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  1. My mother developed aggressive Dementia, most likely Alzheimer's about 3 months after getting Covid-19. That was before the vaccines started coming out. She was 85 at that time. On the other hand her mother and brother both had aggressive Dementia (most likely Alzheimer's ) at about the same age. On top of that my mother had a sever traumatic injury about six months before developing Dementia.
  2. 15 minutes of listing all the Republicans he thinks are dumb. At the 15 minute mark for three minutes yea, a few Democrats are dumb too. Didn't even mention such geniuses as AOC, Al Franken or Vice President Harris. I don't care about Dan Quayle . But every one know he couldn't spell potato. It is probably the most well known thing about him and it proves he is a dummy . Yet Barack Obama once said he had visited 57 states and he is widely hailed as a genius. I don't think it is a big deal that Quayle once misspelled potato. I don't think it is a big deal that Obama said there are 57 states once. Politicians at that level are under a microscope. I do think it is a big deal that the mistake of one is trumpeted by ABC, CBS, NBC the NY times etc. because he is a political opponent and the other is ignored by the same because he is their darling. Democrats think of them selves as intellectuals. They have a lock on the doctorates in soft fields such as race, gender etc "studies". They over look the large urban areas where the majority of adults don't even have a high school diploma and vote 98% Democrat.
  3. If no one was harmed by the fraud your damages would be $ 0.
  4. She is probably not leading the persecution personally .
  5. If it involved bribery criminal charges could be filled. There is a saying that the District Attorney or in this case the state's attorney general, can get a ham sandwich indicted. As political as this attorney general seems to be if she could she would have gotten an indictment and not worried about a conviction. It would have gotten her headlines, and been in the news for a week. It would not be resolved for over a year, which would tie up Trump.
  6. Trump is very divisive. He has that in common with Biden & O'bama. That is why I would prefer DeSantis over Trump. DeSantis will fight with the leftist, but about things where the majority of the U.S. agrees with him, in spite of what the media would have you believe. Biden ran as a moderate Democrat, a kind of warm and fuzzy old uncle. He is really just a nasty old man. He has governed as a hard leftist that has got to be making the Bernie / Warren wing of the party happy. And then there was his Empower Palpatine / Darth Sidious speech where he attacked about 49% of the population as being enemy of humanity if you disagree with uncle Joe. Obama was another leftist who took every opportunity to attack the police.
  7. In Ohio you can contest the valuation put on by the assessors. I knew some one who bought a house in 2009 during the downturn. Their purchase price was way below accessed value. They had no problem getting it reaccessed at the lower value. You could ten people to access valuation of a property. I'd imagine the spread could be quite great.
  8. Property values are set by the state. So no tax reduction
  9. Apparently the Attorney General of New York doesn't have enough to file criminal charges since she is filling a lawsuit instead. From a legal stand point what is the State of New York's standing to file a lawsuit? Wouldn't it be the banks place to file a suit since they supposedly were wronged?
  10. Think about it from a banks prospective. To loan a person $250,000 for a mortgage you have to get a property valuation and provide proof of income. The bank is going to lend some one hundreds of millions without the same scrutiny? If they do shame on them. In fact, if they are a publicly traded company it is a breach of their fiduciary responsibility to the investors.
  11. I understand that is the allegation. My confusion is that in my experience it doesn't work that way The bank does not take as gospel the valuation placed on the property by the person seeking the loan. They have their own people do an evaluation. Same with doing tax evaluation. In Ohio the county sets the tax valuation. You can appeal it, but you don't set it. I would think there is a similar set up in most states.
  12. This person ran on the campaign of I'm going to get Trump. Or show me the man and I'll show you the crime. I don't know how it works in the great white north. In the US banks require all kinds of financial disclosures. Trump could saw a property was worth X $ as collateral. The bank will get its own valuations by independent sources. Same with tax evaluation. The state does the valuation.
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