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  1. From the driver's location, his hatch, the raised hatch stopper next to the periscopes, and the distinct two front-facing periscopes, the hull of this tank seems to have been built from a Songun-915.
  2. Honestly I'd be more concerned about mud regularly obscuring the headlights than whatever they do to the armour.
  3. Looks like they pulled an Iran with that new "Armata"
  4. Good point about the repeatability thing. That said, however, controlling the consistency of dirt is hardly a big difficulty.
  5. I've got an open question: did the U.S use concrete hill tracks to rate a tank's slope climbing ability, or did they use a dirt hill?
  6. I'm out of the loop here. Why is everyone talking about Trump's tax returns? They haven't been released, so isn't this all just a rehash of the 2016 flurry of hearsay and speculation?
  7. Seems relevant to the discussion:
  8. Those are some nice findings!
  9. Aluminium alloy plate with ribs hit with 23mm API-T round, shown by NII Stali at an expo. This is the stuff that's used on the BMP-1 upper glacis.
  10. In that case, keeping domestic tank manufacturing capability seems to have been priority number one, not the quality of the product.
  11. Wasn't the low price of the Challenger 2 the main factor behind the MoD choosing it over the Leo 2 and Abrams?
  12. For throwing HE, now there is a 57mm medium velocity gun, LShO-57, which comes with a larger HE load than the BMP-3 armament complex. It is paired with Kornet ATGMs and Bulat micromissiles. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EWHwF1gXgAELBmM.png
  13. Coaxial autocannons work out fine in tanks. They just didn't make much sense when paired with a high velocity gun.
  14. In at least some cases, gunner error can be blamed. Seemed to be confusion between the normal mode and the direct shot mode.
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