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  1. AVCR-1790, as stated in DK's post, never went into production. The "VCR" stands for variable compression ratio", technology that TCM had originally used in their AVCR-1100 and AVCR-1360 series engine for the MBT-70 and the General Motors XM1 prototype (both unsuccessful). Initially it was intended for the Teledyne "Super 60" M60 upgrade as well as the ROKIT (K1). However, as I understand it, it did rather poorly while being tested, resulting the Koreans switching to an MTU engine for the K1. Teledyne would abandon it for the Super 60 program, instead opting to upgrade the turbo chargers an
  2. Ah yes, the voting machines that Hugo Chavez altered from the grave, or some such nonsense. Trump's idiot lawyers have lost what, 50 court cases trying to allege fraud while presenting nothing but heresy and embarrassingly unimpressive witnesses. Meanwhile, not a single, credible election monitoring organization has alleged or discovered fraud. Trump lost. It's not that hard to understand. Unpopular presidents lose elections. What's so hard about that?
  3. Brianna Taylor was a dirt bag? Anyhow, it's irrelevant. No one has the right to attack the capitol building. NO ONE. Again, I ask what civil unrest over race issues has to do with people trashing the Capitol building in an illegal effort to overturn a free and fair election?
  4. So, because you don't like the left, people have the right to storm and trash the US Capitol building. Got it.
  5. What does Kenosha have to do with people storming the Capitol?
  6. What sort of penalties could this retired air force colonel be facing? I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that storming the US Capitol building is not behavior considered consistent with the code of behavior for US military officers?
  7. Dude, it takes all of six seconds of google time to find that yes, Biden has consistently expressed disapproval of violence and rioting. https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-biden-condemned-antifa/fact-check-joe-biden-has-condemned-antifa-violent-protests-idUSKBN2712ZA
  8. Even if that is true, why the fuck would you be more upset about that than Americans are? Their president, their problem that does not affect you even 0.01%. What happens in the USA affects the entire world at some level. Of course people in other countries are concerned. When the US president seems committed to destroying the existing system of international treaties and alliances and is unwilling to stand up to adversary nations, it is of course going to concern people in the UK, France, Germany, etc.
  9. Call yourself anything you want. All I know is that I would rather not vote for someone that refers to dead USMC soldiers as losers and suckers.
  10. You tell me who it is you're ultimately voting for when you cast your ballot for Biden. I don't recall you answering the question the last time I asked, perhaps you now know? You either believe you'll be voting for the power(s) behind the potential throne, or leaving us to believe you'll be purposely voting for a guy in the middle stages of dementia. I was guardian and conservator for two years for my father who had suffered a series of small strokes before he passed away last year. in his final years he behaved much more like Trump than he did Biden. So no, I do not believe this notio
  11. Frankly, I have not spent enough time reading reports from Brookings to know if they are particularly partisan. However, in the FOX news article on this issue, they use Brookings as their primary source. And they don't bother identifying them with a label, unlike later in the article were they call the Brennen Center for Justice "progressive." So, I'll trust Fox news on this one that Brookings is reputable. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/what-is-the-difference-between-absentee-voting-and-universal-vote-by-mail
  12. You're just totally oblivious to the last three months, just crawled out of a cave? As for Michael Steele, Bill Kristol, and Trey Grayson, they have publicly endorsed Joementia Biden, Biden's handlers have signed on to and endorse the Bernie /AOC Red platform. Furthermore, the staff members of both Biden and Harris have contributed funding to the Marxist groups BLM and ANTIFA. So yeah, when you support and endorse a Marxist candidate, that pretty much means you genuflect before Karl Marx. What?
  13. You have that backwards man. Trump is saying use the system we've used for decades to vote. The democrats are trying to slide something new under the door without so much as a bloody test of integrity. The ones muddying the waters are the party that's trying to push whole sale across the board mail in voting. That means if you're on the voter rolls, you get a ballot sent to your last known address. No verification, no request, no chain of custody at all, just mail it in. Then, folks can go around and solicit for those ballots and offer to 'deliver them' in Ballot harvesting operations run b
  14. In other words, elect Joementia Biden in a landslide because if the inverse occurs, a landside victory for Trump, there will be a civil war. On the one hand I want to thank the Washington Post openly discussing what Leftists have in store for our country so that we not leftists who aren't armed, might take the necessary precautions. On the other hand, why should anybody of the not left find anything at all credible in what they have to say about conservatives, Trump, and anybody else that doesn't genuflect before Karl Marx? I don't think you get the point the article is trying to make. Trum
  15. The KV looks pretty good to me, at least by movie standards. The bigger complaint would be the T-34/85 tanks in the trailer, if this is supposed to be 1942.
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