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  1. You mean surrender to the Japanese. Yeah, that was gonna happen.
  2. Baloney. He's an apologist for Imperial Japanese aggression. This Wang government he keeps going on about, for instance,wasn't a real Chinese movement, but a puppet set up by and controlled by Japan. Not even as legitimate as Vichy.
  3. A principled stand to help poor beleagured Polish farmers plays much better in teh election campaign than "we've run out of old stuff to send".
  4. Flat out wrong. This was a major difference between the Roosevelt Administration and Democrat anti-fascists and the Soviets from teh signing of te Molotoov-Ribbentrop pact until barbarossa. The Sovites were consodered sa mych a roigue nation and nazi ally as japan until Hitler publicaly turned against them. The Teo Ocean Navy Act, expansion of the Army, the draft, Bases for Destroyers, repeal of the Neutrality Acts, sanctions, Lend-Lease, naval and intelligence cooperation all came before June 1941.
  5. That's one of the funniest things I've ever read on this Grate Sight.
  6. Other Sikh activists. Personal reasons. Random criminal. If it wasn't the RAW, it's most likely an internal dispute among terrorists, IMO. A vote of non-confidence, perhaps, a punishment for cooperating with the authorities, or an objection to a change in heart. Perhaps a dispute on finances. Wouldn't be the first time, even among Sikhs in Canada.
  7. Of course a Sikh activist would say that.no matter what was presented to him. What Trudeau has to do is convince the rest of us. I can certainly believe India might do this, but that doesn't mean they did. You have way more confidence in CSIS and the RCMP than I do. Their history in investigating Sikh terrorism is somewhat less than inspiring.
  8. By 1930, the US had already decided to give the Philippines independence. India had considerable self-rule, was getting more, and Indian independence was inevitable. It was not going to be opposed by force. China as a free market for all powers, rather than one just closed to all but Japan, was in America's interests and that of other powers like the UK. There had also been a major change in international attitudes and law as a result of the Great War. wars of conquest were now matters of international concern, not just of the pwoers directly involved.
  9. Things were apparently getting better. Government was doing Something. Employment was slightly up from the depths it had sunk to in 1932. Developments like the TVA were underway and did have some success. Most Importantly, the majority of Americans thought it was working as they kept giving the Democrats big majorities in 1932, '34, '36, '38, and '40. There are certainly other opinions on whether the New Deal was not a significant reason why FDR wanted to stop the Nazis and their other rogue state friends.
  10. I think it's more accurate to say Roosevelt decided that after 1 September 1939, Germany was a serious threat to the securrity and interests of the United States and that war was probably going to be necessary.
  11. It was pretty obvious that Japan was likely to attack the US because the US was aiding China - which Japan had attacked without provocation for the purpose of conquest. Japan had escalated by seizing French Indochina and allying with Nazi Germany. The US responded with sanctions. I might also note that relations with Japan had been steadily deteriorating since the end of WW1 and especially since the seizure of Manchuria during the Hoover Administration. As for needing a war to boost the economy, he already had one. It was British and French orders to American industry and American reaction to the war in Europe, like the Two Ocean Navy Act and the draft, that boosted American industry and employment. It's also very debatable that the Democrats thought their economic policies were not working. Even today, there's a great deal of debate on the issue - mostly partisan based
  12. The officers complaining of the lost salary from delayed promotion are already extremely well paid senior three and four stars. Somehow, I'm finding it hard to be very sympathetic. And if the Deputy or Acting commanders can't do the job in that capacity, they shouldn't get the permanent positions.
  13. And there's been low level terrorist activity by Sikh militants in Canada, not to mention a horrific terror attack in 1985 (se Air India 182). It would be interesting to see if the alleged victim was just a non-violent activist or an actual terrorist suppotrer or leader. If the latter, the Indians likey figured accurately that CSIS and the RCMP would be ineffective. At any rate, India should not be abusing our sovereignty by murdering people in Canada. Expelling the RAW resident was the right thing to do and if they catch the atual perpetrators, they should face the full weight of the law. Not holding my breath for that to happen, though. The Chinese State Security haven't assassinated anyone here as far as e know, but they're more of a danger to the country as a whole than the RAW is.
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