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  1. Impeachment will definitely have some Republican votes, but enough for a 2/3 majority? Highly highly doubt it. But Trump will be the first president to be impeached TWICE 😂
  2. Unfortunately, social media and how people interpret posts (or even likes) is just toxic. My wife told me months ago that she doesn’t see a whole lot of ‘freedom’ on social media, at least in the US. This was during the aftermaths of the BLM riots. Coming from a former Soviet country, she was under the impression that people in the US would be more free to express their thoughts. I told her...I agree, that’s why I’m a bit silent on social media, or I post neutral things. I mean, yeah, I gave up and I’m no longer willing to fight it, as I got too much to lose. I feel very bad for the individual who had lost their job and I hope he seeks litigation.
  3. Of course I’m not blaming the cops at all. They did the best they can with the limited resources they had. As for the Iranian government...ignore their noise over this. They are just noise, that’s all
  4. And this is it, right here. The Left all too often was crying and screaming about how often blacks are killed by police officers (not withstanding the fact that out of nearly 1000 police officer shootings in all of 2018, only 45 of the perpetrators were unarmed...the rest were ARMED, and this was a number given by the Washington Post, a left leaning source), but want to know why the cops did nothing to the rioters in DC. Police officers do not act as military or paramilitary units where they open fire on crowds of people with live ammo. Even during the riots over the summer, police officers very rarely used live ammunition against rioters. The DC debacle was a failure no doubt, but it was due to Capitol Police leadership underestimating what could have happened. Asking people to be gunned down by the hundreds for rioting is something we expect to see in Syria and Iran, not the US. It isn’t the job of police officers to do such a thing, nor should it be expected. Even our military would be hesitant at using such force within our borders. I just find it absurd that folks on the left are acting all so shocked at the cops acting leniently to the rioters when they themselves have been demanding this for months, and we have seen the utmost leniency given to rioters in Portland. We can’t have it both ways. Riots shouldn’t be allowed regardless of political affiliation, but lethal force shouldn’t also be used on large gatherings of people either.
  5. Not really. I don’t support the destruction or looting of any building, regardless of the reason. The morons in Portland shouldn’t have been given a free pass, and same goes for those who participated in the riots over the summer.
  6. I’m standing with the cop on this one. Being part of a mob, breaking inside a building, and running towards uniformed men with guns who are clearly telling you to step back is NEVER a good idea. This applies to everyone, regardless of political affiliation.
  7. Quite frankly, this whole thing was unnecessary and over the top. Out of the nearly 20,000 protesters who showed up, we had a few hundred (maybe a thousand?) who actually decided to barge into the Capitol building. I’m not a Trump supporter, but vast majority of the folks there weren’t involved in anything illegal per say, hence painting all Trump supporters in bad light for the actions of a few...I can’t stand for that. A lot of people are blaming the Capitol Police for the complete lack of preparation, but quite frankly they did their job by ensuring all Government officials were quickly escorted off the premise. They did so without much bloodshed (one person being killed is actually miraculous given the circumstances). The entire barging into the building and taking selfies...and not wearing masks...was a dumb, dumb idea. If this was supposed to be a coup, it’s gotta be the worst one ever 😂 many of these folks will be rounded up in the upcoming weeks and flown to DC to stand in front of a judge. I think many will be regretting what they did once they realize the gravity of their situation... Finally, this entire debacle was just that. It does nothing to change the political process that was ongoing at the time, and only makes the entire right look horrible when in reality it was a small handful of folks who took things over the top.
  8. Yup, went there a few times already! Haven’t gone out too much since Covid though
  9. So, I did have a stint in Kazakhstan as well. No seriously, before I went to Urkaine in April 2014, in February 2014 I flew from Greece to Kazakhstan to meet some Tatar girl, also on the same Russian dating site It didn’t end well, she kicked me out of her place after the second day staying over 😂Thank goodness it didn’t work out...she was trying to hide the fact she had a kid from a previous marriage that her parents were looking after and she wanted nothing to do with raising the poor kid. Seriously, my adventures abroad were a bit wild
  10. Oh dear, it was hard enough showing her around Boystown in Chicago and telling her we have a Pride Parade (she’s quite conservative, let’s put it that way). Showing her tank-net may be the last straw 😂😂😂
  11. She’s actually more on the Russian side. She’s originally from Donetsk! 😂
  12. LOL honestly I wouldn’t mind, but the wifey doesn’t want her pics floating around on the Internet (she barely has a presence online as it is!) Plus I deleted the pics of the other women I spoke to loooong ago. But we nearly did make an appearance on TV! I submitted our application years ago to 90 Day Fiancé, and we did get interviewed by the producers of the show (this was when the wifey was in Ukraine). However, right off the bat we smelled something fishy...we were interviewed separately and the questions they asked her were a bit, well...’your husband says he still talks to other woman on the dating sites, how do you feel about that?’ No, I had cancelled my accounts after I got serious with her, and I specifically told them I wasn’t talking or seeing anybody else. Seems like the show wanted to sow drama in our relationship just for publicity and we didn’t want any of that.
  13. It doesn’t seem like he associated himself with either one. I mean...this seems to be the case of the Las Vegas shooter, just another apolitical nut job who wanted to die and have the world remember his name. Thank god nobody died in the Nashville blast though!
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