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  1. Very true. Being able to include Max and Vlad for commentary gives very good perspective. And Cousin Harry for giggles...
  2. "Cue the Rumsfeld quote about going to war with the army you have, not the army you want."--Ivanhoe Journos clamor for the straight truth, but when they get it...straight to spin cycle. 😒
  3. While a bit disappointed in the WASR (I've seen videos where the example had much better accuracy), it pretty much fits the 3+/- MOA standard for AKs.
  4. Especially after several centuries of being the freeway between hostile powers.
  5. Well, it's at least as clear as mud... 😛
  6. Who knew a machine gun could be this simple?
  7. Wal-Marts stopped selling AR15s years ago. Otherwise, any citizen can buy an AR15-type rifle from a Federal Firearm License holder (ie, a gun store), PROVIDED they are US citizens or meet legal residency requirements, AND pass the background check. There is no federal restriction on private purchases from an individual; some states and localities have restrictions on firearms transactions, to the tune of roughly 22,000+ laws nationwide. Barring local ordnances, there is no restriction on private citizens buying body armor.
  8. And here's Sig's offering...with brass/steel base ammo, running at 90psi chamber pressure...
  9. That's what's strange. Traditionally, the case helped carry excess heat out of the gun, but Cappy says both the empty polymer cases and the chamber are cool to the touch; apparently more efficient use of propellant produces less waste heat. Hmmm...
  10. Another new channel; this discussion of the ill-fated M6 heavy sounds good, and nice imagery
  11. The video was about an individual carbine. There were other mentions in the video about a separate LMG/SAW project.
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