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  1. I'm looking forward to his reviews of Inter-Ordnance and Century AKs. They should be hilarious.
  2. Russian expert rags on Chinese AKs. A bit surprising, since they have a very good reputation here in the US. I'm waiting to see if/where I.O. and Century AKs fall on his list...those should be fun.
  3. What about directed EMP weapons? I've seen articles about rifle-size devices being trialed, but not much about results.
  4. Subs are pretty poor at flag-showing, too. If they show themselves, they become helpless; surface ships are still in their element, able to deploy weapons and absorb damage.
  5. It sounds very similar to US race relations. How much has the issue been politicized? Exploitation is what keeps the race issue simmering here in the States.
  6. From what I understand, Kimber quality has taken a huge dive over the years. Hopefully they can recover in our far more gun-friendly state.
  7. I knew there was long-standing bad blood, but hoped that reconciliation was proceeding a bit faster. Regarding the Norks, having your largest city actually under their guns makes for discretion.
  8. AIUI, one of the secrets of AK reliability is that they tend to be overgassed, giving the system extra 'oomph' to handle ammo of varying quality. Many commercial ARs are as well, since they are expected to run on a wide range of ammo (mine runs quite happily on Tula .223), whereas genuine milspec rifles are matched to military issue ammo and may have problems with the cheap stuff.
  9. Good idea; touching up under the bow flare has to be challenging at sea...
  10. 40,000 tons, light? Well, in 2020... 😛 This looks like another stab at the Sea Control Ship concept from the '70s. When all's said and done, the capability loss that goes with its smaller size and cost makes such a ship a questionable value for blue water, long range ops. In a smaller theater, such as the South China Sea, where they can enjoy land support, they could well be an attractive option. A combined ROK/JSDF force would be a credible distraction, at least.
  11. More from Townhall.com: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2020/10/26/breaking-supreme-court-sides-with-republicans-on-ballot-deadline-in-wisconsin-n2578828?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=10/27/2020&bcid=dae3728ce77132bc6f7e97e4d4477929&recip=26229299 Roberts voted with majority; 'This is different than PA'...not possibly THE pivotal swing state??
  12. Hopefully the RNC will bring the PA (lack of) signature case before the (now full) SCOTUS
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