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  1. Communism not Socialism. In a supposed scholar book ideologies you use ideology term to characterize it. Not personalize, even more in an ideological system that had so many genocidal leaders and spanned several continents, cultures. Agreed, for those they consider Germans. The example the Volkswagen "Peoples car".
  2. Well replacing Stalin with Communism is just a word exchange and show more careful consideration. Written that way seems a tabloid newspaper article in a bad way. Same is valid for some his definitions above which are typical of several Anglo-Saxon authors that contacted Fascism trough its WW2 representation hence probably the reference to Stalin the Soviet WW2 leader. For example the 4.hostility to egalitarianism is obviously false either for Fascism and Nazism. Both were Socialist so against the Capitalist social class system in Marxist definition. They both hated with different intens
  3. The author to use an expression that i don't particularly like but can't find better at moment is "pedestrian". Why he particularizes Stalin instead of making the correct reference to Communism. Why he talks about hostility to "labour movement" since there was also a labour movement with Nazis. It seems he does equates "labour movement" only with "typical" Left?
  4. You continue to conflate Fascism with Nazism.
  5. Interviewer: It is striking how scientific studies, also in this corona crisis, reveal very diverse results. Based on these results, scientists can defend almost diametrically opposed theories as the only truth. How is this possible? Mattias Desmet: The research on corona is indeed brimming with contradictions. For example, regarding the effectiveness of face masks or hydroxychloroquine, the success of the Swedish approach, or the effectiveness of the PCR test. Even more curiously, the studies contain a huge number of improbable errors that a normally sane person would not be expected to
  6. Yes of that list only the 1. can be said to be intrinsically Fascist since it came from Fascist evolution of thought from Marxist class struggle. 4. is false like you said and it is contradictory with 7. 8. is accessory.
  7. Called Fata Morgana https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fata_Morgana_(mirage)
  8. I think we are. Salazar was not a Fascist but a Conservative authoritarian leader. Rolão Preto was the actual Fascist here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Syndicalists_(Portugal) Franco was more influenced by the Falange and the help needed from Italy due to SCW, but Falange lost power after WW2 due to war results obviously and the intrinsic instability of Fascist revolutionary beliefs. A Fascist dictator would not bring the Monarchy back like Franco did. Franco soon realized that whatever he was leading would die with him.
  9. eBay removing all listings of six canceled Dr. Seuss books https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/ebay-dr-seuss-books-listings-removed
  10. Mussolini and Fascists could care less for Religion. Giovanni Gentile one of architects of Fascist educational system even wanted to take out the crucifixes from public schools, and for him the state should be secular. He was advised/nudged to not do that due to the evident religious people culture . Another reason for it was the Mussolini interest in strategic agreements with Vatican status to help him secure his power.
  11. Cavour video with F35 https://video.themeditelegraph.com/shipping/i-nuovi-caccia-f-35-sulla-portaerei-italiana-cavour/56283/56263
  12. Then shouldn't you call them Nazis or Neo-Nazis? Vichy for example collaborated actively with Nazis in rounding up French Jews to send them to Holocaust, instead Italians dragged their feet even of Jews from other nationalities . A part of that Vichy strand was the Action Française of Charles Maurras . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Maurras
  13. A taste of Malta now for attack squadrons: https://rommelsriposte.com/2012/12/14/a-costly-raid-no-107-squadron-11-october-1941/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No._107_Squadron_RAF
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