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  1. Given that this is an infestation due to crops not being harvested on time, a few snakes won’t do much to change the tide…
  2. If that’s the only argument you have against the expulsion of several hundred thousand inhabitants and the heroes of your country casually laughing about how they committed horrific acts during this time, well, no wonder Israel is in the mess right now. Good luck on dealing with the massive rise of Arabs within Israel and Israeli occupied West Bank in the coming decades though. As I said, no military solution exists, and the trajectory of your country doesn’t seem promising given that it can’t even figure out how to deal with Gaza
  3. I would argue that expelling several hundred thousand inhabitants and murdering thousands of others is still a horrific crime regardless. I should have clarified that it was ethnic cleansing and not genocide as I do use the terms interchangeably, and you are correct that each have its own specific applications. I do hate the term being used by far leftists when it comes to made up genders, it really belittles the victims of actual war crimes.
  4. 700 thousand Arabs being forcibly removed along with countless thousands being butchered (men, women, and children) isn’t something you can just sweep under the rug. The fact that most Israelis don’t want to admit to this and pretend it didn’t happen is quite mind blowing. Especially since how most democratic countries have come to terms with their brutal past and at least admitted what has happened on their ends. if you want to start a thread regarding the expulsion of Jews from neighboring Arab countries, that’s fine. Two rights don’t make a wrong, I never stood up for that act either. Unsure why you keep bringing that up as this isn’t even relevant to the conversation. Last I checked, Israel isn’t Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, etc. We are speaking of Israel here. Also, look up the definition of genocide, compare that to Israeli actions in 1948, and then come back.
  5. They have plenty of AKs..I don’t think arming them is the issue. Issue is that Russian Armed Forces is simply too damn small to be able to effectively fight in Ukraine. This recent increase is literally a drop in the bucket in terms of what Russia actually needs
  6. This right here. This is exactly the reasoning being used to have Palestinians leave and just ‘move on.’ This as well.
  7. They also committed genocide against local Arab population, which included rape, killing of children, military aged men, etc. during 1948, all of which is quite well documented. If you want me to pull out videos of this, I have no problem. That isn’t something to gloss over or laugh at. It’s literally the reason why Israel is stuck in the situation it is right now. There is no good military solution to this conflict, and with a demographic time bomb ticking within Israel itself (large numbers of Arabs growing along with those Orthodox Jews who are generally massive slackers in Israeli society), your country is screwed long term.
  8. Countries don’t need to take in refugees if they don’t feel like it. If EU decided to collectively stop accepting folks coming on boats into their shores and sent them back to wherever they came from, that is ultimately their right and I’d have no problem with that. Same goes for various countries in Middle East. You can’t force other countries to accept Palestinians, or anyone for that matter, regardless how much you or others on this board want it to happen 🤷‍♀️ Unsure why this is a difficult concept to understand Also, I like how you bring up Turkey and the Ottomans. Let’s give Turkey control of Israel as well, since that was under the Ottomans…and yes, let’s give Ukraine to Russia since that was under Soviet control. Oh wait…not so enticing anymore Considering that a rather large number of Israelis are of European heritage and still retain passports in other countries (be it Russia, Ukraine, France, Poland, etc.), is it appropriate to ask them to go back to the European countries they once resided in? Or should we not touch on that and just focus on the Arabs instead?
  9. Modernized AK-12 review. Overall it is a pretty good rifle
  10. First clip: whoever it was, that IDF soldier is lucky that the militant was a piss poor shot. While Hamas does utilize some skilled sniper units, their AK carrying guys don’t seem to exhibit the best of marksmanship capabilities. I can tell because of the very strange optic placements they have on their AKs (which themselves are cheap North Korean or Chinese knockoffs). Later in the video, a backhoe sustains damage from an RPG hit, driver is very likely badly wounded or KIA. Other clips, hard to tell what damage is inflicted on the various tanks being attacked.
  11. Was probably a scenario that was thought of by Israeli war planners, but the whole ‘oh those silly Arabs can’t do much with their homemade weapons and paraglides’ line of thinking took over.
  12. Apparently cease fire is set to or has already expired. Unless Hamas gives up more hostages
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