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  1. It's got what plants need!
  2. Baldwin is one of many producers for the film. That doesn't mean he actually had any authority. Producer is often a glorified writing credit, excuse for more money, or ego boost. The are a couple of executive producers above him who likely do have authority. As for training actors, most of them can barely be trusted with a cup of coffee, let alone a firearm without close supervision. That's the job of the armourer who appears not to have followed normal protocols. In thousands of other productions, they manage not to accidentally hand loaded weapons to actors. Brandon Lee was nearly thirty years ago and things have tightened up since.
  3. The South couldn't win when it was just the North. With the RN and whatever naval forces the North raised blockading them, Britain not buying Southern cotton or exporting arms, and British industry assisting Northern industry, I doubt they'd do better.
  4. Some productions will pay for the extra immersion for their actors if they can justify it. Most films do not do Saving Private Ryan style boot camps, police ride-alongs, embeds in schools or factories etc. Nor will they take the time to ensure all actors and extras have been given more than a thirty minute safety brief before filming. That's just SOP in the industry and to expect actors who do not have any experience or training with firearms, some to the point of hoplophobia, is unrealistic. It isn't an actor's fault that he hasn't been trained. That's why the on-set armourer is so important. Normally, nothing in a film shoot involving firearms happens without the armourers direct involvement, including handing a firearm over to an actor immediately before "action" and taking it back immediately after "Cut". If what is being reported is accurate, the person handing to firearm to Baldwin was not an armourer, but an assistant producer. It sounds like there was something very wrong with that production. Baldwin may not be liable for mishandling the revolver, especially if as reported the mechanical condition of it was such that it may have fired without a trigger pull, but depending on his responsibilities as producer, he may share in liability in the inevitable lawsuit.
  5. Given the distance from Europe and the small numbers, not refreshed by continuous immigration, it's likely no one had anything especially communicable, especially if their contact with the indigenous people was limited.
  6. French Revolution or not, Britain and France are likely to go to war again sometime around the same time as they did in real life. Louisiana would end up going to the victor. The British would want it because the Americans want it. The French would want it to keep the British out. If the French keep it, the Americans would still want it, as they did Nouvelle France, and we would likely see a war fought over it either as a casus belli itself or pat of another Anglo-French war if the last one doesn't end with a decisive 1815 style victory over France.
  7. The alleged results of this test, if accurate, may not be indicative of the capabilities of the system. If all they wanted to do was just show that they could make a system with world-wide range, they may not have bothered testing the accuracy of the warhead itself. That being said, we have yet to see a full-up test of the system against a moving target or much data about their ability to find and engage such targets. It isn't time to panic yt. The Chinese are not fifty foot tall giants who will crush us under foot. It is time and past time to take the threat seriously and I have no reason to believe the US is not.
  8. Those look like the blanks the Canadian Army used when I was in during the seventies to nineties.
  9. Blank rounds aren't harmless, but shouldn't be fatal at much more than contact range, let alone pass through one person to injure a second. This sounds like ball ammo being used and WTF would a film shoot need ball ammo?
  10. Quite a few European political refugees ended up in the UK finding it more free than most of the Continent. Note where one K. Marx is buried.
  11. I see the pre WW1 Greek Navy was well ahead of other nations in its use of airpower.
  12. The M38A1 Jeep wasn't especially a thing one could manhandle. I never noticed that much difference in manouverability between them. The M151, CJ7, and Iltis were about the same as the Jeeps and the G Wagen seems a bit bigger.
  13. Thats not poverty. Poverty means going to council schools, living in a slum, and going to work at 14. It isnt going to an expensivw Public School or socializing with working class kids.
  14. Simple and loyal water-carriers for aristocratic elites? That's pretty much the impression I get about Hobbits.
  15. Upper middle class educated at an elite school, Army officer, and Oxbridge educated. There was a huge class divide between him and ordinary working class people, like the soldiers he led in France.
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