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  1. Fan art, drawn up by one of the myriad self-declared OSINT experts on Twitter (of the pro-Russian kind) last June as a strawman in Ukrainian colors to knock down. No real plan for the Ukrainian offensive is publically known.
  2. Well that's also yesterday's news, because at this point it's established that the girl and/or her mother lied about pretty much all the details that made headlines, too. Which is why there's not been another peep about the topic out of JF, Nius, "Tichy's Einblick" et al since Friday after they laboriously tried to drag it out with claims of "you don't know if that's herself in the selfies on her socials" until the Bundestag debate on it that day. The rest remains to be sorted out within a family that appears to have some internal issues with truth and trust. Incidentally, not a peep out of the same usual suspects about the second round over "Correctiv", either. And probably for good reason; because after the court explicitely rejected the claim by the plaintiff's attorney that "Correctiv" itself supposedly clarified that the "impression" of plans to expell German citizens created by "manipulative judgement" was "false", drawing any attention to any current or prior reports stating this as fact would probably get themselves hit with injunctions to stop spreading falsehoods, and unravel the whole precarious narrative. If the new line is "it's all yesterday's news anyway", no half-smart medium is going to go out on a limb speculating about government tips on the meeting either. Not only would it contradict the line, but lend credence to "Correctiv's" rather sensationalist claims about the "secretive" nature, based on little more than invitations by snail mail only rather than electronic means. Though I could see some alternative media not meeting the half-smart threshold going for it.
  3. The Bundeswehr has now issued a request to tender for 153 25-mm autocannon with an option for 162 more. Requirements are pretty much written around the KBA: Introduced with a NATO nation, ITAR- and EAR-free, maximum height in turret 36 cm. ITAR rules out Bushmaster immediately, while the French Nexter M811 just happens to have a height of 37 cm. Of course the KBA with just 28 cm has definite material advantages for turret height, particularly in an airborne weapons carrier which must be carried internally in aircraft.
  4. Just had four of those reports warning of infection with URL:Scam in a row when opening various threads across the board. ISTR one or two instances of this before, but never that much. In fact while I was typing this, I got another two warnings, and another while editing the post. 😳 ETA: Ah okay, the source of the warnings doesn't seem to be TankNet but the "Times of Israel" website I had open in parallel, intending to post something on the "Because Israel" thread. I now remember that to be the cause of earlier warnings, too. Makes sense that they would be a prime hacking target. Insofar, disregard my query.
  5. Hence the trend towards firing on the move for SPHs. Though obviously, they can't be moving 24/7 either.
  6. Second round in the legal show battle over the "Correctiv" report. Upon revision, an upper court rejected the complaints of the plaintiffs against the injunctions not granted in the first round in full. Of no legal consequence, but in a potentially severe blow to the current right-wing narrative if someone cares to exploit it systematically, the court also rejected the argument by the plaintiffs' attorneys that "Correctiv" had, well, corrected parts of the report itself, indicating admission of falsehoods. OTOH, as the German LTO again notes, neither did the judges establish that the entire report was true, like "Correctiv" now claims, because they only ruled on narrow contested passages. With the path of injunctions now exhausted for all practical purposes, the plaintiffs could go for a full suit, though the LTO opines they're unlikely to because the courts can be expected to reach the same conclusions again.
  7. On another board, a commercial mariner suggested that ultra-low sulfur fuels, particularly the heavy blends, are to blame for an increasing trend of engine parts seizing up.
  8. Amphibious submarines? Assault tunneling machines? Jetpack infantry? 🤔
  9. One new lesson seems to be "use engineer ferries to cross rivers rather than building bridges, because the latter are much more vulnerable to drone-guided artillery". At least that was a takeaway reported from a recent Czech-German crossing exercise on the Elbe.
  10. Chrome will auto-translate the Ynet article. I regularly do that with German reports by sources ranging from loony left to raging right I post on here, giving links and noting the orientation of the source. I could also cite any number of neo-Nazi sites trying to cast doubt on the Holocaust by pointing out that Vad Yashem lists "only" four million victims by name, various cases of fraudsters passing themselves off as same, and referencing their own earlier refutations; but for the sake of debating standards, I'd rather discuss such individual data points in context. Unless propaganda pieces trying to push agendas with selected facts and outright lies are themselves data points to discuss disinformation drives, like we have done on an adjacent thread.
  11. Smart guys, covering their intentions like that. I mean, if they had driven east instead, everyone would have known immediately they intended to cross into China, then take a flight to Ukraine, and Kiev's sponsorship would have been revealed for all the world to see!
  12. "The Grayzone", seriously? When Israeli media are bringing this up, shouldn't be so hard to quote them rather than a far-left conspiracy site which is part of the network trying to whitewash the entire 7 October attack.
  13. Well they reportedly had two pilots aboard, so you'd hope everyone wasn't asleep on the ship's bridge. Or someone's ass will be toast. Not sure whether we crossed that bridge in the 2015 and 2016 I&Is. Eery.
  14. Of course ISIS protesting torture is somewhat like a black hole telling a hooker she sucks.
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