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  1. In principle an hazard light should reflect everywhere and the speed of this things is slow.
  2. Wouldn't hazard light work? it is what is here.
  3. Well they are concerned with Power. it is all that matters. This is their way to construct power narratives they will control. You control the language => you control de narrative => you control what subjects matter => you got power. Think of them building various gangs with their entry rules and fidelity tests. It is a power structure. This is the another bureaucracy power structure being formalized. It is gender could be another. With National Gender Strategy they can poor billions from taxpayers in the advocacy groups, unions, NGO etc that vote and are suppliers of Democratic party.
  4. I notice the attempt of Sabine Oelze to conflate Neo Nazis with Right Wing.
  5. Predictions at 80 years fail, but still an interesting topic https://www.politico.eu/article/europe-on-the-wane-global-economics-demographics-gdp/
  6. https://theaviationist.com/2021/10/24/mc-130j-himars-gotland/
  7. Ok, but that is quantity not the food itself. You can say the same about most food.
  8. Even if it was a real problem, that do not meant that by next launch what ever was wrong could not be fixed.
  9. Self hate is a human mechanism exploited and reinforced by Marxism. For example in Art every work that do not have social critique is considered "celebratory" so not valued. You notice in Media, the narrative of social problems in China only started when they started to prosper. If they all lived with a rice bowl no criticism would appear in Western media. They would be all "equal".
  10. So you make your judgment of a system in one data point based on rumours?
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