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  1. I think the term is inappropriate, but the atomic bombs and the Soviet entry into the war are, in a sense, divine gifts. This way we don't have to say that we have quit the war because of domestic circumstances.[112] That day, Hirohito informed the imperial family of his decision to surrender. One of his uncles, Prince Asaka, then asked whether the war would be continued if the kokutai (imperial sovereignty) could not be preserved. The Emperor simply replied "of course."[113][114] ----------------------------------------------------- So the Allied response was ambivalent, and the Japanese debated about whether "it is up to Japanese people to decide" was good enough guarantee. I think the Allied plan at this point was to put Hirohito on trial as war criminal, and if Japanese wanted to keep the Imperial System on place after that (with new Emperor), then who cares. Ambivalent, perhaps, but hardly an assurance that an Emperor would be kept and certainly not one that Hirohito would not be deposed and treated like the war criminal he was. Luckily for him and other war criminals who were members of the royal family, the Allies thought it more expedient to keep him in place and his close relatives unindicted. As for whether Hirohito meant what he said to Asama and what would have happened if they were arrested, we don't know. We do know no assurance was given before surrender that Japan placed no conditions on its surrender, and that the war cabinet did not know if an Emperor would be retained.
  2. Not exactly. The Allies at no time said or hinted that the Emperor would be left in place before the surrender.
  3. In the written statement for this event that was more than just a 49 second snippet cut short before he could stumble into a answer. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/02/23/statement-by-president-biden-on-nord-stream-2/
  4. Biden actually said he would "end" Nordstream by imposing sanctions on the company.
  5. I'm sure Dirlewagner already have their SS tats.
  6. I can't see why not. 101 Airborne takes in and trains an intake of recuits for a year. Replaces the 82nd in Vietnam in year 2, replaced by 1st Air Cav in Year 3, Trains its Regular Army cadre in Year 4. Then repeat. Save that divisions didn't rotate, this is sorta like the way divisions were generated in WW2. The problem then was that the need for new umits and replacement personnel in the field didn't allow the later divisions sufficient personnel stability and training time. One could also do it by battalion as Commonweath formations did in Korea and Vietnam so that 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment is replaced by 2/9 which is replaced in turn by 3/7 etc.
  7. Because you know it will take Russia deploying an Armata to defeat the Gay Nazi Jews. Maybe both of them.
  8. If you assume the Russians are thinking logically, it can only be because if Ukraine joins Nato, then Belarus would successfully kick out their current regime and join Nato and then the rest of the ex-Soviet republics would either join Nato or stop being Russian allies/puppets/fearful minions. Thgen where would the Empire be? Or, they're just entirely irrational and paranoid.
  9. I have no doubt the Dirección de Inteligencia, has entirely renounced their former homophobia and will be happy to embrace all the LGBT folks who come out of the closet. Indeed, they'll embrace then so tightly they'll never let them go.
  10. Or double down blaming all the failures on Putin and promising victory before Christmas.
  11. They've also been through far better and failed miserably. The Imperial Army of 1914 was far better traoined and organized than the rabble now, yet were beatern by a foe fighting for its life on several other fronts simultaneously. That was after being beaten by a smaller foe who had little or no outside help in 1905.They were beaten by third world tribemen in a third of the tme it took those same tribesmen to wear down the West. Their best performance was in the Great patriotic War which they nearly lost in 1941 and only womn bewcause they it was liteally a war for survival and they did actually have a comparatively honest and competent military leadership. Jason Isaacs would do a better job and he was only a Marshal in a movie.
  12. I suspect he would be aware that his department prefers that police cars aren't damaged by the negligence or malicious behavior of the officers responsible for them. That being the case, deliberately parking on the tracks in order to kill the susoect would be unlikley. I don't think attempted manslaughter is a possible charge given that if there is intent to kill, it is attempted murder. Criminal negligence causing bodily harm, however it's called in Colorado, might be an appropriate charge. Certainly a civil suit with a seven or eight figure settlement is very likely.
  13. The 1970's Individual Ration Packs originally had brand name products, like Heinz. By the eighties, they had gone to off-brand and generic canned goods. The original boil-in-bag IMPs were Magic Pantry, which was a brand sold in stores at the time. They later went to a brand, Freddy Chef, I've never seen outside an IMP. Quality didn't change much if at all, though. Candy bars are still popular commercial brands.
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