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  1. Oh goody gumdrops, a real life Luc Besson movie An "unprecedented" manhunt is taking place in northern France for a prisoner who escaped during a deadly ambush. Mohamed Amra, known as "The Fly", was being taken back to jail from a court in Normandy on Tuesday when a car rammed his prison van at a toll booth. Armed men then opened fire on the vehicle, killing two officers and seriously injuring three others. The shooting marks the country's first fatal attack on prison staff for more than 30 years. France prison van attack: 'Unprecedented' manhunt for escaped prisoner (bbc.com)
  2. FlightRadar24 is a wonderfully simple way to answer the repetitive question "what dat up der?" Flightradar24: Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map
  3. That was outdated information on a shipping website and was subsequently removed (or *scrubbed* by the CIA/Mossad/FSB/grey aliens). Some Russian journalist had floated the link with a '?' kinda dangling comment. Need the URLs or have I been around long enough for y'all to take my word for it? 🍿
  4. ISIS Releases Bodycam Footage Of The Terrorist Attack On The Carcus City Hall In Moscow! (worldstarhiphop.com)
  5. Battleship Texas going back into water for next phase of restoration in Galveston – Houston Public Media How Battleship Texas was restored to its former glory (houstonchronicle.com)
  6. Russia has rehearsed using tactical nuclear weapons at an early stage of conflict with a major world power, the Financial Times reported on Feb. 28, citing leaked military files that include training scenarios for an invasion by China. Leaked Russian military files reveal Moscow rehearses tactical nuclear weapons response to Chinese invasion (yahoo.com) The cache consists of 29 secret Russian military files drawn up between 2008 and 2014, including scenarios for war-gaming and presentations for naval officers, which discuss operating principles for the use of nuclear weapons.
  7. Do you REALLY think I'd remember reading something like that from TWO - YEARS - AGO? That's some serious ADHD, dood
  8. Damn grey aliens Ukrainian defenders filmed an unidentified disc-shaped object in the combat zone.
  9. Captured M2A2 Bradley revealed in Russian tests, hints at new tactics (msn.com) O ne of the captured M2A2 Bradley ODS infantry fighting vehicles has unexpectedly become a centerpiece in Russian showcase events. However, the images circulating reveal more than intended, showing signs of additional tests that were likely meant to stay under wraps. Here’s what these hidden clues tell us. It appears that the Russians secured this particular Bradley in the area around Avdiivka. Following ballistic testing, it now serves a new purpose: a trophy paraded around Russian cities, demonstrating what Russian propaganda hails as the "strength of the Russian army in defeating Ukrainians and NATO."
  10. Or that salvage efforts have been a *thing* for a long, long time. Being interested in how our new M4s had made out in the battle, I spent several hours at this salvage park examining the wrecked, yet salvageable M4 tanks. Once more the positive fact was clearly and indelibly emblazoned across the skies of the future. The Germans had out-gunned us, in spite of the fact that we had won the battle. Again, did I realize that, had Rommel had his gas so that his armor could have maneuvered 100%, we undoubtedly would have had far greater tank losses." ..... .... .. h p..... ark were a sorry mess and their crews were largely all dead due to having lesser potential guns weren't by any means a match for the comparable German guns.'" See p. 29 Early North African Campaigns 1940-1942: A Case Study (dtic.mil)
  11. Half of more than a million artillery shells shipped to Russia from North Korea are faulty, a senior Ukrainian defense official has said.Half of Russia's North Korea-Made Artillery Shells Don't Work: Ukraine (msn.com)
  12. Johnny Cash's birthday passes and no one commemorates?
  13. The shrieking class pooping their pants putting the progressive spin on Battlefield Salvage & Recovery As Congress twiddles its thumbs amid growing and more urgent calls for continued military aid to Kyiv, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are swiftly running out of not just the expensive weapons – but even the smallest of spare parts to repair and renew the systems the US has already spent billions to provide in the first place. Desperate Ukrainians forced to repurpose billion-dollar weapons from ‘trash’ as Congress haggles over US aid (msn.com)
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