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  1. Or diverting US criticism of our 1.3% defence spending while posturing for the upcoming election.
  2. That he found the hole isn't strange. It's very likely there just was a gap and he was lucky to find it. For all we know, such gaps are more common than we realize. It may turn out that there more, but at the moment, I think that most likely.
  3. So the claims aren't made up from whole cloth. I suppose we'll find out eventually. Even so, between the USSS and local LE, that roof should have been covered. Poor planning? Poor execution? Communications failure?
  4. If he's serious, it won't be until after the election that they'll have any idea of the specifications they'll ask for in a competition. If he's not, he has that as an excuse to do nothing substantive before cancelling the program quietly should he be elected. For that matter, the Conservatives can do the same if they win claiming lack of funds. We'll do well to get eight. I hope we get at least three to replace the old Victorias. I be disappointed but not surprised if we get none.
  5. And would they know of their own knowledge or are they just passing along rumours? Edit: See my answer to DK Tanker below.
  6. I'll be surprised if I get an original source citation for the rumours claiming USSS being withdrawn or denied.
  7. I expect more of a citation than "I read on the internet". And yes, I do expect the Trump campaign to complain that the Biden White House is sabotaging his security. They weren't shy about complaining that Kennedy didn't get any.
  8. Source for that and the claim that the SS detail was deliberately understaffed? It doesn't look as if the Trump campaign is making those claims.
  9. Normal 20 year olds not only have a social media presence and friends , they don't shoot at public figures. There is a good chance this shooter wasn't a normal 20 year old.
  10. Or, he just got lucky. Has it never happened to anyone here that the one time you forgot to check a thing or left somei at home, stuff happened that normi would have been prevented?
  11. And as far as I can tell, a large majority of Israelis agree with you there.
  12. You clearly don't understand. That there's a photo of an alleged Israeli soldier wearing a Greater Israel patch obviously means Greater Israel is the policy of the Israeli government and has widespread support and isn't just a pro-Hamas fake or a cherry picked isolated individual.
  13. No, silly. They only become targets if Republicans say that.
  14. From the continental United States and three three oceans surrounding Russia, it can be made to disappear.
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