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  1. The real point isn't that Ukraine is better than Russia, which it is if not by much, but to stop Russia from invading its neighbours.
  2. The UK had no general election from 1935 until after VE Day ten years later even though one should normally have been held no later than 1940.
  3. There are much worse things on a forum than a software bug that won't let one ignore non-moderator posts from a moderator. If you guys can fix that without breaking the site, fine. If not I for one can live with it.
  4. Right now Iran is doing its best to block an important trading route to Europe. Not an invasion per se, but definitely an attack.
  5. The Tweet Stuart posted did mention the performance of the Challenger 2 in Ukraine. The question is not entirely illegitimate even if the intent is.
  6. Can a Typhoon land on a QE class carrier? And if the RAF needs more LRMPA, they wouldn't buy more Boeing P-8? European nations will make procurement decisions based on the usual factors whether the US is in Nato or not. The US leaving or effectively leaving Nato would be a bad thing for the US in many ways, but not especially so if at all for the American defence industry.
  7. So eleven years before production starts, if on time, as opposed to aircraft in production now An aircraft, by the way, that contains major components made in the UK. And while Trump may or may not want to come to Europe's aid, that's not the same thing as letting American manufacturers sell military equipment.
  8. And how many Tempests are currently in service? When do you expect deliveries to begin? Politics plays only a part of the procurement process. As big or bigger are availability, local jobs, and cost. Note for instance that Romania chose Abrams over Leopard 2 (and thank you to those who pointed this out) because of availability.
  9. IOW, not nearly as good and there's no real European equivalent. Like settling for P-36 instead of Spitfires.
  10. I find that very hard to believe. Spontoons were used to align ranks because a sergeant could push two or three at a time. Spacing, even during the worst over the top attacks was two great to allow this and disarming an NCO would be counter productive. They got a lot more practical in the trenches. Officers stopped carrying swords after 1914 and by the end of the war, some carried rifles so as not to be sniper bait. I've never seen or heard of NCOs doing anything like this in WW1 or indeed anytime after the American Revolution.
  11. Or it will be Putin who says "No" to Trump's peace plan and Trump opens the spigot wide - at least that's what he's said.
  12. Infantry sergeants stopped carrying spontoons in the late 18th century.
  13. Gripen and Rafale are not F-35 equivalents and if Europeans want to order something now, Napkinwaffen like Tempest are not a realistic option.
  14. There's no European equivalent to the F-35 and I don't think there's one for Patriot either. The only European country buying Abrams is Poland, and they're already spending at or beyond the Nato floor. European navies that use American systems aren't going to suddenly reequip themselves with new equipment and a completely new apare parts inventory and supply system. Similarly European forces that use American missile systems aren't going to switch overnight. Even tanks are probably still going to be easier to get from the US than from either Germany or Poland as they would need the production for their own armies.
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