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  1. As well they should as it is their problem and in their backyard.
  2. Replace "American Public" with European public and governments.
  3. Well, I mail a sample of my poo to a lab in Wisconsin for testing about once a year. Interesting container and instructions. I must say I never thought I would need to time a bowel movement with U.P.S. shipping schedules 😲
  4. Interesting floor, I haven't seen many of those. Also it looks like a sheer curtain is touching an electric baseboard heater.
  5. These two Scotsmen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=9uy-lF17h_I
  6. Looks like the ancient American Indians kept it looking like a rather large golf putting green.
  7. If any of you have daughters, buy them and have them read this book "The End of Woman" by Carrie Gress. While your at it, buy one for your wife.
  8. Surprised South Korea is as high as it is. Would be interesting to see where the above get their coffee from.
  9. rmgill has the most accurate posts on what and how the U.S. Federal government is operating. Well done sir!
  10. Being made in the image of God means one should chose God's truths, not man's. These "people" have chosen poorly.
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