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  1. The Government first giveth, and then taketh away? First the subsidies for ecars, now cutting off the loading stations (albeit temporarily)? Bring back coal and atomic power, I say. 🤗 -- Leo
  2. If you ask people's opinion, you are not going to reach a consensus. If its about their taste, you will have a many-sided civil war. Make a decision as manager, and stick to it. -- Leo (Who likes the current Tanknet (default) color combinations.)
  3. Outstanding. I love it. And my poor, old, weeping eyes agree 🍾 🥂. Bravo. -- Leo
  4. Were the Chieftains equipped with Lucas electrics?
  5. Sorry, that is a bit too obscure (deep?) for me. Please explain.
  6. And exploiting the colonies. No, wait ... 🤔
  7. Good luck with that. The days of "Great" Britain are over. The world has changed, and going it alone for small countries is extremely difficult. And, the belief of many USians that democratic socialism is the same as communism shows true ignorance of the political systems involved. -- Leo
  8. Clean up Hong Kong and bring it in line with the rest of China.
  9. With the scrutiny and n-amount of intensive checking, controlling, and inspection this airplane has had, it is probably the safest air transport machine around.
  10. class 83 locomotive built in the Đuro Đaković factory in 1949.
  11. The M2A1 has design improvements which include a quick change barrel, fixed headspace and timing. How would that compare to the latest version of the DShK? -- Leo
  12. Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy New Year. -- Leo
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