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  1. Or just not "bloody anti-semitic communist Labour"....
  2. No, it's just more clear. They're presented with a status that means everyone is post scarcity and they're STILL upset someone has more.
  3. We've tried that before. Beirut Marine Barracks bombing was the result. Israel is reasonably able to handle it for the most part. Also, given how copacetic the DNC is with anti-semitic movements, I'm not sure that they'd tolerate such a brazen show of support for Israel and the resulting bloodshed.
  4. Grime's is conceptually more workable from the idea of a post scarcity system ala Star Trek. Given she's Elon Musk's squeeze, she's probably been having some deep conversations about this. Her points are good for thinking about stuff. I'm amused that the woke communists are unhappy with the idea because they don't get to take from the rich. Which makes it about jealousy on their part.
  5. Now, do the story about the search of Giuliani's home!
  6. In danger, well, only if someone gives those Arabs nukes. But their desired goal is the utter destruction of Israel. So, when it comes to characterizing the objectives of a given side and if they should be given money...I think that's clear.
  7. Getting kicked out of the USN for part of it.
  8. Yes. A Leader participating in some ceremonial thing like cutting a ribbon or digging with a golden shovel is exactly the same as sending Piles of cash to folks who turn around and commit terrorist acts. It's right there with helping the folks who want to destroy Israel from the river to the sea and kill all the Jews. In fact it's 1000 times worse. Sure it's amusing, but it is night and day different. For the next comparison are we going to talk about Stuart's hyperbolic comparisons being worse than Tianamin square or perhaps the rape of Nanking? Perhaps it's becaus
  9. Well, that's unfortunate for the arguments about fondling the balls of the Saudis.
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