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  1. OK. Remember my Irish background. When I hear "Humber", my immediate thought is the Pig.
  2. I'll try to make a detour next time I'm somewhere in the vicinity of either. Remind me, what's the Humber?
  3. Well, this was a personal trip, not a WG trip, so there's no 'guys' involved in this case. First problem is 'cost'. I had to be in PA anyway, so the additional cost of the day's car rental and hotel was more incidental than the cost of a major trip. Normally, if I'm going travelling somewhere, I need to 'bundle' it with a bunch of things, be it a bunch of vehicles in one place, or some other activities while I'm there. Unless it's a really, really, interesting vehicle (Which will get lots and lots of hits on Youtube to make it financially viable), I'm not going to go there for just one o
  4. Yep, that's the one. Not just by ancestry, he still has the accent.
  5. FWIW https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flagstaff_hill_incident
  6. It's not a click click sound from the track pins, that's a whack whack sound. I can't recall if Bovington has more than one T-62, but some of them definitely did not have retained track pins. The Littlefield T-62 would have been such a vehicle, complete with the 'kock-them-back-in' ramps at the rear hull. Given how long the tank was in service, a change in tank design would not have been impossible. http://svsm.org/albums/T-62/IMGP1389.jpg Same with the Tiran 6 in Latrun, now I look at it. http://svsm.org/albums/tiran6/P1750071.jpg The real question is whether any T-54
  7. Well, the replay will be on Youtube and Twitch for when you wake up.
  8. Grabbing a hold of the round, I don't think is the issue as much as shoving it into the breech. Jagdpanzer 38t had a similar problem, it would make more sense operationally for the TC to be where the loader is, but what with the recoil guard, reaching forward and shoving the round up the tube without the ability to leverage from the side was... difficult. At the very least, the TC could perhaps be a loader's assistant, finishing the job with the final push, but, again, that wasn't the route the Germans took and may not be desireable for the Soviets either.
  9. Umm. OK, that's weird. Look onwards to #4, where he is referred to as "Motorist" (engineer?), not "Loader." "4. По команде (сигналу) "К машинам" выход из танка производится в следующем порядке: через передний люк первым выходит радиотелеграфист, за ним механик-водитель старший, который закрывает люк; через люк башни первым выходит механик-водитель младший (моторист) и становится впереди танка, за ним выходит командир танка, затем командир орудия, который закрывает люк башни. The scan of the manual uses both. This very well might only be resolved by getting into a
  10. I did. Yuri responded with a screenshot of the manual. Upon my direct question, he says was of the opinion that the third man could reach the ammunition, but did not seem to offer any opinion as to actual practice.
  11. If I may quote Zaloga/Kinnear in their book. "As well as loading the main gun, the commander was responsible for feeding the coaxial MG. His tasks were made ludicrously complex by the poor ammunition layout [snip] This clutter was the more bothersom as the assistant driver/mechanic was positioned closed behind the commander/loader when the gun was in operation. Normally he sat on a pad suspended from the turret rack immediately behind the gun, but when the gun was in use the deflector and atached shell casing bin were folded up, filling this space. This seat was moved behind the commander
  12. They come with a fiberglass shell ordinarily, but it can be easily swapped out by use of a couple of snaps and velcro for a kevlar top (See my video on tank crew personal clothing). It's not a huge shell, really just covers the scalp. Has to leave room for the earpieces. As for the ambient noise, believe me, you notice it. Perhaps part of it is just the vibrations coming through by physical contact, but most is just coming through the ears regardless of the headset. Believe me, it's far better than not wearing the headset, and it's not loud enough to be annoying or a danger, but I've found I
  13. Never heard of them. I get the feeling I should have? At some point I'm going to have to get you on an interview about this book.
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