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  1. I don't think they tried a genuine offensive again after September '42 in PNG. If they did then I overlooked it. edit: my mistake, they did try to take Wau in Jan '43.
  2. Well, the factors that would get toggled if supposing a win at GC would lend itself to another Japanese offensive at PNG. But given how things unfolded on GC, I don't think they could have won GC.
  3. Mexico backs French Lousiana. Nepoleon France provides means for Mexico to rise as a world power. They don't bother Spanish possessions.
  4. On October 18th, the PLAN group of ships (minus the sub rescue ship so perhaps also minus any PLAN sub) passed east through the Tsugaru Strait (between Hokkaido and Honshu) and into the Pacific together with five Russian navy ships that consisted of two Udaloy class destroyers, two Steregushichiy frigates, and a missile observing ship. It was the first time for the JMSDF to observe both those navies passing togerher through Tsugaru Strait. https://www.mod.go.jp/js/Press/press2021/press_pdf/p20211018_02.pdf
  5. Well actually, they did decide to concentrate on one by late September. They picked Guadalcanal. When they were pushing the land route towards Port Moresby, they essentially reached within eyesight of the place and down the mountains back into the low land of diarrhea inducing bug infested humidty. But by the last week or two in September 1942, the Japanese force that was pushing at that brisk pace was essentially a skeleton force by then, little to no ammo, and plans to use Ports Moresby itself for sending the wounded rather than the ttpical sending the wounded backwards (up to this point at least). But despite that pathetic fighting condition, they had finally reached the environs of Ports Moresby. But then the order came.. no more supply line, turn back. All offensive effort is to be focused on the G island. So from that point on, the Papau New Guinea posture was defense and micro-managing tactical retreats and delays while Guadalcanal was in the offensive gear for a few more months.
  6. A PRC video about recent China-Russia naval joint-training in the Sea of Japan in this thread Because, TN. Just prior the training, the PLAN fleet was observed by the JMSDF passing by Tsushima and into the Sea of Japan on October 11th. The fleet consists of 6 ships; a Type 55 destroyer, a Type 52D destroyer, two Type 54A frigates, a Fuchi-class replenisher, and a sub rescue ship. https://www.mod.go.jp/js/Press/press2021/press_pdf/p20211013_01.pdf
  7. There are several things that raise notable PRC capability. But inflation if capability is still a danger to understanding. The 150 is certainly false information probably by a Minnie Chan type of author. Not enough sources cross-check to make it believable. J-20s don't seem to have been introduced in a sufficient amount of air bases and their air units to make 150 believable. Probably around 40 to 50. Saying introduction of new engines is misleading because the engine meant to bring J-20 flight capabilities up is the WS-15 but that's not the Chinese engine introduced on them. It's the WS-10.
  8. Type 6 Chi Ri finally finally provides a glacis slope However, the Chi-Ri did receive a designation already, the Type 5. If a new tank based on the Type 5 Chi-Ri was to emerge it would likely use the next iroha numeral name. That could be "Ru" so Type 6 Chi-Ru. Although if the only difference between Chi-Ri and Chi-Ru is the glacis change, then maybe instead of getting a different iroha name, it would be just a "Kai" attachment for "improved" to make "Type 5 Chi-Ri Kai" or.. if taking the way the of the Type 97 Chi-Ha and Type 97 Chi-Ha Shinhoto (new turret), but with a new hull for the improved Chi-Ri then perhaps "Type 5 Chi-Ri Shinshatai". At any rate there was no prototype of a Type 6 Chi-Ri although there was the Type 5 Chi-Ri prototype that was completed and tested out by March 1945 but no production order was given to it. Even though Japanese were out of natural resources, that didn't stop planners in putting out unrealistic production orders for all sorts of things. But the Type 5 Chi Ri never even got production order. A production order went to the Type 4 Chi-To which was developed in parallel with the Chi-Ri. The Type 4 Chi-To (second prototype with long 75mm) was also completed and tested out by March 1945 (The first Chi-To prototype was with a long 57mm completed in May 1944). The Chi-To production order was for something like an unachievable 200 or so of them. The Ho-Ri was also in development and never reached near completion so by the time it could be completed, as in 1946, a Type 6 designation is possible. Although its unknown if the one in actual development was the rear mounted superstructure design (like the Elephant) or the centered mounted superstructure design (like the blueprint in the post above.) Although since an actual blue print for the the centered mounted design exist whole there hasn't been an actual blueprint for the Elephant style design, then the centered mounted superstructure may have been it.
  9. And you thought you could spam PH all over the place without stirring up a fishy smell.
  10. Afghanistan was nation building with going Roman off the table. Scenerios like defending Taiwan is purely a military operation.
  11. No worries, thank you for responding anyway.
  12. The PRC is toast if they try something to Taiwan. They should accept Taiwan as a separate nation. And they should find compromise with SCS countries. There's nothing wrong with them having a powerful military for their pride and security of their trade interest. But Taiwan is no a point up for toleration.
  13. You've got no idea how much it helps to hear something like that once in a while from the US contingent. If one wants to not worry about what a loose multi-polar world will mean, then overwhelming superiority by not just relaying on the US but bringing others in board is a way to prevent fragmenting interest. Japan is getting long range missiles of many types which adds to sea lane area denial, air defense, and ability to attack distant ground tagerts. Japan is also developing hypetsonic missiles. A plathora of surface combat ships with type level ASW ability. And ground force transforming to become more rapid in response that can be inserted into a place like Taiwan via air whether it be air drop, Osprey, or CH-47J, or by sea via AAV7, rubber boats, or air cushion. You bet Japan can provide much assistance. That can leave some US strength in reserve for deterrance towards anywhere else that otherwise might want to try some funny business like DPRK or w/e.
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