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  1. The snarky, non redheaded Mary Jane? Well, at least on Arrakis, her melanin content makes more sense.
  2. Pretty much the quote I got, too.
  3. AND I recall a snippet from one of those Air warfare books by Bill Gunston: In talking about the Gnat during the Indo Pakistani Wars, the point was made that the missiles being carried by their opponent cost more than the Gnat itself.
  4. a 'side bar' story that refers to the 5 worst aircraft that ever flew...it includes the Mig23 so I ain't so sure of the value of the site.
  5. Why do I picture them acting like Curly from the Three Stooges with the 'woop woop woop woop' routine.
  6. So then...has anybody else of her ilk decided to bring shame upon her family for a fleeting moment of fame?
  7. Interesting choice of words: I recall some years ago, the Nicaraguan highland Indian who made up the bulk of the FDN 'Grunts' called the story that the Contras were mostly former Somocista national guardsmen "La Leyenda Negra' too. (thread jack!)
  8. Shoot! And I was hoping for the Iraqi equivalent of Mia Khalifa.
  9. I think that's why he hired John Bolton for ten seconds--he wanted an 'alternate opinion' and then after he heard it, he decided, 'nah, you're fired'.
  10. My my...the vid was wrong? I wonder if Jimmy or the rest of the smeg heads who ran the story will Ever give a retraction?
  11. Indeed! I could not think of another 'person' (nevermind a pol!) who could just soak up all that 'invective' hurled at him and keep on stroking also also 'troll them right back'.
  12. It'll get used up fairly quickly, just like the Russian gear.
  13. My daughter showed me this one: She easily "out qurkys" that Billie Eyelash. And how can you dislike somebody who does the charlson and reenacts animated characters from Terry Gilliam?
  14. I also see it going to the way it was in 2000-the northern areas that abut Uzbekistan and Tajikistan will become a stronghold for Tajik and Uzbek warlords and weaker Pustun clans, and the tallywhackers will get to try to run the rest of the country.
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