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  1. How many people were really cognizant of the fact that US production was already ramped up by Pearl Harbor? Especially that the fleet that won the war was already in production or on order? As I listen to Drach and Alex Clark, it is striking how everyone seemed to expect WWII to kick off in '43 or '44, then the Axis tried to go for a sucker punch, gambling on demoralizing the Allies to sue for negociated settlements. Foresight was not their strongest suit...
  2. The Nazis and Japanese Bushido followers were obsessed with racial purity, and convinced themselves that 'mongrel' cultures like the US lacked the spirit to fight an all-out war. ---- Ah, RO11 got there first...
  3. For the followers of Dr Alex Clarke, the Blackburn Blackburn. Ed Nash's channel is quite good! Concise, informative reviews of really obscure aircraft.
  4. Oops. Edited to remove a quote for which there is no written attribution.
  5. Speaking of the Japanese concept of the 'Decisive Battle', it just so happens Drach has a video:
  6. Reliabilty myth busted? Text article from Forgotten Weapons The Lahti L35 in Soviet Testing – Forgotten Weapons "The 1941 tests showed that Lahti was, in fact, not very reliable by Soviet standards. In total, there were eight steps in the program of this part of the tests."
  7. Crusader - Design & Development - YouTube
  8. My early '70s "Guidebook for Marines" has a section on this thing. I'll try to find it to see what details it provides.
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