that Santa Cruz Moutains are is one of the WETTEST places in Cali==I'm sure after this last storm, they just go drenched. Maybe those 'climate refugees' who left the area due to those fires will ever go back?
  3. I presume you're referring to this?
  4. speaking of the DC 'Po=Po', early this morning (4am) on my way to work, on one of my 'go to' conservative stations, there was a very s'tatic-y' newsstory about a speech 'Sleepy Joe' gave to salute the DC PD. I shut off my radio before Ol' Joe got too far into his story, but the news voiceover mentioned that the "January 6 insurrection killed 5 police officers and injured over 150 others'. I thought .'I beg your pardon, what did you just say?' It was almost like at late nights local stations have other broadcasts bleed into their 'slot'.
  5. Indeed, 'Just Some Guy' makes the point that many 'current' LOTR 'fans' are actually more Peter Jackson fans.
  6. Well the poster of the above vid (whom, as far as I can tell, is 'mostly African American from the South Side of Chicago, who's read Tolkien's works so many times, he even speaks Elvish) has made the case that Tolkien created 'Middle Earth' due to inspiration of the Celtic and Norse Mythology of the past, and being 'European' was darned well how He described Hobbits, as Tolkien was VERY specific as to how he chose his words. As such, he views this endeavor by Amazon with much suspicion.
  7. AND she's Cuban too! Although, her part being written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge did give some other reviewers 'pause for thought', given Bridge's penchant for 'wokeness' and 'man stupid/wymmyn stronk' writing.
  8. Wasn't Seydoux in 'hot water' for being a bit 'nervous' about doing 'Lesbian scenes' in one of her other movies? As for Craig's Bond, I liked his penchant for brutal physicality.
  9. I think Tony Heller did an entry on that story too:
  10. I ain't entirely sure where to put this but... Today on CBS News Sunday Morning, one of the stories is "The Challenges Facebook faces in 'weeding out misinformation'..." as well as activist Roberto Lugo, as well as Daniel Craig and the Doobie Brothers.
  11. And I was thinking of 'I am the walrus' but it didn't quite fit.
  12. BTW: COPS has returned to TV
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