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  1. Allies doesn’t mean Europeans for anyone in the US who lived during the Southeast Asian War. Those people who remember WWII or Korea? Dead or in nursing homes for the most part.
  2. Someone in Eastern Europe said a war was coming? Who?
  3. Was the cartridge case for the ammo silver colored? I thought I saw a copper one being ejected. What was the silver thing shoved into the gun?
  4. I’m confused. Did the size of either army change much in just a few years? What changed except that the Russians are better funded because the price of their oil and natural gas is much higher?
  5. Putin’s attack may have in part been due to the extra money he received for his oil, and also increased dependence of Europe (and perhaps US) on that oil. This business of buying oil (funding his army) while sending weaponry to his opponents seems very strange. Almost as if the intent is to maximize casualties.
  6. Biden has no more idea of how missiles work than Trump, and he’s been voting on defense budgets for decades.
  7. I can understand why a threadjack could end up talking about Trump, because he was a polarizing figure, but only on Tanknet could a thread about Trump be threadjacked to discuss SAM operations.
  8. That’s insane. Biden promised to shut down the US oil industry and has succeeded to the point that the price of oil has doubled. Putin desperately needed that to finance the current war. With Trump in power his oil income would be half of what it is now.
  9. If I click on the link it opens and immediately goes away.
  10. The Arizona audit couldn’t review all the information because the Democrats didn’t turn over all the information. Why not? The Florida votes in Bush vs. Gore were recounted by two different newspapers. Why couldn’t the same be done in Az?
  11. Are the dead people that voted mentally ill?
  12. It’s April. The offensives can’t start until May. Too early to conclude anything.
  13. The Olympics were going on. Not a good time to start a war.
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