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  1. One day, probably. That said, I get the idea that Bovvy's a bit... possessive of the Tiger. Either way, Cutland (The Challenger) has a reasonable sequence of videos inside and out of both the Bovington tiger and the Saumur King tiger up on the EU World of Tanks channel, so they really are low on my priority list compared to other vehicles which aren't covered.
  2. Not really. About half of it is a museum dedicated to the training center which used to be there. They're getting/have gotten an M26 restored to running condition, but in terms of tanks, other than a turretless hull of an M48 or M60 (something of that ilk) you can step into, there's not much unusual. Indeed, I filmed a high-speed-tour of the place when I visited, and haven't considered it worth releasing in the last two years.
  3. It seems to be a common design feature. I've noticed that Canadian tank crews would have the handle on the outside, no flap. On the downside, it might catch more just getting in and out of the tank. And, of course, I show the internal harness on the American suit in my video. No flap, just reach down the collar and grab the handle.
  4. The patch location for the rank insignia indicates that they are neither the aviator ACU nor regular FRACU. There is a softshell jacket which has the rank insignia above the name, but most likely they're tanker suits in the picture.
  5. According to Taylor's "Into the Valley": "Post-war the Archer was used not only by the RA, but was also employed by the RAC in the Divisional RAC Regiments; it remained in service into the early 1950s at least" Shifting the interview with Ken left an hour to 4pm Central, just to make life easier on him.
  6. OK. Remember my Irish background. When I hear "Humber", my immediate thought is the Pig.
  7. I'll try to make a detour next time I'm somewhere in the vicinity of either. Remind me, what's the Humber?
  8. Well, this was a personal trip, not a WG trip, so there's no 'guys' involved in this case. First problem is 'cost'. I had to be in PA anyway, so the additional cost of the day's car rental and hotel was more incidental than the cost of a major trip. Normally, if I'm going travelling somewhere, I need to 'bundle' it with a bunch of things, be it a bunch of vehicles in one place, or some other activities while I'm there. Unless it's a really, really, interesting vehicle (Which will get lots and lots of hits on Youtube to make it financially viable), I'm not going to go there for just one o
  9. Yep, that's the one. Not just by ancestry, he still has the accent.
  10. FWIW https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flagstaff_hill_incident
  11. It's not a click click sound from the track pins, that's a whack whack sound. I can't recall if Bovington has more than one T-62, but some of them definitely did not have retained track pins. The Littlefield T-62 would have been such a vehicle, complete with the 'kock-them-back-in' ramps at the rear hull. Given how long the tank was in service, a change in tank design would not have been impossible. http://svsm.org/albums/T-62/IMGP1389.jpg Same with the Tiran 6 in Latrun, now I look at it. http://svsm.org/albums/tiran6/P1750071.jpg The real question is whether any T-54
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