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  1. Not quite as eye-watering as the Merlin-equipped Spanish Bf variant...
  2. And the Marines were flying these out of Samoa through '42:
  3. Beating the driver... Back in '78, I was able to attend an NROTC dog and pony tour of Camp Lejeune, NC. I got to drive an M60 and P7 amtrac (formerly LVT(P)-7, later AAV-7). The M60 was easy; put it in drive and press the gas. The P7 required some shifting, which I had a bit of trouble with. The problem was solved by the TC whacking me on the helmet with a whip antenna when I was supposed to shift gear... 😛
  4. Thanks for amplifying, MiloMorai! Always more to learn.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised; the round is rough on barrels. 62k psi is approaching proof-load pressures. How performance is affected will be interesting to see.
  6. My fading memory is that yes, he was US Army serving as an advisor to the British.
  7. So Faith, Hope and Charity pretty much fought Italians over Malta?
  8. Didn't Gloster Gladiators give the Germans fits, also? On a more modern note, I once read that A-10s could turn inside an attacking fast-mover's gunsight pipper and make a head-on run at its attacker--depending on range, of course.
  9. Thanks for the details; it's been a long time and I read about it in Arch Whitehouse's book TANK from the early '60s.
  10. Yep, and then there was that time in N. Africa when the Brits reloaded German 7.5cm AP shells into their own cases.
  11. I once read a dispatch from a French reporter in Hanoi describing an air strike during the height of the Rolling Thunder campaign. He noted that the all clear was not actually sounded until about a half-hour after the shooting stopped. During that time, he noticed a gentle patterning like rain. When finally allowed out of his shelter, the ground was covered with shards of metal from the AAA.
  12. Are you asking about WWII underwing rockets, or the later folding-fin pod launched rockets?
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