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  1. On the US, the last chart shows most leftists wish to change the traditions (presumably free speech, right to vote, right to work not dependent on race, sex, and class).
  2. My wife was terrified when I told her I was taking our 16 year old for a shot. I had to reassure her it wasn’t the paused vaccine. The vaccine pause in Europe didn’t help. People are putting stories on the Internet about vaccine side effects (and not just the COVID vaccine). If other people are feeling the same way I can understand why they aren’t getting it. On another note, since Bojan mentioned the adverse effects of hybridization on pickles I bought all Heirloom (non-hybrid) tomato plants. German Queen, Cherokee Purple, and Brandywine. edited to add Brandywine.
  3. Coffee was first discovered by Ethiopians. They have a nice ceremony where they roast the beans and bring them by for you to smell. Also they bring popcorn to eat. They roast the beans fairly dark so you should add an extra teaspoon of sugar . It’s served in small cups like Expresso.
  4. The Pfizer vaccine seems to have a lot of events. I wonder why that is? It isn’t the one that has been paused. Also, where is the vaccine being made and where is it being distributed? I thought some of the vaccines were primarily reserved for the US market for now. Took my son to a mass vaccination site in Maryland yesterday. No lines, large numbers of nurses with nobody to inject. The same facility was packed 6 weeks ago. I wonder if large numbers of people are not interested in getting vaccinated? I think the country is only about 1/2 vaccinated.
  5. If they are not violent, vicious animals the correct number is 0. If they are attempting to harm others and refuse to surrender, all of them. The 13 year old boy shot this week was belatedly trying to surrender. He had dropped his gun a fraction of a second before turning quickly towards the cop.
  6. Is a pack horse the same type of horse as an ammo horse with a different load, or are they different types of horses? Is a 1.5 ton truck much like a jeep?
  7. “Battle for Savo Island 1942, America’s worst naval defeat” on YouTube is interesting. The author also has interesting videos on Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, and Midway.
  8. The Japanese cruisers frequently annihilated their American opponents. I know they had the Long Lance torpedo but was it more than that? I would think that radar would give American cruisers a gunnery advantage.
  9. Was it possible for the Japanese to have shipped more supplies than they historically did? I thought their supply efforts took fairly high casualties. Maybe they did the best they could have. Perhaps if they had destroyed American shipping at Guadalcanal when they had the chance the battle would have gone differently.
  10. I wonder what the Japanese Army could have done at Guadalcanal? They kind of needed to shut the airfield. Trying to out-tough a Marine isn’t an easy path to victory.
  11. Perhaps the Iranian response has been tailored to avoiding the Patriots and Hawks and other systems. So far it seems to be succeeding. Armenians didn’t do well against drones either. What do the Israeli’s use?
  12. So, cheap drones can effectively provoke the purchase of multiple layers of expensive defensive systems. That’s a win, plus there’s damage to the game refineries.
  13. The J W Lee Barleywine rated very well. Singha beer is always a favorite, especially with Thai food.
  14. The first time I drank Double Diamond I was amazed how creamy it was. That was probably 30 or 40 years ago. I did have it years afterward and didn’t care for it the second time. I’m not sure if my tastes had changed or the recipe had. It was made by another brewery late in its life and most people that drank it then on the beer rating sites didn’t like it. But I very much enjoyed it the first time.
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