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  1. Except that the education establishment's idea of an ‘information hygiene’ class would be left good, right bad and include critical race theory.
  2. So long as the left wing rioters get similar sentences, sure.
  3. Yes they did. Spain, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, and a few others.
  4. Perhaps the people writing, directing, and animating know the difference between Vietnamese and Chinese, but I would not be in the least surprised to find the execs do not.
  5. She's an actor. She only plays AIs and doctors. Actors tend to be less than bright outside their field.
  6. Westeros isn't as generically European as you think. It's English. Were the characters and setting more French or Italian, it might not be as popular in the Anglosphere. If Disney is trying to pander to China by showing generic SE Asians, they might be, disappointed.
  7. The alternative to transportation was execution so I dont think theyd have worried about a labour surplus.
  8. Not as Marine tankers, anyway. As noted above, some of them are transferring to Army National Guard armored units.
  9. I thought it was just Ukrainians and Baltic's who wore SS themed gear?
  10. The Soviets weren't putting pressure on China in the twenties, but the Japanese were and had been for decades. The far from left wing leadership of the USN saw Japan as a threat since 1919 if not earlier. The Soviets didn't carve off a chunk of China to form a puppet state then a few years later, invade China with startling brutality. No matter how "Marxist" you think FDR was, Japan was clearly a more direct threat to American and Western interests than the Soviets then as were the Germans in Europe.
  11. A swear word or unguarded comment when one thinks one is off the air is one thing. Going straight to self-gratification is just odd.
  12. Other than Anglo-American pressure, why wouldn't the Dutch sell oil to Japan?
  13. And instead gets a senile Chinese agent or a viciously incompetent former prosecutor both from the party that gave the US Fast and Furious, IRS harassment of opponents, and kangaroo courts at universities.
  14. Not to mention that he never actually mentioned injecting people with bleach. he did say it would be a good thing if they developed something that would be as effective internally as a disinfectant was externally. Claiming he said inject bleach sold more papers and got more viewers as well as suiting the media's political agenda.
  15. A healthy Germany is also a god thing for the European economy. When this was made clear to the US government, the Morgenthau Plan was replaced by the Marshal Plan.
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