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  1. https://www.ksat.com/news/local/2024/02/23/watch-live-ceremony-held-to-commemorate-first-day-of-alamo-siege-in-1836/
  2. Today in 1836 the siege of the Alamo started. 13 days of Glory.
  3. They are telling us how and when they are going to steal the next election. Believe them.
  4. Arrest the mothers who do this to their children. Sick, sick, sick.
  5. GOODBYE VICE! Hope you all learn to code. Get Woke, go Broke! You will NOT be missed.
  6. Agreed, we can play cancel culture as well. We need to do so, give them the Transheiser Busch treatment.
  7. My niece is in Spain right now teaching English. She says that her Spanish is improving a lot. Her mother speaks Tex-Mex like my wife, not REAL Spanish.
  8. Well he is not wrong, just it has to be with your spouse. I think Biden prefers....others.
  9. That is a great question. I suspect I would have to check to see if the tomatoes in question were illegal aliens.....
  10. THAT is why I never ever wanted to work in Narcotics. Roll around in the mud long enough, and some is going to get on you.
  11. I for one would like to know if the tomato I am eating is GMO or not.
  12. I would add coastal Oregon and coastal Washington state to the border wall. New Mexico, nah, pretty state.
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