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  1. Wait! Are they saying that decreased action by the 'Rayciss PO=Leese' results in increased criminal activity? Well...knock me over with a feather...
  2. The grabbing the pistol instead of the taser is sort of what happened with the Oscar Grant shooting by BART police in Oakland....sure I have to question why Grant was riding around on BART on a Saturday night picking fights, but at the same time, he was cuffed, so why would the transit cop think a taser was even necessary.
  3. I'm unable to see if there were any comments to the story, but the virtue signaling on the Times' page makes me wanna retch.
  4. and a fellow Korfiot!
  5. Didn't I hear correctly that the 'wymmyns soccer team' lost a match to a boy's high school soccer team?
  6. well considering how Glover and my relative were both enmeshed with very Bolshy groups...I'd say the follow on folks had a wrong decision in mind.
  7. thanks; I must have missed that transition since cold war's end.
  8. Well I read the story...imagine my lack of surprise that many of the folks pushing this idiocy are from SF State U==my alma mater; I used to have a member of my extended family who boasted how Danny Glover and them helped 'establish' the first ethnic studies program in US colleges at SF state--so he was The Start of the Rot!
  9. OK, thanks; FRELIMO is probably still thinking it's a 'one party communist' state or something.
  10. Wait, Jihadists? In Southeast Africa?
  11. Let us also not forget that 'Mid-Atlantic States' Police forces (Baltimore; DC etc) are pretty NOT great shakes.
  12. Meh, the real reason AY-Rabians are considered white when perps, is so when they go all derka derka, then it's a white guy freaking out not a DAESH wanna be. Same with hispanics==MS13 drive byes a 'Nortenyo' (don't got the tilde) it's white on hispanic violence.
  13. not just the crews but more tanks meant more issues like supplies, fuel, ammo and spare parts would be even more hard pressed to provide logistical support for...
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