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  1. It's not shortened, just missing. It's an easily detached item and it's probably been lost over the years, or maybe the cops just didn't bother to install it. As to concealability it might not be too hopeless, if you didn't want it ready to go and the drop of a hat, if you were to pull the stock off, remove the mag, and pull the barrel, the parts would all fit into quite a small volume?
  2. It's in the name, armour for "unique packages". Probably something in studded leather.
  3. That this is exactly why women ought not to be allowed on ships? Or possibly even near them.
  4. It'd be fun, 510hp of get up and go 😁 Just need to find 4 Gipsy majors for sale, I found 1 for £7,500. So that and three more like it, say £30,000 in engines, and need to hire an engineering workshop somewhere for a year or two, and of course get a tank to put it in.
  5. I probably got my wires crossed then. Might have misremembered this: http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/suspension/vvss_suspension.html "It is interesting to note the difference in hub sizes between the wheels. The hub diameter was increased to fit a larger (stronger) bearing (Kurt Laughlin)." Probably not anything to do with the E2.
  6. I think I've heard the bearings in the road wheels were up-rated, and the final drives have a greater reduction, but other than that the drive train is pretty standard. 'dunno for sure.
  7. 38:05 Regarding the Sentinel "not really being an Australian tank", if it wasn't Australian it beats me who was building it then. Peter Beale's book is simply not reliable for anything technical. I like books, his is one of the few where I would like my money back. The fact that I like books is the only reason it hasn't been chucked in the bin. But let us say that he has managed to accurately transcribe the meeting minutes because I really don't want to bother to go check, in April 1941 they were still planning on building something like 2000 tanks with an M3 gearbox in a very short period of
  8. We tried that. It didn't help.
  9. You've just got to use your head.
  10. Truth be told, it's not always that nice, sometimes it addition to the spiders the place is on fire. It's the birds you see, they spread the fire to drive out prey ... or possibly just to have a nice cooked lunch, or maybe they just like to watch the world burn. I'm not really sure. The point is tourist brochures will always show things in the best possible light so take them with a grain of salt.
  11. Carriers, Machine gun L.P., Nos. 2 & 2A manual Carrier 3" Mortar (Aust.) Instruction Book
  12. I've told you before, transportation of british undesirables to Australia hasn't been legal for more than 150 years. Unless you are talking about the queen, being the reigning Australian monarch it might be legal to transport her but she'll probably still need to go through 2 weeks quarantine.
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