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  1. Or the guy who wrote V for Vendetta or the Watchmen
  2. I dunno about you, but to me it sounds like the NYT is going to try to 'push' for a more 'diverse' work force==regardless of how competent they will be in real life.
  3. At least they show remotely more restraint than 'Fatah' during the 1982 Peace In Galillee invasion Israel conducted. I recall watching the news when I was a feckless college student in Greece and the Greek Media announced that the PLO sources said more than 20 thousand Palestinians had been killed within a couple of days of the start of the Israeli's op;
  4. why else would an agenda driven pinhead bring up the point of 'too racist to rape'? If it was anything remotely common, the 'Antizionist alliance' would be blaring that rather loudly.
  5. I recall a 'Sociologist' who said the IDF soldiers were so racist they refused to rape Arab wymmyn.
  6. Looked like something from The 'A Team' or 'Duke of Hazzard' but without a stunt coordinator.
  7. So thirty years AFTER the war, your still suffering from the post war rationing malnourishment? My folks were pissed when they stopped 'free lunch' as school--but they COULD afford buying it.
  8. Ah you beat me to it! There's no historical aviation writer like Christopher Shores.
  9. Ah...here's a linky: It's a 'blast' I assure you.
  10. Before this vid started to play, there was a vid from 'Science Moms' doing their doom mongering.
  11. Hell, watching his movies on TV on the SF creature feature type channels was one of my 'go to' activities as a kid. BTW: there's a new teaser trailer featuring 'The Breath'; I do hope you've seen it.
  12. I cannot show any examples (mostly due to my personal distaste), but on Y/T I have noticed a couple of new adds: Something by a group called 'Climate Moms or Science Moms' and another one by, I think it's called, 'Climate Equity; both show storms and fires and droughts and of course the EEEEVUL oil execs talking about their EEEVUL profits. Anyway, something MUST be in the offing: I can neither bypass nor can I mute these ads. EDIT: It's called Committee for Climate Integrity and they opine Oil Company Exec Greed is fueling climate change.
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