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  1. Well the GOP voted 58-2 to tell that RINO slimebag Dade Phelan to step down. He won't, but he should do the honorable thing.
  2. ROTFL Those are all good. Especially since I had the first BSOD in two years last week.
  3. So true the Bee becomes fact.
  4. So many of these so called "Hate Crimes" turn out to be false (like 90+%) I want to wait for more information to come out from a credible source.
  5. Nope and the found the bribe money. He must have outlived his usefulness to the Democrat Party, otherwise they would never have prosecuted him.
  6. Senator Bob Menendez, Democrat (Highest bidder) just indicted. LOL.
  7. David Brooks- HAHAHAHAHAHA! LOL ROTFLMAO! As if that loser had ANY credibility.
  8. My gay buddy who lives in Dallas, knows of this "church" and he says they are weird even by the admittedly low standards of the Dallas gay community. He went once, and told me he walked out and thought the whole congregation was "not all there", and in desperate need of mental help.
  9. Yes exactly, look at all the Soviet/Communist spies in the Roosevelt administration.
  10. I just finished a trilogy by John C. McManus on the US Army. Excellent read. I have always thought it hypocritical of the West to have the vapors over Japan colonizing Manchuria when they were colonizing everything they could steal.
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