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  1. The Storm 333 was good but the Operation Eagle Claw was better. I think ill buy this book, it looks good.
  2. There's a scene in the WW1 film "Ace's High" were the pilots attack a balloon. In it German pilots rise to defend the balloon.
  3. Can anyone comment as to if this book is any good as i've never heard of this operation before. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1849084254/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_1?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&psc=1
  4. I know that people in Eastern Europe drink a lot but this is so weird. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-57011695
  5. For non-UK people, you should be advised that the Scottish National Party (SNP), every three months like clockwork, asks for another referendum on independence even though the vote was for "once in a generation". You can set your watch by it 😀
  6. You asked me about the advantages of the S400 against the US Patriot. I gave a response about that subject. Posting stuff about THAAD or Aegis was NOT the topic I was discussing.
  7. Russia has historically invested in SAM systems compared to the US. The Russian S400 has a layered approach to air defence with the Pantsir to provide close in defence along with the 9K333 Verba MANPAD for pop up targets. The S400 has a range of different missiles for different engagements... 9M96 Altitude 30km Range 40km 9M96-2 Altitude 30km Range 120km 48N6D Altitude 27km Range 200km 40N6 Altitude 30km Range 4
  8. Russia has 10 Su24M, 6 Su34, 6 Su35S, 1 A-50U Mainstay and 1 S400 battery in Syria based at Latakia. Given that the Su35S is the only plane capable of air to air engagements, that means that Turkeys 260 F16’s (of all versions) would have to suffer a 43 to 1 loss rate to gain a potential air superiority mission. Can you really believe that would happen? Turkey and Israel have had years to plan an air superiority war over Syria.
  9. Think about it this way... 1. Both Turkey and Israel can easily destroy Russia's expeditionary forces air force without much effort (purely by quantity of aircraft never mind quality of air force's). 2. It's not in Russia's interest to defend vigorously against either Turkey or Israel as this would result in further raids. 3. Hence Russia will absorb these raids whilst hoping not to attract to much attention.
  10. Yes, this was by the Labour UK government in 1946. The copy of this engine eventually went into the MIG15, which proved superior to the top of the line US built F86's during the early stages of the Korean war.
  11. I always thought that the WNT was created so that a future naval arms race wouldn't happen as it was a major cause of the rapid military arms race from 1905+ that led directly to World War One.
  12. Maybe the stealth worked as was promised by the manufacturer. The S400 though is at least a generation ahead of the US Patriot system and has been in service since 2007 if I remember it right. It lacks the anti ballistic defence capability though.
  13. How about adding ETA in Spain to the list.
  14. You must of forgotten about Osama Bin Laden being a Saudi citizen, plus the majority of the terrorist in the 4 planes on 9/11 being from Saudi Arabia as well.
  15. No. They cut off your hands if you steal something and televise it on TV for all to watch in Saudi Arabia. An article about how the SA religious police involved in the death of 15 school girls... https://www.arabnews.com/node/1558176/saudi-arabia ...One of those most concerned with the CPVPV’s growing power was the late King Abdullah. His concerns proved correct when in 2002, a fire erupted in a girls’ school in Makkah, and members of the religious police were reportedly accused of hindering the rescue because the girls weren’t wearing abayas. The result was 15 dea
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