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  1. https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20220728/p2g/00m/0in/042000c
  2. Bovington was a good host for it. Would be nice if it can make it out there again. There's a group here that wants to make a small tank museum in Japan with the aim of opening in 2027. The Ha-Go will probably end up there.
  3. Of course there us a context as to how and why the numbers of vessel type are the way they were then and now. A point about "paying fair share of defense" or "making efficient use of available funds" is still only part of the whole context. The whole context would be terribly boring to try taking a stab at. On mention of combattants, I guess it includes subs. In the case of JMSDF, they had around 8-10 subs around 1970. Now they have around 22 and IIRC that number doesn't include trainer subs. So it may go to 24 soon. On mention of USN minesweeper numbers, part of the reason its been low because JMSDF fills that role as part of combined defense relation in East Asia waters. The USN won't need to station a bunch of minesweepers if they can relay of Japan's. It's been so during the Korean War even. JMSDF has, IIRC (its sometimes hard to know exactly as old ones are decomissioned and new ones are commissioned and what's being counted as such) 24 minesweepers, 2 of which are big ones, 5,000 ton class termed something like "minesweeper mothership", one of which sometimes heads over to the Persian Gulf for international joint-training. On mention of that, JMSDF minesweepers were used for cleanup support shortly after the Persian Gulf War. But now going forward.. rhe current defense long term outline (soon to be replaced) has the number of minesweepers dropping to 18 but with the entry of new patrol boats at around 2,000 class. IIRC, they want 12 of these which are to IIRC (again) replace the 6 Hayabus missile boats. Now.. the minesweeper collective capability may not necessarily weaken due to the 24 to 18 drop since the new Mogami-frigate class will have minsweeping capability. At the moment, Japan plans on getting 22 of these in the end. So then brings the question as to if any Cold War or Post-Cold War USN ships had some minsweeping capability to make up for any lack of dedicated minesweepers.
  4. The number of surface combat ships in JMSDF was rather small at around 1970 with about 25 ships of various DD types. Due to that small size, it sees an increase in size rather than a decrease like the other countries. Today its about 48.
  5. Will of course be best to rely on the US regarding Taiwan and with Pelosi's visit. The PRC has ramped up military presence around Taiwan and sustained that presence for a year now. But relaying on a US that was in character with something like 1980s America would be preferred. Today's America is dry and less inspiring in its one self and in its handling of China. Movies, music, etc of the 1980s was fresh, top notch, and original. Today's feels like just mass produced CG and good ideas all used up. Past political seen has been less inspiring as well. Latest wave of BLM and wokism, women studies on the one hand and massive amount of cost in getting out the latest stuff of the undustry such as JWST and SLS. Then there's the near monopoly on information technology and other software such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, things monopolyke that.. so it feels like control mechanism with such dominating posture in the field. Then there's US China relation itself in which 1980s America would later betray its own esposed values. 1990s come and US (both R an D) allows CCP China onto the WTO while CCP China was smack in the middle of its persecution of falun gong. US-China trade goes up and up, Iraq War, China buys carrier from Ukraine, China steal intel property, the trade goes on, so much blah blah of hypocrisy, I've no heart to spew it. The matter with Taiwan was for anyone to assume would happen on the trajectory things were going unless the US just sells out Taiwan. Had it been 1980s America making the stand for Taiwan, then it would be awesome. But the current one will have to do. At least its willing to do it and still the better alternative to CCP China. But would prefer if Japan somehow was able to take central lead in Taiwan's security instead.
  6. It'll be demonstration of quite potent capability. And it does after about a year of fairly frequent PLAAF activity around Taiwan. [quote]Joint military exercises around the island of Taiwan by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) continued Wednesday with a joint blockade, sea assault and land and air combat trainings, involving the use of advanced weapons including J-20 stealth fighter jets and DF-17 hypersonic missiles after the drills started on Tuesday evening, when US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed on the island which seriously violates China's sovereignty. The exercises are unprecedented as the PLA conventional missiles are expected to fly over the island of Taiwan for the first time, the PLA forces will enter area within 12 nautical miles of the island and that the so-called median line will cease to exist, experts said, noting that by surrounding Taiwan entirely, the PLA are completely blockading the island demonstrating the Chinese mainland's absolute control over the Taiwan question. The PLA Eastern Theater Command on Wednesday organized its affiliated Navy, Air Force, Rocket Force, Strategic Support Force and Joint Logistic Support Force and conducted realistic combat-oriented joint exercises in the sea and air space to the north, southwest and southeast of the island of Taiwan, the PLA Eastern Theater Command said in a press release on the day. Joint blockade, sea assault, land attack and air combat drills were at the core of the operation, as the exercises tested the troops' joint operational capabilities, said the press release. The J-20 stealth fighter jet, H-6K bomber, J-11 fighter jet, Type 052D destroyer, Type 056A corvette and DF-11 short-range ballistic missile are among the weapons used in the drills, as shown in the photos attached to the press release. Early warning aircraft and DF-17 hypersonic missiles also joined the exercises, according to a report by China Central Television. Wednesday's drills came after the PLA Eastern Theater Command started joint military operations around the island of Taiwan on Tuesday evening, involving joint maritime and air exercises in the sea and in the air space to the north, southwest and southeast of the island of Taiwan, long-range live-fire shooting in the Taiwan Straits, and conventional missile test launches to the east of the island of Taiwan. The PLA will also conduct important military exercises and training activities including live-fire drills in six large maritime areas and their air space surrounding the island of Taiwan, in its north, northeast, east, south, southwest and northwest, from Thursday noon to Sunday noon, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday evening. Unprecedented actions This is the first time the PLA will launch live long-range artillery across the Taiwan Straits, in a move that will demonstrate the PLA's firm will and strong capability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and thwart secessionist attempts by "Taiwan independence" and external interfering forces, Zhang Junshe, a senior research fellow at the Naval Research Academy of the PLA, told the Global Times on Wednesday. "If the conventional missiles of the PLA were to be launched from the mainland toward the west of Taiwan and hit targets to its east, this means that the missiles would fly over the island, which is unprecedented," Chinese mainland military expert Zhang Xuefeng told the Global Times. He also pointed out that five of the drill zones are set to the east of the so-called median line of the Taiwan Straits, and this means that the existence of the line is denied through the concrete action of the PLA. Some drill zones are also for the first time set to include areas within 12 nautical miles to the island of Taiwan, but since Taiwan is a part of China, Taiwan's so-called territorial sea is also China's territorial sea, Zhang Xuefeng said. Also, the PLA drills surrounding Taiwan are intended to show that it is capable of blockading the entire island and of resolving the Taiwan question through non-peaceful ways, if the situation becomes irretrievable, observers said. From the designated PLA military drills area, the operations could pose a threat to major ports and shipping lanes in Taiwan, forming a complete blockage. This blockage style could be one of the action plans taken in the future for achieving the reunification by force, Herman Shuai, a retired Taiwan lieutenant general, told the Global Times on Wednesday. Two northern exercise areas designated by the PLA are located off the coast of Keelung Port and Taipei Port, the central exercise area is located off the Taichung Port, the southern exercise area is located off the Kaohsiung Port and the eastern one is located off the Hualien Port. The exercise areas are a "template" for "locking down Taiwan," Shuai said. "If the PLA exercises take a long time, it will constitute a substantial blockage of Taiwan." The PLA' s drills this time are "comprehensive and highly targeted," showing the determination of resolving Taiwan question once and for all, Chinese mainland military expert Song Zhongping told the Global Times on Wednesday. The drill should be viewed as a war plan rehearsal, Song said, "In the event of a future military conflict, it is likely that the operational plans currently being rehearsed will be directly translated into combat operations." "It means that our battle plan has been made clear to the US and the Taiwan authorities, and we are confident enough to inform them of the consequences of further provocation in this way," Song said. Comparing to the Taiwan Straits crisis in 1996, the PLA's military strength has been greatly enhanced, analysts say. "In 1996, we didn't have aircraft carriers, the Type 055 large destroyer, nor hypersonic missiles... Since then our ability to strike, capture and kill has greatly improved and our military options and confidence have increased," Song said. Shuai believes that in 1996, Taiwan's self-defense capabilities were relatively strong, the PLA's projection capabilities were still insufficient, and the number of amphibious warfare ship was limited. Also the PLA's Navy Marine Corps as well as Air Force did not have absolute advantages. Therefore, at that time, the PLA did not have the capability of completely blocking the island. It only used the method of test-launching missiles to send warnings, but it did not pose any threat to the open seas of Taitung and Hualien, not to mention to US aircraft carriers, Shuai said. "But it is different now. After so many years of rapid development, the PLA, whether it is with the Type 055 large destroyer, aircraft carriers or amphibious landing ship, now fully possesses the strength to blockade the Taiwan Island." As Pelosi's flight was about to land, Chinese state media reported that a Su-35 fighter jet(s) of the PLA Air Force was flying across the Taiwan Straits, but Taiwan's defense authority later claimed this is fake news. It only exposed Taiwan's weak air defense which failed to detect the PLA aircraft, observers commented. Not intercepting Pelosi's flight does not mean a failure of the PLA. On the contrary, the Chinese mainland chose to avoid an incident that could trigger a World War III but instead to take Pelosi's Taiwan visit as a chance to push forward the progress of reunification, starting with the island-blockading, combat-rehearsing drills that could become routine, analysts said. Mainland authorities announced on Wednesday that a number of diehard "Taiwan secessionists", two funds and multiple companies related to secessionist activities will be punished in accordance with the law. Zhang Hua, an associate research fellow at the Institute of Taiwan Studies, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times on Wednesday that the law on punishing Taiwan secessionists is complete and in place in the mainland. Taiwan secessionists can be judged according to Criminal Law for splitting the country, destroying the reunification of the motherland and endangering national security, the expert said. Zhang Wensheng, deputy dean of the Taiwan Research Institute at Xiamen University, told the Global Times on Wednesday that after the reunification, the Chinese mainland can collect evidence against Taiwan secessionists in accordance with criminal law, set up special courts to try them in absentia, and nail all those at large wherever they are. In addition, the scope of sanctions can be extended to the family members of Taiwan secessionists, which means they'll be banned from business exchanges with the mainland and the institutions they work for should also be included in the sanctions list, Zhang said. Mainland experts said that it cannot be ruled out that more regulations against Taiwan secessionists will be adopted in the future. Considering that the Anti-Secession Law is more of a framework and principle law, the central government could formulate a specific law targeting Taiwan secessionists, similar to the national security law for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.[/quote] https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202208/1272108.shtml
  7. That training one has a slid on the bottom so that is probably what enables it to skid back for landing. This old picture of it has the same slid so probably not added on by museum staff. The first version ohkas dropped by bombers had pretty poor results. One reason surely is due to anti-kamikaze countermeasures by USN such as spreading out the ships more, or something like that. But another reason may have been piloting issues. The later ohka versions had much greater range and were to be land based launched. So it surely means self navigation skills being more important to get the ohka in visual range of something worth hitting. So some training time in the air probably would make a difference.
  8. One of his students just might be the guy that scores a hit on a carrier. The guy training school girls with spears is probably more depressing.
  9. https://www.jigidi.com/jigsaw-puzzle/1e5dld6k/yokosuka-mxy7-ohka-model-43-k-1-kai-pima-air-and-space-museum/
  10. Not sure whether or not there's a difference between "2-tank platoon" and a tank section.
  11. Four tank platoon probably has more tactical posture types available than three tank platoon. More ability to sustain damage and remain an effective unit as well. But maybe more of a task to organize as it makes for larger companies and battalions to manage. Maybe harder to stand up 4 tank plt battalions than 3 tank plt ballions. And maybe can only be done if manpower is available. And maybe more resource taxing such as fuel to reposition 4 tank plt company/battalion than 3 tank plt ones. It may also be helpful to have an independent tank company or battlion that is organized differently than the rest within the army so as special tank groups for any specific task that suddenly arises can be more easily adapted as they'll be some crew more used to whatever different organization desired.
  12. Something I heard, a Japanese Pacific War pilot whose name I can't recall, traveling in the US was in a black people club or something. In there they said to him thank you to Japan for bombing pearl harbor because that war provided an opportunity for black people to prove their worth in the war effort. Without it, desegregation and the following civil rights may not have happened or at least, not as soon as when it did occur. FWIW...
  13. Geographically speaking, 20% would look to have to include SeparatistsDPR/LPR and Crimea. In order to assess the effectiveness of the invasion that started in Feb this year, factoring those out is necessary. So its probably more like 10 to 12 percent.
  14. Unless things changed again (which is very possible) I think in the latest strategy future guidline papers, the USAF had something like shifting towards a "5 aircraft structure something" for reasons like "reducing burden of supply chain fir multiple aircraft" or something like that. In which, 5 aircraft were named and IIRC, the A10 was one of them. So it looked like the anti-A10 phase had ended after its worth continues to be demonstrated. After all, what aircraft is going to do CAS? F-35 is not going to cut it, especially wirh adoption of strategy papers that seek a return to "peer level competition".
  15. ISTR there being a post-cold war (post Persian Gulf War as well) tank doctrine change to which tanks in defensive position roll up, shoot once or twice, and then roll back behind cover.
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