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  1. Color me 'shocked' that those spineless eunuchs at Atlantic don't have a comments section.
  2. Including this one by Beltrán: Multiracial whiteness promises Latino Trump supporters freedom from the politics of diversity and recognition. For voters who see the very act of acknowledging one’s racial identity as itself racist, the politics of multiracial whiteness reinforces their desired approach to color-blind individualism. https://davidthompson.typepad.com/davidthompson/2021/01/hush-now-brown-person-ill-do-the-talking.html https://spectator.us/topic/terrifying-scourge-multiracial-whiteness/ No place to post comments on th
  3. I've always felt the anti vaxxer crap was just a some screen to deflect that the uptick in diseases that had been 'out of existence in the West' was from uncontrolled immigration from third world crap holes that didn't have mass vaccination. But then again, I could be simply wrong about that.
  4. Oh, now it's 'half truths' and lies...pretty soon it will be 'puffery' added to the pile.
  5. Thought that the Hogs only use DU on tanks and armored vehicles; for close support or ordinary 'crunchys' and 'soft skins' regular HEAT and HE will do JUST fine.
  6. Please, if you can, provide links to the occupation during the ICE and Kavanaugh hearings both press and video...it's all part of my ongoing efforts to provide info...
  7. agreed...why if only there was a European Organization that could take action in the absence of the US...
  8. I thought Syria was an Iranian/Russian 'sattrap' now..can't EEVUL Vlad, those thrice cursed Persian Shia Heretics and their Alawi'' lapdogs handle things?
  9. One of the chat shows I listen to in the morning featured a story about how City of Portland and it's city council were going incredibly slow in dispensing the vaccines because first they had to review that 'disenfranchised groups' got first dibs then an audio feature of how the city council spent over 90 minutes to agree on 'the word of the day' and the audio of the hippy dippys sounded so pod people=ish and idiotic...but the news reporter didn't think to comment about how idiotic it was...just that it was making 'very slow progress'...
  10. Heard something that a local businesswoman who was at the Trump Rally in DC, owned a business in Burlingame, Ca (an SF Suburb in San Mateo County=between SF county and Santa Clara County) and when she was identified, rowdy crowd harassed her business forcing her to close. Do not know if it's true or not given the SF Bay Area reaction to the Wu Flu but...
  11. That 'knee jerk by minorities' had me thinking: didn't that slew of 'controversial police shootings' all/mostly/mainly happen in REALLY BLUE CITIES in swing states? Kind of to reinforce what side the 'Homies' and 'Vatos' needed to vote for?
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