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  1. If making policies like rounding up people who have never commited a cime and putting them in a concerntration camp for forever is not fascism I don't know what is.
  2. Kinda true, but I didn't know any Canadian politics in the 1980's. Ergo i'm surprised that you know English ones.
  3. People can believe what they want. I lived through it, not just web searched for Thatcher.
  4. She wanted AIDS victims to be sent to concentration camps, I remember her news articles in the Sun newspaper. She was actively anti-gay. She brought in the horrible Poll Tax system that caused the worst riots in a generation throughout the country in 1990. She destroyed the manufacturing industry purely for anti-union politics reasons. She doubled unemployment in her first term in office. Only her victory in the Falklands war allowed her a second term. Her economic poilicy's resulted in "boom and bust" throughout the 1980's That's just the couple of things I can think on top of my head. She may of appeared good to people from abroad but not to me. I'm sure people in the US have things to talk about to your leaders.
  5. One wonders why Keir would want to associate with leader who went so right wing it was borderline fascist. So much so that her own party had to get rid of her.
  6. Overview of the Venezuela Navy http://www.hisutton.com/Venezuelan_Navy_2023.html
  7. In a potential war I think that outside coastal regions (were the main population base is) vehicles can traveling by road there we could see Venezuela use it's superior navy to dominate them. Guyana without support though could fight a insurgency to a limited extent deep in the jungle. However the Ven armed forces outnumber the Guyana's 50 to 1
  8. The TOEO of Guyana in the military balance says that Guyana has.. The Guyana defence force is focused on border control ... close ties with brazil ... bilateral agrements with China, US, France .... trains regulary ... equipment mostly second hand ... no national defence industry except for some small maintenance facilities. population 789,683 Army 3000 Reserve 500 1 SF squadron 3 infranty bat 1 art company 1 combat support company 1 enginerring bat some EE9 Cascaval some towed M46 some mortor Navy 200 Reserve 170 1 Ex - UK River Minsweeaper 4 patrol boats Air 200 some Bell 206 some Cessna 206 some Y12
  9. I wasn't speaking so much as to a US invasion. Simply that the terrain is very restrictive and convential mechanized warfare would not work nor air support. FARC kept going for over 50 years in a similar terrain in Colombia.
  10. One problem is due to the terrain. It's dense jungle, with no roads infrastructure or airfields means that mobility is restricted to river boats and water craft. Terrain like that can swallow up armies as the US found to it's cost in Vietnam.
  11. One of the weaknesses of the Eurofighters is that they lack range compaired to the F16CJ for example. It won't be able to go very deep into enemy terrority.
  12. If it sheds leaves we can kill it
  13. More likely due to save money from having to retool the assemply line to build new two seaters EW jets. The T2's line has long since been shut down.
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