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  1. How many forging presses are actually needed for Russia to continue its war effort? I doubt the number is in the thousands. Just a few hundred will be good enough. Not to mention that there are probably more efficient presses which have been in production for a while.
  2. It is 1950s technology after all. I don’t think the Russians are that backwards where they can’t replicate this type of equipment. Hell, countries even less advanced than Russia like India can get it done
  3. If a crippling blockade enforced by neighboring Arab countries for countless years (which caused a massive famine) and a massive air campaign by the Saudis couldn’t block shipments of weapons to Houthis effectively, I have doubts IDF can do much. Without a doubt IDF needed to respond, but options are sorely limited Having said that, Houthi ability to actually attack Israel isn’t very significant either. This one drone made it out of thousands
  4. I still think it’s a bit poor taste, as 1972 Munich is remembered for the horrific events that took place, not the sneakers being used by athletes. Might have been a better idea to use another year for their campaign
  5. AMX vehicles again? Those things faired so poorly, the Ukrainians were definitely not a fan of them. https://english.almayadeen.net/news/politics/ukraine-commander-slams-french-tanks-as-thin-armored-impract Why can’t they be given LeClercs instead?
  6. Can’t blame them. Their maps have always been slightly outdated. Failed onslaught towards Kiev was reflective of that 😂
  7. Footage of the drone striking the apartment complex
  8. Apparently the Houthis attacked Tel Aviv last night
  9. Except even the West thinks this was Ukraine, so…
  10. But it’s not like Western companies are directly selling chips to Russian companies. Russia is only able to obtain necessary tech through third party resellers. Russian oil on the other hand goes directly through Ukraine (which Russia is at war) and then into Europe.
  11. I’m assuming the gas canisters are for cooking gas
  12. It’s far easier to supply artillery pieces to Ukraine than artillery shells. Ukraine doesn’t need as many artillery pieces as you think to keep up the tempo of operations against the Russians. The bottleneck is the actual number of shells
  13. If they can be effective against Russian jamming. Every single weapon thus far has basically been susceptible to it. And as you said, this will most likely be something available by next year
  14. As of now, neighboring Arab states do not care about what Israel does to Palestinians. But if Israel tries to force larger numbers of Palestinians into their country, or take an inch of their territory, peace deals with Jordan and Egypt will be off. I believe a number of Israeli politicians are aware of this fact and aren’t looking to push things that far.
  15. Sinai withdrawal let you guys have peace with Egypt. Without that, it’s unlikely Israel would continue to survive for long if it had to be at a continuous conflict with an Arab state that now has over 90 million residents. Everything else has still been manageable for Israel, as much of a pain as it’s been.
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