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  1. Pretty self evident I would have thought. Before the late 1980's most non-Pakistani Islamist terrorists were Lebanon based, supported by Iran, and attacked Westerners and Israel. They tended to leave Soviets alone. The terror groups with members of Sunni backgrounds were then mostly secular and Soviet aligned. The precursors of Al Qaeda etc. were only just starting to gell.
  2. I see they claim four protesters and one police officer killed. It would have been much more accurate to say one protester killed and four others who died on natural causes that may or may not have been associated with the days events.
  3. Before the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, such Islamist terrorism that existed was almost entirely Iranian supported attacks on the West and Israel or Pakistani attacks on India and no terrorist attacks outside Afghanistan came from that country.
  4. It's authentic. It hit the water about fifty meters from SUSSEX and bounce into her. SUSSEX had no armoured belt, just one inch plate. More discussion here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/warships1discussionboards/kamikaze-damage-to-hms-sussex-t42253.html
  5. The US CDC is reporting about six thousand deaths out of 332 million does given, or about twenty per million. On the other hand, there have been about seven hundred thousand Covid deaths out of a population of about 330 million so being vaccinated looks like a safer bet than none
  6. Why should Americans make films about the British? Tell your own stories.
  7. More a B Arker than a BSer.
  8. Given they've stuck to that story decades after the F-117 program was outed and the paucity of sources claiming it was that rather than a MiG-23, I'm inclined to go with the official story.
  9. Do you have a source for that? Everything I've seen says definitively that he was lost control of a MiG-23 and died when he ejected.
  10. US pilots flying them thought they were dangerous to fly. Mind you, most sites with clickbait like top/bottom lists is usually only worth entertainment value.
  11. A new version of an good old joke. The email disclaimer addition was clever.
  12. Less the freeway to Germany than a destination in itself. The Germans really seem to have internalized the lesson they were taught in 1945 and have little interest in restoring to old borders of the Reich let alone expanding them east. Tsar Valdimir, on the other hand, seems to want restore both the Empire and the Warsaw Pact.
  13. I doubt an ultimatum delivered at 0700 hours Hawaii time would have been much diplomatic cover, especially as it wasn't even a declaration of war. It still would have been spun as a sneak attack during the war and most people don't care that the lateness of the ultimatum was known to the US government to be an accident almost the same time as the Japanese Embassy knew it.
  14. Americans were shocked enough at the attack that an official declaration of war an hour or so before would have made little difference to public opinion.
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