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  1. Are there any restored Emils? They were, to my eye, the most attractive of the breed.
  2. Never fooled me, though. It was a struggle not to claw my eyes.
  3. How many times did a Bf-108 play a -109 in movies??
  4. I always assumed that bikes were all they could afford or acquire.
  5. The steps from rolling around on its wheels to actually flying are pretty significant; not the least of which is satisfying the relevant aeronautical agencies, which tend to be more than a bit skeptical of airworthiness, especially the restoration of a certified wreck.
  6. If you're really curious about Patriot and air defense in general, watch 'Habitual Linecrosser' on YouTube. He is a bit zealous, but he's active Army, a Patriot Master Gunner, and a trainer with the system.
  7. And the only reason the AWG-9 couldn't engage more was because 6 Phoenix was the maximum loadout.
  8. Easily. One aircraft a minute is 1950's pace. A human controller could do that well. Modern top-tier systems can engage 5 targets simultaneously.
  9. Close to 50% more power should make the tank a dragster--until the upgrades start coming--how about some cool 120mm turrets??
  10. The sound of that Vimy was used for a spaceship in one of the STAR WARS movies.
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