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  1. The point was the pivot point of history of the Kuomintang coming out on top over Mao. Japan and Russia already came to blows. Japan going at Russia alone with no other outside forces would have been very bad for Russia. If Japan had allied with Germany and they had left the rest of the Anglo American partners out of it, Russia would have had a very bad time.
  2. Is there a pee dossier too? A Kaa dossier perhaps?
  3. I will still assert that Obama’s overall and nuanced foreign policy strategy was hopelessly faulty. How did that flexibility after the midterms work out? Didn’t Putin invade Ukraine the first time under Obama? So pulling BMD in Poland worked how? Obama was in office from 2009-2017 no? Russia invaded Crimea in 2014. Yes. I can see how pulling BMD cooled down tensions. Yet again your argument is internally inconsistent and self defeating.
  4. In Georgia 85mph in a 65 zone is okee dokee. Don’t do 85 in a 75 in Virginia.
  5. No cult of Mao and the great leap forward in the form of famine, mass murder and the 4 pests campaign. No Vietnam war. No Korean war. No Cambodian Holocaust.
  6. Better if he’s not told a small incursion is ok, thus opening the door for larger incursions.
  7. I may be occasionally wrong, but I tend to avoid a consistent pattern of self contradicting myself within my own posts.
  8. Do these come from an unlicensed un-permitted chinese run factory somewhere in California with samples of random pathogens on site?
  9. I guess he was told India did it. And then someone else said he should blame India. then someone else said that he should get India to be part of the investigation. He'll believe anything and nothing?
  10. And before you point out that 4473 lies are rarely prosecuted, ok fine. WHY ARE WE FILLING THEM OUT UNDER PENALTY OF LAW? Why is The Biden admin pushing MORE gun control and executing a zero tolerance policy on FFLs having errors or mistakes?
  11. or we can look at the current kerfuffle with the DOJ and AG very specifically not giving authority to prosecute Biden, but at the same time not knowing how or why the prosecution was going the way it was. As in run out the clock on the tax evasion by way of statute of limitations and a slap on the wrist for the gun charges while holding traditional catholics as latent terrorists. Who here thinks they could skip out on 10 million or more in unreported income and the IRS and DoJ would just let the SoL run out? Or for that matter get caught lying on ATF Form 4473 and get a slap on the wrist? Who feels like that is an eventuality? I could go on and on.
  12. And yet its internally inconsistent in the inimical way that only Stuart can do.
  13. You know, maybe congress should pass an actual honest to god budget?
  14. Ok. Go over to your neighbor’s house. Read that to a group of their children. Go read that aloud in the street. Or at church. You do grasp that perhaps that may not be appropriate for discussion in some school settings? Especially if the school hasn’t gained consent from the parents for that particular discussion of homo eroticism concepts yet?
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