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  1. SOX compliance. Check boxes off of forms by people with no clue.
  2. It shouldn't strike you as being. It is. Between the network links being sniffed, to the hosts being run by someone not part of your organization, to the memory being able to be sniffed by virtual hosts on the same devices and the simple fact that the iron is in someone else's hands. Standard axiom of computer security is that if the hardware is in someone's hands, it's compromised.
  3. rmgill

    NASA G2

    The launch succeeded. The flight failed. 🙃
  4. My political awakening happened while Nunn was one of our Senators in Georgia. That hard left turn of the party was why I drifted right.
  5. Sorry Stuart advocating development of your own country and other aspects beneficial to one's nation doesn't make them socialists because Labour also advocates for those things sometimes. "Labour Drinks water, if you drink water you're a labour person too!" It's merely an example of things that are actually good for a nation and rank ordering those things over other objectives. That's how you actually help your country. Now, if you actively work against all of those things, seemingly for the benefit for foreign nations with no benefit to your own nation, AND with specific harm to your own nati
  6. Seconded. Banshee's posts are high quality signal.
  7. Sure. We want scrutiny. But it needs to be the same sort of scrutiny with the same sorts of metrics and standards.
  8. More mouths for the state to feed so they can protect you from yourself too.
  9. He doesn't want to be 19 Cent.
  10. Years ago I was watching the in house feed for Headline New's active camera while sitting at my desk. Lynn Russell, the totally stacked, charming, and sharp afternoon anchor for Headlines was doing her bit. Read a package intro from the prompter for the following segment, talk about it for a bit and then wait for the next segment while the tape rolled. She'd sit and open mail, talk on the phone and like someone who was VERY good at it, knew exactly when and what was going on. She could chat on the phone and when she got to a specifically personal bit, would key off her mic, talk for a bit then
  11. Let me guess, across from Buffalo? Or Detroit? Shouldn't be much humming in Detroit now.
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