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  1. Table 5. I would sit by Tulsi Gabbord. I would convince Don Lemon that Vice President Harris is a transvestite so they would pair off. That would leave me to have an interesting conversation with the lovely Tulsi, Joe Rogan and Clarence Thomas.
  2. Where did he get the money for that?
  3. Those falls in North Carolina are Beautiful. Niagara Falls is a one of a kind Gem in North America. Would be terrible to miss out based on fear.
  4. Agreed. I've been all over the Caribbean. To Europe and many big cities in the U.S. If you stay in the well traveled popular areas you are fine most any where.
  5. I'm about 2/3rds of the way through the same book. I started a thread on the book in the Military History sub form. So far no responses. Come on over their and contribute!
  6. Yes. I'll change it in the original. Thanks.
  7. I read an article years ago talking about U.S. Catholic's political leanings. The conclusion was that their political leanings had more to do with their ethnic and economic group than their religion. For instance. An economic middle class Catholic Mid Westerner of German decent would have similar political beliefs and affiliations to some one with the same back ground who is Protestant. The largely Catholic Hispanic demographic swings heavily Democrat, except those of Cuban decent. That is a high percentage of the U.S. Catholics. Most of the Catholics in my area are of German heritage and are fairly conservative. Most of the German Protestants in this area are fairly conservative.
  8. Most would say Roosevelt wanted to get into the war with nazi Germany not Japan.
  9. In movies and plays Christianity is made fun of. For example the Movie Dogma, and the play Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the funniest play I've ever seen. Imagine if some one tried to produce a play that gave islam the Book of Mormon treatment. The islamic terrorist would come out of the wood work and there would be blood in the streets.
  10. On abortion in this thread I keep hearing it is a big issue with evangelical Christians. All the people I know that are very serious about anti abortion issues are Catholics. I drive by Catholic Churches that have crosses in the lawns representing the numbers aborted. The walk for life, a big anti abortion event is I believe organized by Catholics. The Catholic Church is anti abortion. And yet the two highest profile Catholic politicians in the U.S. , former Speaker of the House Pelosi and President Biden are pro abortion.
  11. Three answers to when the Roman Empire fell: 1.) The Classic answer 476 2.) 1453 with the fall of the Eastern or successor Roman Empire 3.) The Roman Catholic Church is the successor to the Roman Empire continues on.
  12. I think hotels are less expensive on the Canadian side . I stayed on the Canadian side when I was there a few years ago. Very safe area. Not that I thought the area around the falls on the Buffalo side was bad. There is better views from the Canadian side. And there is a carnival like area on the Canadian side. Due to the magic of the net you can check it out in advance.
  13. If you are going to Niagara Falls you will want to go to the Canadian side. The views are much better from the Canadian side. While you are there check out the river below the falls. There are trails on both the Canadian and U.S. sides. It is incredible to see how the water moves below the falls. The Niagara river is compressed as the river narrows considerably. There are also a couple of old forts on the U.S. and Canadian sides. I believe they are from the Revolution and War of 1812 eras.
  14. I appreciate Canada's contribution to the War in Afghanistan. Your assertion that Canada had the most wounded is wrong. KIA in Afghanistan (top three) U.S. 2,356 UK 453 Canada 158 Those are killed figures. Total casualties would be proportional to killed.
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