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  1. I'm wishing to read your definition of "enlightenment" before I respond. The European religious wars were fought due to man, ie, government, ie a king's ambition for power an territory. A king used God as an excuse for his ambitions. The subjugated folks were not governed by God's will, but by a man who thought of himself as God, or as the next best thing, his messenger. So the Bible has foretold this in 1 Samuel and Matthew 22:15-22. It was not man's reasoning that lead to the "Enlightenment" but Christianity. It was and is Christianity that first state there is only one truth an
  2. It was a curiosity question on my part and I agree with your decisions and actions on this. My reply to your two posts on this subject is based on my ignorance of German religion. Is it possible to join a different Lutheran church or a denomination? Fwiw, I disagree with a national church tax. The reason I asked about the same standards for the church and the secular is a) I don't know in Germany how much the church and politics are intertwined and b) some people do not hold the two accountable to the same standards. I fully agree the church should be held to the same standard regarding
  3. Part two. It should be noted that enlightement in the West only happened after Church and State were separated, and not by a choice of the Church. Define "enlightenment in the West?"
  4. Do you hold secular leaders to the same standard as the clergy?
  5. This is the end product of the digestive particles of the adult male bovine.
  6. "The European wars of religion were as devastating as the world wars..." Using cold-blooded results, I do not believe this is true. Both World Wars in their ten years killed more people world-wide and caused more social unrest world-wide than the 300 years of European Christian wars. (for the purposes of European wars I'm using the early 1400's to the early 1700's) To be fair however, to the recipient of said violence, it doesn't matter which time it is or reason therefore. How many wars, how much death, and how much social malaise has been caused by wars that was not Christian in
  7. The answer to your question is Christianity. It is the greatest expression of love -- freewill -- that allows you to believe so or not.
  8. Much appreciative of the post and especially the interactive map. A difference in geography may be in order however. Most Americans see the Middle East as Islam being the principle government, always trying to destroy Israel, and having oil, ie, Iran, Iraq, Saudia Arabia, etc. I would say most Americans see Turkey more as a European country vs a Middle East one, possibly because of N.A.T.O.?
  9. Part two. One fact we can all agree on is when you have people, you have problems. Which of the three groups above does the best job of solving this? Of the three groups of believers above, which group has done the most good in establishing/influencing: hope, individual rights, compassion and education? Of the three groups above, which has the most world-wide positive influence on creating a positive economy? Of the three groups above, which is more hated by people? Persecuted by more countries? In reverse order, you can see that Atheism, aka secular, is the worst. Using U
  10. Wonder what a Japanese 1944-45 training film would show on U.S. Navy flak?
  11. Can you demonstrate why other religions are wrong without reference to the Bible I'll try. Worldwide, past and present people have, for want of a better description, a void wanting to be filled with answers to serious questions. From the past to present this has, again for want of a better term, evolved into people being theist, agnostic, or atheist. Basically what we have now to fill this void is theism (God made all) which is represented by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Second is pantheism. Pantheism (God is all) which is Hinduism, Buddhism, and some of the "New Age" beliefs. Then
  12. A good point. I think most of the posters here are into or close to the presbyopic age group and a higher contrast makes letters easier to see. Would black letters on a lighter blue or grey background be possible? As a rule, the darker colors need to be letters and the background a lighter, different color. A disclaimer here in that I am probably the most computer illiterate poster on TankNet.
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