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  1. You mean using every legal avenue open to him to overturn an election he and a third of Americans believe was fraudulent? Ask demonstrators to "peacefully" - his exact wording - assemble and petition Congress and whose pardons were certainly no more controversial than many presidents, like Bill Clinton. Trump was supposedly going to pardon people like Assange, Snowden, the Capitol rioters, himself, his family, Guiliani etc. He pardoned a few close associates, a couple of entertainment figures with minor offences, and some people recommended to him by justice reform advocates. No terrorists
  2. Much as Biden would want to deploy them in the service of his Chinese paymasters, you're probably safe from them.
  3. Well, Trump left office as scheduled at noon. As he promised when he finally accepted he lost the election, he left voluntarily. Contrary to some who said he couldn't be trusted not to do something seriously nefarious, there was no declaration of martial law, no nuclear war, no call for insurgency or riot, no pardons of Capitol rioters. There were no riots today or even significant demonstrations. It's all been anticlimactic.
  4. Better, but please don't lose the "Default" black on white.
  5. Who said 1990? You wanted the Saudis to clear out Saddam from Kuwait. I was just noting how useless they were and are.
  6. We've seen in Yemen how effective the Saudis are. If DESERT SHIELD was their op instead of the West's Saddam and sons would be in Riyadh
  7. I'm sure Hitler could find a stooge to replace Franco. Whether he could find any Spaniards to follow him is another question.
  8. Probably because you were selling arms to Arabs instead of people with the will and ability to use them.
  9. In other words, a bunch of LARPing loud mouths found they unexpectedly could try to fulfil their fantasy.
  10. No one other than the presumed perpetrator was killed or seriously injured. No connection with any ideology. Some inconvenience for some area cellphone users. Really nothing of national interest to report after the first few days.
  11. I seem to recall that in the last go round of Axis Spain, it was noted that Spain would not be easy to invade even given the disparity in equipment.
  12. Six degrees of Jeffrey Epstein is going to get a lot of people. I suspect I'm just three or four away because I know people who know people who know Prince Andrew's mum - for a given value of "know". I'm not having tea with Mrs. Mountbatten anytime soon or at all.
  13. They might as well fight Germans with British crews than American, especially when production of new ships that weren't crap when built twenty plus years ago.
  14. His eldest son's kinda cool - at least once he chilled out a bit in the first movie.
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