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  1. There are a lot of places that are impassable to mech, but infantry still need to go. Often, LPCs are the only option.
  2. Indeed. Not too long ago, I read the Japanese account of the sinking of the USS Wahoo as she struggled to reach neutral (at the time) Soviet waters. It was a slow, brutal battle. The water was shallow, and aircrew could track her visually as they flew shuttle strikes from Japanese territory.
  3. A depth charge must have been in contact with the sub when it went off.
  4. "Can't remember where, but someone somewhere said that on conventional ARs, you don't want a nitrided gas tube. The system is purportedly designed to use gas tube failure to break the action and stop the pewpew, vs breaking the barrel and losing fingers."--Ivanhoe A great fail-safe in the original 20" M16s. It doesn't work in carbines with gov't profile barrels, though; the barrel lets go first.
  5. There's a story about a Chinese city called 'America', so products made there could be marked 'Made in America'.
  6. Another case of sympathetic claustrophobic heeby-jeebies...
  7. It was kind of cool and a lot sad, for those old warbirds to be lingering in backwaters...not quite 'front line'...
  8. Imagine P-51s as front-line fighters in the '90s...
  9. shep854

    Seaplane P#rn

    Is that a clue in the lower right corner??
  10. Good thought. Radar ranging should allow precise fuse timing, and time fuses have been developed for small grenades.
  11. With prox fuses and good fire control, they should be effective against medium drones. PLUS, the smaller caliber allows more ammo to be carried.
  12. From what I can tell, the simplifying of the loading mechanism. In the current guns, a hinged tray is used that swings down to pick up a round and brings it up under the gun, rather than a system that presents a round to the breech from behind the gun. This limits the system's elevation.
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