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  1. I am actually astonished by this. Folks I know who work in the substance abuse field indicate that stressors for folks are off the scale. The fact that violent crime is prob ably as high if not higher than it was in the 70s is also a significant factor. J Looking around we see a spike in the US Military. https://www.ngaus.org/about-ngaus/newsroom/guard-saw-spike-suicides-late-2020 https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/09/29/mili-s29.html Surges early in the year. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/11/23/covid-pandemic-rise-suicides/ I'd like to see the C
  2. What are the social distancing requirements in metric? Does this look like the requisite distances?
  3. I think at this point the Chamber of Commerce is appealing to the Democrats in the same way that cultists appeal to Cthulhu, they're hoping they get eaten last.
  4. I suspect the actual good that Trump did for the black community vs the lip service of the DNC is the reason my former County CEO swung his support behind Trump. https://www.11alive.com/article/news/politics/elections/democrat-vernon-jones-republican-national-convention/85-bff4fda6-5e55-4107-bd15-f1563adaabc1
  5. It's easily argued that singing is a function that has a positive effect on mental health. So it's not a benign restriction. Mental health in all of this has suffered severely. The suicide rate is through the roof. So is substance abuse and domestic violence. One of the components of public worship IS a mental health stimulous that folks derive. The same thing happens for people who go to large dance parties and festivals. Just because we're geeks and we tend to prefer the comfy confines of our studies with books, computers and games doesn't mean that other folks don't suffe
  6. Because freedom of religion has a special place in the west and it's something of a third rail. Under US law we'll have the Supreme court opine in all manner of things but won't attempt to proscribe how a church conducts it's internal business. The church had a fence erected around it by....? The church protestors were protesting an issue that was keeping them from worshiping. Freedom to assemble to protest is one freedom. Freedom to assemble to worship one's gods is another freedom. Being able to worship X but not Y is a problem. Being able to protest but not being
  7. Well it's one thing to do so deliberately. It's another thing to have that behavior pattern assert even under a stress situation and run you down a behavior path that's VERY contrary to survival.
  8. It's somewhat different, but in the vein of horses of a different color (or size) as opposed to substantially different like mineral vs vegetable. And it's more of an issue across a good bit of the English speaking western world.
  9. The point is were people allowed to gather in close groups and exercise a right to protest? What limits were enforced upon them and who was held accountable if folks didn't social distance or not? Conversely is there any clear differentiation that a congregation of religious worshipers were treated differently? I get that the US's rule of treating right to protest and right to worship as something that is supposed to be equal, I would assume that such should be the same under English common law and rights/laws in Canada, but if they're not treated equally and noone's going to censu
  10. What one doesn't want to hold out for the J&J vaccine so you can be a Swedish John Candy?
  11. It'll boil down to training and experience. Leadership and funding directly impact these sorts of things. Drawing and using your taser over your side arm is from poor training and/or not enough training. Even lots of training of the wrong sort can be bad. As muscle memory can assert the wrong behavior set. Some where out there, there's video of a cop who's discharged all 6 of his rounds of out his revolver and is walking back and forth while bullets are whizzing past his head while he tries to find the bucket to dump his spent shells into because that was what was drilled into him in the
  12. Rampant lawlessness will drive people away from the party that says everything is fine while the riots continue. I've been making friends with people who HAVE been driven rightwards and red-pilled by the woke affectation with political violence and rampant crime being reasonable ways of redressing imbalance.
  13. Define Large Scale. Was last years 2 Billion in damages due to across the nation rioting large scale? For the Rodney King Riots it was mostly LA with an annex riot in Atlanta. With the 2020 riots it was across many major cities with some activity in smaller cities.
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