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  1. In the U.S. it was a very mild flu season last year . Probably the same for pneumonia. Some say due to the mitigation measures taken for COVID.
  2. Now that President Biden and V.P. Harris have solved the COVID, Shipping & Logistics, Illegal alien / border, crises I'm glad they found time to come up with a National Gender Strategy. How did the U.S. go almost 250 years with out a National Gender Strategy?
  3. For many people torturing puppies is a bridge too far. Ironically this could be more trouble for the good Dr. than many other of his questionable acts.
  4. My apologies to the fine Cardassian people for comparing them to the royals.
  5. The royal family is the Common Wealth's version of the cardassian family. Supposedly the cardassian family show is being cancelled due to low ratings. Many news networks refuse to cover them. Maybe the UK / Commonwealth nations will cancel the royal family once the sequel comes out.
  6. If they use the current methods for making the Moderna, Pfizer, J&J etc and tweek them for the Delta or what ever variant comes to dominate next would they have to go through a full approval process in the U.S. with the FDA and what ever the EU equivalent is?
  7. Was the Toei Maru a tanker or a cargo ship? If a cargo ship you still the problem of transferring the barrels to either the fighting ships or the tankers.
  8. It is hard to compare Guadalcanal which was a campaign to Midway which was a battle. The over all losses in the Guadalcanal Campaign were certainly larger for the Japanese war machine: Over 20,000 troops killed or captured. Probably a very large number of those evacuated were unfit for further service for quite a while if ever. 38 ships lost including a light carrier, 2 battleships, and 3 cruisers. Plus a large number of skilled sailors. Almost 700 aircraft lost. A large percent of which had crews that were also lost. Which could not be quickly replaced
  9. So far no one is complaining of symptoms serious enough to go to the hospital with. For every one that dies there are probably 100's that go to the hospital and dozens that go to ICU.
  10. As to the use of canned fuel oil. It would be interesting to interview surviving IJN sailors from the war who served on the ships in question. "If" there was that much fuel stowed in a non traditional manor and the all hands available it would have required to move it would have been a memorable event. Unfortunately a large number of them did not survive the war. And the ravages of time have gotten most of the rest. They would all be well into their 90's or older now.
  11. It may be even worse. Per news reports he is a suspect in not one, but two sexual assaults. https://www.dailysignal.com/2021/10/13/virginia-school-system-deflects-charges-it-covered-up-rape-of-ninth-grade-girl-by-gender-fluid-boy/ Loudoun County Public Schools in Northern Virginia is being accused of covering up allegations that a boy in late May sexually assaulted a ninth grade girl in her school’s restroom—the nightmare scenario so often described by opponents of radical transgender school policies. In a statement to The Daily Signal on Wednesday, Loudoun County Public Schools defended itself from accusations that it improperly handled two sexual assaults in its school buildings. . The victim’s father, Scott Smith, told The Daily Wire that in late May, a boy dressed in a skirt entered a girls restroom at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, Virginia, and sexually assaulted his ninth grade daughter. Police confirmed two reports of sexual assaults at Loudoun schools, in May and in October. Smith’s attorney, Elizabeth Lancaster, told Fox News that both assaults were committed by the same person, although the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office would not confirm that fact to The Daily Signal since the suspect is a juvenile.
  12. Neither I nor any one I know of had a serious reaction. Most just the usual soreness. A few who had Covid before the shot felt like they had Covid again for a few days. No long term effects. Last month I had a break through Covid infection. Felt like a bad cold for about three days. The health department couldn't tell me if it was Delta. In our area about 90% of the infections have been the Delta variant so it probably was Delta and that is likely why my vaccine failed. I like to think of being sick as a Delta booster. Most every one I work with and my family and friends have been vaccinated. As far as I know no one else was sick in the same period I was.
  13. Recently watched this Chappelle comedy special. I was worried it may be cancelled. It was very funny.
  14. "I was in a seminary / convent". I know some one who did time and used this as a reason for a gap in employment.
  15. The news today said it was caused by bad weather..... Bad weather that apparently only affected Southwest Airlines.
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