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  1. The land the island is all made up of is all volcanic rock is it not? The hotspot is under La Palma right? If so, not a black swan event.
  2. Virus particles don't transmit via airborne air currents while you're eating, protesting liberal issues, or celebrating a concert or party where the majority of the organizers are left leaning. But if you're working out of doors, say like at a container port, you can't be outside or violate the quarantine zone. So crews have to sit on board ship and can't get any sort of shore leave.
  3. Never mind that Haitian refugees are going through Mexico to get here.
  4. How do you say cockup in aussie?
  5. Fair point, but I lean more towards green and cool ancient mountains.
  6. Yep, thats me in the Maple Syrup war, Gordon Highlander Trews and all. Talk to john enough and he will red shirt you. As far as the bloggers go, I actually am part of a small circle of folks on an IRC channel that Lawdog was sporadically on. More or less a bunch of the older Gun Bloggers. Folks like, Farmdad, Farmgirl, Farmmom, Rob Allen, PDB, Breda Fallacy, Marooned, Old NFO, Ambulance Driver, Phlem Fatale (Lawdog’s better half iirc) and a bunch of others. Peter was on there too. We chatted bit about African bush war stuff there. Wing somehow globbed onto the channel and I think she met Peter that way. She was on there before she flew her piper down from Alaska. She my have met him via Oleg. But then Oleg is also on #gbc…. I’d have to ask to ask her. Oleg and Wing came to Dragoncon 2015 or so before she and Peter moved to Texas. So I got to meet her face to face there. Peter does NOT do big crowds. So no Con for him. What was really fun was was watching the Mil Sci-fi crowd discover Lawdog…John Ringo was in awe at Lawdog’s ability to spin a tale at Liberty con 2015. Old NFO has some good African bush flying stories too. John has issues with his muse. I don’t know the details, but people pestering him to finish one of the books is not good. More or less she has gone silent on him . When she starts talking again he’ll slam out another 5 books or so. He slammed out the MHI Grunge books in very short order. Much faster than Larry could read and edit them When he has a story it basically fills up his brain until he can dump it out. Paladin of Shadows actually got jammed up in his head before he could get more of, I think the Prince Roger, books out. So, just to clear his head, he typed out the books and sent the manuscripts of to Toni Weisskopf just to show what was messing with his muse. He figured she’s look at them and trash em. Instead she tweaked them and sent him a contract. Much to his monetary delight and creative annoyance. Oh becoming a target for harassment by the CHORFs at cons hasn’t helped.
  7. Well Considering I've met LawDog, Peter, Dot, and Old NFO in person it's crossed my mind. I'm not ready to give up on Georgia yet though. And frankly I like bigger mountains than Texas has. I have my eye on Western North Carolina or Eastern TN. If I could find a Data Center to run in the I81 valley near Bristol Knoxville , I'd be gone in a minute.
  8. She was raised by her grandmother in public housing. She has a brother named Napoleon Brown who was convicted of Manslaughter 20 years ago. He pushed a woman out of a getaway car. https://heavy.com/news/2018/12/napoleon-brown-london-breeds-brother/ "Back in June 2000, Napoleon Brown was one of several people who were involved in robbing a Johnny Rockets restaurant on Chestnut Street in San Francisco. What happened next is not completely clear. The thieves got into a getaway car, which may or may not have been driven by a young woman named Lenties White. White’s family saysthat there is absolutely no way she would have been driving a getaway car, since she was an anxious, panicky person who would never have dared get involved in a risky operation. In any case, White was in the getaway car — a white Escort which belonged to her — while it was crossing the Golden Gate bridge on the night of the robbery. Napoleon Brown eventually pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and said that he had pushed White out of the moving car and into incoming traffic. She was struck by a car and died of the injuries in the emergency room that night. White, 25, was a mother of two who was studying to become a house painter and working nights as a concessionaire." Oh, it gets better. Apparently Breed was Willie Brown's kid's baby sitter. https://www.ocregister.com/2018/09/26/california-is-still-living-in-willie-browns-world/
  9. What's sad is that he's an improvement over Cynthia McKinny. And he's not nearly as grotesquely corrupt as our Former Sheriff Sidney Dorsey. Dorsey was our Sheriff from 1996 to 2000. He was the First African American Sheriff of DeKalb County. He lost an election to a county police captain, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derwin_BrownDerwin Brown. Dorsey was so unhappy about it he promised a former deputy a promotion to a better job if he'd kill the sheriff elect.
  10. Two ways to look at this. The deaths are due to Corona. OR the deaths are due to the over reaction of Corona. This is sort of like a hostage crisis where the police "rescue" the hostages and manage to kill 1/3rd of them. The deaths are then all due to the hostage takers. Sort of like how The Moscow Police "rescued" 120 hostages out of the 850 to death with some unknown incapacitating gas at the Dubrovka Theater. How you frame or spin it is key.
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