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  1. Are there any other vaccines in development? One would think by now someone would have come up with a better idea.
  2. I felt poorly after the Pfizer booster, and spent the day in bed. What did homologous and heterogeneous booster vaccinations mean in the preprint above?
  3. I’ve noticed that a lot of American political coverage seems to be British. Is it more than usual?
  4. Nope. There isn’t any shortage of black people willing to get free medical care at American hospitals.
  5. Are any flights coming out of Afghanistan now?
  6. I wonder who owns the new oceanfront property?
  7. Clearly the county election commission was deliberately unhelpful. If they have nothing to hide, why?
  8. https://twitchy.com/gregp-3534/2021/09/24/maricopa-county-responds-to-donald-trump-and-others-on-the-cyber-ninjas-leaked-audit-report/
  9. So when they had the collegial leadership, presumably they were highly placed in the Party? How was the leadership chosen? I’m also trying to understand who’s making decisions in the US? Who makes up the US Politiburo? I’m assuming if Biden’s aides are shouting down his responses to questions he didn’t make the decision for them to do that. When President Wilson had a stroke allegedly his wife helped run the country.
  10. Leaders of the Soviet Union frequently were elderly enough to die after only a short time in power. How did the Soviets deal with such elderly leaders? Of course, they didn’t have to give press conferences if they didn’t want to, but how did they govern the SU?
  11. Or Syria. Can’t say which is first. It’s pretty much the Democrats platform, so get used to it. Intervention by the US overseas is now colonialism. Remember, the US is the world’s worst country, founded on white men’s oppression of people of color.
  12. Good points, but: Germany winning WW1 wasn’t a problem for the United States, and, there’s no reason Europeans couldn’t eventually come to a peace agreement if left to themselves, given the enormous numbers of their own young men they killed. (I.E., if their forms of government don’t stop the killing there’s always the Russian example.) Isolation doesn’t mean you don’t defend yourself, it means staying out of other conflicts. Given the industrial size of the US, Japan would have been crushed even if the US started with a smaller fleet. And, the US fleet wouldn’t be much smaller with Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and the Panama Canal to defend. An irradiated Asia is bad in the sense of Dwight Eisenhower worrying the radiation would drift to the US, but otherwise the reaction in the US would be meh. Stalin wouldn’t have conquered Europe. The only limits on American shipments to Europe would be the capacity of European ports, and the Soviet Union wouldn’t be getting lend lease.
  13. Are they staying? Chinese is a hard language to learn.
  14. There were less than 5,000 US troops in Afghanistan. If Europeans feel there should be a military presence there they were certainly able to fill the void. It’s not like the US would work against them like the French did before Iraq or Europeans in general did during Vietnam.
  15. Interestingly, Eisenhower’s ratings over time were the most popular, which is how most older Americans remember the 1950s.
  16. You don’t have the right of navigation through someone else’s country. That’s why the US doesn’t control the Panama Canal anymore. Of course, that rule was ignored during world wars. The collapse of the British economy wasn’t due to the Suez Canal.
  17. 1. Stuart therefore is the Trump of Tanknet, living rent-free in the heads of opponents. 2. If you quote people on my ignore list, you’ve defeated the ignore feature.
  18. I can’t understand how a high school group was allowed to go to Afghanistan given all the suicide bombings. What was the process that allowed that to happen?
  19. There was (and will always be) an endless supply of Taliban fighters coming from the haven in Pakistan. It isn’t their fault somebody drew a line on a map and divided their ancestral home. Afghanistan was going to be an endless drain on the west with no end in sight, unless society was completely reordered. Their isn’t any indication they were begging to do so. After 15 or 20 years it should have been obvious to someone things weren’t working. For some reason, Trump figured it out and Biden didn’t, even though they both had access to the same information.
  20. Pineapple US special operations vets carry out daring mission to save Afghan allies - ABC News (go.com)
  21. That’s because the German tanks he got were so crappy. At the beginning of the war, wealthy Spaniards tried to arrange for their sons to be in a tank. At the end, convicted criminals were offered pardons if they rode into combat in a tank.
  22. It’s been coming, Trump or no Trump. Bush and Reagan were Hitler, etc. Tea Party protesters were far right wing.
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